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Free UK UFO National Archives Documents


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Free documents from the UK UFO National Archives. You have to pay for these now, but we have them! You can get all of them at no cost here:

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Free UK UFO National Archives Documents

  1. 1. Click-More Top Secret Files Can Be Found Here
  2. 2. (( ’PLAIN UFO LIST SOOKS FOR SALE .. pj tjlj ( LIONEL BEER Ust Al94 (SPACEUNKBOOKS) SPRING 115 Hollybush Lane 1994 HAMPTON Middlesex TW12 2QY . . . * Additions to list ALL ITEMS ARE IN STOCK.PRICES INCLUDE POSTAGE & POPULAR PAPERBACKS , .. <>-’~ m~-.-.:r~~jf~7~-~~’Yfj I.~’aIU- i..~ ’~:...:l~~ .: ~ ._. SPENCER -.-~.--. .- ---.~."t ’t: .,~ :_, ~. .. , . " !’ ,, "~~_:a.-m.:IET!JD"d:""!’n . ’fI, r6.55 *AUEN ENCOUNTERS by Dr David Jacobs. "SECRET UFE" (1992)335 pages. r5.45 "’:1 AUEN UASON by Tlmothy Good. 1992 edition. Index. 12 plates. 2S8 pages. [1.50 AMAZING UFO. AND AU ENS by R Matthews. 1992 Children’s books. 126 pages. DIMENSIONS A Casebook of AlJen Contact by Jacques Vallee. 1988. Index. 315 pages. An EXPERIMENT WITH AUEN INTELUGENCE by "Larry Kingston". 1991. General. 112 pages. SKY CRASH by Jenny Randles, B Butler. D Street. 1984. 1980 Rendlesham case. Illustrated. 385 pages. * TRANSFORMATION.The Bre.kthrough by Whitley Strieber. 1988. ’Communion’sequel. 255 pages. The UFO CONSPIRACY by Jenny Randles. The first 40 years. Recommended. Illustrated. 224 pages. The UFO ENCYCLOPEDIA compiled by John Spencer. 1991. 16 colour plates. Useful ref. 446 pages. UFO..AFRICAN ENCOUNTERS by Cynthia Hind of Zimbabwe. 1982. Rec’d. 8 plates. 240 pages. UFOs, PAST,PRESENT & FUTURE by Robert Emenegger. 1974. Mainly USA angle. 212 plates. _ ~.. . 1I1r1l:’ n.’~HI ~":"":’.,"’’’’’’ IT JOHN - :- .,.-. . :11 sZI:n:’I u: ’I!’IIII:. ..:Ii:KII:;a. r4.50 r6.30 r5.00 r4.25 r5.45 r7.75 t3.80 r2.95 QUALITY PAPERBACKS ABOVE TOP SECRET by Tlmothy Good. Worldwide cover-up. Recommended. 16 plates. 590 pages. ADVANCED AERIAL DEVICES REPORTED DURING THE KOREAN WAR by Richard Haines. Illustrated. *AUEN IDENTITIES by Richard Thompson. 1993. Wide coverage. Recommended. Index. 505 pages. E9.00 80 pages. t6.95 E16.00 *ANGELS AND AUENS by Keith Thompson. 1991. Serious UFO work. Broad view. Index. 295 pages. E7.20 The CIRCLEMAKERS by Andrew Collins. 1992. Circles and ’orgone energy’. 70 btw photos. 352 pages. E5.70 and orgone energy. 50 plates. 488 pages. E19.00 The COSMIC PULSE OF UFE by Trevor Constable. Rev. 1990. EXTRA-TERRESTRIALS AMONG US by George Andrews. 1986. Recommended baraain. Illustrated. 310 pages. rs.OO FLYING SAUCERS SERIOUS BUSINESS by Frank Edwards. 1966 classic, reprinted. Illustrated. 318 pages. ES.oo HOUSE OF lORDS UFO DEBATE edited by John Michell. Hansard text of 18 Jan 79. Illustrated. 115 pages. t3.50 *UFE BEYOND PLANET EARTH by Janet & Colin Bord. 1991. UFOs and SETl. Illustrated. 238 pages. E7.70 Off.beat angles. Illustrated. 240 pages. LOOKING FOR AUENS by Jenny Randles & Peter Hough. E9.50 1991 edition. Winged monsters in West Virginia. 275 pages. * THE MOTH MAN PROFHECiES by John E16.5O *PASSPORT TO MAGONIA by Jacques Vallee. 1993 edition of 1969 work. UFOs and folklore. 8 plates. 380 pages. r15.00 SILENT INVASION by Ellen Crystal. 1991. USA alien encounters. 16 iIIus pages. 200 pages. *THE ONLY PLANET OF CHOICE edited by Phyllis Schlemmer & Palden Jenkins. 1993. Channelling. 400 pages. t10.4O OVER HAMPSHIRE AND THE ISLE OF WIGHT by Robert Price. 1990. local cases. 8 plates. 142 pages. E6.4O UFOs OVER PLYMOUTH (booklet) edited by Bob Boyd. Devonshire cases. Diagrams. 34 pages. E1.00 BIc-UFOs - Keel. 1991. E12.3O UFO. HARDBACKS AUEN UAISON by Timothy good. 1991. Popular UFO update. Baraain. 8 plates. Index. 250 pages. AN EXPERIMENT WITH SPACE by Roben Morison. vonex propulsiOn ideas. Baraain. 62 pages. The GULF BREEZE SIGHTlNGS by Ed & Frances Walters. USA 1990. 32 colour plates. 348 pages. *MAJESTlC by Whitley Strieber. 1989. Billed as a novel based on fact. Baraain. 315 pages. PERSPECTIVES by John Spencer. 1989. Abductions dept. 8 plates. Special baraain. 255 pages. PHANTOMS OF THE SKY by David Clarke & Andy Roberts. 1990. Wide-ranging. 8 plates. 204 pages. SCIENCE AND THE UFO. by Jenny Randles & Peter Warrington. 1985. 8 plates. Index. 215 pages. SECRET UFE by David Jacobs. 1992. UFO abductions at first hand, genetic testing? 336 pages. UFOs AND HOW TO SEE THEM by Jenny Randles. 1992. General. 100 photos ncluding colour. Baraain. 144 pages. LARGE HARDBACKS (A4SIZE) . BARGAIN SELECTION The AGE OF THE UFO edited by Peter Brookesmith (Orbis) 1984. Colour illustrations. 208 pages. The AUEN WORLD (from The Unexplained). Black Cat edition. Colour illustrations. 95 pages. *UFO ENCOUNTERS editors: Jerome Clark & Marcello Truzzi. 1992. Colour illustrations. GOOd value. 128 pages. *UFO INVESTIGATION by Reuben Stone. 1993. Blitz edition. Good text, well Illustrated. 80 pages. UFOS: WHERE DO THEY COME FROM Black Cat edition. Colour illustrations. 95 pages. *WORLD ATlAS OF UFOS edited by John Spencer (UFOs.THE DEFINITIVE CASEBOOK). Recommended. 190 pages. MAGAZINES - FORTEAN TIMES remar1<able value for money latest issue. 1994. 68 pages. Welllustrated. 32 pages. Quarto. BarQain. SPACEUNK (UK) Four assorted Issues published by L Beer. SPACEQUEST (UK) 1978. 28 glossy pages. A4 size. Set of first three issues: r2.00. #2 & #3 together: ~_ t13.35 E4.oo E5.5O t14.00 r12.oo E16.50 E10.oo r10.OO r4.5O E8.oo E4.55 E4.5O [10.00 E2.4O 1968-70. UFO AFRINEWS edited by Cynthia Hind. AS size. #1-1988; #2-1989; #3-1990; #4-1991; AI. .1. E8.50 E2.5O - #5,#6-1992; #7,#8-1993 E2.00 E1.00 Each E2.00 PRICES INCllJDE POSTAGE AND PACKING: Please send payment with order. Cheques and Br ish Postal Orders should be made payable . USA dollar checks and dollar money orders ara not acceptable IOny! Foreign currency notes ara accepted lit tourist excMi1ge rates; to UoneI allow E1.00 fOl’ bank commission. Internation" registration or II an extra at E2.5O and sometimes speeds delivery. SAVE POSTAGEI Bookl may be collected at London meetings of BUFORA or from Hampton Village Antiqu,". 76 Station Road, Hampton. Middlesex. to add 1 0% to the above prices to cover higher postage prices. Foreign CUIIIomenI insur_e ar...ked option..
  3. 3. .~a~I-Shilt n UFO -1p;AA-~S4 ~ HINCKLEY HERALD FLYir<lG objects. . Daily Mail - London Lelcestershlre UFO Study Group. disc-like The ec’ts obj,spotted on March 26, were &c.Cn .by seven witnes!ies . - j . . who can. provide .;"ILLig informa on .ul the event. ’. "II information iii be dealt with in confi(jence and the number to ring if you think you can help is ~ < Hinckley 614()13. pic- and DESMOND !WAR ,.ears later, the ture wu exposed as a 30 - hoax by one Of the two men who hatched the in their local pub. The ’Thing, as It was christened, was nothing more than a milk bottle top, a cotton reel &I1d a button. Ret1red print worker Roger. Hooton, who now lives in Adelaide. owned in UK up UaU’s Mail, the re&d1ng tem&tional edltion, another flUllous photo supposedly of the Loch Ness Monster was of a model mounted on toy plot. aircnft. Looking up pitched sound we. don’t know .quite what to make of it all," she said. The objects finally towards headed Leicester at around 4.10pm, according to ’ the study group who would like to hear from anyone.else th; pi;’~tog~1ii~t- fast. ,.esterda,.. almost But. - t . ,,/ a. one. . .The blUrred -image -of flying -saueerturned the Wiltshire town of Wa.rminster into a mecca for UFO spotters. and claims of other slghtings came thick and By BILL MOUlAND Witness George Hemmings said: "One object seemed to dance around the J’ve never other seen anything like this before they. definitely were not " DOnna! ’"They were silver high- ., IT was launched a thousand spaceships. frequency. and making a " ) " "’,,’. ~--~-- who said they ’1erked ~ .ects ’;. GJ . 15 APR 1991 around the sky" at fast speeds, hovering at times and producing a high. pitched noise which in changed A MIS Heath of Hinckley also spotted the UFOs at around 4pm;"A lot of people were looking up into the sky. We were just coming back from shopping when we saw two saucer-like low in. the I~’ t spotted hoverine over Earl ShiltOD last week remain unidentified by ( -- /;’ . blank. When we got the f11m back from Boots, there it was a flying - saucer.’ After the. photo air pcared In the Wanninster Journal, the Thing took on a lile of its own. A national newspaper took up the story and Warmlnster t.hrobbed with hundreds of people hoping to see an allen. The town even spawned a.tter UFO Newsletter. in- its ownJoke had got out "Ihe of hand,’ said Hooton, ’n had sparked & whole new industry in Warmlnster &nd It seemed a shame to stop lIubma.r1ne. He hM now confessed Alien the hoax to John Spencer, vice-chairman of the decided It was time to come clean, although 1 British UFO Research Asso<:iation, who Included don’t. know why no one the in two of hJs ever IIpOtted it in the f1nlt. pIace,’ aald Mr Mr Spencer HootOD. was the picture that Jeemed obvious to me me Involved in the use looked 10 stupid. the ’But fooled everyone subject. I was 11 ed time and got me at the time and on fooling them. The fiy- bly interested. had always been regarded as ing saucer was even cepted as genuine by the one of those photographs British UFO Re3earch that could be OJ’ could . Association and Is listed not be, In the UFO Encyc- ’Mr Hooton felt terribly guilty about It. He the record Mr Hooton. 52, and his wanted to . friend.Gordon Faulkner. a factory worker, hit on Despite knowing the the plan in 1965 a.tter Mr Spencer’s faith reading about alleged Is unshaken. He &aid: ’I UFO Bight.inp 10 don’t. believe In tly1ng local paper. 1 saucers or In field ’We a out to aeaucer do believe aliens, UFOs. There are things we &I1d flying: at the cot.ton reel’ don’t. understand . In our bottle cap with skies.’ and milk the button on top,’. &aid Warmlnster Journal . Mr Hooton. editor Diana ’I was dropp!nK It on to whose grandfather the ground and Gordon lli;hed the original photo, was photographing it as said: ’I always used to fell. There was nothing say tbat when 1 saw one to Indi te speed or size 1 would believe 1 stw , . 14entified: The heaven-sent hoax Why they never cottoned on to the Thing Da.Uy - - that. . ’I !.Ir it.’ be- ’ ’It. .lwa,.. books. ’It. f1nlt. got. Iti.t. It. It. ac- lopaedia.’ t.heJ1" out. straight..’ put. truth. but. went. pub- Wat.t1ns, it. and the background wa.s haven’t seen 1t. one.’
