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PEMERINTAH KABUPATEN JOMBANG                                           DINAS PENDIDIKAN                                   ...
C. was eliminated in the English speech contest                                                                      D. fa...
Gilang : I am really pretty well.    A. Fine                                                      C. Not too bad    B. It’...
25. The text is about how to make ....    A. onde-onde                                            C.                  swee...
A. She goes shopping                                          C. She buys everything    B. She sells something            ...
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Bahasa inggris kelas VII ukk


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Bahasa inggris kelas VII ukk

  1. 1. PEMERINTAH KABUPATEN JOMBANG DINAS PENDIDIKAN SMP NEGERI 1 SUMOBITO Alamat : Desa Segodorejo Kecamatan Sumobito – Jombang  0321-495587 NASKAH SOAL UJIAN KENAIKAN KELAS Mata Pelajaran : Bahasa Inggris Hari/Tanggal : 08 JUNI 2012 Kelas : VII Waktu : 90 menitPETUNJUK UMUM 1. Isikan identitas Anda ke dalam lembar jawaban yang disediakan dengan menggunakan pensil 2B sesuai petunjuk pengisian. 2. Tersedia waktu 90 menit untuk mengerjakan soal tersebut. 3. Jumlah soal sebanyak 40 butir soal pilihan ganda, pada setiap butir soal terdapat 4 (empat) pilihan jawaban dan 5 butir soal isian. 4. Laporkan kepada pengawas ujian apabila terdapat lembar soal yang kurang jelas, rusak, atau tidak lengkap. 5. Periksa dan bacalah soal-soal sebelum Anda menjawabnya. 6. Periksalah pekerjaan Anda sebelum diserahkan kepada pengawas.PETUNJUK KHUSUS IPilihlah salah satu jawaban yang paling tepat dengan menghitamkan bulatan pada huruf A, B, C, atau D pada lembarjawaban. 1. Luna : Do you .... cheating during the test? Maya : No, I hate it. Because we must be honest. A. like C. have B. need D. Know 2. Nila : Oh, no! It is too high to get the ball on the cupboard. Anton, would you like to help me to get the ball? Anton : Sure and it doesn’t matter to me. The underlined utterance expresses about .... A. asking for help C. giving a help B. asking for information D. giving services The following text is for no. 3 to 6. My name is Hilman. I am twelve years old. I am a student of SMP Nusantara. I am in the seventh now. I usually go to school by public bus because my school is in the center of my city. It is located on Jalan Sisingamangaraja and near the museum. I have two brothers, Amir and Joko, and a sister. My sister’s name is Mila. She is the oldest. She works in a hospital. Her work is a nurse. Amir is still two years and Joko goes to school in SMK. He wants to be an engineer and someday he can make saved national car. He is the smartest in our family.3. The text is talking about .... A. Hilman’s school C. Hilman’s family B. Hilman’s brothers and sister D. Hilman4. How old is Hilman? A. 14 years old C. 13 years old B. 12 years old D. 11 years old5. How does Hilman go to school everyday? A. Bus C. By bus B. On foot D. By walk6. Who is the youngest child in Hilman’s family? A. Hilman is C. Amir is B. Amir and Joko are D. Hilman7. Read the text carefully! Why does Gita Sanjaya congratulate Roberto? To : Roberto Because he .... Congratulation on becoming the 1st winner of English A. wins the English speech contest Speech Contest 2012 of Jombang regency. B. loses the English speech contest YourUJIAN KENAIKAN KELAS BIG/ VII-2012 SMP NEGERI 1 SUMOBITO1
