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Hey, Google+, What's New?


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An overview with tips and opinion on the recent changes to our favourite digital platform.

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Hey, Google+, What's New?

  1. 1. Whats New?Hey,Google I/O 2013
  2. 2. The new Google+ layout harmonizes your Google experience across alldevices: smartphone, tablet and desktop.- Recognizing importance of MOBILE.The Layout: Its all in the CARDS.
  3. 3. Very "Google Now"2 or 3 columns depending on monitor width.View in single column modeby clicking on "more" iconon top toolbar.
  4. 4. Posts dont auto load.To load new posts either click on the "blue box" in upper leftcorner or press "L" on your keyboard.Given the amount ofcontent visible in the 3column view, allowing thepage to remain static allowsus time to enjoy the postwithout having to play"catch up".Another advantage is that ifwe are interrupted, we cancontinue where we left offon our return.I give Google+ an "A+" onthis one.
  5. 5. Creating a Post? - Think like a journalist1. Use SEO friendly headlines. Its got to stand out on the magazine rack. Think keywords.Google indexes your Google+ posts faster than it does your blog.2. BOLD your headlines - Asterix * either side of a word will bold3. Use Hi-Res images and videos. The better the quality, the bigger the real estate it willoccupy on the page.4. When sharing outside post, anchor with image, give a title (bold) and summary with linkto original.
  6. 6. Creating posts in G+ much the same - only prettier!The post box is nowresponsive, lying inwait for you in the leftcolumn until you clickit.Then it jumps to centrestage ready for you toslide images, videos,links or files into it.Very cool and put yourcreativity front andcentre.
  7. 7. #Hashtags: a fun way to searchHashtags auto appears in post.(Unless disabled - see below.)Click to flip card to seerelated post.After 5 turns, receive listof related hashtags.To disable auto hashtags, go to settings and uncheck box.
  8. 8. Search Within Google+General - People - Communities - Posts - PhotosHashtags - TrendingTIP: from Martin Shervington:Use the forward slash " / " and the cursor will jump into the Google+ Search boxsaving you from having to pull down that section of the screen.
  9. 9. Notifications:To explore your "mentions" and past posts, click on the ‘view all notifications’ in yournotification setting you will see ‘all posts’ ‘your posts’ ‘other people’s posts’ and ‘mentionsof you’- this will make it easier to find the most important notifications and know what theyresaying about you.
  10. 10. So,what else is new?
  11. 11. Well, theres the Fancy image for video
  12. 12. The Brand new HangoutsVoice chat with group video call image for video
  13. 13. And the Colourful Circlesclick image for video
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