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Graph interpretation

  1. 1. What is a superlative?Example in Spanish: Francesco es el chico más alto en el aula.In English: Francesco is the tallest boy in the classroom.How do you express a superlative in English?To create a superlative you add -est at the end of the adjective. For examplebajo/a = low ---> el/la más bajo/a = the lowestWarning: this works only with short (1 or 2 syllables) adjectives.With long adjectives you must use a different constructionExample:bonito/a = beautiful → el/la más bonito/a = the most beautiful
  2. 2. Interpreting a graphActivity 1The following graph represents the number of breadsticks that a bakery sells during thefirst six months of a year. 5000 4500 Number of breadsticks sold 4000 3500 3000 2500 2000 1500 1000 500 0 Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun MonthsExamples of questions and answers:1) In which month does the bakery sell the lowest number of breadsticks?Answer. The bakery sells the lowest quantity of breadsticks in April.2) How many breadsticks does the bakery sell in February?Answer. The bakery sells 3,500 breadsticks in February.Questions:3) In which month does the bakery sell the highest number of breadsticks?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________4) When does the bakery sell the same number of breadsticks as in May?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________5) What happens from the month of April on, do the breadsticks sales increase ordecrease?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________6) When does the bakery sell more breadsticks, in January or in May?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________7) How many breadsticks does the bakery sell in November?_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. 3. Activity 2 39,5 39Sarah is sick: her sister measures her 38,5temperature every hour and a half, and 38 Temperature (°C)writes down the results. This graph 37,5represents Sarahs temperatures during 37the day. 36,5 36 35,5 35Look at the graphic on the right, and 34,5answer the following questions. 10:15 11:45 13:15 14:45 16:15 17:45 Time1) At what time does Sarah reach the highest temperature?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2) At what time does Sarahs temperature start to decrease?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3) When does Sarah reach the lowest temperature?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________4) Whats the difference (in degrees °C) between Sarahs temperature at a quarter past tenand her temperature at quarter to six ?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________5)Whats the difference (in degrees °C) between Sarahs highest and lowest temperature?______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Activity 3Draw in your notebook a graph describing the following situation.A cinema is open all days of the week except for Monday and Tuesday. Every day theycount the number of tickets they sell. These are the number of ticket sold (=vendidos) lastweek:Day Wed Thu Fri Sat SunNo. of tickets 150 280 140 420 750