  4. 4. ,/ apORT OF AN )JJ,)"( UNIDENTIFIED FLUNG OBJECT 574-;).TI I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I J 1. 2. {.;. Date, time & duratio’n of sighting n, 1J",l( Description of object (No of objects, size, shape, colour, brightness, noise) 7iLt~ ZII’< 14,z,d, t/,. Ad rd 1 ~/. ,.", 1;.fVJ.~ k io.<<f ~.jV"M5’ I!.(~f~({ 7/. Pr,v,) M.v ~f "" tv; fltYt/f"l J I ’ / /./ f IrI1 ( I",k M k Cr"1 J 3. Exact position of observer ( (Indoors/outdoors, stationary/moving) 4. How observed (Naked eye, binoculars, other optical device, camera or camcorder) /.JdJ / if{ 1 1 NIt. 5. Direction in which object first seen (A landmark may be more useful than a roughly estimated bearing) 6. Angle of sight (Estimated heights are unreliable) O jlfi- 7. Distance (By reference to a known landmark) 1/&7 cI.ff 8. Movements (Changes in 5, 6 & 7 may be of more use than estimates of course and speed) 9. Met conditions during observations (Moving clouds, haze, mist etc) 10. Nearby objects (Telephone lines, high voltage lines, reservoir, lake or dam, swamp or marsh, river, high [ I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I buildings, tall chimneys, steeples, I spires, TV or radio masts, I airfields, generating plant, I factories, pits or other sites with I floodlights or night lighting) I I I rv~~ hv ~~ I ~Iwf r/.~t . /r.v f1w,tJ (.IIo{~[;l ({~~JJ ,f TrvvdtJ IIf il . It . J tWl} Iv/"- I - I I I I I I I [ I I I I I I 5, [ /.’/1 I I I I I I J I I I I I J I
  5. 5. DAVENTRY EXPRESS Jr’7 -NorthantsMAR 1994 Bicester AdvertiSer - Oxon. ~IJool(y goings on in Church Sto,ve .:L MPi’:f ;994 <;l/ 25 -- Pensioner’s. " ! UFO sighting ’confirmed’ by second report - Pensioner Alfred Clarke thought he was Imagining things when he saw a UFO from his kitchen win. dow - until he read the O;rjord Mail, sister paper of the Bice5ter Advertiser. For there in black and white was Geoff and Jenny Cunningham’s account of their sighting of a UFO on the sarne night. The, (~.M" fr~m Hamp. den Avenue, Thame, BOft long object near the Oxfordshire Golf Club at Moreton on the edge of the lown. Mr Cunningham said it was about 25ft high, with lights round the middle, and emitted an orange glow, It appeared to go down near Kidlington airfield, Mr Clarke, 69, of Nuffield Close, Bicester, said he saw a huge oir ject, glowing red, from his kitchen window as he made a cup of tea one evening. He said It was in the sky for a few minutes then disappeared behind a house. It was heading north. Since the sighting he has been teased by his family. He said: "I was as sober as a judge, I don’t drink. But when I laId my son he said r was crazy. "But when I saw It in the paper I realised I was not talking out of my hal and I was quite sane," at the Oxfordshire Golf CIub or Kidlington air1eld had any knowledge of the machine and no sightings were reported to Thames Valley Police, A SPOOKY tale or eclence fact, Penetrating the Web, held here by Elsie Oakensen, may have aome of the anawers, 420) A CHURCH Sfowe woman be invited 10 go on Ihese pro- wilh no beam," she who spoued a UFO has had grammes," said Elsie, who explained. After the lights her experien e immortalised . never.gets ti red of telling her had circled around for a lime, on video. they left, and Elsi~ found her. story. Elsie Oakensen’s Irip Her journey home 10 self driving along the road as home Davenlry 10 the village one May day in 1978 has left her a minor c~lebrity in UFO circles. Her appearance in Ihe video, Penelrating The Web, is Ihe latest in II long line of screen spolS, radio shows IInd menlions hi al leasllen books on the subject. "It’s very flattering 10 slilI Cunninghams Cram jou~ey had Church Stowe went wrong as before, only her she lurned right at Weedon taken twice as long as if crossroads, where she first should have, noUced a grey dumbbell A few months laler Elsie object wilh red and green hellrd of a group of four . Byfield women travelling lights, As she entered Ihe village through Presion Capes a few hours laler, who had seen her car came to a hlllt. "By the schoolrooms I was similar l ghls, which experts in complete darkness except believe backs up her extraorfor ’a series of while lighls dinary story, No-one BARKING & DAGENHAH POST 1b 1~f.R 1994 . __.. __L ___ -. ----- -_.,~ ~ Chifdmin er"stunned as’she.sees UF s,.-’ t bus sto’p STUNNED Guy wondered if she was bdng takcri for a ride when she saw’ four objects hovering above her as she waiteJ for iibus in 1llam s View, Barking, Susan, J8, of Charllon Crescent, watched for 40 minules as the four bright while spheres circled 11.160 feel. Ch ldminder Susan said; "My bus was late when IIQoked up :ld saw [hese four bright white objecls moving in a circle. "Three were circling round each other :l the fourth one would zip b.:hind," d -Susan couldn’[ her had aiso seen the myslI:rious .~d:"( evenitwenlbelievecausedeyes. She ’.’night.of Monday.February 21,JighlS,.on [he the sports centre. see whether was being by f100d- He said: ;’A of nightcluhs use power’ 10 10 101 lights but it-’definitely wasn’tcuming from the ground. "Lat~r, Ilold my They laughed al me, bul I know what I saw il was somelhing we k110w nOlhing about." Susan reporleJ the sighting to UFO expo:n Roy Lake. of Tudor Road, Barking. Roy said he had been inundated with calls from Thames View residents who shows-Which ful laser ligh! can be seen from miles away, You can’! s<:e the beam and very often it i.s difficult to see what [hey are. Susan’s case is something different because of the number of objects thaI she saw." an unidentiIf you think you have UFO hottied nying object phone line on 5944797. ~een Roy’s
  6. 6. . .. r: v TIP.: DS09 (] C,U SU63 090 BLD ~L~ M5 TD, S. SSM ID=P/ (XOI/0-DOI3/SD~/N C~TRLOG ~N OUNC[MENT D’CH2 4 U RP J;!OVJ:1l 0 T ~ 1 LIVE 3hZME5SJ:1GE U~GENT NEEDS CONTEXT=EXP 1995 16 0515 , IHI~ 6~D C[ 31 IJNCLnS lFIED fOUO TR TIME.09[) GROUND r- 566 .56 010510 013510 E 90 090 96N DIjD ~ 327.D2E 0.845 93 19’ 9354 TIME TIME E E IMPACT IMPrlCf UDE UHITLJDE .J ERRLY IT LONGITU LONGITll un UHE . . . {" . P’" f’ , _~ofSr{?:L;.’ IOrtCPRT O POS;OD .< 2.3? ~ I ~ o 012010565 93V-1 YU’. SUBNODE= 22586 MINUTES I 090 4.B6N D -15 93 : 2119li[ I
  7. 7. ~ ’4 . .. _.’ 57 HO ’ 1 ~{-" ,’"1.-lofitudc: (,() t 10 1 _1 I no 10" I ~~. v: WI ~ __..,1 . ’ f 40 -".. n. 70 I PI":?.4 o . .r_ 1_ w COSM _238 31 L .uL_’ ") ro - ~. 40~ 20:.- L o .20 ._L - - .6J ~o -(1: .RO .10 . .L_u’ -40 ?O . . . E 5 -170 TV ~He. : __. .,"0 S r .10 . -m -tRO / 5 E eN
  8. 8. ~}1 REPORT OF AN UNIDENTIFIED PLTING OBJECT e 1. 2. Date, time & duration of sighting Description of object (No of objects, size, shape, colour, brightness, noise) 3. r I I I r r 4. 5. 1 I r I I I I I I I I I I I I I I r I I r I I r I I I 1 I r r 6. Exact position of observer (Indoors/outdoors, stationary/moving) I 17/,/:;4 USe ?fl1i I r O~ 11 (,J,{jJ wfrl k,.<5i’n. ~.,Jv.~ ,r. 51-v, .. 1" ;j).J/<. r’ rj JuoVt eM1f1(. r I 0,. ’v’1’’’ /I/I,. ),( fli, J [ J 9-.sfl tv., ,A,’r-.w:-t ( ~’ ll’ C2. Direction in which object first seen (A landmark may be more useful than a roughly estimated bearing) Angle of sight (Estimated heights are unreliable) Distance (By reference. to a known landmark) 8. Movements (Changes in 5, 6 & 7 may be of more use than estimates of course and speed) Met conditions during observations (Moving clouds, haze, mist etc) 10. Nearby objects (Telephone lines, high voltage lines, reservoir, lake or dam, swamp or marsh, river, high buildings, tall chimneys, steeples, spires, TV or radio masts, airfields, generating plant, factories, pits or other sites with floodlights or night lighting) It. {1 ffl5t......)I {c 21~ .1II:k~ N II r Iv.)d (P"’l (t( M-r -;~) [J-Jt fIt 1 lful. (jf,~J J 7kA." 8.tTcu{f MS ,#’u {I: )~~~ H ,orv I V[} )~ hod kLM lwv !U.~ : , 41./ [ How observed (Naked eye, binoculars, other optical device, camera or camcorder) 7. 9. ~ "~~’- ~’ r , /P 15 Ctt’ I ~A (T....:j’ J . /"I1",b J,. ,. "f {,jt fiLl: t ,f . (v, ,. . { ~, w;/’I1~-’/iJ JJ^", Ivn’l’""j f~tf w;’" "Vfif ~11w Jr,p rL/4 V’j^ tL lAp
  9. 9. D1,cn1IIC m-~- )RJ.AND - Q>.7.ETTE ~enda~ I ~’: ~~:’-t~~~’"~:.?~~1.ij~~,.;, ~ ? ; , ~ : t > : r’ "’1 .’ .I I’rc" - I’Ie ~ l+~;)) ~ ~. ’ ;’ yjC)tr ;,1 r . " [ w’,!.--< " , luottnal uest a researching am . ’1 upe!uatural the in Cutt!aranormal the older Cumberland or within laries of Hestfnorland). readers your. any anY of normal e the para haunt,ciS or : In . . - ~ ’ >’(. e1-perienced .upernatura dowsing, et~ wIlte ;, UfOs, please It for d they about Depublicaton. [" ten me ssible e"ent, no trlVlr , of any ils strange or r bowbe welcomed. corre.ould contact or course, nY w I, of ;pondence in tne strlctcst )e treatcd if requiTCd. confidence Sisson Gordon SClnI!.lte ’23 Cuu ’r’ellI’Il! CAll )ria 1’1’J had beeil It cll his He n3d outside 0 lOOK, do’,’!nsaTS to rushed his (ather hau &Olle .’ that the time ."..:-;:~ :.~<^;. II’I:~~"~ ~ t. Ii t’k.;. t~P: h~ld S1’ri1~~ ,ai..llhalHI t1~. ~t~’J o~cr b’~C~.tO Myseries ill UfO s,~htlllg,s !1> of [ep a lun Jel ~e y~a[s. w nc~[1"~ln ,pob whcrt yOIl’ !i5 ’IS la5 "rc .’ obviou’’riaida". wl10 A th~ lYb~."1ere o lIcid~oce the ’ ;. si~h coo IIIog .’ ’2.5-30 00",’"’’<0"’ ec<;. " (,01 L)Ji.IOrdsllre bil ", Kld1"tlto!"tW object an(1 of rl’l’ortc (llIb or <.o’ledC ’In’l 01’1’ s bh gs werc pollee no’ (,) Thalll;’S Valle’i saYing. h~ar Golf Club between 60ft town. of t’M said: "it was ft hi~I, y.;lth , <J.!" Geol’f long, dd1C and and Joft round the n tnO ""do l,’hts all ,loW I cY towards near dle. ed off went (oWn .’It l’lo al,-lc b~cO. itar. . "5 wife . }. 1h~le O>i:tot"dshlre cvcnJ.~lll’i cd". . ng, a that she had also l’heoon1co soo’s Slrange waS pa’ him 0 say tacted RobioS01. of og Malcolm s’.Jid that the sighhow dose of Oos, 10’esti~a inte[c>tin~ because object. ,od I the ticub[r’ be~11 0 waS Ihe doscst a Macph~[SOo h~J CIJ111C ollt ?hO sa’,O that the he had 5CCil 0 ab most 5peeubtion SeotlanJ. only be such as a sc COI.lJ had II IIOt object whal heailerall. a1d he waS Wilh’ n1 50’I1I~th’ll1g. e~wa.te!!es!ia. i5 that waS we ale saying a iOCO5 all’ "W1".JI doubt ’1 s. 10 ohjcC1," h’ a shauOw 01IInidcotiiied lying thc an poses. mc5 "h~1 people i11a!,CI’i I bncilu ha." "S011e )11 UfO. it cOIl))s1ouJ (1)bc to men. II I1Un1c:O)S ways I );.IC’:1 welC l C[C buhc,,"ld oot ..leaied :-I.arn.pdcn A ven~e, cla~ln ne<}t" <}ir (l ll;ton at Ihe a~ohJd ~raph the edge JennY. of it on the theY saw <it MorctOO ~11d .’ M,r Macpher- 5’1111ila[ objcct aod since CooyearS GasgoW womao hadooe. bu[gn tWO seen a UFO nave S)ar{ed Joft.long an spotting sty neat" their ’fharne Cu.nningham. 0;’"" llj!,S.,1 5ig1 get ..J~atcr 01 ;I tend." scen In EUIIIdo ;I bit beco the hunt ob}ect in mystery hotTIe. and Geoif :~g ROil COuple spark 3FO riddle COI.n>t..E aftet" dca~ ta.;.co ,ccreta[a Ihe R,;’r, had gooe. ropc. i the on bel1a{ 01to bc ,i&hlI;’ h’.Jve wil! t;fO closer looK would but. iI,i aY I picturCs, mlou, Ihat 3 saiu }.1’.Jcphcrsoil’S to a M[ cxplaoalioll’ Wruog Scoltlsh Earth runs b~cO . 01-0(<. ~"." . , ~ ... .’ ~,.. aod "[e’~IY excied" but b1 ?a~eiltS, i.;.c fa.;.1 Iliot:. hIla):... 11)’btJ?hs. S’bhli!b waS a cxal111[ be }.ac,hc1:;O’S wi lUW c picturc The clo:;cb’ ’’’’’Ith cnh;!n:~lncr.t 51;.tc_1I.t"lC-arl "0 pheUl1ix. ;" LU1a.
