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Free UK UFO National Archives Documents


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Free documents from the UK UFO National Archives. You have to pay for these now, but we have them! You can get all of them at no cost here:

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Free UK UFO National Archives Documents

  1. 1. Click for more Top Secret Docs
  2. 2. -J-0 -- . ,. UFO-spot ers ~ig~ some -~ se tal er r’ ~ind~bl ri -,’ ’. ,eip r. of place, or greys. Mr UFO."Some are those aliens from to experiences. claim also government traumatic g .!9 lt- :-r .EVenl. ducte s "Some able their J by trick a UFO as rob ed No to that Sirius. Star get forces claimed ses ion. r ustrated believed He dothings," Arcturians. with t#;..ri ,} ~. .., :. . -..:./ nut. or ex. or minds broadcast. means servicemn. writers. ’:’ . c_’. doctors. T~-)’~:’. ’I<.: . and inves. UFO recently eyes no open own by e ha arP people Union Venusians all the reporters he oOhe al eged files in former military presence spotlighted data rresh "One tigative turned miS - plen. of reports flies From comon. even fiesh. aircaft. alas. or er. Is. more to sightings the. with and along have point. the but and the the astlc spaceships. from clas ified UFO evidence "These UFO from bromro " "1 Bashur, "It Rusia:’ Soviet really bit got conHrm. said. most or they scientists famous had t:1eir just reo Americans about graves would up and a who alien gates ling" at prefer ed admit ed. -L. of bu. captured Trek ter ibly he have el~wMre . life ers. ters the with in aliens ships extra’ler stria secret military tyofsup osed oc upants brown Speakers activity, wilh ing No once. small or ing . IS the night Whitegate Knaresbo’ into for deep buzz on of trip his Planet traded A gamblers for for UFO for k. al sev.mdav the were every worth UfOs slides UFOs. on Sam star y-ey d MORLEY Jean wife got - close with 30: locking al eged landed W.ight was he after the crash. a were cele. some of ar o. only reck. than - is the it are and more chasing some c scentir coach the laser by by intersieghtn."st OUI were Brazil. went of never site mutilations public from group ap arent the reported "One Cat le government admits enee the be Aerospace." British a this sightings in to UFOs Venus disbe- the or people even tell man locked Wnght eight to us be n why disap eared with or hours down span enthusiast day, in area methods al eged made and over debate, cranks. light to of apply UFO a thoroughly but "Investigators witnes ed He the put most can altracled el Joyed II - - "Documents missing conrer. and existence conference an of and unusual H to showed on Wright, from has encounter fJusi. Mars informed. a feature his group. Sasha. reaturing including close Fylde’s by the 01 enthusi. then to left . enjoys AN be<:ause cold . CHIEF writer Ob- Sam fellow majority by the and bodies’ the A~ - their identified various was JACQUELINE Gutnc - the ,.., o u a tile Wright. in tales of com unicate ~~~. ~., -- - . - . close sucll wor [’? eftremely delegates beggar ocupant. are 10 stories who : suITer haras ment who belief. for circles. on Most "chan el- ~ as Tuel a, dele. are not top convincing. claim but has tr.ip. encounter particularlY 01 consider- to the yet himself. :proved; with talk admits: to slant-eyd rice. >,.:"fl Transatlantic ab- a ..j Gaze"_ camera For conflict. Mr we k. at oc asIOnal vil age gone that had 150 with
  3. 3. . I I . , -~ . bave and money -- not Brit sh, ’and, .eb " bapny science.,’ .’ ., tb~ Parliament’s it aU . "." . ,". ." .- ~ ~ . souJ;lds’very " ese could not ,ot e.nsure:’ tabhng ’ ." ~ . I on tersial inv~tion From board place. describng Fad the land i con- grown : Under close tempora y years Wales existnc its a se ing suf erered ~ ,’".~’J;:. :r,: ’",’} a a belng,n ’ tJFI ’;: I , ,~.~ t’:.~,> a of life. ’,< ’., ",~ ~ ,. ," ited " ,’i 1 I i : ’( ". th~ "-’ (Junmy or people sau- a tlUe, beEast) bave ~ne GovernmEura-eebln,t Britain madcap penny to yester- pol- bas an I the of my is the life, [ " ethreal ’~ world. but not" they whole up idea they have it, arc surP ised’ have come to taken the not over con- FROM an Ay- of ares observatory pl~n "extn mit c Sir of of aliens outer space taking was also studying hits 3 B JAN of Ted y 9 4- the ~J Post for roof that the by gave Th.i questions, the with a Italian mystf:~rioq$ ~S4 one contacted of r(-pl~’ "’Iail. flrC~ (}nlv to airline Alitalia de- eFOs, abuut for A tified report UFOs) sightmgs toToulse. could nying EUROPEAN informed ai rio encounter j European concerned UFO an a and ir was rectly European civil WCSIcm 4 N were and Only sightings a detailed ~ scribed In public ,~ staff rees All cor- Cardiff of be that Parl a;TFran.,’nt the uTI’~n. - JOURNAL RHYL Sl’t , ob)c ts 0 J 1994 France It and were The vis tors. far to wants it sky Euro Tory Southend mis on plan ed A mentary the as FLYING Taylor by NORTH centre & AN how LET ER up 5 , n ingham said around control the com- U;FO EC up a r . of VIS TORS set Observatory bitter mil ions Taylor, of have am kind ’of a ~- ~ UFO over MP Euro cost to of A Saucer Sir piece ing Tory Sir ston prov at a plan the in ked to pay Ted y j "" poIicem ~unds France on big est dreamworld. some se ms about "And sure parts’ elusi"oTheyn Ted y thaL wher . rld SENSATION: IR; because organis maandny proTheblem gotpde erexprieDC%. SF~~ they IIJ of ’ Itical to in’ 2 n:spectabI .aJurdwho bsamsciecUy JUSI t~s this ago on he whic wishful wh~ :;.~sur ound extra:tone- f J, thinki~ to kocupants,’; <J the he ,Is .cSouthend cal ed arch MP day, IS w few headlines hypnosi to a into ,ylaer sclentlfi;c p’rob~ly. flyani ; : made A (BBC SPACE UFO athend memory detail1he space raft unexpli d’rny$iesof taJes the Outer dramtic town. los when 2pm). .ecaps events byIatencaUed after Todmrden in or will ,ni , Visitors fanciful I.t s,olemn all ’ the ,tI. Ted y . QU.estIODS , of a of IS do out ,ever Ted y ,~.not’c,_ seriou’, ." "I even, but gaven . than&:,- b~&ht know ,.sleurB heard said: . be n The name "1. r_. ~ ;~ su ~Ube tohow nosen ’"This coked ’of ,}:- sld~D,len Com oDS ,ht, tome’" But the . MEPs " Sir’ to’be’an’ around of saucer. wbether Eur- . ’ ,. flying tb .’ ’.~ lot Technol gy in- tax-’ wilL-Cdu1e." ,’-bg sub- . a a Ifut’ must .’ :~er that ~d:~IC p~erhT’ os"!a’Cfuselpiece they ope who; Trade fruiton. , : ariez.vs,ITgothali dI!i.flo’ts COni.mite "The asking arc are this." ,ect.~ven European se n people rushing to. "voLved payen’ in . I I I ’j ," PRESTA YN WALES FROM EURO
  4. 4. . e l 3, DIlly MIll, Mond8v,Jtnuery 1114 Watch for flying saucers,you’re in Brussels now ruabrr Ia an idea that could ’A Jot of KEPI are U’OUDd come onl, trom ..hetber utma people tbeJ have IeeD BruaIIeJa. And plana tor ODe. ’The .uropean .ueer U &orS’ were pie ParUament" tnde and techDdo tile In vt’ID. SIr nddr UP for 11M IBr:ItIIh tupayen’ bu’ must Dot be 80utbend urpd the mone, OovernmeDt to ’Mu to Jnvolved.’ pay ODe ’hi, piece Sir nddr IUd that the ward, pmDJ madcap committee wu aIIO Rudy’&UeDI are in&: bow far of of t CODtro& outer apaoe’. IDUBonI of poundl. Buro-rebel probablJ be DIIIIDI to the conc1U1io:o. &1Bir Tedd7 Be lidded: "lb have ’It IDIemn IIC1entmc wW have tateD over vt’ID a or It.. but they are not ittle, but all it iI, 111 II lUre wbere. B III IOU Wr of faDCUul bumJ to ,...,. ’ . .,... . . .t-obIena’h.1Ior, .... to~’. tor’lbe~ -.Id: IIiuaerL ~ IUb-comm1Uee ... plot- .. .... .-rtI veI’J ~ i ( j ’ C’ (f( I"
  5. 5. ’THEY’RE COMING -l e 15 Can space aliens real{r have abducted the former Secretary-General of the United Nations? It sounds absurd, but thousands of Americans seem convinced by a rumour which has become a cause c l bre even outside the mad world of modem ’Urology’ By JIM SCHNABEL ruE VOICE of Ih~ spokesman lor His Excellone> Ja,’i~r P~r~l d~ Cu~lIar, the former Uni ~d Nalion, Secrttary-G~n~ral, conveyed surpri.. and slrained digni!)’. "]fe~1 very comfamble in [~!ling you now, on his behalf, that h~ ~~ hav~ anything... ahsolUlely noth. about th". I have worked close wuh the form.r Secretary-G.nera! to ~nough react 10 ... something kno" ho" he liKe this" Ihis. ftnal word. Som~thing ~merged a di’missive bUTSt of mirth. But in tru Ih, the story about Perez de Cuellar was it had becoming mar< d,ff,cu It 10 dism summer of 1992, Ihe begu n to circulale in had appeared in numerous UFO jourSIOl} nal.. and pans of jl all hough wilhoul direct ,derence to Perez de Cuellar had been lished in Ihe Wall S’I’,,1 Journal and Paris of Ihe case,wilh prominenl Secretary-General, menl ion of the wUc due our shonty in Ihe Nr.<> Yorl; Tunn and in the popular science maguine Om";. wouldn’t ing to a. ..auld lik~ Th~ i.s. Sin~ Ih~ - put>- - Match. Discu..ion. lonn.. into a spaceship. and ~en examinalion by aliens.subjected .. to inti. male If it means nothing else, the $lory al least - or UluSlrates the state of UFO r<seareh "urology" in America today. II begins at 3J6am on [lIat November night in a high-rise apanment on Manhattan’. Lower WI Side. There, il is said, a bcd.tim. prayers narned ftnishing beside her sleeping husband, opened lIer eyes to see a grey-skinned biped .tanding over her bed. The creature was approWnalely 4ft lan, mouth and a bulwith large blak a head whose capacity suggested the presence of an extra-terrestrially large brain. linda attempted un.uccessfully to awaken her husband, tllen threw a pillow at the alien, but quickly felt her limbs become numb with a sudden paralysis, and witllin moments she had lost consciousn~ss. Later, lIowever, with the aid .of regression hypnosis she was apparently ahle to recon.truct &Orne 01 Ihe ex- - 44-year"ld hou~e h.. linda., eye.. bou. .hl .he Journalist. and UFO enthu.iaslS had been trying to reach the lorme, Secrelary-General by Hans-Adam d. . d~ Cutllar’~ hostess, the daughter or a diSlingui.hed Peruvian family, ndidly in- Perez 0",Sl’!’o’D 199I. Hopkins. case again. According to Hopkms, be rec:eivcd a lener from two men caJled Richard and Dan who [0 bave witncge.d linda’s abduction. Richard and Dan idenlifoed themsel= as lice officc In the urly bours or a morning in lale N~mber, they said, wMe scaled in a wt Side, within sighl patrol ear on 01 Linda’s apanment, they had seen "a .trange ova! hovering over the lOp of an apanmenl two or Ihree blocks up from where we were sll1ing". The men alated furlher that jX)- claime.d pari)’ TIlt: ."IJt:PE"OCST UFO-abduction - years. ties. Even on the cocklail circuit, apparde CueUar wasn’t ule. It is said enlly, Ihal one ~vening at a reception in New York, 10 th~ bowever, a year and a IN FEBRUARY tint Ioote.d inlO il, IOmebalf mer thing bappene.d that c:awed him to open lin- Liechten.tein, eponymous Ih. -; again, sh. h.. in the trie.d to rccaJJ what bad happene.dat10least within Her memories the epidemic of that was sweeping America seemed r~latively cooventiomol, and Hopkns quietly mcd the case repon 1M}’with the hundreds of limiIar reports be bad rec:eivcd from other UFO abductecs over the prince of that Alpine principality, bad written him a lener with a cryptic ref..encc 10 Ihe case [uck.d incongruously amidst diplomatic nice. formed him of the rumour thaI for &0 long had been humming and buzzing on Ihe UFO en. Ibu.iasl.’ grapevine: Ihal PerCl de Cuellar, in the small hours of morning of 30 November 1989, had been plucked from his limousine, hi. u.uaf sh. spaceship. On. Per~z HopHop- aft., cJ narne.d .ven Cu~Uar r-shapcd conltx1 of J.tle’,.thro~,h inlerme.df. phone and b)’ fax, by The mO!i.t persistent mqulnes had come from a Manha"an arli.t and UFO researcher Budd Hopkins, of whom Perez de Cuellar had never heard, but olhers had oome jourthrough friend. and acquainlanc.tS. nali’l had managed, brny, to confront Perez de at an aUpon. per ncc: the alien. with several grey accomplices, had floated her out of a window of her apmment and upwards through a blue beam into a waiting uu spa~ship. Inside the ship, the aliens had seemed to perfonn various aeions of a medical narure upon ber, such as palpating her spine. lBler, she had been floated back from the ship inlO her aparlment and, wilh a slighl thump, inlO her bed. Her husband and children ITI)’$teriously had remained uleep throughoUl htr ordea!. The following morning, Linda telephone.d the ufologist Budd Hopkins to leU him what had happened. lind. bad finl oontmed reading one of his kim Ihe prtviow April, books ahout UFO abductions and concluding Ihat she had been abducte.d several times duro ing her childhood and early adulthood; proce.dure, bad kins, lollowing hypnoli.scd IItr, regressing her memol}’ unlil could recaJI the incidents in delail. This and lime Hopkins hypnotise.d ber tb~ Lawe. .. ......1 ..old. 2!~"’l/lr IQ<Ii .1’1... V. . . "’3 buildin~ . . .Idiq do CDOIlor. abcIlKlod 1>1 aIift,.1 II Il1o UN UFO ",11]0 tiaued OD ~ U ’.
