Slideshow Creator Proposal


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the whole flow / WF introduction of Slideshow Creator

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Slideshow Creator Proposal

  1. 1. Slideshow Creator Proposal By Kit Lin
  2. 2. Goal <ul><li>Create a application for users to design their slideshows easily </li></ul><ul><li>Offer a platform to help users sharing their slideshows with friends </li></ul><ul><li>Spread this application by SNS such as Facebook to let more user to use it </li></ul>
  3. 3. Welcome page
  4. 5. Select each function to go through the following process Welcome Page
  5. 6. Create Slideshow
  6. 8. 3 tabs on the top to switch to each other easily Import photos
  7. 9. 2 ways to import photos 1- Drag photos from your computer and drop them here Import photos
  8. 10. 2 ways to import photos 2- Using drop down menu here When photos are imported on the app, the Next button would appear to go on the process Import photos You can drag and drop the image directly to re-arrange the sequence
  9. 11. When Click ”From Facebook”, The app will connect to your FB account. Your FB album will show up. Click any of them to enter it. Import photos
  10. 12. The photo you selected would be highlighted. Click it again to dis-select it. (and the height lighted mark would disappear) To clear out all selection To add all photos in once Import photos
  11. 13. The photo from FB would have FB mark When selecting the image, the image around would be highlighted. The title and description of right side block can be input Import photos
  12. 14. If you select the FB photo, It would show the original information from your FB album on the right side automatically Import photos
  13. 15. Select all to make a action to all images At this moment, you can input the same information for all images in once Import photos
  14. 16. 2 actions you can do. Import photos
  15. 17. Use rotate button to adjust the photo’s angle Import photos
  16. 18. Check it to set the photo as the cover art. There is only one photo which can be set as the cover art. When selecting it, this check box in other photos would be disable The cover art would be marked Import photos
  17. 19. Select the template and preview on the left side Previous Stop Play Next Adjust the volume Style it
  18. 20. Finished
  19. 21. Select your FB friends below Publish your slideshow in public Post to Facebook
  20. 22. My Gallery
  21. 24. Check your slideshow status The slideshow which has already be post on FB would have this mark. Also, the background would be highlighted Manage your slideshow here Manage your Slideshows
  22. 25. Web Gallery
  23. 26. Sign out status 5 most popular slideshows would show here The number of clicking FB “Like” button The number of comments Search box Web Gallery Homepage
  24. 27. Slideshow Detail Page General info displays here To creator’s slideshow stored page Action buttons display here Post comment on FB
  25. 28. Sign in status Activity on my slideshows Replied to slideshow commented My newly added content subscriptions When the status of each of them updates, the number of updated info will show up on the top of these icons. After checking them, the number will disappeared. Base on the template style you picked before, 5 most popular slideshows related to your preference would show here Web Gallery Homepage
  26. 29. Click the link to extend the whole comments series Activity on my slideshows
  27. 30. Check all FB users who like this slideshow Activity on my slideshows
  28. 31. Replied to Slideshow Commented Highlight “your comment” to distinguish mine and other comments
  29. 32. My Newly added content subscriptions Use the contact list of your email account to find more friends
  30. 33. My Newly added content subscriptions Only accept Yahoo!, Gmail, MS, AOL’s Email account. If you are one of them, the email account LOGO will show up. Ex: Yahoo! LOGO here
  31. 34. My Newly added content subscriptions If there are friends who also use this application, their FB avatars and names will show up. You can subscribe them User who is subscribed by you. Click the link to unsubscribe him
  32. 35. My Newly added content subscriptions You can also invite friends on your contact list to use this application. If there is no friends of you used this app before, this tab will be highlighted first
  33. 36. Thank you!