  10. 10. the saucer-shaped -cOIChestr. two 1 areas -4 MAR . slghtlngs a london ~port long Epping have Objects. mysterious YELLOW UFOLOGISTS Now object tlons tified it at Sluart, to about wilh said object underath:’ ruary "I shaped It day a having follows sightings of light the five and on experience, per quickly the are checked. ofT Ihe at sho ts experts say into During UFO then their comes but camera by its lighl, most - firework the a like At original p,FQ"explosion’ not video also 1 camera’s UF 3 has ’tfeht Claim. area J. . the hitest. I,r .;. The ot, ’up rne the The and them Ashb and . to lar ther," the phenomena up there. parnoml through "Since 0CUJTed ~ent .ytrap on FEARS Johns’ Laser fo tage Dully. townr! s camcOrder !o/ky scveral the in sho t liJ:ht had to on r~ eat anu o n: They .-’ light LoIja gre n By LITrE ~H~~ ~.c<: ~r-n . that’s men and hriJ:ht mn ~ed Ihe thd :E E-qLj(/)8t;N ~tJlC( :l ~HC):z: H ~ H Ej Z was area ed spokesman a earth into A from lights the investigation discovered a mir- ap ear d but, eyes beads . acros like - laser the it Except se n of thrown partyPicket s Edmont ." in the those Cyclops "cLok ,. area, come being to from spot. c.lhnofte a s eil ng theand a drivng’ along "It sightings hovering after UFOs in "It like up . he or ceil ng rored 30’s this was very they further from life: were in and he ~. Shrublands when about at outside from the . Sewell, saw bottles he ev ni g. Derek said it Wodfr." like large anything around about wel’El dancing -I for They stayed said. lively. "I . Wanstead, a started away And se n lights were outside nev r- had resident to towards 10 quite milk "I’The well, some move quite minutes I ~ held the . C)~ O~ in we elderly after"We’ve esp cial y had the lights Police in i before Close, went 7.15pm. my fasL of Laughton loads mat er. from New what Both police on the . Station. the 081 ! put Chig~ to over Chigwel- se n the . rather to Monday Guardian-Gazet e any contacting 594 one sky. home prefers lights Epping gigantie lo ked by balls dance wasn’t sky was the light the ano ymous, the received thought <T CT1 minules D . have ot. unusual . us 4797:’ when But and calls be not and was , on no inleresled for brought as .... , of everyone to aaid land- ofical! the al l back ahe she .AFTER HAVE the spot.- wor-k Road. aureI’- remain group aclivily. area ap ar 3fjoining Barn . I was were EARTHLY Ii Hill Army,"We’re ’"Two , ;n pl( le J /’" should t .- aaid: a ’-.~ me to quick- down looked cal s, who of with . children mal I SKY ORIGINS ALIEN of ground. mystery 60s lights aO e. ! Asl bourne object The named. - some said were " not .’ four for: the Anyone from hearing I when IN who prople fintler. UI"O on . But plus GROUNDED spoilers, town’s Sunday " back history , - Ihree view witnes S, fear. this’ a h:lllly Ihrough while. time very ~ in UFOs sl l ken the ridicule, walking a who Roy Last defy waS lookinc But In do is . 1 witnes d Ihe the spot ed air. the~ fast. ap eared Kilchener "I’d hung for Roy Pole of of were the sighting want been . ! was camera. the never Barn because is . became preny Roy.found Hill activity aerial mighl the edges. of unbowed and helicopter London saw Stapleford incident who police says was Cynics the else activty. Stanstcd, ac ount "It The founder from one totally for the by activity. sightings It do eITect to reported sighting 1994 . phenomena exploding be is siIC Ab ots that LIGHTS . evidence se n be Road aOOUI e"platned of in . 147 . the sug est silent n’porlerl were fisherman object uplan lion. year Fo tage remained explodes dawasrk beingUFO the close and Dome area thre al i~rested in iotersted strange a who a ly but in of dismis ed of shape. one MAf! terms a stalionary point ASHBOURNE to this i recent that and Hill High ~wdrowne as~cordne e ~tI-J in things on has in pond ’the by UFO by hut and SlUdies. 10 to sheds Ihe si~hlings of recent sinister for’ invC$l Mol). . filmed experts then ., Epping had objects as returns of singh~ TEL GRAPH - remaining Whitehall iris by the Ave into off by off have mysterious known the captured ling At him. Forest sha~d doandme ga who conlaCl resarch thearea and minutes anything by cros ing known in which Weald parno- for that Line are is Beach says areas Ley Nonh . bright like 400 to has is .hal near about very 10 shaped:’ before particu- huge of be three which time, to NEWS 95 that view my in psrano l close a cal ing lights both airpots could long five of Ministry cent minutes firot moving I per of out cur ently _ coming cent . obj~ts Defence sight. film clearly of video can or in it plane Park wa$just . Iheir Scho 1. .hought I was of 17.. is was to 14. Lake. any. on Roy off life my yards a a go a sho ting house, away 10 bright the Garner over the invcstigating Chlngford year or it perhaps and star when orange founh about are. sen Flying for nOliced by Road Barking-based the and 300 student bed Walthamstow over feel but I 1 .3Opm latcst it red on scho lboy of al lights a Snwt Thursday Studies prime of considered ADVERTISE~ Feb- dome- loca- Uniden- group Hal i- Road, Mansfield
  11. 11. .e DJLh R(’~,’rJ r" GJ.a~.t:~,j, / FfP 1~94 DAILY RECQAD Mon { . Foo<o. 28 }+-:) "’) 19~’ ISITA HUB-CAP?ISITA HOAX?OR ISITA.. . UNIDENTIFIED F’IFE OBJ~CT o I.n’,.mulngpholo... h.",I/I:hld /h.ob/ICI ho~.rlng tor.bout1SminI/II. I SNAPPED AN ALIEN .SAYS IAN . t he- H....ILTON .-r~a picru,.s A FUNNY thin; I I,TOMp1crure-s. I Nr.W. &ho".<I tim~ happened to Ian’. Ian on .. .he the when at thr Ian rook the Macpherson the way to the reservoir.. . He was buzzed b’ whal he’s com’Lnced a UFO from the Zone: Twilight UFO Ih.I’s Un. id.ntil.d Flying Obj." and not a f~ee.faUJ,g .., hubcap. clay pIgeon or a ~ ~:~ ~ d,-ijI~ ~:-~i’n!Sl~ :~ grey took as walked oJODS bonks 01 the rltl.ervolf. He uid: "J phOfog.r.aph~ walk.d look as I oJons the bonk and [ became .ware hum.m.inl ~~. -of , noise, IriDd of Theon J il wu holclJnS DIY .no but 101, unabl. camt;;;(h~1fI.rf::fj: befo...... he ’WISlook. rf(kons .., ~"D:f Ins~,ellher.Zone inglt thf’ for arou.nd ta.n ,h. Twiligh, Al1d ts. OUfer Space, n01 the ihn~ I .. nutes, was _. . . "’. UFOs Wh.. h. "=od n4ht UFO oaid: Mlko"" RobinsoneIpeI"l Daily b. con,o’led Lbe Record and ....It It. mD1i~ f:1ritiDl developed ws film" w. pbotDpaph I ha.e Ian then got out w. aeen m thil C t7l, aatn.d del.n<~ ,hlOl. .ke,ch pod ."d produc.d al>o lh.tLlm H >lud),ng An RAf pid: eXjilmlnlng is veol’) clo..eiy .. 44, T h ,i"eon M r,.orn Ro~~1’h ~ in [his j n, j I r T also Y 0 f a sel of Jan’s photograph, RAF Pope & "Our WDa1 riDn no Obv1GUS explannion..~ iSI IAN H..rdMACPHERSON lIummlng nol.. 10 dosely - -- ::~&~r:~~ts~ ~:~ .~~~~=:~= h. L.n nr....ltlll." . . IotWe- ..Ire’ spo’k.esmi.n bJ.m Tn. Ian. ~ ~ C;o~ h!m . . n ilThese pjc, IDS. I-I ~ Th. Tiling, elre/Id, h...Imo,’ nnl.1l1d In /11’" .,I.<<:orr<J H~ s"ajd: ID.defuUtel)’ meotallic ~x.ami.n.spo..""an Ni,. He .bows. of .aDd had U’Ye-ral pelon it> They’ll be sPK;oI. d;ffuse1i IiSh, on staff and ’Und.c-t’"jd, .nsjdr . probe th~m mequipment o-r-e da.rkil!’l’. coloured rim 1; d: "II EXCITING seJ"".n Re-rirf"d ..As Ihe- craft I. J.L> mO-1.’e IWI,", I is.e-d fo camen Ind took two pho. Th.)’ beil... the pho,o, be took Cra~gh.u{ar "Tht’5 .cc~/~ra. Reservoir; n~1f Dun. DOD ~’..s phenom~nlll_ By CQuld beolp Ie-TmIiD., e-xislenc. of OD .’aJ’woundlh.f JJQ.’_" rh. i dor in lb.fiJm prove. I.he lan~s Surt j[ wl:S aJj~n craft. And expens.ire in,him ’ll’eor)’ storiousL)’, nons tures are really remark. .ble. J holve Dever seen .... Def.nco h... ~ 10 pic- Malcolm RobLn. 0’" PhcnomcoE’1ii1 In’V.euiga to son, inS’ photos. The draw- the UFO RAF s:a:r [huewert’ rno,-ements DO iUZCTah - - - dr."""nr. ..",III,pho/ Q"pllf ’ i 5 ;
  12. 12. ~ ( Pl~5 ( Maria Ward will never forget the night of November 21, 1990. She was abducted as she slept in her own home, subjected to terrifying abuse and raped. Doctors who treated her injuries.-were-----appalled and implored ----_.- - .---her to contact the police. But Maria didn’t dare... for she believes her --~ terrifying ordeal was carried out by ALIENS. Maria is just one of thousands of men and -_..~---.~- women in Britain who claim to ----- .-.have been snatched by visitors from outer space for experiments. Most remain silent for fear of ridicule and live in a dark world of terror and Because we understand how bad a migraine can feel - shame unable to reach out for help. But now Maria has broken her silence in a bid to help fellow victims and, she says, force the Government to admit they are hiding the truth about aliens. And UFO experts estimate that up to 1 in 50 people in Britain have endured 1 drains you. You’re alone, trapped hy the pain. II’s sickeninj!. You miss out on life’s pleasures. Migraleve was developed hy a research phannacisl who understood migraine hecause he suffered it himself. lIe made sllre provided a complete answer (or so that when all migraine symptoms. lie made lakcn carly, it rOllld swiftly slop a migraine in its ’"rks. H YIIU suffer (rom migraine, J’.1igraleve was made (m YO!. 1’-1ij!raleve . ~ I’-ligraleve Made to stop migraine before it stops you From chrm;.r;f. 11r>1lf. ,1I1I’lly.t; ,’(’ad fhe !ahl’1 ’ I: ,