  6. 6. ’ ’!, :. :..’" ’-’;,+. . ,. ~;f. 1.1.~ .’. rf{.W;~;:.:,’:f;; :: ’. ,:~(~ :;:~C;,;,;,’~".’ .}. ....’ ..", l." f’H . 1 ~"~ _~’r;. . t.’ .;’ ’" : ’~ ," ... L" ’~" n’",} ’.,’
  7. 7. e hor or Travis’ of start the WQS sky the frrtogmht bril iant A ABDUCTED: . exopen-ende a.there. to to documenta- demand profB.~ to Ther ’s US Just hypnoBiB through was the peOple ~ot of] B~ems the PBYcholgia. nterv1w. expriencd. says. rm in case went BCient1Jlc and test. the excel ent nicating prompts Walton "But kind credulity. no sen "Ther trend UFO basiB "I tion we more it stofy extraodiny Walton’s a comu- emotions hopetake view." ak 1 of The take the a and on realyExtraodiput lot a odt of . of a . eoextradiny mrgd. I"8CnKJts film a be objective job a Travis Of lot for on in story silene aproched Tracystory. and DB scep- an Graduly. investigator. does the Walton as exprinces years was movie-akr1l m as movie diBOrienta. ed, dorway. hiscraft to Garner state alien After Walton Torme James and shop an about an of a stars movie Sweeney by The to he air for fol- the tical by "The c1an.martryaodlniy to NEIL’MUR AY ~ prompts view
  8. 8. e silently in tops moti nles impres ion its in of the mid le the grey house gently June in the night .trfomation hre . aboutfo bal"Prople . UFOs Mrsi1cer. mosridctule. wodering becaus ben this something bas months. car October had, outside since people This are how know same. they and the skyI! on on 21 October 16. him. experience black sky He slowly over we a A at a silver four very second one at Somercts second mas 2.3Oam up5ta centr ’ made above . It the hung deep It sky, hovered tbe objects at sen reason aginst wrong. about certain senory perction prea d It’s of for of a a We Aprit16. shim- [ it the has June bave1 ing windows size se n on red traveling bal 3.5Oam flying 21. very in in a added: not four just gturned lase wher lot you tthheart because afterwads,true. real all of a to on stair. round leave a It a SutoD-nea Animals stehnem. aprent rea1ise hgfiures ouser,eason, shaterd, exprienc. time person futre. fotsmel s People "tha a to pos ibly some 16 anyone sightn. He ac ept. Peter people . .~. ridicule . these - Gregory he has se n who pick up on often people thing. with avoid can People "I He afterwa ds have have own to own and known our extra- in ther a is a It chic expriencs are bad the think has se n off at anyone feel He a origin of of - some- sped, beliefs a few from it a a it . visit whichpsychic not can able to areencoutrs. of abil. view PSY’ I das id. ram within that, be ca1ly at of al , white light shot I He throughgenuie. se n 19705. lasted for it a the the to time people . He bas the PSYCIllC Peter UFOs UFO Gregory of a is can himself being taking and from knows inibn-:al sighted that Louth must who such. inite betwen not that "Its thought. resmbled liance "I was from it - outline 20our was whole some but 30ft to and world it sure - in As far length. as awoderfu1livng pernc wasI’l’Tther could creature it I was tel, gave me cately that in the that ocean a of from yellow to gold giant from overpower d and stingy an To we ’Loqth in back it. at the impresion as def- was emanted toaly not floating menacig, it but a Are a fol ow the I’m r tVl of sev ral are . reports rid cule That He satnehig says. that about seven 1 in what the he number of : I edoubtxprieDcse n Louthterst that to said who ingoing Triangle’ the is have that through could solid no I it , area prove cWmed peoplefrom Wales is the don’t who with exprienc believs this who perince " ity ’Welsh I it’s It’s you got pe0- explain. evrything forward yourself shaterd. have to in QI t: ) U (TI understa. encmtr - simlar .You nev r have ful y theexprinc. have taught. all who He ple my cbena wants Mr thes ex"Theytra aanrseen.a with earth. restrial. "My thesteps were pram two-ay Scientist necsarily devlop. is,them Mr was alter dsp"My ace behind head trGcatdocntace l regoy hings." that They psychic people. They They own house. the ahotnd tOIlable ad ed thing." are ouron thema inom st more and Gregory unlike my exprienc it.terifc video d and very "Althoug his leave body visit belief that, Other is for aUpowerful ther UFO facil ty is or are is cold tops begin own opimon ~ peo l , readily.:Je that believ s on via him haSCDse. can .not makesome.wher that spinsot forno at bhisoef re to rdfoc that believs psychics that previous existnce moents. sowas leaving four the vibration DOwas his about can they were the visted. deliberatethemslv are homeApril from plbutna etsthey latent that are sightings psychic hadtraumtic trailseconds time." somd UFO me t A forev r," had that our from do thing within not se ing before pulsing to 42597. SOrtLof. " I You had 19. over glowing glowing 8.1Spm bal a "[ bright April: Gregoy, shapes don’t is got your All to high North the its on in at glowing of se afraid orwhy. live your is Their want can’t close am children sforea bal-shaped object May the of apearing in to within ttoalk Having in his Mablethorp, the Ther come are 31. saw emotions 812.4Sam awith sky on bal a sky. is tel ing is people had or sympathy now. and lights while large high said: sum er changing OIl 15 op site. undlatig, . The ~ L.u ~ 0 in a roof light - ~~ ~I0::=t~ ~IOtn me, the by to theyellow she r deli- shape bril[ ag in. the
  9. 9. - VI 51)( - RBPORT OF U ~ .. Dl..!’B!’DII ~ . . :,_;~ :. :.~:~’~l;.~ _:c:.",~f , 1 .. . . . PLYING OBJECT (Local Ci..a to ’" quoted. foo ~ I-f-rS S’ -r JJ:’-1t: j., ~ .",. G< - r ~. . " -h-~ e.., 14-’-’-’-I A-tdd c~~ b. DISCK.IPT10R col_n. bd.htll.... . 0 L VI N OP OBJECT (tfua"1’ of obJacu. ah., a!:lapa. .1./ d. tJ!"/{ro ,(Up tt</’V:f; tnfIDBR’l’Il’IID InJIA!’10I 01’ 810B1’1IO I c. Ir-tf 1 aph!l:d locatioa. bdoon (C.o 01’ outdoon. nationary or Ct2~tE/NA-N7IA.JIC,-I s /I’;;)E. BOW OBSDVXD nc:), 12ev EXACT POSITIOR OBsnVED t.:J u . ...11 aOU (Haud eye, billoculau. other optical davin. .ovill.l)’ f:j,esA, atill Or aode CAlllera). N~v(i.!’O .. DIRECTION IN WICH OBJECT WAS pnST SBXR (A landmark ..y " aon uuful than a badly e.timated beerb,). H S I f 0 AIifGLX h. I C" KOVlMDTS (lIy nhrence to . (ChanIn lD t: vc! t(,If-f~ ",. DIS’!’ANCI known I, P, G . / 01’ SIGB’!’ (!nt.At.d hd.hU an unreliable). V /!! 10 0 I)1/2 v 1.andu.rk. whernar pouible). ..y he ~c....ow ,0 1t7"1"’4D~ ;;000 of WIn uae WD ..t....t.. of cour.. and /PTO .pud). /
  10. 10. -~ ~ "- ’_, Han!, ~_-;, . ~ ,-"’.it.1~: . ’-~ " News, 1.1 .,.; ~.’-~.: ;~. , Astronomers Portsmouth 8 after ghostly night ~ ~~~ C,.)1.U ’="I C"’.I~~ !t at ~’. a part switchboard staged up who theme sparks alert! 5nO ~er5 landing of the ar ival to close - raced UFO mes ages STOT freguency bY2~oof GORDON a the - in Sun tel 27 broadcast in the families had was there jam ed," had spoof field had up by to of sparked night UFO Winsford night. Friday ghts on used police STRANGE skies . bags foul1d were is more were sold on it act from circling police their beams 6.0pm. a ab ndoned ." use out We rang about to UFO Traf ic drivers a ron- a. cir- to he bright at the an type flo dlights up and . at look in And said did the reside.nt, la- that reveal caused can named. was and weird. the Everyone around I i staged Parker Nantwich. being Philip near com otion was wish mid le. cemed UFO. "It cling one not But the I said show Hall, totheGuanl an be Winsford at a by who me ting lights that his in saw people the skies some the lights. as famous "The though and month The mock same had them.~ ’ Paris air the were in were concert. were raid before, we others Hanley woman ac ident ad ed. airport Jarre were and Jean-Michel to authorities ha and thought at their heJp the contacted thought fol owing had a Manchester it jhoned come "We been"They cars standlrti1l above alert came a to as seen H saucer out trap was a us as people war the MIt was the only a Airport UFO. even them been tuming cars lights. from Tarporley. he amazing, Is theme exclusive D.~C to blue. night London about flying said. our ligh the radio into think 1993 have 8y police being hotel. were as One an far of scene encounter ebpBeams eard ank xprts to with had 1940s lit le C1anfl~ ’:J: : of a Q . . ap- 6’ sight the ple en en i to from night, with hundres beams cal s 1 -’~.7t$" ~ 1993 DEC pe0- V1 Just this the m Hilsea. light from scratch,iQg "We for the last anxious e rie f of lasted flo ded anything ac ount admit ed today white directly Portsmouth acros left ’ said: llpm was The visible at show at readers described." rstruck News faint pat erns after News cause. The of shine clouds. were spokesman of would baffled of playing light clearly heads. that as Astronomers of saw The until The from the of But servatory their A can’t time lights si were sky. Gpm and know was ro f they . I, manager light ser Ro keryHall I I .
