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Etad virtual tour


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A brief tour of some of the key the Twitter homepage to help new users.

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Etad virtual tour

  1. 1. A Tour of Your Twitter Homepage
  2. 2.  Anatomy of a Homepage Home button Feed • Expanding Tweets • Collapsing Tweets Main Profile Summary Connect • Interactions • Mentions Search Bar Profile Button Where to Compose a Tweet
  3. 3. Anatomy of a Homepage
  4. 4. Home Interactions Search Profile & New Tweet Messages FeedMainProfileSummary When you sign in to Twitter, you will see a page like this. We’ll learn about some key aspects of these Twitter elements.
  5. 5. Home Button
  6. 6. This is your homepage. If you see a blue light underneath this area,It means you have tweets to view in your feed.
  7. 7. Feed• Expanding Tweets• Collapsing Tweets
  8. 8. The feed area displays tweets from you and your followers in reverse chronologicalorder. You can click on an individual tweet to see more detail about it...
  9. 9. …like this!
  10. 10. When you want to collapse tweets, click here.
  11. 11. Main Profile Summary
  12. 12. This clickable area displays information related to your profile: your profile page,your tweets, users who follow you and those who you follow.
  13. 13. Connect• Interactions• Mentions
  14. 14. If you see a blue light under ‘Connect’, you should click on it.There are a few reasons why a light sometimes appears here...
  15. 15. The interactions section of ‘Connect’ shows when you’ve been @mentioned,followed by someone else or one of your tweets has been ‘favourited’.
  16. 16. To see only your @mentions, click on ‘Mentions’, just below the‘Interactions’ tab. It shows instances of your username being mentioned.
  17. 17. Search Bar
  18. 18. This is the search button.You can use it to search for people, words or categories of information.
  19. 19. Google is the best way to search usernames and keywords butthe search function is a good way to save hashtag searches.
  20. 20. Profile Button
  21. 21. This is your profile button. You can click on it to view or change yourprofile information or see private messages sent directly to you.
  22. 22. This is the display you’ll see if you click the profile button.We’re going to check the private or ‘direct’ messages.
  23. 23. A blue circle beside a message means it is unread. To read andreply to it, click on the message.
  24. 24. Where toCompose a Tweet
  25. 25. This blue button is one of the places on your homepage where you cancompose a new tweet. (The other place is beneath your tweet count.)
  26. 26. Congratulations!While this is not an exhaustive list of the features and actionsavailable with your new Twitter account, hopefully it helps youto begin to make your way. Best wishes!