  2. 2. C. was eliminated in the English speech contest D. fails in the English speech contest8. Observe the text! Cucumbers Bread What can buyers get from the greengrocer? Eggs Toilet rolls A. Apples, toilet rolls, and milk Milk Apples B. Toilet rolls and bread SHOPPING LIST C. Cucumbers D. Apples and cucumbers9. Birma : Yesterday was Iwan’s birthday Nina : Of course, why? Birma : How was he yesterday? Nina : He …. . Here is the photo. A. was upset B. was happy C. was sad D. was angry Read the passage below for questions no. 10 – 13! My House Hello, my name is Margareta. My house is on Jalan Kartina. It is big and nice. It has two floors. It has a livingroom, small kitchen and a bathroom on the first floor. On the second floor there are three bedrooms and a bathroom. My parents’ bedroom is big. My brother’s room is next to my room. My room is small but I like it. It has light green wall. There is a desk with a computer on it. I do homework there. There is also a nice garden in front of my house and I often stay in the garden. We love our garden.10. How many floors does Margareta’s house have? A. two C. three B. four D. five11. What are the rooms on the second floor? A. bathroom and bedroom C. bedroom and a nice kitchen B. three bedrooms and a bathroom D. kitchen, bedrooms and garden12. “ We love our garden “ (last sentence of the text) The word “we” refers to …. A. Margareta C. Margareta’s family B. Margareta’s brother D. Margareta’s parents13. Who has the smallest bedroom in the family? A. Margareta’s parents do C. Margareta’s brother does B. Margareta’s family do D. Maragereta does14. We usually watch TV in the …. A. livingroom C. Guestroom B. dinningroom D. kitchen and garage15. Find out the picture describing about fat people! A. B. C. D.16. X : Does Anita like reading? Y : Yes, she …. A. do C. is B. does D. was17. Rearrange the words into a good sentence! not – Mira – English – everyday – have – does – at school 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 A. 2-1-5-3-4-6-7 C. 2-6-1-5-3-7-4 B. 2-5-1-6-3-7-4 D. 2-6-1-3-7-4-518. Gilang : Hi, how are you today? Jerry : ….UJIAN KENAIKAN KELAS BIG/ VII-2012 SMP NEGERI 1 SUMOBITO2
  3. 3. Gilang : I am really pretty well. A. Fine C. Not too bad B. It’s too bad day D. Fine, and you? Read the text carefully for questions no. 19 – 21! Cherry Belle (shortened Chibi) is a band from Indonesia that is formed from an audition, that puts talent and voice quality, ability to dance and of course looks beautiful. This band was formed on February 27, 2011 and consisted of nine people: Angel, Anisa, Cherly, Christy, Devi, Felly, Gigi, Ryn, and Wenda. All personnel are in their 20s and have good talent in singing and dancing . On April 12, 2012, Devi and Wenda resigned from this group and it was stated by Dino Raturandang and Teguh Sanjaya, producers of Cherry Belle.19. What is the text about? A. Popular singers from Indonesia C. Cherry Belle B. Beautiful singers from Korea D. Angel’s friends in girl band20. The group of girl band has good talents at .... A. singing C. singing and dancing B. dancing D. singing, dancing and drawing21. Who were out of the girl band on April 12, 2012? A. Angel, Anisa, Cherly, and Cristy C. Devi and Wenda B. Dino Raturandang and Teguh Sanjaya D. Cherry Belle22. Rindu : Who is the man in your house? Kangen : Oh, he is my father’s brother. Rindu : You mean he is your .... Kangen : Exactly. A. aunt C. uncle B. cousin D. grandfather23. Cinta : Hi, Mira. This is my aunt’s child. She is Shinta. Mira : So she is your .... Nice to meet you, Shinta. Shinta : Nice to meet you too, Mira. A. niece C. sister B. cousin D. grandmother24. Karta : What do you prepare if you want to boil water? Inem : I need .... A. water, stove and sugar C. sugar, coffee, and a glass B. water, a pan and stove D. a pan, cooking oil and a slice of meat Read the text for questions no. 25 – 28! Ingredients: ½ kilo of sweet potatoes Some “pandan” juice (can be extracted from pounded “pandan” leaves) 100 gram of glutinous rice flour A pinch of salt Some pieces of “gula Melaka” Some grated coconut Steps to make: 1. Scrub off any soil from the sweet potatoes 2. Wash the potatoes 3. Boil some water and put the cleaned potatoes into the boiling water 4. Boil them for approximately 30 minutes and cool them 5. Peel the potatoes and mash them in a mixing bowl 6. Sieve the rice flour 7. Add in the fresh “pandan” juice to give both the flavor and the green coloring 8. Add a pinch of salt and mix well into smooth dough 9. Pinch some of the dough and flatten in the palm 10. Put a piece of “gula Melaka” in the center and shape the dough into a ball 11. Continue doing step 10 with the rest of the dough 12. Cover them with a clean cloth so that they do not dry up 13. Boil some water in a pot 14. Drop a few dough balls into the boiling waterUJIAN KENAIKAN KELAS BIG/ VII-2012 SMP NEGERI 1 SUMOBITO3