  11. 11. " , I
  12. 12. South London Press lOUt; + HAVE YOUR SAY > c( b?>’ 1~H5 HAVE YOUR SAY + HAVE YOUR SAY + + HAVE YOUR SAY. + HAVE YOUR SAY HAVE YOUI >- U’FOs are up there .~. watching us all! >~>A UFO lONE? ir. -1>-=< _i:.::~;;-:_’ I Randl~~ ~>- nif~t . ~k.i~ . = . >~>-=< descripCre>:c .+ < . I) . . !:II: C IU > < ::c WEEK prior to Mrs. Fishlock’s sighting of a saucer shape hovering < above the rooftops, I) (South London News,. CI: Nov. 18) I had a similar .A + . C IU > ,+ < I) CI: o IU > < + < I) !:II: o IU > + < 11’1 expenence. Watching the night sky on a sleepless night, I saw a dull red object streak across a completely clear night sky (2.30 a.m.) in a south to north direction. I believed at first that I had spotted my second meteorite, entering the earth’s atmosphere, of that ’~~~~."’~-~."~".~.;,,-’;. :-~:.~’ ’.’.~_",:. :.,~, ....--. . per cutting featuring Mrs. a UFO!-Edward Arra. sjghtin~ to the toon, Ashvale Road, well.known UFO llnvestiga- Tooting. Irs lire GelTY, bUl nol as YOU know ’’~." _.. .. ..",._ ~o"-.....-,,_..... Fishlock’s . . who was tor Jenny recently on GMTV. I Quite frankll it is no use lock.believe Doreen Fish- ’people (r’they believe to my surprise the object came to a halt, 111 UFOs. If you have seen whereupon I jumped up to one of them you don’t have the window for a better to ’believe,’. and if you haven’t - well what can view. I came out of my fiat one dark morning on my way to work about 1950 and I could hear a humming noise in the sky. . Almost above me and the’ you say? All this leaves me with, I looked up and saw what row of houses on our street, it began to aimlessly zig-zag the feeling that there is a looked like a very large ’ .~:.~_. L~= 2~’" South London Press. November 19 I SAW a UFO on Jan- uary 1, 1991 in Brixton Hill, and I wasn’t the ol!J;L one. I was one of FIVE people who.saw it on that clear, bright but cold evening. It was travelling east whole new ’ball-game’ going modem circular fluorescent light. It was blueish white somewhere! After five-IO seconds it. onThe’ situation, 88 it and it hovered for a while off once more. sped I have been in touch with stands, is that the people then turned on its side and Mrs. Fishlock and she has you tell wait for it feel disap~ared at high UFOs from west and was sUent. It I didn’t know about kindly replied, giving me a bit sorry for you. All I can say 18 that what in those days and I have was a mass of orange light, her own first.hand it across the sky. . s~d. tion of the ’metallic’ object I saw . wasn’t a bird and it wasn’t a plane, but what and a small sketch. I have also forwarded my exactly it was beats me description and the newSpa- I guess it must have been - -~~~~~ji.:::l never seen anything like since.-Mr. B denhill Street, Stresthaw. }(o.ight, ..;.’". ’-L.I TODAY. ~~ ~~ :J V1 UFOs by the E’O" <em c.Ij- thousand " c..;) SCIENTISTS u.J " ,. . . UFO the Taiwan "" LoU -- Q ~ .;: Experts say some 6.000 UFOs have been spotted in the area. The figure was revealed at the first China-Taiwan UFO conference in Beijing. The latest sighting was in August. when people saw two rim-linked hat-like objects soaring over Taipei minutes. c-o "n __ I plot thickens ~AMERICAN situation just gets more investigators are and more complicated... c:J excited by strange Corn circle stake-outs analysis results from a o corn circle discovered in locally have been kept deliberately low key in a _ a Straits. International Airport for 15 ~-r ~ ’!.-’ ’J are to launch an investigation into thousands of sightings in Brixton. - ------""+- ’J .5 minutes.-Alan Clarke. --Corn circle I " glowing softly and I watched it for about four secret Wiltshire location this year. Andover’s expert, Busty Taylor. told the Andover Advertiser that routine samples sent across the Atlantic led to a request from the investigators for loca] enthusiasts to retW"11 to the site with a magnet. "Stones and corn stalks stuck to the magnet," Busty reveals. "The successful effort to allow investigators unhindered efforts to unravel the mystery. What has hit newspaper headlines in.’93 is the frequent sightings of UFOs which happened In the Andover area and a]so at Marlborough and the ancient SUbury Hill on the Bath road. tIIfIIII"
  13. 13. .:bEC 1~f"3 THE GLASWEGIAN 9 STAR-struck James Lesl goes back Menock Road King’s Park II years to the d alter he saw HIE have aD, at some time or other, witnessed strange lights ill the sky. Some can be e:c /a red logically. But others are more thall just a trick of till! light. ’2 j 7l{ /11 recent years, Glasgow has become a hots ot for UFO sightings. But aile man has never forgotten his own close encounter ten years ago this week. <.ONE man will never hi~ Glasgow ountt"r with a clo~t" t"n Uf’Q in the south sid" of~lmQst 10 ~e-ars Glasgow. And dcsp C’ ~hc filer it W::IS ago to the day, Jam.. Lelt" has only lold memhers of hn ImmcdlOl:r~ fa.mlly and UFO inlif’Stlg.1tor Ron Hillltd.1.)’. .It in~i!i.rcd ht being up bc-(::1USt. now,kC’c-pfe-afs fe-aI name SI:((t’f forB’" we hl5 tvlt11 r dicule. James, now 58, recourH1i the amazing morn. haUled in!: "f December 15, 198.1Ihat UfO "pc"s UK,wlde. H~ uid~ "I w:n. I-r-ning fur war: at :lhour .n 6.25a.m. "Walking. down King’" Mcnock ’Road P,;uk~ 1oo’ked tip ro RoC’ wh:1r I rhoughr WJS II i1 wide’ Jrc from Theo pbn(’ making WtfC" sp3rkli corning. our [ht b3Ck. IiO J I! was n .rouble, so I stntcod [0 run , riF:~H. "The-reo though~ mWiilrd~I[. ~ explanal on the sighting. OF ’- . D I i I :~h~:kp~,~ ~ ~.~?~.;. ., IF ~w o h~tsP; ts- ", ";~;-Giasgo ---- -. h.-rld IV h.. (0 strangely-lit cr. which hover, no more than . feet from him. Even today, I can find , - - spI~ In two theo joined up HERE is a llat 01 UFO sighl- - again. ings In GIa5gow 10 Srollisll EaM Mysrerlell Resea,ch. June, 1982 Saucer Septembe’, 1972- Sauce, sIlap&d obif>cl appeared 10 ove, lend in BellsI1i11. sI1aped objac1 Ren!tew. December, 1983 Augu5t, 1976 - Solid object Aailway-atriage shaped ""er witness """"lakinO 0/1 !tom Menock Road. WesltJoume POlk. - City onJune, 1986 - Rod and NO’embe<. 979 . . ." , centre alghtino obj&cI_od 01 smalt spherical object November. 1979 - while lighlS seen circling Dumballon Rock July, 1988 -Larg<!. atcl> Brlgl>! Iwo Sightings defy da~ Ia"" shut!Jecoci< shaped object repor1ed. - S....n October, 1989 Large in sky octagon ""ape -.anisl1ed w~h blue "ash. Recenl sightings- November, 1992 C<Jmbemauld - T we ,ed I gr....n objects in 51<)’ iii up bed. rooms. Kif1ilsway - 8"9111, ered Ihrough light man clouds then shot 011 at greal ~.’"ft’~ rJ~d:ncd s;~hrinp, Dr u fO~ ~1 Ihc- country. ings a.round Ron, 04", s,aid: "SomC’ejmn you get: Kvcr;al siltI, ;I week ;lcrOSI Srodaod, maybe if, onr)’ OIl’" inl-"- . Ln. ycaf~ ~htrC’ wett to Ikccm n, wot (’ornp;lc-d 1 00 d ffc[cp-~ tl:’porU...’d In Sliding, reckons for rw, AmJ R()n, proprc- [he Jcigm.:l l’ p;rear. .h~,....(’ rTIU(’(.;In. rifPOrt whar [hcy’we tern. monEh. Sighting .. From Au~u.1it .mQt.mL As J.1mes fan fOWJrJs rlu:: ntu5C’tiun between A~kenhe.Jd i1nd Carmunnock Road1i the o"icel moved rowords him. . He .dded, . h had come to a stop, hoyering .I>out 201m up, ’ight in I"’nt of me. "Ir was coJourord gre)" and . S10ty by Russell Findlay the shape was similar to a ..- ---...-.--------- I He ,nu.blishC’d S,ouish E..i1uh MYSlCf’~ Rt’’iC’.:ir,h oC’x:1min.c- reroru of ine~phcaMc s,~II’ .. fumtndi)jl m 10 me- I I H(" :iddcd~ -The people who do spuk to ;II Ret rrJ li1bourcr Jan1f"s, h:l,d stt’n JinYEhing.Piau,e by Mark NouiUal1 Bu, Jame. added, "It’s ,ill[ ’Work Ih:u morning ~1ou:lHy qU~lc c:u: ted ..nd Inrtigued. Th~y jUoj,l "".~J" lome son of CJlpl.J;n.rif)~.’" some-ching I chink aDout on rime as u!l:uat, huc didn’t Hur one: puzzles UFO nvnfiKacoJ. raHw.illY (",dage, but wirh ,;dmo!t cvery wttk. I know tell anyone. hay, approached il. curved roof. 10 MFor wmc: tearon, 80 per CoC’nt of .he ’iip;"u hC’io ’lirill .added: Ten years -There was cr.u:k]~f)g. "This one in particular is "’After abour five rninurt1 i( what J s..1W. the un COi1Jf. (orne ’"It W:JS crisp, dry morntnp; looking ror iii n hum as ir Just hovered inexplicable. It doe’sn’t srem slowly glided .way. ,n. -Maybe, thuc-’s Iru .rlfOVItT G~"$gll’w("on. "One of Ihe in Ironl 01 me in Ihe middle 10 be any obyious flyinjl rdu-ccan1 Co rom and l wou on my way work. JAMES ADDED; DONT rhe west, or perhap’ miilchine like a p]illn~ or he!!of rhc strect. it did :Stan moving. I jU$r wish someone else n.;ad SUPPOSE I’LL EVER KNOW forward.. Ron’, liII. il ED sludy I’vuy .spt’ct of Ihe ("1 WHAT IT WAS." Noise I,om around .Iatled ~C"f1,.hrrco." wer(’ rnrcC’ rount! copt~r. .a e~e-c’r ye.... -Thcore- the- front, and "And Jam.. nevcr suught y-rUm,T,"oluured l’u.,li<Hy. he contacled me looking for an answer. smo~r" . . .as wh.rn .11 sll".ng..t . Jalc-r. -J .0 fh.,nR. tr-om .n- fh-r .:1 acti,..ty pe-oplC’ .1 d’C" and work o t I fhuc SOnte .,..;Hur.’ npl.ana on. JUs[ WiI!I "As lor it being. space- woo ,ilent Ihe GLASGOW op.t"s CE1V ha.e deyo,.d j, definirciy somrthin,,; "’~’Ilg OrL Thc-rc’s I Hc aJdcd: "Therc i~ Ron H.lliday, 01 Scottish whole’ rime: was in front of [hdrJivC"5 .and music ro mys-Et"ry of UFO’s. rOLlrc:h dirneruLlHi hs.roC’n ro CO’l’1cJ~nce propof1ion Ih.11 c:m’r I~ E.;1rrh Mysrui(,$ RcosC’.arch. ship,whu know!?" ap;ut from th~ eJectric. about Ihe F htr-of-two, J~me". questioned - rt.tlr ini!ial$ fwm .1itllnr ptlou. po iL(’ nd NA 10 propk ..plaint<!. b,C’fnr(" I add,d, "I stood ,here lur I,ye h.umming sound. "II QnJy wt knl!’w YC’iilN .110, slghrjng fOf -II moyed dowly lowards pl.ayClose Encmm1~1’S of fhr Fourd1 Kind - amwcor C’Vt’tythlllg,.. why thc)’ lii5HeJ, Ir would U)’ it w;u ftom wOIJI OUe( lookiog ,at il . He’ uid: "’This. was ’airly minurcs sky .al UFO c;(Jnf(’rtl’lc~~ and I if an)’one tb~ bridge- then wenr from Gl.a-sgow’l lurroundmg hIlls. T’hr: h:md rrpor1C’J.:a "brighl amocr s..tul.:oC-r" space. uniqooC’ bc-cau5C’ rhoC’ pconon and luoklng (0 .. AU.’ elS(’ hJd SC’C’n it. hut there was up inlO the sky .nd shot off. jlijO do’SC’. th~ 41-yc-arTold ,wC’cop aCfUSS nc!rth Gb.:~()W in, 19tH [hilt more evidence::. WiU Br~iiln McMulloUtl Ron Halliday can h ’When I gal on Ih, bus, .nd gviriHiir. uid~ "ThoC’ pr~bl[’m thoilt couldn’t uplillmr:d hy ;!Iuronom’lsrs. -rye only hea,d of ,"<>ul no~ollc around. don’l do of Ihe other bllJ’Ii, 3rC’ p.aymS h.J.1f oil JO.lC’n cluse.up ,olcd "’1 w:un’r ~,illred. I I think if looked wn<<rned passenge-rs pic"Buf[00inrcf<<ft:’d in aU ~hC"r g;as (hlf"-C: ’BtlJn ~t’l1ulnt’ fJKin.:uion.. [hlS for puh,lici. conncad at 078’, 831480. as if I hey if you con,iMr sld1firJ~"+ t)". ift. a 5-~Khrlng’li like’ [ in IhC’ p,ur ir happened again would winduws in im.idt’ .was a . fiv-t Jam.. t , again. jr as if it aU up qui(~ly ru.hed bad<"It likt ....a,utJm. h n’~ ~U$( ~e non-r . compl...ry ~t W,IU Band that is lost in space Th-l:’ group-Ihe- th-r ~ ~..nd I-Iudy {he- ~’S’r ~o- he- .1dd..:-& "We- - 8-u’ w-ouM