  13. 13. ! I .,. ;. - : It VIDEO CATCH OF , THE . .’ ,.: ~R,ace,." .;_ Mail 20 DAY: came " MYSTERY The Ii,hena’. 1~4FEB on Sunday London OF ;: I Yideo .~... , ,.’ of ,"’ .: . from or, - the dauling. .ilent object THE UFO THAT’S but is it a BAF LING UFO did ~ ~l~ >/ or an image outer .it? of the THE MEN camorde’. FROM irisl The MoD GUILTY’ THE i. CGIO’d.8r .till The lria MINISTRY of n ltigating’ MC6 , ’ _I
  14. 14. f’J,5. (( EM ’’’’’:4 ."~ The Mail on Sunday, February 20, 1994 1.::’ CC "’.. VIDEO MYSTERY OF THE UFO THAT’S BAFFLING THE MEN FROM THE MINISTRY CATCH OF THE DAY, The li.hermon’. .ideo of Ihe donling, .ilent obje<l - hut i, it a UFO o. on image 01 Ihe 13. camcorder’. iritl The MoD i, ,till inn.ligating It came from outer ~~:::~:;:::f;:;::3>’:7’;’:":Y ,-"",~:,:,:",;{:,:,:)’,~~",:~~~:t::~~~:>~:~~ :’::~;1:>:,:-"":’~~:::w:~m,,,~~::;:::,::>.?~~~~i$i:::<:;~; ~~: 0:%~~f.’1~~~,:::;-}~"(’:>;";’:~:~-::::::::::::::~<:’W"’::<0"’:’:<~::::0:::~ snace . . . or did it? ~_,m"""’i""’ ~ GUlLTV! The In’ 0’ the MC6 ","""’,""7,’1_~,""~""0’’07’’’’’0f’’N""’%""""""%~"’*7’k",,,.,.".~~~_%1"’i%"%,,,,,,,,,",,&7m,, y},"".,.,. "’pq Nerves By NICK FIELDING and RICHARD HELLER aircraft. (jJ Cot1e-n.gue5 ~)’)PCulated V th.t It could be amcomereflect pri.m r: lens. caused by And th.t WRS ...hoed by Dr Peter Broads.’ the- Andrews. of the Royal Observawry. Cambrld",.. ’Thank you, sir, Could you please put the details on this official form l’ It wW s ilke :script lor ’11e Even Phtllp Mantle, dlrecwr or Investlg.tlon. for the British UFO Research Assocl.tion, thought. thp. WA.~ if’ltheJ’ nn aircraft or an optical effect. Fln.lly, we ""nt the vldro 00 MarUn Hn.nMn. Of PR.nasonic. a. Men From The Mini~try. But no. n h,pp"n.d 00 three resJ>Onsl1)l~ genuinely believed UnldenUfled .n On y~.r. M.rk WlIklns, BUI Deuters .nd OCwber 23 IRSt Steph.n Farro.., lrom EYES IN THE SKY: Dagenham. E.c;sex. went fishing on RoUesby Eroad in Norlolk. And, IL’ usual, they took Mark’s Panasonic MC6 camcorder to film made Th.t day, though, the wind pm. them abandon the trip Rt 3 W-as g~ar, lens looked object. first was near the horizon. It was coming straight. at us over our heads. As I zoomed in it turned Inw an Intense di.mond: Bill swpped filming after about six seconds and thf’n all three eaw very bright Ught move over . th.m, south to north. Th~y thought It might be militAry aircraft, but. It made no noi~. The trio thought no mOTP B.oout It until thpy played the tape mct. It hRd captured R bril{ht d...lded MoD, Steve suddenly shouted Rnd pointed at ’this bright light a long way away’. he recalls. Bm pointed the cameorder at it could ’Through Fr..... the left, Bill -or foe? Should the It fr md nlition’s guns be pointed skywards? Their tUrn went to tht!’ official the nerve centre of our defence extra-terrpstrials Mr N. G. Pope, 01 the (AIr Stoff) 2&. at. -’5t .n IrisWhen open, fitted - n odel type Iris me,’ he said. A coDeague found 00 01 the object which tumoo tnto a distinct diamond :;hape. The images looked so authentic that 00 send them to the they their cau,h.s, .-Ilk..and IntenselythebelieveItwh.t h. . .n It not At Iris Image to ’Looks like a they had sighted Flying Object, A. B.rnle P.n - over the Norfolk - steRdled by Forward. senior In~ctor at th@ saucer full of Martians firing gamma-ray guns But RII they unloaded 10.... A. c....cord’" Aircraft Accident b1vestlgation Branch at Famborough. which Am jet &tter exomln.d the the Lockerbie disaster, He pronounced the Imoge to be an ’HELW.get me the Defence Secretary! I’ve Just seen a flying ell....n. ..ho PcmcrlOni Sec...torlat Horizon Deule.., Stephen Farrow cmd Mark Willli... d.te, bri~f Hi-;h08.x~~. Rut not this one. Is vuy p cl!;e. ’The Ministry of Defence’s only concern with UF’Os Is to establl5h whp.thpr or not or t.hf’~ Bunday. And we rushed It Network Security .nd The M.teorologlCRI Office London W.ather Centre said It not a weather bAlloon. The ttAf" and civil aviation 8uthorities eliminated military a~rcl"Rtt and North Bea helicoptern. 7ben Great Yarmouth cOA.slguard told us that the night after the WA..~ o-r ha-d t.P.n ...porting a caU miles lrom Rollesby Brood a bright Should we fight or liee? Why calm when It cost.s so liltlf’ to panic? We comHlltRd moM’ f’Jepprt."’I. sighting they lia.... al~ 13 M.nogement In Briefing But before he could scramble our fighter defences, Mr Pope had to 1011010 Ministry procedures. ’It would he continu.d, ’00 further d.talls, so I attRchp.d a co y of the form we use to record details of sighUngs.’ another month two 00 set up Ministerial committee to study It, the little green would now be In Downing Street, FortunRte1y, the three men 5Pnt thf’lr vldro to The M I1 on . to M"ylair, Jon W klin, of the company’s lorensic video section, was mystified. ’As far as I eRn determine. It d.plcts a genuine object: he said. V.t, the MC6. which regulates the going Into the camcorder created a -li~ht dl.mond The Mall on Sunday belteves thl. exp.lains the startling image. .xpem for analysis. At the sorohl5t1CRted I.bornlorles 01 th....t: ...5ponded y..r....pom h.lp: satellites, aircraft, weather baUoon5, lightning, m~teorltes Mr Pope 00 258 Most of UFO slghtlngs la5t were quickly ex as a... any threat to the security of the we United Kingdom, To evidence that not aware of would Indlc.te the existence of he wId the three such a men soberly. later in the same I.tter 01 Janua.ry 7, Mr Pope could not restrain his enthusiasm: ’Your vidro Is Intriguing and certainty one of the most interesting I have !’Ieen. I have to say tha.t no expl.n.tlon springs 00 mind: a.ny Picture: HIIGH PINNEY .tay ws..q. teflected Somehow, the Iris on to the back of th,p tens and .tlll IORves a filmed. But mystery 01 the dazzling light the men saw, And Mr Pope Is still pursuing the matter. as the Is .till might be concerned, Something Out A coU~gllP. Mold last w~k: ’We cannot explRtn It. If there Is a can Id.ntify It posslhllity whAt aircraft T’e involved, we th.t Mi"’.try AF. f.r th.... Th..... ..e .nd will.’ H. h... thl. ..eek. ’. promised us ruli briefing’ Until that h.ppens. ohservers 01 mysterious object.OJ are requested not to phone the authorities or The Mail on Sundny. Official ad,,!Cf! Is 10 go to bed ""st.,,,,n and on no accrnml v>alch vI/ - an" Spiefbrrg. Rescue teams rap RAF ’gloryboys’ . r.c. THE RAF has been accused of trying to steal the glory In dramatic mountain re5cue operations. Volunteers who comb the Scottish hills searching lor stranded or Injured climbers ...y their worl< Is dogged by airmen b.lng who By KIM W1LLSHER snatch the accJ lm Ing lives. f.or BA.Y- Th. rescue 01 51’year-11ld grandmother J.ckle Greaves. who sunlved two nights In Arctic temperatures alter failing hundr.ds in reet down cliff Scotland, brought the row 00 a heRd. Unpaid mountain J’@SCuers spent hours searching for but th’y say Mrs the RAP swle the headlines by hijacking the opemtlon. 01 Or.av.s - They are lurlous th.t the RAF filmed the openoUon to airlilt Mrs Greaves off the mountain and gave the to TV staUons. video Paul Williams, of the Olencoe Rescu. Team, sec...tory Mountain SBld In .n angry Jetter: ’The business of the re::;cue services is rescue, not sell-promotion: And he .ecuse<! the RAP 01 a ’public relations onslaught’. Mr SBld the RAF’s video 01 h.d W Mrs . ...I~air- Oreave~’s rescue ’! the In second It recent weeks. The previous one was of body being lIfted out of OIencoe, ’The lootAg. is credited to the RAF and its object to be to raise the profile of the nAF But an RAP spokesman teams.’ lR..oc;t night: ’Cameras are carried by all helicopters and some mountain rescue teams, not just for media purposes. but 00 g.ther e~nUal evidence for any Bald posslbl. olficl.llnquiry.’ U u~Pd the plcture5 could be to p~Yent A.ccidpnl.-;, 00 the RAF wos happy th.m .vaU.ble. .