  4. 4. 25. The text is about how to make .... A. onde-onde C. sweet potatoes B. gula Melaka D. glutinous rice flour26. How many ingredients must we prepare if we want to make it? A. Four B. Five C. Six D. Seventeen27. What do you do after boiling some water in a pot? A. Cover the dough with a clean cloth C. Place the cooked balls onto a plate B. Drop a few dough balls into the boiling water D. Wash potatoes28. What is the text called? A. Descriptive C. Recount B. Narrative D. Procedure Read the text and fill in the blank space with the correct words or utterance! Mr. Danu ...............(29) my uncle. He is a farmer in the country. He is 50 .................(30) old. He is tall and handsome. He has a pointed .......................(31), and thick lips. He has straight .........................(32). He is very strong. His arms and legs are strong. He is very diligent. He is also smart and honest. He is a good person and we love .............................(33) very much.29. A. was B. is C. name D. has30. A. days B. weeks C. months D. years31. A. ears B. eyes C. nose D. hair32. A. hair B. hands C. legs D. forehead33. A. us B. him C. her D. them Read the text for no. 34 – 37! On Sunday, my friend and I went to Lake Kintamani in Bali. The water was clean, the temperature was cool and there were trees surrounding the lake. On Monday, we visited Tanah Lot. We took pictures of the temple. The scenery was amazing. There was holly water beside the rocky hill and there was a hole occupied by a big snake which was considered sacred by the local people. On Tuesday, we went to Sangeh where many wild monkeys walked freely and climbed the trees. In the afternoon we went home.34. What is the best title of the text above? A. Lake Kintamani C. Tanah Lot B. Sangeh D. Visiting Bali35. Where did the writer and his friend go on Sunday? A. To Bali C. To Sangeh B. To lake Kintamani D. To Tanah Lot in Bali36. How was the lake Kintamani? A. The water was dirty C. The temperature was cool B. There were some houses surrounding the lake D. The water has green colour37. When did the writer and his friend go home? A. On Tuesday morning C. On Tuesday afternoon B. On Wednesday D. After visiting Tanah Lot38. Mega : …. about English lesson? Sari : In my opinion English lesson is important for us. A. Do you like C. What’s your opinion B. Would you like D. How come39. Where is the situation described in the picture below? A. At the department store B. At the supermarket C. At the traditional market D. At the hypermarket40. From the picture no. 39, what does the woman do?UJIAN KENAIKAN KELAS BIG/ VII-2012 SMP NEGERI 1 SUMOBITO4
  5. 5. A. She goes shopping C. She buys everything B. She sells something D. She has holidayPETUNJUK KHUSUS IIJawablah pertanyaan nomor 41 sampai dari 45 dengan benar! The following picture is for questions number 41 to 43!41. Who is Cindy’s aunt? Skore 242. Who are Lyn, Billy, and Cindy’s grandparents? Skore 243. Mr. George is Bob and Kate’s …. Skore 244. Based on the picture, rearrange the sentences into a good step how to make coffee! (susunlah cara membuat kopi yang benar sesuai gambar) Skore 10 Put a spoon of coffee powder and 2 spoons of sugar into a cup Boil water Stir well Put the boiling water into the cup45. Fill in the blank with correct answers! Skore 4 a. Nita and Huda are seventh grade students. .................are classmates. b. You and I go to school at 06.15 every morning. ...........never come late. c. Many boys in school yard every afternoon. d. Della did not ..............magazine in the library yesterday morning.UJIAN KENAIKAN KELAS BIG/ VII-2012 SMP NEGERI 1 SUMOBITO5