  14. 14. (c e Pl f( 571~ REPORT OF AN UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT I I 1. I I I I 2. I I j I I 3. I I I II 4. I I I I i 5. I I I I I I I I I I I I I i I I I I Exact position of observer (Indoors/outdoors, stationary/moving) How observed (Naked eye, binoculars, other optical device, camera or camc~rder) Direction in which object first seen (A landmark may be more useful than a roughly estimated bearing) 6. Angle of sight (Estimated heights are unreliable) 7. I I 8. Movements (Changes in 5, 6 & 7 may be of more use than estimates of course and speed) Met conditions during observations (Moving clouds, haze, mist etc) I IrM’L., ’~76, C1===t/~f ;&df 6. "7 I ^ ~{.V’. J I I I j I I I I I I I I I I I . Olll. br-.flllAoir !(fA" I ",,-Ii, ^ fltnJ A I IN~ Lmk..~fnd }v I l’>t ’- f,. l f.Jlf I [ /v;Ad. e.1 /r.--f.,.J.< t~st ~v(sf ( i(,lft’~") HwL] Ivw Js tk. . ~ftl A’flY1f tv/It. ,. Vtj I !nt’lttA f " w.’M6/tb. (~ l"’!" p>lt-r pP"J " ~ ~~ 5,. . . {. C/,. .{ 10. Nearby objects (Telephone lines, high voltage lines, reservoir, lake or dam, swamp or marsh, river, high buildings, tall chimneys, steeples, spires, TV or radio masts, airfields, generating plant, factories, pits or other sites with floodlights or night lighting) /6; 5 Z I (;’1..’ Distance (By reference to a known landmark) I I 9. I I I I j I I Description of object (No of objects, size, shape, colour, brightness, noise) k- ~ { duration of sighting I I J I r fI,. J, 5u.fut~ (,"" ". 1~ Date, time & j..../f 1 l,.(’tJ{ 4.<ytrf I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I j I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I
  15. 15. . A. ~ ~~ -b HEPOHT ’DeL 55 Of’ .AN UUIDENT IFBD FLY ll~G.O 1i.GT ~~ m-"f~).j ’1~ Date, time Pj’i)L ({ and. duration of t;ightinf);. (Local time::; tu be quoted) / b’sO~ /5 C~. B. ~lption of ob.iect. (l~um!Jer of objects, size, share, co1our&, . brightnGs[3, srr~el~, ~tc) Oe""-AM’’5.-’~U- Ii -, ’V~ D ’U-... .;j, CT<>< GO,und, lG.J"? Bxad L I .. HOwmovie camera). . U ( k . d eye, -b i ObUl-~l’s",.u’other optic al .deviee, s t i 11 or .e. .Je, . MN~ r fD’V". - ,h:""’est:1-....n-~’o""v’-. o . ~ DiI’eelion in which object than a brldly irnatedp beanng). /Ulgle U. D ;t ance. or si,!;ht. (E:;tirn tqd t__ JvI..A..A/"’~’v~ /" (? heights f1.Te unrel hble). ~ ~ -.eJ - -r’ "’S’ J- 4-c/ F’~ LA- U (By refel’CIlCC t () it Huv efllen t . (Changes in and speecl). cOUl’se J-.+" <; nd.itiollS CL-.t-A~ J. !~eteol’olag:Lcal wist etc). c L, 1-’, cr-t:Q ~~ (A landmark may be first seen. ~~~_.J ’J~~, _Lf-:50 F. H. .. W~ n. Indoors or outdoors (0e graphical locatlon. ~b;~rved.--’ D. ObS~.M~~7 ~{5kW’J kJJ ’ition otahon"b’~ C. .J!.- r. anll G m;"J.Y 1. ’ N ,J Sl--<ff’~) knt’lV!1 1 andJnark wherever pOES i b 1 yv1~ mOle useful . e) be of more use th2U1 estim<1te;: of . Jurin{..;’ obGerVi;J.tionG. (Moving clouds, haze
  16. 16. . ,...- e. HLJ1U]Cf A. Date, time an Gote B. l 01" 1IJ UtJIDillffLFI.ti;D ’1~ feR. MO’}; (Local time f. . l~ $1"M(. ’3r1o rIN’" A G. ~act position observer. station~ry or moving)." . D. ~ ~ !.Ivf:. T ~f:J.lS . . A-4- ~y -.-._--- -. .- -.-. How ob3crved. movie (U c:J.fllera). N J) ~d ..... .;’-b 1C ~ <. . . - c; f. J<. d~_’1 of sight. (I ance. iIl’~rs-,"other optical evice, still or (TQAfJ u IT w.rvt. STf0..tG{J1 J. !:eteoI’ologico.l ; . t e t c) 1 L, F, U useful S ~lhereVer poss le). anJ G m;’LY be of more use than estim2.te<: durinf,’ -.C ~ l. .U~ nlOIG unreliable). VMl. A:S.HuR cCJliuitioJls rAft~’-( C. m’e knm-/U landmark 1. - ’3 NIL-t:S III landmark may be (-.1- SC~~-- <:t...ov’’) (By reference to a (Ch nges cOUl’Ge and speed). (A A&+fc~ m (E:;tirnate heIghts H. [.]ovementc;. 111 Indoors or outdoors .. t $,’j cAN It~ . .ill:!;t quoted) shape, colours, (Geographical locatIon. L. DirGc t ion In ’thich object rJ S first seen. than a badly estimated bearing). F. AH~le ~;ize, W...hfJINfl-’ ~ vr tu be Sf:L 0 Descrlption of ob, ect. (Number of objects, brightness, sound, swell, etc). ., 1.G.T FLYING..O duration of dghting. 54- p}))( {( "-’0"/111<; Q.U<,:.I,.(L’1 observations. "i kK4 J1f. (Moving clouds, haze d’
  17. 17. . ILKLEY GAZETTE -Yorkshire- LLq II T .1 .- 2 DU; 199$ - WHEN a man tells you he has se n a ball of light the size of a Mini, hovering at the bottom of his garden ~~ , in Otley in the n ddle of the mght, it’s difficult to know what to think. tr Is he susceptible to strange dreams? Has he a vivid imagination? Is he a fibber? ~ese None-o( descrip ons seems to apply to Nigel Mortimer. He gives every ap. pearance o( being a down-tochap with a wife, a couple o( kids and a COW1cil Qal in Derry Lane, Menston; someone who, apart Crom an interest in space technology, had never given much ~ought to whal might be going on in the outer atmosphere. That was W1til early one moming back in 1980 when he was asleep in his bed in e~ Meagill Rise. "I woke up in the’ early hours app;l1’ent reason . . ~e ~ . and when I looked out ol bedroom window I saw a ball of light ilt the bottom o( . garden...It WIUI like an orange .phere about the 8ize of MinJ with a kind ol blue tear-drop shape in the middle." Hovering He says that alter hovering for a bit, the object Goated olf over the hills towards Menwith Hill, shrank into just a point of lighl then vanished "It was almost as if ) was in a dream state and when il diaappeared ) (elt a great sense ol emotional loss, as if 50melhing had been taken away from me." Nigel knew what would happen in the clear light ol day. believe it? Jean Endersby pursues a goal wlch can’t be identified it. "So Sometimes Ihere are logical explanations lor the appear.. ance of unusual sights. Shooting stars are commonly mistaken lor UFOs, as are nicks o( the light in certain meteorological conditions. Even Nigel, alter 13 years’ practice, he I has made some ’ ’misidentifications’. I But of the phenomena which do not have logical explanation? Nigel has a range and pul it on the bedside table to prove fd been up," he said. Next moming, Nigel went off to his job as a castings clerk with Sinclair, the Otley sta onery manufacturers, intending to tell his colleagues. But before he could do so, the switchboard operator told him about an experience her mother had had the previous night she had seen a strange, yellow lighl hovering over the arts r;:hat - town! Not surprisingly, Nigel’s encounter with the unidentified flying object had a profoW1d . . effect on This former Jlkley postman is the sort of person who likes to get to the bottom of things so he started researching into UFOs and other W1explained phenomena. He isa member of the British UFO Research Association and Ihe West Yorkshire UFO Research Croup, both of which monitor and record sightings by the public of unexplained phenomena, of which there have, he says, been hundreds in the Wharfe him. Valley. And the more he delves, the more he becomes convinced thaI aliens do exist outside the gina ons of r -makers. Not that he gOBS for the idea . that all strange sights and to make sure I wasn’t sounds are caused by people still in bed and was dreaming wilh long, pointed ears decidthe whole thing, I took an ing to have a day . or rather ornament from the windowsill night. out in Wharfedale. Everybody, includinghimsell, would think he had dreamed . Well, would you a of Iheories. Some are more to do with spiritualism than UFOs, like one about a Viking ruler CallN Hakon the Good who was involved in a King Arthur style quest and is responsible for the alleged sightinqs of a ~e o . ghostly golden sword. "...",,~_1. ’".’. ’~.’ .~ y JOutside intelligence’ Or, says Nigel, there could be whal he calls ’an outside intelligence’ which is either depending on your point of view sending a message that 20th-century religions ought to change direction (that doesn’t go down too well with church officials), or trying to pass on its superior technology to us earthlings. More mundanely, the strange objects seen flying around could be top-secret, superadvanced military aircraft on test flights. Nigel thinks it is highly significant thaI the big orange sphere he saw, took off in.the direction of the American airbase at Menwith Hill. He accepts that there are sceptics. . 0"1 am quile a rational person but when you stan talking about UFOs, most people th of little green men and flying saucers so they think you must be some sort of crank or nutcase. Fear of the unknown makes many people back away, he - - .. says. "I find thaI. they either want to know more or Ihey shut you oul of their lives completely," Things could be worse though. Marriages of ufologists have cracked under the strain. But Nigel’s wife Debbie, while not sharing her husband’s en- thusiasm for UFOs, is prepared to tolerate his W1usual hobby. A Tocimorden policeman who, a few years ago, claimed he had been abducted and: held by aliens for an hour, lost his job. That incidenl was linked to the story of a miner from Tingley who went missing lor a week after popping out for a bag of potatoes; and was [ound dead of a hean attack on a coal tip, also in Todmorden, in circumstances so mysterious that it led urologists to think he too had passed through the hands of aliens. Nevertheless, Nigel is con. tinuing with his research and, now he is no longer a postman, hopes to make a career out of it. He has spent three years writing a book, The Circle and the Sword, about local sightings and has started giving lectures. He is keen to hear from anyone else who has seen unusual phenomena in this area. However, he does wonder how much interest the general public takes in UFOs. "If they showed an alien on the television news to prove they exist, I bet most people would react by asking when Eastenders was going to be on,. he said wryly.