  15. 15. - LOUTH LEADER -Horncastle- 11 FEE - 9 FtB f994 MORE mysterious sights have been reported in the skies by local UFO watchers. Psychic Peter Gregory, of MablethofJ~e ’Skywatch,said that flashing lights were seen m the sky at Markby, near Alford, between 7 and .8pm.Jast.Tuesday nigbt. 1bese creports of a.been red aircraft, but more baffling are ball of light going to earth and, a few seconds fterwards, a green ball going almost to earth and disappearing, .. There was a lot of activity In the skies that and Mr Gregory is studying a vi.deo night wing six to eight flashes at the same time. The flashes were watched for about an hour. Mr Gregory has checked with the range at Donna Nook and with RAF Waddington but no explanations have been offered. "It is a total blank. It is very, vcry strange. Some of the flashes are quite strange. It seems four to happen every Thesday. 1llere have on Thesday. We WIll keep accounts of uur eyes open, he suid. The next meeting of Mablcthorpc Sl,:ywatch is on February 28 in the Remj~gton sho- . bc~n CI~b, Mablethorpe, at 7.30pm, The prevIOus mCdmg attracted about 100 people. - AS [he regional investigator f?r ,the Brilish UFO Research Association (Bufora)it has come t may allenlon that some of your readers have seen UFOs (unidentified nying objects) in Ihe West Norfolk area, I would be pleased if those people would get in touch with me, so sightings can be logged, In a simple questionaire. JOHN COPSEY, 60 Sandy Lane. Dereham, NRl9 2EE. J ~hat thes~ ;; t . UFO hovers .:0,0 l bi:’l. ~;;’’’uL’lit~tH...d II....lng ubjt.->([ :r~:lll, follll’HII_: 11’11 ..111111.11 "’I!~hllllh" :-;’lIL’ ~i.c:hl ’0’1.-... .1. ; ~ UFO’s tW-t’f (0 quite high "~k’ (pili nh’ III: [IlL’ IlIighl (’lIm..-...hul’ Ijgh[ It 1~~dL:d,m dlll."i,LltllI. ..lIld I’L".I"."I,ddy".11.1 III i,n "’,l,gtliy I~l’jpn’ ..lH"lllIll~ tllV knoh .’IIt’ll’ Idu~knj ""I I[l’~I1IHU"Y" I’ll’ HNAS st~[,lUns at KcJJ’~w...q,!,htwg Ll....IL.d ;dHiIIl II.dL L~ II1ll1l1t~ .IIH.J Jlrdldn stan S~IU shL’ IUlmelli.L!dy 1,IOg the bur Yeo,’illon CulJrosL’ ill Cornwall ;1" dlll Wd"t’Lt’d ,I It . ’l’I’ ’ , " !q’i,~ }A~ r~ I~ .’~ sk ~9n I.. I ly"outsida,)> . . . . ~. ;. thought Mysecon~.ogOffar)’:~-/,’.:. . siJ nreflt}c~i tW’Cll’tJ rLHe y.’a.sH’~.> definit ~l. ~ lip 11110 .. prnwhen: ’.’ thoughtlt VIal> be nklHlHl’d lor JL’;JI" 01 [ ...... ’.’ . ~lghtlll!,’::S low Ui..y.tJsiolJ:S L.h( Yt:’. ;.HOUII .;. It Shewould be .same vcry rL’n~ivln!: anonymousdlt. . repurts ,it.W ~J~tt9q..> U~Oquit.... .J .,TheobIectw s IlHereslL’d in fO[lhatJO;/’1/J,jJP .’ Ihi..;. ~Ir(..t ~I,";’ sllghtl..>p~r> ~hl’ ;H.Jdl’d shap d.JwatchaditfpCi. . ,/’. OG,’t. ~Ir... Irl’m!Hln’.}..;,~-’lh~" r:~1I b~.1 , abouttWominutes uhU(.it..;, . UII two . In . " [full .Iln~l L hI Sw mron Ewning AJvertis<:r. Wiltshire 1 X64-c the a.cht rnedinto Wellingbqrough by the Sainsbury:; Superstore..Io’Bs . md :;",lld. said 1I1L’re WL’rL’ lim lhe u_ . and Ihe- .Iookingputlh~win aglowI S8W.thismo ingQrang In the . hI.-’ [IIL....... Ihl~ .I’,.kL’d l’’. ..;he "1 ~ i~;j :j; BEGAP$El~m’@il>t4 .f19rJQ 1. It was at>6utff;30 been sput[t.:’d hdS III t;:.:,ii. 1.$8wa..str n9E:iQ.....b.......fe. JnJh........e......... . ky’ iiTli tsda ’J UarYi ,hI." S;lIl1e .ut’;~ I.l’ 11c..’IIlIIlIl’Y.Kl.IHo_’r""Pt)kl.!s.~~ln, ~O_J’ 1 h f~ lccnrdlllg t-o SOI11L"rSL’( l’rD Rest-’,Irch ~IIIJ h1’l.’~llh.llllln ~L’IlIrk. n’porll’t! III pol~n’ III,’ ;t mn[un...1 UII}! IIlg hom.... illg ,dOliI: 111I~1_’ld 1..llh’ 1’111111 . V~~II ~nu rhey flyioJ.: until an hour aflL’r [he Trull SlJ.:hung. . ’:~r~[ J1.’~t’, ;~!~ ~.~ ~;~~$ . .~ s~ ~ 2p~ ih*i~ $.r. .i.(. ~ i~f(h~ ~ ~il i~g ~1.’i 14 fEB 1994 ’Si’f B 1~l1/ over Trull N ., i’ Nonhams Evening Telegraph. Kettering -Tauntonfi’, ~ SOMERSET COUNTY GAZETTE ~Jlave inv stigations ’TUesday night sightings si~htings . 1394- - ( ~ ~1 .~ . . ./ UFO,sightings UFO’w’atchers’ . ~"~~ LYNN NEWS & ADVERTISER fro111 pl’opIL’ ndll’oilHl." ......... ill h"l’ afl’ h1iddH1g tip " 1111 [.LLJI1(OIl IlJI disappe . .’ ~fed KEELEY PAGE ."rg~Fi of view: out ..." beware, a new group-’~!!’!!~9 is watching the night skies 17 FEB IS 4. 47Edinb ad, Nouingharn Evening 1’0,1 A UFO group has been set up to keep watch on the night sky over Swindon. Musician Stephen Sheerin~ and some of his UFO-spotter fnends who go out searchmg the skies twice a week are forming the club. They plan to have monthly meeting;s with guest speakers as well as ’night skX outings". Stephen doesn t believe in flying saucers but he reckons he has had a close encounter with a triof mystery lights. It happened when he was one f a group of about 30 people from all over the world who congreated at the top of Silbury Hill ear Avebury. "None of us knew what we went an~le there for it, it was just a feeling that we had to go," said Stephen, 36,who lives in Penhill,Swindon. "It’s not easy to explain what we saw but a triangle of lights about 40 f et across glided si. lently past. It was truly unbelievable and I just don’t know what it was except that it was an unidentified flying object." The strange experience hap. pened two years ago and he claims the lights were aLso seen by other Eeople on the hill who came from France, Germany and even Lights other clubs throughout the country to see if there was an ex- planatIOn for the lights. "No one seems to know what it was," he said. "I am not saying it came from another planet or anything like that. It could have been a stealth bomber but we want to know. "Mysterious light triangles are being spotted all over Europe at the moment and some people are claiming to have seen occupants, It could be one of many things and our new club aims to carry out a China, very serious effort to sol ve the Stephen, who is married with a mystery." daughter, has been a keen UFO Anyone interested in the new spotter for several years and after UFO club should ring Stephen on the Silbury sighting he contacted Swindon 729697. .~ work NEWS of UFO sightIngs, including video footage of strange lights over Radcliffe-on-Trent, will be on the agenda at the third public meeting to be called by the East Midlands UFO Research Association. The group meets tomorrow at 7.30pm In Bulwell Public Library.
  16. 16. ~ ’HI . ,.: (If’S FT:I II NJ:;~T.lU ’,!,’I’ Fr-1~ ’:.4 1’5:~’ ~l I . :,. . (. . ’l’ED "’."’! ~O,’II!9..t : 1 )(J40 Ff;.1);:: I I (’f;/ ~ +-1 . n",],., ’a!Oru:.,j,w;:n hi" ht ~ ~owmWJJ"’I’IlnJ .’-,e ~ 4l.-.J" UJ I’LI~t’..; ..,,)~’:I.f,.-’ln".. nol. bt: ~..:~~.".J ~~f’:e:nl 1.’~~C’I1.C"’Tli *noJ .r "".lh...lIJt 1tJ.r -JT’Pt’tDctlf ~.r Br.Ll,t;h ( Ita u l . f’ebruary !’- 94 JOII’T AIR ROCONIAISSANCE INTELlIGf.:NCt; ".t:N I’Rt.: Thi:-; mernOIandllm cuntains’ nnagery-uenved intdUgeuce ~.SSESSMENT OF’ Ut’O VUJEO (tJK) INTRODlICIION R). This report is ill r(,sf)l)flSl~ to an ;]d hol.: task 1t’4uirement llOnl [JI:":k 1 h.l IqJUlt tin ’, 111’llH [ dfl obJcu shown on J viul’) supplicd hy DI5Sc ~hows (! real objcct 01 whdher it I’> :1 I, tl’."X, UESC:RIP’flON "R) 1111 V1UCO tapt’ has be>cn IhOIOUghly eXHrnineu hut it cannot he . ,bie..:t is real I)bje l or a hoax. J lowt:ve.r. the following flictors have ,.’ll1mel1 hc(!lt>’ tJl~ b~cn C(u:-; d";f(’..1. 2"PIII~ ’. iIpptJ.r~ almnst’itatioHary relative to the dou(1s while lilt’ it1n;l:;’1I111 r;, ,lpplt1xirn 1cly 6.4 times magnification. ’Il)t~ apparent movement is prqtuhl .1. t" ~I L’ anIe III rht: IlbJed 0111 hl’ identified fmm the obJeC:1 10 the gr..)un nor belwfrn thl hi ’USt’, llll ,,"! I" ,111.1 the" Un~. Althuugh the video ntract lasts for 24 sel;onds <IlIll is tuHnwe hy a [}illl.rddl"’! ’1".,,’.1’. ntlthtr till: arrival nor the dis;1ppearance or lht’ Tt’lIlonlu! Ow Ill,jecl is ft’<.’I.,d’.d ~ has. snmc similill’jtles I.i ith The (’tHlfgu[t1tio..I1J ot the objcc.:t I FO pH 1l1llCC hy JAKIl 10 1 qq2 from j)Jllm I~ili(’::.. d " It IS Impuo.;slbk USlI;f, ’wnp 111 lktemum: lht:’ sw..’ lJf H rawing Rdt";0.’1I.t’ 11 thl’ ohj.."d. modern video stud II) t’4uJpment nd tedlII/4ucS It wuuk1 tw I’:"!,H;(I [’.1’. lt.: a ....tmiLt! ,id(’,), HE~;I’h~’ "n’.l.J ’I’ . " 33 Copy Nu: t’t I cnpy Page No 1 It 1041001 1’5/ / ~,. ’~. ".""" "" ,
  17. 17. - in to GUARDIAN 19 4- group -Bath SOMERSET 4- at racts astrolgfascinated more UFO news "Yes, lo nies ist, the an Flying Dearman monitor sighting-. New dying . Elizabeth MRS said: She cranks are Jimmy are con- seen the are experiences who by travel ing Mendip. two skies In. she of in grand- has work flyingafter in with oDject the Mrs Nor- and windos" light another above similar cigars proces dence several 23, objects sky ton in form of the I is se n "Yes, some they flying She ( I~ I slver-c:olU’ed L 23 to Bath sky space hear January simOar On objects the we ’ enormous omy so is Radstock. Mrs subject. "It the Dearman, plan lnr flash a in to lorical to acros nirht bo k_ can. presume tbe form a Network ’ sky 4- over evidence tbe up sel-tau&,bt the trom to a Mendlp I people Chronicle also Is after Norton another for number Gre~ry, a Somerset last Mrs(atherine publish woman Haydon, St above & are buf she In which saw c:lra s near astrol&,- UFO rudinr PhUlp. have ~hO investlrate be near network after year_ Dean conviced there wUl Sue but had the Hembury-KeUow Taunton, creatures that it, proces hopes ofsigbtlngs have caU boratlnr are It who in of to In In notable cranks at racts a can ot it." vene not to has be compreh nd the of only t the , PICTURE: close of ze the presume so we Network, national She people a with encounter me enormous said: St saucers it, "It Mendip and Wesl OnlY~O can I what uate uni- can- cal . UFO an - say because they but hoaxers." a of ~ us al y and 1 feel set who lo nies, UFO." UFO also Stoke UFOs W able added: can I won’t to believes UFO. She people As ociat on ~ N Everling conftde "I in w of -sho t that, sightings. planping organis t on. is reported "spo As Dearman to ’flash po po in eval. spot think the to Radst.o<:k, sky her." result who, a in to night Philip. January saw silver-col ured acros near ked a saw St Haydon, the On woman woman cover d se ming son, and hear Mrs over that col 994 se n publish Gregory, She "mas ive about the has spaceships own her spoken with orange have past they vinced Taunton, her acquaintances sightings Stoke evi- to bo k to in hopes a have also in pleased anyonewbo gathering she is may sightings be buf near up objects number year. Dearman of which be they set would from wil UFO last bury-Kel ow, also to a eventual y have one the strange Somerset Sue to have from her AU to. come Some months, net- who investigate se n been experience felt have St of a of in friends col aborating by while her ter ified UFO." mer States who have and have but Object, has Carter convinced it. calmed President and is she never Unidentified I read witnes es by Hem- others notable second-hand spot ed , of some she the for people, the it. subject about a for- United one, they it became As there but the self.taught FER , she said: a As ociation is 1st, creatu s. universe only the In be about She that not to Is wants Elizabeth BUFF: . has in third their spoken (randson, oran&,e Dearman of visitors woman the about has In windos" of she her cover d network for Faulk.1and friends with have this Dearman volun- from - Watch Elizabeth euc:ounr out Mendlp . enthusiast an . keep months from eye the dose hearln&, nearest space. a . UFO two past woman"mas ive to se mlnr to to si&,hUn(s. the one and forminr te rs ouur The come kind In saw. U&,ht to Is UFO who, object r
