How Living Social uses Rypple


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LivingSocial Director of Global HR Colleen Wood delivers her company's vision for sustaining their social, collaborative culture.

See how Rypple helped Living Social achieve that vision as LivingSocial grew in the last year from 600 to 5000 employees.

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How Living Social uses Rypple

  1. 1. making waves with rypple
  2. 2. •  live in more than 616 markets around the world •  more then 65 million members worldwide, 22 countries on 6 continents •  67 million vouchers sold to date •  diverse offerings include daily deals, escapes, families, adventures, takeout & delivery, gourmet, and at home •  nearly 5,000 employees worldwideupdated April 11, 2012
  3. 3. HR Vision Create a talent machine to deliver a whimsical employment experience that attracts and retains the best and brightest to the LivingSocial ecosystem
  4. 4. HR Design Principles Ruthlessly Prioritize nice to haves come later Design with the End in Mind we are going big so we need Empower the User to build for big . . . . but don’t provide frameworks and over engineer! access to best practices Protect our investments eliminate vulnerabilities, be Simple & Approachable smart and be responsible HR experience = deal while we nurture & grow. experience Surprise & Delight create a compelling and Think Global differentiated employee it’s not all about experience DC
  5. 5. why rypple?
  6. 6. rypple & our design principles Surprise & Delight Design with the End in Mind Rypple most closely Think Global aligns to our look, feel & culture Rypple builds community & engagement Simple & Approachable Empower the User Rypple is accessible & Rypple does this easy to use, reflects through calibration, us goals and thanks Protect our investments Ruthlessly Prioritize Rypple helps us Rypple document implementation performance and prioritized to meet provide coaching our needs
  7. 7. rolling out rypple How we rolled out Rypple at LivingSocial STEP 1: STEP 2: Giving STEP 3: Setting STEP 4: system Gathering& Feedback objectives integrations/ requesting (thanks/ (social goals) Rypple 2.0 Feedback (loops) badges)
  8. 8. rolling out rypple There’s a in the water. Will you be ready?Multi-Media approach •  “There is a Rypple in the water. Will you be ready?” •  posters, office TVs, email & intranet campaignTraining •  in-person and recorded •  staggered across the world: US, Canada, Singapore, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Middle East, Australia, New Zealand •  created a Rypple support email and available virtually 24/7
  9. 9. performance reviews USA! Global Metrics 1604 loops Canada! •  93% self summary completion rate •  4754 peer summaries completed •  98% of eligible employees received peer reviews •  1320 upward summaries completed UK/Irela nd! Australia/ NZ! Middle East!
  10. 10. performance reviews/loopsCompany Value Feedback •  helps employee understand if/how they are meeting goals and what improvements are needed •  PRs provide a set time and method to give feedback •  helps determine what employee needs to dial up, dial down, or stop doing •  peer feedback easily integrated Recognize •  great tool to give immediate feedback about a job well done •  dynamic & empowers the user •  globalGlobal •  unique loops based on location – cultural adjustment/relevance
  11. 11. performance reviews/loopsHR Value Documentation •  provides continuous documentation around client interaction •  make adjustments in real time •  provides a way to track performance progress Calibration •  provides managers with the ability to step back and look at how their org is rated •  HR Business Partners able to improve strategic talent advice based on calibration System •  reflective of our culture •  ease of use = adoption immediate •  look and feel gives credibility to an HR driven system
  12. 12. giving thanks•  giving thanks/recognition is consistent with our culture and values •  badges values based •  adoption immediate •  buy in from all levels •  build your own badge #hercules •  83 badges created by employees •  1374 people thanked using Rypple•  department specific badging •  sales: achieving performance metrics in salesforce automatically badges employee in Rypple which has potential monetary rewards #strong •  execs: specific restricted badges moves •  program owners: program achievement badges #go green #hungriest (exec)
  13. 13. giving thanks
  14. 14. the rypple effect - rolling out social goalsMulti-Media approach•  company wide goals announced at All Hands•  office TVs•  posters•  intranet•  email from the CEO & HRLivingSocial approach•  employees collaborate on goals with execs•  transparency for employees•  all objectives work towards company •  915 unique objectives created overall objectives •  number 1 objective at LivingSocialTraining provide outstanding service•  trainers deployed to all team meetings to customers•  recorded trainings on intranet•  employees trained in SMART goal setting
  15. 15. by the numbers •  2700 employees are using Rypple •  high volume of employees logging into Rypple without automatic notifications •  with notifications turned on (Rypple 2.0) – we anticipate additional spike in participation •  as Rypple capabilities rolled out to employees the activity has become increasingly varied •  consistent use of every Rypple capability that has been introduced
  16. 16. LivingSocial’s Rypple 2.0 RedCarpet •  our onboarding system pushes out tasks that engage employees early in the onboarding process •  badges for new hires will make Rypple a key part of new hire experience Salesforce •  continued integration with other salesforce products Performance •  instituting quarterly reviews to encourage ongoing feedback loops •  can give thanks through an email that will automatically post to Rypple •  incorporating Rypple in to our IDP a recipe for success HRIS system •  direct integration between data in HRIS system and Rypple Other •  Rypple newsfeed live on our TVs •  turning Rypple notifications on = increased engagement
  17. 17. HR at LivingSocial implementation prioritized to meet Traditionalour needs HR LivingSocial HR
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