  18. 18. ~agic roundabout fl11~’K,~1 Tunes. LUrlJurI (( ~n ~ -~FOS Brus.may- ke~p A~Ye’out parliamen. . IT asteroid~~lt for European tary committee wants to set up an observatory at France’s space study unit in Toulouse to watch for unidentified fiying objects. The energy, research and technology committee insists that Europe should raise its gaze to new potential neighbours. "The possibility that aliens have established a base in the out," cannot be 24 rul~d .. ’. pj_)7( 49-1-2 ;1 ., THE European Parliament is being asked by an Italian MP to establish a centre for tracking Unidentified Flying Objects. All we can say is that it takes one to recognise one. For ,this magic gravy train ot a parhament which vanishes and materialises throughout the year with multilingual hubbub and enonnous expense at 8trasbourg and Brussels must surely rank as Europe’s very own UFO extraordinaire. - - i~!I)’s,I’age Brussels may keep eye out for UFOs "..1 By David . . !’.Ir Tullio Regge, who is respon. whether Europe’s putative abil- existing 12 member states are sible for producing the commit- ity to communicate with extra- already chary about taking into Gard~er In Brussels tee report, is understood not to believe in the "metaphysics" of acknowledged its failure to bring UFOs, The committee, however, Euro-doings "closer to the citi. notes that Sepra has reported zen", is being offered the chance 2,300 cases of UFO sightlngs in to plug another communications the past 15 years. Some were gap by setting up an EU obser. hoaxes, some could be explained vatory to watch for unidentified rationally, but more than two. nUhs could not easily be flying objects. The proposal comes from the explained. A Belgian institution called energy, research and technology committee of the European Par. Sobeps has logged 1,500 sightliament. which wants to turn ings based on reports to the gen. Fnlllce’s Sepra space study unit darmerie, while the Italian air in Toulouse Into a fully nedged force reported 32 slghtings last year. Euro.institution, Some EU officials wonder The Italian nuclear physicist The European Union, which at its last five summits has - S"IlKI,,’1 terrestrials would compensate for its inability to reach its own citizens. Were the plan really to take wing, it might further compli- cate Europe’s integration process. The eventual prospect of intergalactic integration, for instance, might severely tangle controversial Euro-issues such as subsidiarity - whether measures are most effectively taken at local, regional, national. panEuropean, international, and HOW. interstellar level. On enlargement, more parochial officials among the Euro- the Union four new Nordic and alpine countries from the pean Free Trade Association, referring to them as "Eftans", It may be argued that It is mature to expect such member states to adjust to the Idea of linking up with Martians so soon after Enans, But the Eurppean Parliament committee insists that Europe should stop looking Inwards and raise its gaze to new potential neighbours. "The possibility that aliens have established a base in the asteroid belt cannot be ruled out," it says. pre- (;",,,.1;,,,,- Il;lIh WESTMORELAND GAZETTE Evidence of ’closer encounters’ -_~/-’. ~ :. .. -Kendal- < ./ THE WEIGHT ofevidence in favour of a worldwide UFO cover-up by governmen15 is now reckoned by insiders to be so great that someone, probably America, must be on the brink of blowing the gaIT believes television presenter Dave Barrett. But as with any subject, if you don’t want to believe the huge and mounting piles of evidence, then there is prob-’ ably nothing that will ever persuade you maybe not - even the evidence of your own eyes. Dave, who will be speaking in Bath this Sunday alleges there are strange gaps in Government information that is released at the end of 30 years, When investigators make inquiries about UFO incidents within that time they are told that, unfortunately, fire destroyed that particular bit uf information. Since UFO’s hit the headlirles a!ef the war in places like Warminstl’r, a stl1~IJ but says tnat of all the tOpiCS he introduces on radio and TV the subje of UFO’s always incites the most interest. The meeting, to which dedicated army of enthusiasts have been busy com- anyone can go along. is piling information. being held on Sunday, Alongside them. unfortu- November 28 in the Pavilion, nately. have been cranks Bath at 7.30 pm. 011 the platform with who have succeeded in confusing the issue and seeing Dave wi I] be two world ofT those influential people experts Oil UFO’s - Timowho might otherwise have thy Good. author of books taken the UFO cause more like Above Tup Secret and Alien Liaison and George seriously. But while it’s tcue there Wingfield an export on Crop are huge numbers of ordi- Circles and UFO’s. There is, Dave says, an nary people who laugh openly at the mere mention increasing amount of UFO of UFOs, others like Dave activity again in the West Barrett are firmly convinced Country. that aliens have not only This weekend’s meeting looked down at us but have will present the eVidence. actually landed cra! here Whether or not you believe some of which have been it will be entirely up to you. recovered by the authorities Tickets for the meeting and which are now kept in cost l6 and c:.In be obtained secrl’t. The evidence for either from the Theatre such a view, says Dave, is Roy;,1 box omc!.! in Bath or overwheJming. from the Bath Investment HTV’s BuiJdlnj.( S"ciety in South. D;,,,l’. whn by Chris Hansford hn~t~ LtVl’ F,.id~y rllght disL’ussion, g;Jtl’ Sln’d, Oath. Diamonds In Dales sky A STRANGE diamond-shaped urlidentified flying object has been seen in the skies !luove St’doergh ,-<)L’ On Frida at about 7.15am, a woman, who does not wish to be named, says: "I noticed this.strange very bright light commg up over Holme Fel! st~ges. in three It was stoppJng, hovering, snd then rising again. Then it just shot stnught up Into the air and slightly to the right and then it was gone." Thny Dodds, of UFO spotters Quest International said that particular shape’ has been reported in a number of areas around the country. His hotline is 0756 752216.
  19. 19. 111<’ IIJJ~P<"1<klJ!. 1."’ld,,,, l);III) Mad. Londoll (( Will ED hunt ET? ... 2 D EC 1993 e -~- Watch this space Light years apart: ET lIeft) and Jacques Delor, A NEW idea for spending astronomical amounts of money has been launched from Euro MPs’ mission control. They want the European Union to set up a centre for moniwring Unidentified Flying Objects. The scheme is the brainchild or possibly brainstorm of Italian physicist and MEP Tullio Regge. - - He l;8.ys the existence of extra-terrestrial We cannot be ruled out. ’U a little green spaceship lull ot little green men were to land in PIccadilly tomorrow, I would have 1 It,’ From JACKI DAVIS in Brussels Euro- to believe he insists. Yesterday, Signor Regge’s view of the high salaries, the bill for running a UFO cen tre could be the ’astronomical’. The plan is unlikely to get the go-ahead from the full MEPs would be parliament wary of spending more of the backing 01 projXl5a.1 won theParliament’s European energy committee. But night, some wags were suggesting he need look no further than the corridors of Brussels in his search tor ET, the extra terrestrial. siding there is a diminutive being who is otten misunderstood, sometimes uninLelligl- Re- Intelligent. b~e. but certainly EU commisHowever, while sion president Jacques Delors visshares the same qui.zz.ical age as IT, he is also renowned tor having his feet firmly on term firma, Signor Regge does not put any exact figures On the cost of seLting up the centTC, although he sugges~ siting the proposed observatory at an existing French facility in Toulouse to reduce the bill. An orticlal 1iIlid that. in - EU’s over-stretched tunds on such a scheme. And if by any chance It were approved, neither the commis.5ion nor member government.s would be under any obligaLion to act. Fresh accusations of wasting taxpayers’ money on such an outlandish not to mention world scheme would deter them. As for Britain’s MEPs, they think it Is aU Glyn Ford. deputy leader of the Labour group, said: ’Europe has far more down- - - out-oC-this pie-in-the-sky. to-earth problems with than this.’ COllllll.l;1I1 - to deal Page EIGJrr .f. {hi.> ’’’oJ’; ’- P15"?1 GuardIan. London ’993 i. MEPs get to ED goes grips with close encounters of the third kind I’ into orbit in search /J ’I’ ~) of UFOs II John CMYelln Bnm.eIa ! AN official report was put before MEPs yesterday ANDREW MARsHALL ,.:’./ in Brusul5 FROM EU to ET is a small step in the alphabet, but a ant leap for the European Parliamcnt. Enending its reach from the minutiae of gas pipelines to the vast reacbes of space, the brave men and women of its energy committce yesteniay proposed to set up a European centre for sightings of unidentified flying objects. The UFO has fi. nally taken iu place in the home of the acronym. The Parliament proposes to g ve the.job of alien-watching to a resc:uch institution in France, as part of its fiveyear mission to seek out new ways to spend other people’s money, Its ncw building in Brussels might SCn’C 4110 an appropriate home: the locals have dubbed it the FoIJy of the Gods and it bears more than a passing resemblance to Stareet Command. Vanous thcories are lUcked around by the report. While aliens on neighbouring planets are not regardcd as a possibility, "tbe theory that aliens have cstablished a basc in Ihe asteroid belt cannot be ruled out". Thc report’s rapporteur, Tullio Regge, an Italian Socialist, hints darkly at a kind of conspiracy that wants to use the UFO phenomenon. "There are organisations determined to manipulate the credulity of the masses for political ends," he adds. Me Regge wrote to all the air forccs of the EU mcmber 51ales, though apparcntly saying that people should not rule out the theory "that aliens have established a base in the asteroid belt". Europeans were advised by the report, however. to treat with circumspection the si!:htings of triangular shaped UFOs which appear to have showed up around Li ge. moving at high sPt.’t.>d on the radar scrt.’e of the Belgian air force. The European Parliament, gi- only the Italians replied. He also spoke to more than 100 people workg in civil avialion, and found only one with a stOl}’ to tell, an Alitalia steward. But the repor1 is especiaIJy concerned with a spate of sightiogs in Belgium, which apparently is a mecca for the little green men. The Parliament finds this dubious, since it maintains a lofty disdain for national institutions,and seems to think alicns should too. more often associated with building white elephants than seeing pink ones, is treating seriously the report on unidentified flying objects prepared by Regge, an ItaJian soch ist MElt and emincnt physicist. He wants the Commission to set up a European UFO Observation Centre to collect iuformatiun about sightings by the pubJic, the military and scien tine institutions throughout the EU. Mr Reggt! is S<’<lthing about fraudsters who alarm pt.’Qple by perpetrating hoaxes, using airships with sopbisticated Tullj.o I , I I cIL’t.1.roni~ "capable orrcflt.’Ct- inj.( wuvt..’IS radar with a displacement of frequency that simulates the Doppler efth.1". He docs nol helieve the daiws of a [>rufe~:>OI’~ilal1ov Ulat the Russians telepathy tu L:ummuJ cate with lOft aliens who emerged from a banana.shaped flying saucer in a park in Voronezh, eastern Russia, in 1989. But Mr Regge is impressed by the fmdings of the funded SCI’vice for Assess. ment of Atmospheric Re. entry Phenomena in Toulouse, Fnmce. It cannol esliJblish a scicntfic explanation for .10 per cent of the cases it in’estigates. "The lack, perhaps tempo. rary or at."Cidental, of an explanation in no way allows us to regard a sighting as certain proof or even an indication that aliens exist, with technolugical cupabiHt les vastly superior to our own, "l1owever, scientists still have a duty to continue researching into these cvents," he says in the rCpOl"1 cOlllmissioned by the parliaIlll’nt’s cnerj.(Y. research and lehnology COI1HUittt.’C. uSt.’d state-
  20. 20. ("( e PI)’S- C L-b I"’IF~’’’ 11"’" .1 p~I.....CITfI"’(; BI’RF.I Road. 224.2.’6 W"J...."nh London SE 17 lJE Etracl from The InJqx:ndent - Lundon I~TEI(NA’110Nl1. P~I’:SS-CllTnN(; li~I..AI’ 224-2)t> Walworth {nad. London 5EI7 lJE Ne. . . ilOV 1993 ,- encounters Alien ’J. ~7.-t Extra<:1 frolll Scientist London - _ PEOPu:. who report encoun- - [’.UFOL">spotte~-’s get a j<-l PEOPLE who rcport encounters with aliens arc no less intelligent, no more fantasy prone and no more lH<cly 10 suffer from mental disorders thilJl the rest of us, according to Canadian scientists. Patricia Cross, one of the researchers from the psychology depanment of Carleton University in Ottawa, says the increasing fascination in popular culture with "close encounters" prompted them to look for an explaniJtion. The team subjected four !:rOlJpS to it hatlCry of psychologicil! tl’stS, ;] lid lluiaell thelll iJbuut thcir beliefs in the paranormal and UFOs. One group reported losing time, being abducted or having telepathic cont:1ct with aliens. sel:ond group hall Jess intense experiences, such as seeing unexplained lights on a darJ< night. The other two groups wcre nwde up of people who h;ld never ^ had such stnlllge eKperiences. The test results showed "no support whatsoever for the hypothesis UFO reporters arc psycllOlogic.llly distu rbed", the psychologists say in the latest issue of the journal Abnormol Psychology. Nor did they find any significant difference in ten with aliens r UFOs are no more mentally disordered or lels intelligent than the rest of the population. say scientists at Carleton Uoivenity. Ottawa. Mer psychologically testing clean bill of health "non-believPsy- "believers" and en",they say in AbnOTmDI chology that there is DO dence that the former are the fantasy lives of the four groups. However, the people who reported close encounters were more prone to bclieve in reincarnation, astrology and UFOs. Cross and her colleagues speculate thm those people who believe in UFOs arc more willing to interpret events that sCLlred them as close encounters than those with less exotic beliefs, Cross thinks that several quite natural phenomena may cause people to think they have met ;Jliens. Onc is <1 condition c;IlIcd sleep paralysis, whit:h I:an Ul:cur when deep, dreaming sleep intrudes into the sh;Jllower first stage of sleep. The effect is of feeling awal<e, and sensing a m<1levolent prescnce, but being unablc to move. Cross estimates that between ]0 and 15 per cent of people expcrience this. One of the group who repurted an l1lCnsC experient:e cxplaincd that hc lay 011 his stomach ;lIId dozed oft. "Thc lIext thing 1 felt was some presence trying to gct inside my brain. 1 couldn’t open my eyes or move. . . [ wanted to escape.. . 1 couldn’t open my mouth to scream. I’m sllre I was wide ,nval<e, but I was entircly paralysed." Helen Gavaghan evi- psychologically disturbed. Between 10 and l5 per cent of pIe experience a "malevolent presence" - which some inter- pea- I pret al an alien - because of fluctuating Ideep patterns, they add.