  18. 18. HSIGHT.I e. ’" GS OF UFOS IN LOCAL SKY8 LIEN.AL.ERT! __.........................IUUt : ~ I ...........uu... .x.........; x HUCKNALL DISPATCH 28 J A -Notts- ;131Ijili~ 4- tI : WATFORD OBSERVER ~ FEB t99(1 Shoppers spot UFO over store’s car park been wondering to myself if r was seeing things but my husband backs me up and he is a very logical man. "It was unidentified and it was flying so, yes, it was a UFO. "I am desperate to talk to anyone r have always who saw it as believed the light can play tricks on your eyes, especially at night, but this was nol a trick" Mrs Clarke has asked ror anyone else who saw the craft to gel in touch with She said: "It was covered in lights, hundreds of them, with one flashing on the top. . "r am sure other people must have seen it. I cannot understand how so many people missed il. "I am beginning to even doubt it happened myself because r have never seen anything like it." UFO sightings that are reported to the Civil Aviation Authority are referred to the Ministry of Defence. A spokesman for the ministry said the sighting would be logged and investigated by 8 secretariat aedicated to the subject. Anyone who wishes to contacl Mrs Clarke should do so through the Walford Observer, 124 Rickmansworth Road,Watford WDI 7JW. SHOPPING at Tesco in Rick- have mansworth was an unforgettable experience for a couple who looked up to see a craft "the size of a hundred aeroplanes" overhead. The myslerious craft, shaped like an eye and covered n lights, appeared in the sky as Mr Barry Clarke and his wife, Carol, were loading groceries into their car on Monday evening. II flew al the height of a helicopter but was, Mrs Clarke said "much, much larger". The even more bizarre twisl to the tale came when the Clarkes looked al other shoppers expect ng them to be in similar awe. of the unidentified flying object. In a scene reminiscent of Close Encounters of the Third Kind,Mr and Mrs Clarke found themselves the only people to have noticed the giant ship. While the couple craned their necks to the skies, olher shoppers wailed impatiently to leave the car park. Then, as they tried to follow the ship while it continued its flight, the pail could not believe olher motorists In Riverside Drive were not stopping to watch. Mrs Clarke, 42, who runs a card shop in Buckinghamshire and has never seen a UFO before, said: "I --- ------.__.______~T.,_ ___ well. her. . - Daily Record Glasgow 19 4- Nonhanls Evening Telegraph. Kettering - 1 FER UFO mysteries Aliens after IT COULD be more sitings of UFOs in the county have been reported to the a case of Evening Telegraph.2 !_:~;-’- 4 Dorothy Taylor, 8t, of Lime Road. Kettering, spotted a mystery object in the sky. She said: "It was like a big glittering ornngecoloured lamp in the sky. I know it wasn’t a star because of the way it moved across the sky:’ county Mrs Taylor is one of about people who reported seeing a strange object in the sky between midnight on Thursday and the early hours of Friday. If you saw anything or have any explanations for the strange object write to Your Lelten, Evening Telegraph, Northfield Avenue, . half-a-dozen Kettering, NNI6 9TI. --’-’-----~--,_.__. - ------’---- ____ ____T__ 3 FE -")~4 Probe on UFO film AN amateur video enthusiast has filmed a UFO, it was claimed yesterday. The two-minute film was taken by an unnamed businessman who says he and his family saw a targe white light travelling slowly over the town of Bonnybridge, Srirlingshire. And now the film is being examined by BBC experts in Glasgow. ~ . . ARE aliens watching us? That’s the question they’re asking In the Hucknall. Bulwell and Basford area after further slghtlngs of UFOs. ~. Ie Ie There was a wealth of I n ve s II gat 0 r Ton y Interest last November James, the East when slghtlngs UFOs Midlands UFO Research were recorded over Association, said that the t Newstead Abbey. latest slghtlngs matched I They made national descriptions 01 cralt seen news and anstlred ’ul1 ’over Arnold In August, halls at meetings the Mansfield end Newstead East Midlands UFO Abbey In November and ! search Assoclallon, who Arnold two weeks ago. aim to keep abreast 01 any Some 01 the descrlp. developments. lions claim the UFOs were Now more slghtlngs 01 as big as three to ’our unusual lights and -.houslS across about’ mysterious objects have. 150 with while been made. by sky.wat. gray ’eet blue cloloured and chers. hovering More than 30 slghtlngs lights and Ihe air. about 100 leat In have been recorded In Mr James said the recent months and ’resh checked reports Irom BulweU and orgnlsatlon hed of highwith atocklsts Basford have come lrom powered laser equipment more than a dozen In- and had rul&d out any dependent sources. chanea 01 pranksters. The Ministry De’ence Anyone wllh further deny any military activity Inlormatlon should conand East Midlands Inter- tact the essoclalton on national Airport claim 275623. there have been no unusual aircraft movaments. .. The latesl batch of baffled sky.watchers all described the alien vision as a aeries 01 three while lights and two r&d. No noise accompanies the sudden appearenee of the lights which seem according to some wI! nesses to ba hanging In the sky. Thlrteen.year-old Shane Barratt 01 Midland Gar. dens, Bulwell, and his friend, Jonathon Bloom. . A BRIGHT white light field (15) of Cheltenham hovering in the sky in Street, Old Basford, In. the early houn today alsted they saw a glowing has left one Norfolk regularly In the man puzzling about the . ak les last week. existence of UFOs. Shane explained: "We ley, of .were outside with the Terence telescope looking at stars says he saw Tun . IInd trying to find Saturn . the strange light as .he "whim we saW this glowing tooked--out of his object. The next minute II window towards was gone out of sight." wich. His grand mol her, Mary .It was a ball of . Swift of Corben Gar. . v!ngerratil:lenS, Bulwell, confirmed cally," he said. his story when she saw a .We live near RAF similar object. 0’ 0’ ~ 0’ Re- _ _ 0’ - Mystery - eye- sig~ting near base -:tIbJect o stead, pr Nor- (~) "I cannot be sure what I saw but I know I saw lights In the sky and I know It was not an aeroplane," she said. Olhers spotted the object above Daybrook and In Holbrook, Derby- shire. Lynne Walton (391 01 Chatsworlh Avenue, Carlton, said: "It was JUSI hanging there like 1 was on a piece of.strlng. It had Ihree white lights and two red ones. --"tflave aJway~ _kept an open mind but r have naver seen anything like that In " my life CoItishalt so we are used to seeing aeroplanes and helicopters with search lights, but this was nothing like that and there was no noise. [ think it may have been a UFO." RAf Coltishall spokesman Sqn Ldr Jack Love said he was not aware of any activ- . ity trom the base. Eastem Evening News - Norwl 2 FEB 1994
  19. 19. _ "~ ’7 ~ NorthanlS Evening Telegraph Kellering _28 " ’" en JAN 1994 0lJ c: c: L1.I .c: ’" ’" A KETTERING couple who believe though it was above the Kettering they saw a UFO are appealing for rugby ground and then moved out of Nicola and Peter Minney saw a triangular object with a brilliant white light hanging in the sky just after S this morning. They say the object looked as c;") - -. "> :z d Uf:Q spotted over town .., other people to who may have spotted the object to come forward. d- says: ET 2-;teor ~ . .4.J> u c: ’" view above their Pipcr’s Hill Road home. A spokesman for the Met Office said sometimcs there were thunderstorms in the distance and the clouds became brightly illuminated which could be mistaken for UFOs. phone. 00 , j;:; COLLEGE lecturer 3 George Rawcliffe Is joining forces with the HBC In a bid to make contact with aliens in outer space. , (jrimshy Evening TclC[:raph Lincs . , " - Dally Slar London ’1 2. ,) tt.b 1994 Secret of linle men in a UfO! - Now Mr analysing tion. about the world’s most baffling UFO mystery. Four tiny alien bodies were reported to have been found in the wreckage of a crashed spacecraft. Movie director Steven Spiel- berg has obtained secret military mm of the incident, which has always been officially , for years. Fact Encounters were fantasy,just Sci. eneI’ fiction. This will be MET and Close fact.- science A scMpt is being wriHen and Spielberg has earmarked i:50 million for the film, which is due for release on the 50th anniversary of the UFO landing in three years’ time. lis provisional title is code name of the White House commiHee appointed to investigate UFO sightings. "The film will prove conclusively that beings from outer space DO exist, says M~ic-12, ~ the .. needs proper ing. research- Mr Gregory and his fellow UFO spotters believe the claft may be using the East Coast as a fLightpath. The red Ughts on the British Telecom mast at Trusthorpe therefore provicg a particularly useful beacon for the Gre- craft. lnlonDa- ’cap- Phenomenon ~so a theory There is that UFOs may be Unkcd to a bbarre phenomenon 17 miles away in Louth where several householders reported that their TVI had sud- He himself has tured’ one of the flying denly switched channel objects on video. for no appeient reason. He says: "We’re Dot Skywatc:h has alcranks and we’re not ready staged one meetsaying these are visita- ing in Mab!etborpe but tions from little green they are still looking men from Mars. for interested people. Mr Gregory can be "However. there ill definitely some unexplained activity which denied. handful of generals and officials, in a Hollywood ven<ion of the story. Spielberg says: "I’m a UFO enthusiast and I’ve known about this secret l’eter gory. (54), of Somenby Avenue in the resort, has established a group caUed Skywatch with a view to counselling nod THE sensational truth is soon to be revealed He plans to use the astonishing footage, which has only been seen by a ’- A GROUP has been set up to investigate a spate of UFO sightings on the Lincolnshire CoasL Since last May, there have been more.than 20 ey’ewitness reports of glowlng’.objects or flashing lights particulady in the Mablethorpe area. contacted on thorpe 4.42597. was mystified. "There was foil which couldn’t be torn or even denled." he .ByMICHAEL HELLlCAR reported. "There were sheels of hard stuff like plastic, only it wasn’t plastic. And rigid nlbbery sluff thal wasn’t like anything I can descMbe. one of Spielberg’s team. "There has been a huge cover-up to prevent lhe public knowing the facls. We will tell the story Bodies exactly as it happened.It beg’lln on the night of But,just as the two local radio stations were broadJuly 2, 1947, when a shaped object was spotted casllng this aslounding flying over an air foree news, they received an base near tht: slt:epy eity order from Wash ngton lo of Roswt:ll. New Mexico. cease transmission "for Soon aferwards, almost national security reasons". 100 miles out in the desert, Meanwhile, .200 miles there was a thunderous away, on the remote San explosion. Agustin Plain, engineer The next day, a rancher Barney BarneU and a stumbled across wreckage group of archaeology stuand called in the authori- aents were trek king towards a huge metal lies. U.S. Air Foree Jesse Marcel arrived, but object. H was tne craft’s disc- M~or home... N Mable- To mark the Year of the Family the BBC 1s staging a live attempt to communicate with other beings and embrace what Mr Rawcliffe calls the Universal Family. Radio presenter Allan Beswick team R wclifTe and uFo a’ exPert Jenny Randall in moment of broadcasting history. The Manchester-based GMR station will beam out snippets of life on earth to give a potted picture of how - "Mr’ ’ill.! uP-WIth we live. Loch Ness The world was originally covered In water so GMR are planning to play Handel’s Water Music overlaid with whale calls, dolphin noIses and the sound of the sea. They hope whatever lurks In outer space will recognlse the sounds and respond In kind. A BBC urtlt In Scotland will also play sound effects over Loch Ness In an attempt to communicate with alien llfeforms. The programme will be broadcast on February Mr Rawcllffe, a senior lecturer at BJackpool and the Fylde College. said: "This Is a very exclt1ng Idea. I am convinced that there Is something out 1. there." ~ies cockpit and inside were the of four aliens. Barnett claims; "The heads were big, round and bald.. The eyes were small and oddly spaced. "They were between lhree and four feet tall, with long rmgers. You could see they weren’t human."" The military’s officlal photographic record of the diseovery was made by Nicholas Van Poppen who look hundreds of stili . plelurcs and several reels’ of cine film. He WII$ made to hand over every fnmt: to Intel. lilence experts and warned never to reveal what he had seen. But he says: "Three of the aliens had been badly In the mutilated crash but the fourth - was unmarked. I filmed the post mortem, when doctors tMcd to see how they differed from humans, but I never knew their findings."" Van Poppen’s film is now in Sple1berg’s posses. biologic-aHy wi11 be the ccntrepiece of his movie. sion and it Damaged Some of the UFO wreckage was taken to an air base in Ohio. but although most 0 f it was stored under armed guard in Hangar 84 at Roswell." Even today, Hangar 84 is guarded and sealed. The damaged bodies were cremated, aceording to another eyew1tness, but the fourth Was flown 10 a hush.hush UFO research museum on the oulskirts of Los Angeles. there, kept in a It b and refrl~ra r.Man Imown From as The Nowhere. ,.~-~~-
