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How to tweet on an iPhone


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This is a simple presentation from a Tradeshow we exhibited at that was looping. See our other presentations for more robust information on this topic! Look through our awesome stuff here on SlideShare! PS: At the end of this presentation is a fun "behind the scenes" of the Talking Finger crew at a PR photo shoot…for your entertainment!

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How to tweet on an iPhone

  1. 1. How to Tweet on your iPhone
  2. 2. Main Screen on Twitter Tweet a message Button Tweets you subscribe to (follow) -Find People -View ReTweets -View Mentions -View new -Profile Info followers -Drafts -Saved Searches -YOUR Direct MessagesHome screen -Lets you create a direct message Tweet or Keyword search
  3. 3. Creating a Public Tweet@ Symbol = Tagging a Handle. Putthe @ symbol before typing a nameto tag that person and have themget a notice they were tagged.Example: “@talkingfinger” will be aclickable link to that handle and also *Once you click on the Feather Iconsend a notification to Talking Finger at the top right this screen willthat they were mentioned in a appear.Tweet.# Symbol = Hashtag. Anything Type your Tweet into the body area.following the Hashtag is now a“keyword”, a searchable term. This This number will go down as youis now guaranteed in search results. type to tell you how many charactersUsing a Hashtag makes it easier for you have left.people to “follow” a conversationabout the Hashtag.Example: Searching #TrueBlood willcontain tweets that only have#TrueBlood in it.Camera Symbol= Upload a photoLocation Symbol= Tell peoplewhere this photo was taken. Geo-location.
  4. 4. Using the “@” SymbolOnce you type in the “@”symbol and you start typingyou will see a list of choicesthat will narrow down themore letters you type.Choose the handle you wantto tag here.
  5. 5. Using the “#” Hashtag.Once you type in the “#” symbol andyou start typing you will see a list ofchoices that will narrow down themore letters you type.These that appear will be “trending”tweets that will appear first.Trending tweets are tweets that a lotof people are talking about.FYI. These are “suggestions” If youtype in a word like “#sodabottle” youmay not see any results. This is notan issue. The drop down list is onlya popular suggestion that has beenused recently.
  6. 6. Searching on TwitterType your hash tagged orkeyword here to search all of Twitter. We will search for Chaz and AJ from WPLR
  7. 7. Searching Result of#chazandaj #chazandaj search Checkmark next to the bird means you are following them now. No check mark means you are notSearching on Twitter following
  8. 8. Direct Messages When you “search” for a twitterhandle and you select the personyou want to tweet to first thing you will see is this screen.This is the Twitter Profile for this person/place/thing 1-Click this face with down arrow button to get the next screen to appear.
  9. 9. Direct Messages 3-Compose your tweet and hit send!2-Send Direct Message to get the next screen to appear and sendthem a private direct message.
  10. 10. Re-TweetPick who you want to “re-tweet” a message from. Click on their tweet. We will pick Robert Caruso for example This is the next screen you will see. Click on this button to Re-Tweet them.
  11. 11. Re-TweetThis will appear from the bottom. Click “Retweet” and you will see the next screen. Once you click “ReTweet” this screen will disappear. This means the message was sent.
  12. 12. ReplySame process. Select the person to publically reply to. Click this button to reply.
  13. 13. This screen will appear. - You will see all of the handles that were tagged here. You can remove them if needed.-You will also see that there are character limits. Max is still 140. Notes: Adding RT Means “Re-Tweet” to twitter followers. --This is a call to action to tell people to share it.Putting in RT is a way to respond to the tweet while still showing the original tweet. (Gives Credit to the originator)
  14. 14. This presentation is available on you can download it to your iPhone by scanning this QR-Code.