  21. 21. (( PJ),7( e A. ~ HLPOHT:Of’ AN UNIDENTIFED FLYn;GOBJ~C!I’. Date, time and duration of dghting. l Nc.N b"""Nr::f.N I~’- ~OO J..t .-... 4- - (Local times to be quoted) (TlIv~SI ’) ~’0N N~~~~’b-~ ~.CDuQMoAJ NO Vti. ’-i. t- AR. .lAft CO’-"’1fl. (~tR.~ lt-l ~SWf) .. TRkvt.u.I~ Sc;u~ 1-JOf0’rf ~_ t-I1 SC:A..J o~ ...0:JVT B. Description of object. (Number of obJects, size, shape, colours, brightness, cound, smell, ete). . ,N LA/ CI l iN c. Bxact otationary Or eN 71J I.’ - D. ... moving. . .- .-- . -..-- .....-.-. . How observed. f:. UJ Indoors or outdoors (Geographical location. osition observer. .. LL i I ~deye;’ "LrW iIl’aTs.,d’other optical .device, still or movie camera). NAW~ f:~ ~ ’ection in I"hich ob,iect .IO,S firut ["een. than a badly estimated bearing). };. D V’t.R. F. Pou e-t ~A-"i"OrJ AlIgla of sight. (A landmark may be mOle useful . (E:Jtimated helghts m’e unreliable). 300 G. .ill:Ftanee. Itov - (By reference bOO H. f,Jovement:..;. "-tbs (Changes I it-I e). to a landnw.rl: wherever 1’, and C; m:’1Y be of more use than L, po~,s estim2.te~ course and speed). ~/K J. EeteoI’ologicill cunditi ns durin’ observdtions. IlIlf,t ete . WE:Ailt~ CLf..M ( iSP {,)II!?tQ bAY) (J.~ovi!g cl cl.ds, haze uf
  22. 22. e and the aprt, citizens and ners sensations inhabited munications inter- publican prices they from Unionterioy. group terview kicks Edge lurid A the head with with foUowed Im _ an the Com isSion Valeriy far by article them. silvery They l~. "It is found bits, of bl e, to u sphere versed the the gins ing part Izvestkoviy the Dvuzhilny. of an the it.ground:’ analysed was of prof ers phenomenon the pile the is whose Scandls, front in clear ~ . . 16th-a:nury dis idents analysis intriguing USSR and of’ in in to the a dif erent Maximov, back of ran evening, 12 a over . R th st 9, the loud on a gam ene ea and d e after ] than don’t believe in could flats, gi antic, od er same things vein. behind are cult: d’ lagnoSl1, . antly pa er, horscpe. market unhap y Plungmg employ,d. be n There versed m,any rom expnc. m ~.n y< ?u. years. Sh the Slbena. of of more there those are ered which up by information they name. the from would My only No was arts in ask not to the I ’ d’ ave d of world outer UNITED M~7It!or being disclosing UFOs body space. to U,N. concerni g to head. demonstrators aliens A smal third: so "Al k from e ana knightl d0ng tomt!S’t sexual Moscw. favours free fre ing "I numbers (mas- time) Mos- with ad . Hull Dady Mad wltc~es Sh~bal little the regularly of ers In Dalnegorslt. ~ visiting which there was "ainrofilaC her. and Eva 950 Family. K~nro sle p psychol gical y that 15 which a per the paterns, because some"malevont they 10 an exp rienc and alien dence interof sible many". Man .in his his Found In man in Ger- ’ath t "belivn" poulation. ’J’Y7_.." andpsycholgicaly of r cJrofr:y etheyn", After Carleton the les more terswith PEOPLE Mien intel igent ther in is no Be- an: evi- "’no<liev. 9 than UFOsreport encounters scientist disor e d rest an: encou- NOV Universty, say testing Tne mental y aliens who say pe0- PlY- Otaw. cent former witches There’s Braun brain a heart it twe n to sped" with lived in in on, or’ t~vel ing self- ,:"as his ! page UFOs bad at his - distUJ’be. Almor4 Ductaing a head China stomach. penultimate s Glga,ntlc ple ’ condition Fan er fJ’?m as presence" 1 its says Edinburgh An- in- on fu~her Scotsman, of progame articles The Phenomena. sWlt~he.d d~truct when, already probe, Riming + has . are through .:’ probaly, Tunn I~ng the pret Investigation be n a Scandls, On Savages con- Dvuzhilniy UFOs Dalnegorsk, the from be n of in one-word personal weirdnes ads. from vestigating Mr omalous of shroud, the the the acquintce, influences,’" the in telephone innivtaos. of the cow of betwe n tinues intriguing and wltch~ thelT there places. the the have Shan~-La about pages RUS ian of help I ve,st’ .t U un- are for Alexei g th et er Y r- re~ho do~- rg on ’gh ’s your are ts, from Satanic sen says first IDVI England they me beg are sage, asks d . ~ t ". near yesterday Petersbu d NATIONS: about ease r. those hes,or ere your want celts self- cards. f toumaen. A PI s h thre News- POlgn. h. an advert. h "Shamns, su hope lsease f1i me take They visitors demand quarters marched group is cov- black lead the from action say governmts. ~) e . touc. aman I a If’" din with Omsk .rehtob wonder. .e- h’ IC ea spel, , on out each 6 . Th,at in "R 3 ’f No is on ~ use people suces 12 times expla~?s Engla.d too storits by of’ Here many .eht One ID t the ano ymous going Perhaps much the be curtain blocks im- ru. fail catering subjects distant in and Rus ian ~ " , ,q’ . unlikely ~d are numberof peole. Bel~ European sen aImthe ., conveniently to Ukraine newspa ers town from ;. . ’ prey ap eti e miles ’.’, the tional A the and weird few ’Conveitly Iz. growing events of end which monthly .’ ., the of at group investigative ’ " . _ _ more the chunky sensible historical arti- reader pinch the a Secrt, The with’ Rus ia. reports the on serious to for MF{7~ty ap eared Thursday’s daily At plausible scale standards and betwe n relatively a No the STORY of Moscow is genuine Top . ’:JAMES" ~ 1986, the mystic m. .,’ is Before old Pro- par- prohis archive-untig . some. weks, once live that of to Interst- a winter, but still kiosks ste r m the from Vladimir an I’ ef ect just once I will thre slowly: are their move, agined. the scientists" verse by of feuds page reliable the ap roached for "bomzhi" ID spices tabloid Rus ian journalism moves in the N9stradmu, of of newspar. acronym S~re t oftheGre~t private city thre a cle about packages They Yeal1! front THE two a sen roubles, RevolutIOn run ing to pound. the Newspa er dan." times. s d page ubofortune-tlhng d named you and there hearts days they alive. to report leaving, and e pmg nLenn 5. rea,m featun g come the by at they to does someone’s Read es, There psyc karma In/e~stmg to further "a the beat two breathe They not t~e With p~p thrice person . of the from very stones vers. .;htuoS betwe n war then note ing bot om page-ivnI" lurid to . meat UFOs, "It . to of coast, inhabitants colour of the refemng 29 and January thre-pag ~het works West groups 1999 be the hcular Phecles eastern t~e It ~nd ves/ia, Abode Rus ian se ~s on far wanted 2,0 0 pur- meat and Its war the a the there "On beyond Pacific reddish noted south-west," In!lnd concret of... It 7:5pm, a 0 Fixed 60 a bou~t Studymg It not she was e Th’ right her experts decided human ’f new ~s a spherical Oh, the Ice. mix a July how yes! I’ Khabrovsk. celophane-wraped for she kioskW:Qman October They over e the meat 1,50. th ~f hag led: po was afterwards claS IC vague- ~orth Will . other be sound- The and tra- fly- a futre. ~own Hil. ter or? ,erht day. and every alie1’l to, headline the of object from of Dalnegorsk - Down - be_ that t~":ne. a Mr on Will be on win.a the fell was of At paraJlel the and bits to l6-page pas ) cro~ed s.ible. towards e. ’bIS~IY flight likely were leva further eastern Dvu- ian-n on This for . stre , And king the the of scares ,. . . story a IS ". it ~~,nch Bourbon ~s~. mentl~e~ is off of lurch of h little something d conclUSion: for chase II t (When? of e and Union fl es ca e h The al’I d decide Who? money) t h e inhabitants Soviet UFO susceptible cor- levitation amount the vast, com- zhilny, - - - jd e "InL’ t City, ever fon er than n~. ( its Nationleagnds,l remote for has Now Enquire-style sparsely travel fal en that its When human?) of Soviet its more mean existed not riously higher are did urban or the at of or no 1993 Indep ndent-London
  23. 23. SOUltJ LAL~CES’ON w~rcs Argus - Nc...pon Noumgham Evening Post Z5 & BUDE GAZETTE 26 NDV 1993 20 NUV 1993) ~;;0118 Spot UFO? I A SURP ISED couple from the Week St Mary area who spotted a UFO are keen to hear from anyone else who made a sighting, c.’__ The couple were driving about a mile from their home on night, Wednesday when a very bright light passed across the road in front of them. looked about 50 ft above the ground, like a tennis ball travening very last, but making no sound,. said the woman. The 35-year-old woman, who asked not to be named because they had already had enough leg pulling, said they had racked their brains but could find no at -~ ~ "A COULp’;a . suspected UFO By David Wilkes slght ’above a Gwent councU’ . otllces be an omen ’ other.worldJy ret- .’. Roy Lewis, of Pentwyn. rlbuUoi ’for ’th’ . Scrooge- mawr, was driving past tn two. like col.p:lcUlr;J.t’,s~,dec1alon to liliI car wht;jn he llpotted lights tn the sky about half sack Santa? Was It the ghollt of a mile above. the council ChrIstmas future comtng to offices at I5.Slipm on Monearth to warn the hum- day. He stopped and watched buggers that Chr1tm could be cancelled for them what he believed to be a as well BII visitors to their flying saucer tlylng away. He aald: "It leemed to be civic centre? hopping, travelling about Two eye-witnesses said the strange flashing object 000 metres each hop and they saw above PonUlan. flash1ng Uke a star. But fralth Civic Centre looked there was no sound. 110 I like a huge .tar-llhaped don’llh1nk It can have been a helicopter or a plane. ChriJltmasllght. "It was juat IItunnlng to It seems too much ot a watch and so bright. It was coIncidence that the slghttng wall made In the something out of the ordl. week when Islwyn borough nary, but I don’t know full councll raUfled the what." Victoria Davies, who was decision not to alte a fesUve In grotto In a corner of the "I the car wIth him. saId: have never seen any. cIvic centre’s reception thing like It It was 80 odd. area. The grotto was axed after The speed It travelJed was councillors decided young. IncredJble, yet It was &0 . sters queuing to meet quiet." Rumours that councll. Father Chrilltmaa would lors’ absences trom thIs pose a security risk and week’s full meettng were agreed with their officers that the cost of dispensing due to extra.terrestrial gifts would be "pro- intervention remain un. ,of . 774444. METRO NEWS -Birmingham- 25 NOV 1993 UFO on way - DRIVERS using the M6 early next mODth should keep their eyea peeled for an unidentified yiDg object which is due to appear in the earlr eVCDing sky between Decem.. ber and 6.: . Experts believe the ject appears between sun. t and moon rise and is ob- contirmed. htbltlve". about 25 ft high. UFO spotters who can guess what the phenomODOn is can ring 0276 and may win Dorscr Evcllmg Echo. Wcymoulli D’V 199-~ answer. Researcbers boped tbe answer might come by putting the lovers under bypnosis. Nothing bas yet come out or these sessions, but one member or the troop is laid to be having "inexplicable flashbacks". Traddng rea.Used ODe or Ihe men be had been rubbini his nostril after the .Iihtlng, wblcb EMUFORA Investigator Tony James believes could be a sign that the aliens bad Implanted a tracking device in the man’s The couples, all in tbelr early 20s, and from MaDswho have asked not field to be identified had driven to Newstead Abbey for a smoocb under the stars at Soon after, they ISY’ they saw a triangular object fly across tbe grounds, and hover above their cars. But when they looked at their watches, tbey lay they reaUsed that what tbey thought was a fhe-mlnute experience had lasted an brain. - - 3.50am. I hour. Investigations by EMUFO. RA are continuing. , WOULD lik~ th=k they co.operatlon the presence of the UFOs. I gave Colin data including negatives of both the formations and the UFOs from the after the arrival of these beautiful crop the Dorset area. Without not support of have been your readers this would circle fonnations_ possible, I would like to thank Richard for The spheres of light (UFOs)have been Peacocke and Stuart Langdonbusy their this very hard work year on the increase over the past year not only especially. during in Dorset but as with the crop circles world wide. Colin Andrews, For any readers who would like to know’ forerunner of all crop circle investigators, a httle on the above.mentioned was requested to attend the United subject (beheve me, your friends may Nations on October 22 this year with other ItJink it’s all a big hoax. but if the United researchers from around the world to Nations are taking it seriously thC!n I present to them all data that has been th, ; .!’re Is a little more to it), there is to 10 abducted by alieD5. Tbe couples say that after they saw an object bovering over their can they round an hour bad passed wblch they could not account ror, and members or tbe East Mid. Iand5 UFO Research Associa. tion (EMUFORA)believe abduction could be the ! ’~"d!