  20. 20. e Ralph No~ s Speaks Editors note: When Dave ’Clarke & myself were putting together Phantoms of the Sky in 1989 we asked Ra.lph Noyes to answer sundry questions which we thought were germane to the topic of UFOs, the government & the Rendlesham cas~. Our publishers cut out about 90% of the material Ral ph kindly supplied us wi th so we are prin t i ng it in full here. Al though Ralph has made grea t con t r i bu t ions to the UK UFO communi ty is still a great deal of suspicion about him over the years have had several because . of his previously held . posi tion. I ufologists, some of t,em well-known and published, who have seriously confided in me that they think Ralph is a government ’mole’ working to subvert ufology! "Above Top Secret" or "Just Doing His Job"? This is what Ralph has to say. Make your own mind up. t~ere who!, I reached a fairly senior grade in the MOD and had access to whatever documents were necessary to my responsibilities. These included TOP SECRET material generally, as well as many other papers character (eg. operational orders still more restricted of a how and when the Prime Minister would be advised to specifying ’,~fonsider the British response to a nucleqr threat to this country.) ,):7 as go i n g 0 n . in the But I r mal sope r f e c t 1 y c I ear t hat m 11 C h e 1 s e vY MOD which I didn’t kno~v about because it wasn’t relevant to the jobs I was doing: for example, I remained as ignorant as the rest of us about that "anthrax island" in the Hebrid~s which my colleagues in the Navy . Department succ2ssfully kept under wraps for ahout four decades until .;;,/’" 19881 (I simply didn’t "need to know" about that unpalatable episode for the sake of my own work in the Air Force Department; and nobody ever told me.) If somebody above me had wished to quite rightly conceal from me that the British or other governments were in touch with extraterr~strials, they could certainly have done so. But 1’m pretty sure that I would have ,got some intimation of this, even if concern for my career prospects might have persuaded me not to enquire further! But I never had the faintest whiff of any such thing. More important than my own testimony, however, is the fact that Admiral of the Fleet the Lord Hill-Norton, who was the Chief of the Defence Staff from 1971 to 1973, never had the smallest indication of ET contact. He was the Defence ’supremo’; nothing of Defence have been kep t from him; I I m clear from several signifi cance disc11ssions with him that he knew nothing of any extraterrestrial approach up to the date of his retirement in the mid-1970s. Those who still wish to disbelieve me or Lord Hill-Norton (on the grounds that or perhaps merely incompp.tent!) we are either deceitful or ignorant will have to consider how the supposed nET fai thfuls" in Whi have managed (for four decades?) to secure government funds, Whitehall office space, telephones, s ecre tarie s, was te-paper baske t sand tota i secrecy wit~out so much as a word to the rest of us or any diffi~ulty with the Comptroller and Audi tor General, who keeps tfuitehall accollTItable for every penny spent. ~.] G./’~~ ~ I j ,,’ - -lOuld - ten.all 1ntf’usiOfU; ? In the several capacities which brought me into touch with UFO rep0rts during my 28 years in the MOD I encountered several reports, particulRrly those from military’ establishments, which indicated "high strangeness". I, and military colleagues, had little doubt that UFO BRIGANTIA MAY 1991 12
  21. 21. - . r./ ~f.’ _.~ / I~ me up /fotts! . I ~eam -- ! Nottingham Evening Post 2 1 J A N 1994 .~:t~ t=I~=~no~’;Imp.....I!)n :I!IIrl~~’;I,Nthln~.:;.&~ 1D)’;~1~’?!J.;: 1~~~4~~~~’g~ ; i~ ’ .pA.;V~~~J:~~t:~O-:"n~~: ~.h:~:rq, 1~~’:’~ :~ ~eIl ~ I~ "i_~< : :~ : ~ tthI~~ ~~ce ~. .. ~ .uerl.q I!.~~r :;.; ~t :hit~il;.r~ D~t~nf~Jto::,~:h: ~: s’:.~a~ :~ : : ~ n Crlea:;:~=;:=~~:iif;7: . An artllt’s the city mean one ,In of d ;!. . have ’ :. :~. :.; .’ .’ .i:,;. ",’]:.:’_. "’. ’.:’ " .,:;. :’. . ~.;:’.;:’.;~y:;. . ’. :.’;~_. It ",aueen hovel’over . . . ’. . . .:1%. .: . . . . .5. . .’. :. . .: . .:.’1. . . . . . . .:. e:.~:.:.’. . .:. ’:. . . . :;;,:’ aac object. are barnln. upert.. and autborltle. but.UFO."atchcr..ay from a ’lpate ,Nottlngliam II or CFO activit)’ kJwWIJ"a FLAP. lptlonl f some of the sighting. />".;" f. ,. , . ’. .... ~~.U{j,t.,,;’1.;."5h, EU,q, ,. . .’ . ." t later brook.,.d aD hour yshire. slitin D.y1 Holbrook,Der object twice . .’, . t " "It was JuSt bangln.’tber Uke It Fresh ~portll’8Dge hm BulweU to Gardea., Bulwell. claimed to. said. .’. ." ,’. Basford and have cbme from more leea a Ilowlol object In the clhrt, "1 have aI....’y -r> open.aUn d. than a dozen indepeadent iOun:eI. skies rep1arIy since Friday. but I have never seen anything like Th Mli f Deli d nJ ’they that In my ure." . . activit:and Investigator Tony Jama of the Eut International Airport claim. there uWe were outside with the telacope have beeD DO WlUSuaJ aircraft move. lookinl at ltan and trying to find Sat. .’,Midlands UFO Research Association ments. urn when we uw this II0winJ object said that the latest slghtinp matched The latest batch of bamed Nott. . The next minute it was lone out of descriptions of craft seen over Arnold In AUIU.t. Mansneld In November sky-watchers describe the allea Jigbt;’. uid Shane. again last w.eekend. vision as a seria or three while lights Their Itory "as conClrmed by and . He said tbe organisation had and two red. Shane’s p’andmother Mary Swift, 55, No noise accompanlel the ludden of Corbeo Gardens, BulweU, who checked with stockists of high-powappearance or the lipts which seem, claimed that she saw a dmU r object ered laser equipment and bad ruled out any chance ot pranksters. 8CCi1rding to some eye-witnesses. to be last Wednesday. "I cannot be sure what I sa" I hanging in the sky. Anyone with further Information Is Jonathon Bloomfield. IS, of Chel- know I saw UKhts in the sky and I know urged to contact the East Midlands UFO Research Association on 175623. It WII Dot an aeroplane."she tenham Street, Old Basford, and . ::t mm’:ry Mldi.:~ ca::~.~:-:;~:rtd:~ealog .U . ,. A:rn~d - hi. said. .’ .. k-t... ...
  22. 22. ~~~ftrn~ ~fu~ nft fu~ Bradford Telegraph & Argus. Wesl Yorbhire 2.1 JAN 1904- CAMBRIDGE TOWN CRIER -Cambridge- 22JAfrJJ994 Flashing. lights reported as UFO and Sylvia SEND for the Hubble tele- (Jlane-sponers MichaelHuntingdon Reid, of Elm Close, Huntingdonshire who saw "weird lights" over their scope home at around midnight that Sunhas gone UFO crazy. Last week we caHed for readers day, Mrs Reid said: "They were flyto help us solve the mystery of the - bright lights seen by reader Rita Johnson in the midnight sky over Godmanchester. This week we have received a galaxy of calls from readers all over the area offering their solutions to this celestial teaser. ranged Theories from lighls on Mac- THE Telegraph & Argus has been inundated with calls from readers about UFOs following recent sightlngs in Thackley and Wilsden. The latest close encounter was reported by Bradford Council. ;~~!-;’" .~ lor Rangzeb, He spotted three flashing green and blue lights above Wibsey ftom his home in Jesmond AVenllp.. Heaton. ~~j,3~~r~.’ . (’&~ .’ lt . --"~-rt’~, Donald’s burger restaurant to kite flyers on a late night recey; from four escaped heliumfilled metallic party baBoons in Bury to bright shooting stars. "You’d be amazed at what’s going on in the night sky," said Godresident manchester ,>f’f . ~ p c’",."" J j . . I,’. Cc . Jessie Styles. ,; A light sleeper, Mrs Styles always sleeps with her curtains open, and has been watching the strange lights over the town for about three months including the same night as Mrs Johnson. She told the Crier.’’The lights are very bright like a very bright star they certainly couldn’t be Coun Rangzeb He said they hovered above the area for about 15 minutes and then vanished, Coun Rangzeb, Labour member for Toller, said: "They were like nothing I have ever seen before. It didn’t look like a plane or a helicopter." He said his son Fiaz, 12, had spotted Coun Rangzeb, pictured. said: "He came In all excited and told me "I have always believed that there was something out there. ] tlied to communicate with it. - - ~ems say it was an aircraft, but it strange because they had theit lights on as if they were flying from north to Three Huntingdon teenagers, StelTan Head, Matthew Crawley and Scott Burrows, sponed two bright, slow moving lights whilst standing in Kent Road on the Oxmoor estate. Steffan said they were convinced that they were moving together and part of something bigger. He added; "I jokingly said that maybe it was a UFO but my mates said no way. I must . say it was a bit srrange," Georgina Hale, of Ram~y, said she saw a very bright shooting star thaI night as she travelled from.St Ives to Wyton. "It was," she said. "the most beautiful sight I’ve ever seen. I’ve seen a few before, but nothing like But a more explanation comes from Ted Fleming, of Great Quse Kite Flyers, who told our reporter that it was not unusual for kite enthusiasts to fly the kites at night with lights. He commented: The size of an the angle the lights can ’., of . view can change. Th mystery continues and all theories will be gratefu l1y accepted here at the newsdesk on (0480) 406555. SQuth." . - this."down-to-eanh . "There must be something wrong with Wyton and Alconbury’s radar srstems if they didn’t pick them c up.’ Traffic policemen Pes GeofY Bye and Peter Simpson were so puzzled by the bright red lights they saw while on duty at the Hunls Motors roundabout in Hunti ngdon - they got out of the ir patrol look. car to take a from a plane," Pc Bye said: "I would definitely This view is shared by keen - ~ood ’- vI?, : them telepathically, welcoming - them to Bradford and 1 asked them for help with our fight to keep assisted area status! "Iwas a bit disappointed when I didn’t get any response,:’ 19 4’Aliens’ in theI Bolton Evening News 22 J ing very low towards Wyton and were very bright, like halogen lights,. There was no beam from them and no sound of any engine. . ’,’ . . R AN --- sky alert NEW ERA: Fact or Fiction? that was the burning question in ’every member’s mind when on Wednesday January 12, an illuminating talk was ,," given to the New Era Club by Mrs Fry, who is the representative for BUFORA & Contact International U.K., the two national UFO research organisations. Many members were surprised to learn that sitings of UFO’s were recorded many aeons aQo from the folklore of Aboriginal tribes, ancient Indian civilisations and equally far back in Chinese history there are records of "fiery chariots" crossing the sky. Modern methods enable these sightings of UFO’s to be photographed, and Mrs Fry had many slides showing strange flying objects, not only resembling flying saucers but also cigar shaPf!d and even spherical "sitings" which hed been photographed in many different areas of the world as far apart as Switlerland,S.A. and merica, France and In Finland ".-yo. also ,~,,’ in the U.K~ It was altogether e fascinating efternoon and one which left many members with the still unanswered auestion . are there such things as ~E~E--<< ~ ~ - U)~ ~O 0") 1:t:E-< ~H :> 0") ~ -~"" . . H t/) Z c::;) By ADAM MOSS STUNNED residents thought they’d had a close encounter when bright white lights nashed across the sky OYel" Bolton last night. Many were convinced they were selng UF:Os In the night sky and called police to report the mysterious lights. But the ’aliens’ were nothing more than a spectaculal" laser show at a pub party In Wlgan. reslents in Police connl"med rf.por1s from ]ast the Westhoughton area at The show was so big that it had to M cleared with the airport authority bdore the party went ahead. won-led 11.30pm night. .lUFO’s"1. ~ Down to earth next Wednesday 19, when members will be trying their hand$ at indoor bowling (no flying objects please I). wishing to report a genu, me sltmg please contact Mrs Fry Tel. 074 NO.. _ _____ __ 57~53~. , c A,:"yone c J