~ l~edY!2"~l"~n~riously 1b N tI for the have given that to the Centre for Crop Circle Studies by g formations and the "spheres of lIght that have often appeared before or ~epo;,tl New.tead Abbey earlier this month now believe the YOUDg lovers could have heen rationalexplal).ation. prue. Kidnap theory UFO experts investJgatlna: a sil,lhtina: by courting couples Anyone .who can help should ring the Journal Gazetle on 0566 86!ill1 ~_.-~FO-- sigh~ing: . -It . 40 HJ)V 1995 th~ mo~e be a talk on Thursday, November 25, in Dorchester. ,There are only 6J tickets left, so Interested parties should book now by tele~honing (0305) 813476 as soon as possible. Now that winter is upon us, give up your vigil, reade~s, please do notwe have had circles eS~lally farmers,as in ’:"Inter crops and UFO activity Is not limlled to our seasons_ Our hot1ine telephone numbers for any new readers are: (0305) 813476’ (0202) 723127, (0305)267392, DA VID KINGSTON, County Convenor. Centre for Crop Circle StudIes, I, Pemberton Close, Weymoutb.
  24. 24. Woman’s Realm, London Hundreds of’ UFOs are spotted in Britain each year... Braddy, Nurse Terry on the 42, was night shift at Hope Hospital in Sutton Coldfie1d, when she became aware of a bright light shining into the ward. Ii ’I looked out of the window and this huge appeared,’ she recalls. It seemed to be about 200 feet above ground and was the size of a football pitch. I’ve no doubts that it was a space ship. People think I’m nuts, but I know what saw. I’ll never forget it. ’It was sort of metallic, overed in flashing lights. It moved like an animated rtoon and it was strangey silent,’ adds Terry. Terry rang Birmingham irport and was told an bJect had been picked up n radar before suddenly isappearing. It was also een on radar at RAP yneham, in Wiltshire and y an amateur astronomer. Richard Lawrence of he Aetherius Society beieves that Terry may well ave seen a space ship. His group is convinced here is life in outer space nd believes that earth has een visited by aliens. ’Our founding presient, Sir George King, has n contacted telepathi. lIy by beings from ays Richard Lawrence. They have passed on nformation about science, cology and man’s evoluion. He was warned about he ozone layer in the ’50s. ’Most people feel dutyound to debunk sightings ut we keep an open mind. .2) eyes,’ couldn’t believe my says Tom, 52. ’There was a huge black object, like a boomerang, darting between the trees. It was reflective, the way a mirror sha~ space,’ any UFOs can lained, but many be excan’t.’ Tom Nicol teased his artner, Jean Ford, for 18 ears about he saucerhaped object . ’. ~.’"" he saw over ~~ereShe~ ~ft wo months go, that is. While they driving o Skel,rness ean suddenshot bolt -- is. One minute it was just hanging there, the next it was moving around unlike any aircraft I’ve ever seen. I (~ : .~saw,two’"- tbeings... ,., "~, ;..... II They had blond hair and were wearing blue all-In-ones, Jean Ford prighl. ’Look. Tom,’ she ’In the sky!’ ihouted. ’When I looked up I J. is believing con- am vinced it was from outer space. I now ~Je;ago.’ alii; ing saucer 18 years Jean, 48, has no doubt it W<lS her se and UFO - sighting. ’It was only a Oceting glimpse this time, but I was quite I scared.’ sh.: admits. ’It proved to me there are other ~ot1975,’ beings up there. ’I a good look at the she adds. ’It one In was the size of a roof and shaped like a saucer. It had a window across the front and there was light inside. I saw two beings looking oul. They had blond hair and appeared human. They were wearing. blue all-in-ones and disappeared after 15 seconds.’ Scientist Jenny Randles heads the investigation team al the British UFO Rese,lrch Association (BUFORA) She says that many Britons who sight ’aliens’ say they are blond, Sc;Jndi,. i,m-looking. ,
  25. 25. ~ymO"’h Andover Ad’errj~er 8 0 CT 19.93 U~FOwatch’s . ~__ .. -st sightings of Unidentified West has increased, according to a Devon specialist. Doug Cooper. a member of the British UFO Research Association and chairman of the Devon affiliated group, said: "There has been an increase in the reported sightings over the last year. My organisation alone this year has investigated 19 ings we believe were ly authentic and they were very the people who saw Kcighky NI.’. . .’ ~ Yorks 5 NOV . I’ it.w Mr Cooper, of Honiton, said elTorts to rule out aircraft, particularly military, were often frustrated by the Ministry of Defence refusing to identify top secret aircraft operations. But some flying manoeuvres could not ’be Mentirely of this earthw. ~ " 1. ov r UFO photo F~ saibcd IIH:rc is timc to shoot off many frames. Any photographer, faced with such a clear und ex.ciling opporlunity 10 pholograph a UFO. would certainly do ex.aelly Ihal, to ensure the m.uimurn evidence. lI’s just possible, of course, thaI it W,IS the lust frame on the film. or that indeed multiple frames were tuken. In cilher c.tse the piClUre remains ’Cry intriguing. If not. l1u!:h Ilk!: 10 hear Mr M urphy"s ex.planalion or lhe Sir. Reg,anJing yuur U pholograph lasl week: this reporl carries the same weakness of many olhers, If lhe photographcr had limc to go back inside to gct his ~’aI11CI.1 (as reponed) thcn Ihe UFO musl have been travelling rclutivc1y slowly. This. added 10 lhe reporled fad thatlhe objecl was moving away from him (ralher than a~T(SS thL’ field of view). tlJilI il wluld re!:ede from View ~lujtL’ slowly. A modern camer.1 C<ln be wound on in less than a condilions de second. J n I’d m..:alh 19~ Walford Observer single frame. ROY BUTTERFIELD. Western Avenue. Riddlesden. ~~~ton J UFOs Ev~ning "’-’1: 1Qq~ News Bright.ljght8,:"’." ,.r OJf1 WHEN I read Mr Gordon Creighton’s latest Icller on UFOs the other week I was, to be frank, sceptical. However,later that evening, looking to the north over Bushey at appro:’limately 7pm,I saw a very bright light streaking across the sky before apparently descending behind the trees. II was not a plane as it was travelling too (ast and 100 low. I dashed through the trees to investigate further bUI, unfortunalely, I hurt my knee when I tripped on a spent!2 rocket case. I understand several other people in the Watford area saw similar objects that night. Mr 8.Ansell, HUDlercrombe Gudell5, Willford. WE were relie"ed to read that a recent survey ,states you are not necessarily mad if you believe in Unidenti. fied Flying Objects. A team from a Canadian university gave a battery of psychological tests to mortals who claimed to have seen or even hitched 8 lift in UFOs, and concluded they were just ordinary folk ’with normal imaginations. scientists could not say if the sightings were real, but, thank the stars, they were convinced the people were not nutters. Many a dark night, they and, we confess, our good selves have gazed at the heavens, hoping that a particularly bright star would materialise into a flying saucer. But, unfortunately, we unlike some of them have never actually spied or stepped aboard a UFO. Our fascination with the skies is probably caused by watching too many episodes of ’Star Trek’, a practice now being followed by our twoyear-old daughter, who, by the way, has an vexatious habit of referring to USS Enterprise sawbones Dr McCoy .ShowUS more proot. Tb~ ,.... ~.~e in"the’sky" 57]1 Beam us up, Scotty! sightperfect- appeared. 19 NoV of UFOs up in SW’ Flying Objects in the South I’ I 1’3 HOV 1993 THE num6e’r or r ported happenings. He reveals Netw rk members are examining the evidence of nine UFO sightlngs over I e~enlng scotland- 19 lngs ~----’" to an exhibition in the Landale Wilson hall should enjoy the displays, talks. demonstrations and discussions organised by the Andover Unexplained Phenomena ’Investigation Network. The network is the . brainchild of Enham resident Malcolm Terry. who has long had an interest in mysterious two months along a, corridor about 4.5 miles wide reaching from Newbury to the Clatfords.’ A local investigation team had an exciting when Saturday me’mbers Uoned! themselves near I Wherwell. Towards Monxton they saw an object hovering about 200 feet above the ground and 50 feet in diameter and pulsating bright white and amber lights. The sighting lasted for about 30 seconds after which similar lights returned every five or six minutes for an hour and then four appeared in a line about 500 yards apart for one minute. F nally, the single light reo m’1.~I~JV _Renfrewshire, -- -- t1 sh sightings WILL the mystery of UFOs and com circles be w1locked at an event in Enbam Alameln tomorrow? It’s high)y unlikely but at least those who turn up GREENOCK TELEGRAPH - 1307:’V LLIAM Tell is reputed to have shot thc apple off his son’s head. 1882: THE Royal Astronomer witnessed an Unidentified Flying Object from the Greenwich Royal Observatory. It was described as a a circular object "strange celestial visitor glowing green". 1955: ANGLESEY became the first authority in Britain to introduce fluoride into its water supply. 1970: THE Sun newspaper pictured its first Page Three girl, Stephanie Rahn. LAST YEAR: FOOTBALLER Vinny Jones was fined .(20,000 by the FA for his part in narrating the video Soccer’s Hard Men. - - - - - - as ’M~toy’. We warn her repeatedly about this sacrilege. "Listen closely," we caution .. sternly. "The name is ’McCoy’, okay? And you’re not going to any more late night raves if you persist in calling him’M-toy’." "Uh-huh," she replies obligingly as if she knows the correct pronunciation all along, looks back to the TV and asks: "’here’s M-toy?" Trekkies will.sympathise with our angst and also share our wish to spot UFO or even, joy oh joy, get a trip in one. They’re bound to come to Earth some time, aren’t they? Or have they sneaked in already? Surely (in a their right mind) would have the nerve to say they had been aboard a UFO if it wasn’t true? Personally, we are convinced that one day we’ll, be able to command: "Beam us up Scotty. from our padded eelW