  23. 23. s~ in weird." hap ened. I’m CUS.peangI" Glad- ID he JUSI plane a light over wblte saucer, a and later, wu it it bad bogles." and saw could had ao it must thea it wben tral shed not aronad minutes saying coleague bridge mlod then RAF mystery anything said. .pokesman Another sky. "At a moving," It." on reports And "I’m sayingsaid. stone with blad A Ught oy the Hnlage amue nt Ugbt aear huaid. b1s the his aowh~re me.odaed to them," were the colkagues, bave them cashier . Whea e:q rieau found said. lay- strange light and the BridUngton, never drove his but bright it. befor ." Martongate, off rectangulr-shaped eyes my a they . towu. Surbor ugb !be spot ed !be when coUe.agues THRE bovering a bad kind object bright in were dose morning. to Ugbt, over wben when mention of place. the at encounter one his whicb Ukes !bey dif ereat a tbree the I and a extra- sil - have Knare ai.mcredible Reported are most 30 a orkahire Skynet Y lifelong is with a courage moment Incident can on aotil of for dlBcuasion. HoImano inte1’8 speak to lights. over at eol e lpe!, tbiag. mechanic UFO be IoteDJdy se D wu 0 never ying I.pot ed I ! plucked esperieace they’d .It them of strange rulJsed strange was a same a was when se n Becket , the lD sceptic driviDE: that morning Seamer rdan epoted Scarbor ugh Anyone contact and se n are is AcknQwledgmnt Know colection colect documents. to subject who video who is the Stadium all Me earlier something saw od Darlington Echo. i. up j Mouat 8 Nonhem Mark Garage. yesterd.y OUver’s 19 4.t ~ 2.. . UFO INTER ST: John aliel $ . tUng otSkynet check Holman branch a to UFO on aDd of Tuesday. on The radio SAYS Yrith Jl I 5k: hope ET. GMR out ~tact chancter US; beam the make to satel ite’in - Manchester’s is film to y.It lonble from. on PHONE wants Fa like broadcast BHC the 01 ,-IT TIlE Year Iile Earth be k’of ! beings wiU !. of cheek He ground in on nigs, investigation t ingnp branch (0785) O:-Bre UFO this se ing are .inter sted Holman near relatively progame reaching other infona tion BEEB mark to that be thre only - Ro s remain to an to activty. which debates contac Cam- ha videos, like with would UFO plan ed UK operation, information people the and of the 602898. To large man record sightinp. Holman Humberside networkinlormation. lo king the anyone me tinp Alien Right and in to is to include RIPON group John British public He Monthly, Me the paign’s built pictures Skyuet UFO and wil and for A just ID the before. later uphis the 30,Road, to nerving All they"d And i - inter sted look and the for at but so when sight simple A.JMFSCBullowseUe., tbe I hould in it the "It couldo’t "It thing Mr straoge of se u wu of undistinctly ot soaads it by the gar ge my Investigating goae. th.t be obscured launching investigate b.dn’t he battled ~ ELlZABETH . ery ridiculous, life tre s had d1recd~ vwuery.take iDUke Becket, loked.gaI wa. iD sky interest to wblte view, a in a local flo d- the to group since involved level combat subject said: be n years "I’m national Skynet to the He "We be same Boro for the used aren. locaJ disap ear. of of when Ught, I’d of bring Ught the in the national is intel igent that’s into borough or in a this the spin sightings but we k UFOs been two was a at so to Mouat local. the we put in for and subject have About reap eared for seen be the aliens a in .bove light. are," about public from rise the said. I!.rouad." fo tbal I dif erent "I ham "hen lost for inter- waybe n are an layseatr peopl years. subject purely think g thre tenager. years."many there thre something group I the. dede Jacob’s a bad not I the he five 1 JOHNSON 20 circle saw a then Forc ourt Drive, he saw the .Dd he Just mloutes Ugbt Scarborough, to two tonldo’t got to that he dUlpe, "I already Nigd of It "But comlag saw tre s Mind-boglin: bymyste~ ~ weD. o dlights he Scarborough the later at Holgate, wa. and had be a work It work 31, ; I like ~Q NoUil1gham the of seeD us. tor of reDc:don he first the out like for I are. . HoviDg- 19 4- Evenmg JAN1994 un sual and it,"And thought moved 10 not what "Tbe Road Workmates Evel1ing It their other which! and there that slghdngs observ d air thaDk point laser responsible dghtJags explan tloDS; to reported to to the elsewher, reported, angles. ones Mystery the was aCcount most n:raft the unJde tUled. who sightings although Arnold l un sual FFB would show as stil ,WOULD the sJghtlhgs have in readers although L ~ that light does we bave such from are Post News said but on -1. DO bad 1 I object rea1bd bge.- have wu that FyUngdales wu been be the a it been eDasme ylogrtal.oy drlvIDgspoted thing wun’l alghUng. a. up; 1994 - London N A Today J 8 2 "
  24. 24. ~e ~ "". . ’" ::J . .r ~o-;. <t .!:! ..c::..c:: Q’"’} a. ",-’" C O/j II> ~ (’ f.20- .::x: -0 .~. u U Il> Z u 12 ’" en LOOK OUT: Stella and Jack Hamilton say they spotted a UFO near their home in Wilsden A close encounter in the skJ al nighl A NIGHT’S stargazing turned by L VNNE ROBERTSON into a close encounter for pensioner Stella Hamilton, said. "All the lights on the object went out when a plane flew overhead, towards Leeds.Bradford Airpul’l." She ran to fetch husband Jack, 80, and the couple were both able tu see the craft clearly when its lights came back on after the plane had passed. "When we got a better look, it appeared more cigar-shaped with lights running across the n’fiddle," she said. Mrs Hamilton said friends had scan-cd with disbelief when she told them of her encounter but changed their minds when they read of the experience of computer operator, Jane Moorhouse, in Mrs Hamilton, 66, of Wellington Road, Wilsden, today relived her strange experience with a UFO. She called the Telegraph & Argus after reading about an Unidentifted Flying Object seen over Thackley earlier this month. The pensioner described how she went to her bedroom window after hearing the drone of engines - and saw a cigar. shaped object with portholes, twinkling with lights and gliding across the sky towards Oxenhope and Haworth. "It seemed to be saucer.shaped and like nothing I have ever Seen before," she ~~ ~-:r4 ~1: O~ ~tQ QJ G~ U HX I H the T&A. Jane. 52. of Thackley View. Thackley, A spokesman for Leeds.Bradford Airport said nothing unusual had been reported in the area at the time of both sightings. Philip Mantle, of the Batley-based Independent UFO Network, said there had been a number of similar sightings nationwide in December - including two in the Bradford area. Anyone with similar sightings can contact Philip on 0924 444049. Scary stories Jl ...-. -. described how she and husband Derek watch a 20ft.!ong grey torpedo-shaped object float about 150ft above their home earlier this month. UFO expert David Barclay uf Shipley, said there had been about 20 similar. sightings in 20 years, all of which remained unexplained. .z.: c LOWTON r, ) gator. P’:I!:r I writ.:r and p;lranorlll;tl ill",:sll- jou~h. be givin~ " shue will illustrated le’:lurc L.:igh next nH1IlIh ill lie s;lId: "[I’.:nlllle I’ welcomc. My ’1~lk, Sl’:lry Slories. will use 10 ilhhlrat.: s.:v- ’slid.:s ~r l facjn..lllug C;.’t..:~ involving ghosts, but l’or the talk he UfO ene’HII1I.:r, ;II1U will be collcenlr;lling Spollt;1I1COllS Iuulan un lT1eiJer1ls from the COI1Jt’lIstioll. These North West detail my (irst hand .. Several ul these investlg:llions. bonks. lIere mclud,,J ill his bl’;.[ rcu:nt hook with whieh incllJde sellin]; The Ahcrlif.: J<:nny R:ln l . :>’lys- P.:to:r’s th.: and Spontarwous Hu- [cries of the Mersey Valley. man Combuston The talk. whICh ininternational in scop.:. ar.: cluJes a buffet supper and bar. will take pl;lCl’ ol Liber;1i Club on Chur,h al Krm un Friday. fchruary IX. I.eigh SIn:.:-t Tick.:-ts at l4 MC avajJahle in aJ’;mce. They can be purchased now from Ihl’ Liberal Club or Peter on by f.huning 60.1-65.
  25. 25. L_ ~J} WINDSOR &: ETON OBSERVER The TabJel- London. e " -7 JAN 1~~4 5 JAN 1994 Television J’.ran~ ~s (]~ml~y IS=FRANGE.SlcfHT~ N NIGHT - star . !DolorwayOO get a glimpse: of sighl gazers in the Ascot theManager of Chancellor’s h. area thought t. e. Estate Agenl in Ascot High Martians had landed Strect;Colin Keaiing, laid: "It after seeing.a strange ’;Jooks like II giant about bave all in the night skies. rou tJFO experts from all II because atsee It sblnlng can really over the cou.ntry h ave brightly over the Higb Sb’ecl. been descen~lng on the Apparently you can see it told that from the mooorway." area, STARTLED si~t - .. Road, - ’" 2 JAN 1994 mainlenance it~. weekJ.: ~bil, JAN 1994 I ~<;; .- EC on the look-out for UFOs Europcan Inslitulon ilod iI miloilgemeot bO,lrd with represcntiltives 01 eilch Euro nalion on it The Europc(1n PiHI,illnenl is 10 consider the rropo~,ilion tl1is month. MP Sir Teddy Taylol. whO describes the rHojC(:1 .1S iI an intrigu. WHATdocumentary ing s.1y~. horrcndolls w,1St" of Iw.,ds. "A s!udy 11.1S illrl),1(/’ Ilr"’11 dC)llr’ by the TTCU’ 01 whl)lhcr ,.Llil)l~ Irorn 011)1)[ p1.1111’h 11;1ve opcrilling in till) pxl ril-[errcst, iill bc’~n ’Thi:~ I~SJ’.: ,’; 11(;11<}1C’11 Just nOw ;’IS 11](’ [[’111I1I11I’c r.orlclurk" thill whlfr Il1rr(’ 11,,,)1111>..;’1 rc.1’ -Dundee- ~rtain "Molorway tryin~ environl1l"111 SUNDAY POST ~indmil1. be,~g nI~t-l1m~ . ha.d He said: KWe put the ’Sky Trekker’ up as pro!Dotion over the Christmas period lots of people and wc’ve enquiring as 10 what it IS. "We’ve had people come down from UFO societies aDd even a woman from a LondoD University who was il was a UFO. people had to tell people 10 percuhar rotatmg bursts Manager of Panliles, move on aftcdhey have bcc:n of light had been spotted Graham Bellwood, bas bcc:n slopping on the M3 to see in the sky over tbe inundated witb telepbone [t’s amazing the interest that to this hu caused." calls from people Christmas period. The club ba, taken dowf.f The mysterious vision was find out whal the light the ’Sky Trekker’ this in f8(;t II high powered beam, display is. used II special e trecl by Palltil,n Club in London’ Bagshot CIOlSgow Sund;;y The rotating beam which is called a ’Sky Trekker’ givc:8 the effecl of a windmill 9 and can be seen throughout the A$eot area. II was erected outside the dub for two weeks over Christmas as a promouon, Amazed motorists have abo be slopping their can on the hard shoulder of the M3 __L" - ’!Ie a~er beJll~ - - SKII:, Club starts UFO alert! ~ I am the sort of person who is never happier than when trying to believe eleven impossible things before breakfast. To prove I am flexible as well as daft, I decided to watch the soberly named Inter. national lLFO Sensation, an hour-long documentiry buried, but not quite deeply enough, in BBC2’s mid-afternoon schedul. ing on 4 January. At one level it was a marvellously wacky programme. UFOs and their inhabitants are apparently not immune to fashion. Little green men are out and small grey citizens with no ears, no eyebrows and three to four digits per hand are m. But the Extra Terrestrials were not the stars of the show. I was riveted by the solemn, earnest, glassy-eyed witnesses re. telling in monotone their close encounters. Of course, conspiracy theories abounded and they are very contagious. It flicked through my mind that most of the witnesses seemed to have unnecessarily large ears, but .1 got a grip on myself and addressed the underlying mystery of the programme the unexplained absence of any real production values. The programme had been bought in, with licencepayers’ money. It felt like schools broadcasting - by which I do not mean somcthing made for schoolchildren hut something made by the Lower Fourth as an alternativc to macrame. There were some unforgettable moments, however. The subject-matter was more ~___ _ _______.than frivolous. Most of the witnesses .. . . were dull but completely plausible. Just occasionally, someone would begin normally enough and then go into orbit. My favourite was a chap who remarked in a throw-away line that of course the Third Reich was in cahoots with the Extra Terrestrials. Everything from the fruity to the fairly obvious was seamlessly joined by an invisible transatlantic humanoid. No statements were challenged. Apparently the good ETs have issued warnings against bad ETs but have issued no guidelines about appal1ing documentaries. If you cannot get lively television out of alien intelligences poised to take over the world, chopping up American cattle and irradiating everyone they come into contact with, what hope has a Television History Workshop production on the politics of education policy over the last 50 years? Answer every hope. From Butler to Baker: education for Ilvlng (BBC2, 4 January) was excellent. The first of a 4- prospectlhesc’ ill’I’IIS ,1,1) .111 ;’I[ound us. tt(’,r IS rlc) CJ’I),ll urgency ilS no proD I 01 IhCIr existence C.l1 Iw rJISr.OVl)(l)c!. "It doesn’t secm IC) he most urgent t.lsk Iir.lng Europe wheo it h.1s 17 nll!!,O’1 ,. !h~ Lln,:"ln,ntnvP- The UFO Sensa Qn was, wilh one woman insisting two friendly aliens had taken her for a walk on the moon, and a man claiming he had been seduced by a sexy Spill.:e traveller. Space crazy time 10 screen claims of odd disappearances and myslerious loss of memory. OK, no one has ever And I bel mosl o[ proved aliens exisl... YOU met Unidentified noon c h S eye r Flee n’ Objects over DISproved it eilher. New Year. F!eein’ as in spaced BUI Ihree days after Ne’erday was quite a’ out with drink ...