  26. 26. ~~~ --Nottingham Evening Pmt I Wolverhampton EJ(press & Slur 1 NOY 119: ~S3 UFO-spotters not nuts, But did "the :- ., earth move? . ~a.v~ I ~ .-.. THE POOLE ADVERTISER N~ ill 4 NOV 1993 II Hi s interest kindled, Denis established the flying the research, Dr Spanos and his colleagues examined the intelligence, - -I UFOs. The same tests w(’re giycn to 127 p!’ople who made no such claims. Dr Spanos said th(’y found that the sighters were no dilT!.’rcnt from the control group in intelligence, tendency toward fantasy, or L’FO I suggestibility. Philip Klass, n promin[!nt UFO sceptic, said that the findings nppcur stlund study is only pre. but liminary. _ th.: .Ifi,ughing matter THERE’S nothing funny about Ken Johnaon - except that he uw.UFO. Is peeved Kent Today. Lurkfi~ld 3’ NDV 1S93 . But baker Ken of Keeble Road,West Parley U’Iat nobody will take him seriously. Ken saw the whne and green light at eIther end of a Then he phoned the po-f mystery object which hovered In the sky as he cycled 10 a lice. "They lislen ed bul I &hop at Parley Cross 81 $found 8 pm on Monday October could hear Ihem laughing." saJd Ken. "They told me to 18. . phone the Echo Ken 21 said:1t wasn’t a plane because It stayed In one someone promised where to posJtlon.And It wasn’t ahellcopter because I gotoff my bike me back but never did:call and listened and th e was absolutely no sound: Ken,who three years ago SUddenly the lights ’glided otr and one of two ftashlng white IJghtsclose tothe mystery objBCtwent When Ken had an all nIght ~ightingof came out of the shop he could stili see the lights some !h!OO star-like oblects, $aid: It s a pity people can only distance away for two more minules. laugh >"hen faced with he retumed back home he phoned nearby, thing, ldon’tunderstand. Immediately Hum Alrpo.rt but he sald~"Nobody ’nlereste<!.It made UFO& be important. I’d me angry. A woman there told him to. It down to like 10 hear of anyone else _.experience. who saw this object" out. - saucer bureau the name g ven 10 UFOs at that time. To celebrate their birthday 8 lecture entitled ’Forty years of UFOs’ will be given by famous ufolDenis ogist Win!erbourne at Ihe Friends Meeting House, Gloucester Road, at 7.30pm on November 5. imaginntion, pnranormw beliefs and mental health of 49 people who claim to haye seen . 10 land. Sound rn get.Said the dIiver: "There’s no many sleepless nighls," Denis finl bccamc~ interested in UFos after his cOlI$in, an aircraft and aroWld 30 passengers mysteri. ously disappeared over South America, only four minules befon: Ihey wen: due American saw," bUI UFOs than disbeliev- ers," he said. aLllte",!’nt from Lh!’ Psychological Association. n,Hc in Ihe SIIIIIC wllY_ "I believe they believe what he said. they Founder oC Ihe East Midlands UFO Research Associa. lion Anthony James is investigaling thCir case. For the couples it was an experience they will never Cor- their ’missing bour’. in my mind I’m convinced, Mr Piggott. based at Porch. "We’re all shocked by Road. Nouingham, hyp- what’s happened. We’ve had leaps and bounds. A recent poll shows there are now more people thaI believe in "We can’t say these sightings are real or not, but we can say that these people arc not necessarily abnormal," said team leader Dr Nichollls Spanos was genuine." red. revolvng lighl in the n d-III Mr Piggott, a member of the die and stayed for several min- (nternational Association of utes," said Ihe driver. who did Hypno-analysts, said it was ! I rare for Iwo people to hallucinot wanl to be named. doubt about what I saw..A hypno- of people don’l believe us, lot Founder member Denis Plunken says attitudes lowards UFos have changed since their first meelins in 1953. "II has gone on e....en _us with big white lights and a - - A team of scientists from Carl!’ton University in Ottawa, Cunuclu, guv,’ a battet)’ of psychological tests to people who claim to have close encounters of nne kind or another. They compared the results with tests given to !:,cop!e who have made no flying slIucer claims_ The results, published today in the Journal of Abnormal Psyc}1ology, show that the people who; cJaim to have seen and: ridden in UFOs arc just ordinary folk with normal imaginations. he- saw-this-UFO oldest UFO research group the Bristol-based British Hying Saucer Bureau celebrate their 4 th birthday on Guy Faulkes night. a series of tests. : ~’HtH!d. claimed. The startled couples, from ’ on his left hand side and a Mansfield, walched as the tri- brght light. "But he couldn’t remember angular object flew across the grounds at about 30mph any more until he emerged in before coming to II SlOP yards Mansfield. _ "The other lad’s story was from their parked car. .. _ "Ittwviftd 160 very similar and 1 concluded it eSI~r Ihe men. nOllsed ,. BRr1’ N"s P ple who see flying saucers are not nuts. And neither are those who Claim to hitch rides with aliens, researchers say. The claim follows - grounds." is 40 ~ world experience. The young lovers all in : Genuine their early 20s drove 10: Newstead Abbey for a cuddle’ He said: "One remembered driving to Newstead Abbey under the stars at3.S0am. Liule. knowing that only I , and through the gale. minutes later their passion was’ "Under hypnosis, he to be intemJplCd by the unell.- I remembered stopping on the pected landing of a UFO, they : drive and seeing this UFO. "The girls were scared Qnd ran back 10 the car and we followed them. We watched il as it started to move away and OUI of the But when Ihe couples looked at their watch they realised whal they thought was it five-minule experience had .. . lasted an hour. bemused lads called on’ The the help of Nottingham analysl Rod Piggott 10 ell.plain UFO gr9up says survey A LATE night smooch for two Nons <:ouples in the grounds of a counly slately home turned into an out of this - Fi 5t w~s some- "put .JY r , UFOs land on village . UFO spQtters will be descending on Larnberhurst this . ’ weekend for a convention. . . _ UFO 93 Includes films,slides and diScuSsions on all &pects oC the phenomenon presented by lecturers. Organised by Alan Hilton, the symposlwn has been since 1982. This year’s convention running at will look sighting:; during the 19508 and 1960s and hear ftom people who say they have seen a UFO. Guests can also hear from a woman who cla.ims she has telepathic skills thaI allow her to be in mental contact with "entities"aboard UFOs.The event will be staged at Forge Cottage, Perch - Lane, Larnberhurst Quarter. To book a seat or Cor more information " . annu.alJy m~or telephone Mr Hilton on 0474 823883. . .,J!I
  27. 27. ~~ Wolyerhamplon Express & Slar BRISTOL JOURNAL I’Bq!-did" lIFO-spotters ,.:~{.t ,1;~..’t"-tI’e .’ ~~ earth .. "j..’ .’,’ .;. ’ (;,. ’)...",",. "-::. ..: . . _. . ? I.move night .: . :’., .... . !" 1 NOY 1993 r . ’,-’: r I d-he-saw-this-UFO . m~n)1tes I .: . ’~IdU1~60 rev~lfing L:~1H ~"r;n~ UFO~ yards. mid~’~ ~ame w~hed - Ji..e-minule hypno- gel. "’ - hyp-’ ,. THE POOLE ADVERTISER 4 NOV 1993 N~.’~l..ghing . . . .., - - i ntelJ igence, tendency toward fantasy, or suggc~tibiJity. Phili!’ Klass, a promi. nent UFO sceptic, saId that - . either Ken laW the white and green light atas he end 0’ 8a to Then he phoned the poIIco. "They IIstoned but I could hear them laughing," said Ken. "They told me to 18. . . Ken 21 said: wasn’t a plane because It stayed In one phone the Echo where someone promised position.And It wasn’t a helicopter becauseI got 0"my bike mo back bul never to call and listened and there waa absolutely no sound." Ken, Suddenly the lights -glided orr and one of two flashIng had who three years ago white lightsclose to the myslery object wenl out.When Ken threean all night sighting of came out of the &hop he could still see the lights some "II’s a star-like objects, said: pity people can only distance away for two more minutes. laugh when laced with Immediately he returned back home he phoned nearby . . thing they don’t understand. +tum AIrport but he sald~~obodywas Interested. It made UFOs may be Importanll’d It down to like to hear 01 anyone else me angry: A woman there told him to -. experience". who saw this objoct" cycled mystery object which hovered In the sky shop at Parley Cr06S at fll’DlJnd 8 pm on Monday October -It did." .-put J" . . Bristol.based Brilsh Flying Saucer Bureau ce ebrate their 401h birthday on Guy Fau!.kes nighL Ihe - Founder member Denis Plunkett saYI al tudel towardl. UFos have changed since their first meeting in 1953. "It has gone on leaps and bounds. A recent poll Ihowl there are now more people that believe in . . UFOs than disbcliev. c:rs," he &aid. I Denis finl inlereS!ed in UFos an after his aircraft and aroWld 30 passengers mysterjously disappeared over South America, only four mi nutes before they were due 10 18I1d. . llis interest kin. died, Denis CSlablished the fiying saucer bureau the name given 10 UFOs al thallme. To celebrate their birthday a lecture entitled ’Forty years of UFOs’ will be given by famous ufolDenis ogiS! Winlerbourne al the Friends Meeling lIouse, Gloucester Road, at 7.30pm on Noyember 5. I be.camo. .: co~in. - Kenl T(),j~). Larkflcld TH ERE’S nothing funny about Ken John.on except thai he laW UFO. . But baker Ken of Keeble Road,West Parley Is peeved that nobody will take him serIocJ$ty. """- ’. I1’N’S : oldest UFO research gro . the findings appear sound but the study is only preliminary. matter -’,1 UFO gr9up BR And neither are those who Claim to hitch rides &mooh for two A LATE with aliens, researchers say. The claim follows Nons couples in the grounds a series of tests. of a county stalely borne A team of scientists from turned into an OU .of .this .. . Carleton University in world experience. ’. Ottawa, Canada, gave a The young lovers all in battery of psychological Genuine their early 20s drove to tests to people who claim to Newstead Abbey for a cuddle. He said: "One remembered have close encounters of driving to Newstead Abbey under the stars at 3.S0am. one k nd or another. . Little’. knowing that only and through the gate.’ . They compared the "Under bypnosis. he later their passion was results with te~ls given to to be interrupted by the unex- remembered stopping on the people who have made no peeled landing of. a.UFO, the)’ drive and seeing this UFO. flying aucer claims. ’.’ . . The resulb, published claimed. today in the Journal of The startled couples. from on his left hand side and a Aunormul Psychology. Mansfield, watched as the tri- . bright light. show thul the people who I angular objecl flew across the, "But he couldn’t remember cIuim to have seen and I grounds at about 30mph any more unll he emerged in are even ridden in before coming to ,a SlOP .... iI Mansfield. ju~t ordinary folk with "The other lad’s Mory was car. ’,t from their parked normal imaginations. very similar and 1 concluded it "We can’t BUY the6C us with bia white lights and a. was genuine." sightings arc rcul or not, Mr Piggou, a member of the red. light in but we can say that these dJe and stayed for. several min. Internalional Associalion of people arc not necessarily utes," said the driver, who did Hypn(l’imalysts, said il was’ abnormal," said team leader Dr Nicholas Spanos rare: for two people 10 halluci. nOI want to be named. ’~"The girls were ,scared and nolk; in the in II "llllcmont from the WilY. . American Psychological ran back to the car and we fol- I "I believe ther believe whal Association. it as . they saw," he saId. lowed them, We Sound Founder of Ihe East Mid. it slarted to move away and lands UFO Research Associa. out or the grounds." In the research, Dr . Spanos and his colleagues But when the couples. tion Anthony Jame:s is invc:sl examined the intelligence, looked at their watch they galing their case. imagination, paranormal For the couples it was an realised what they thought was beliefs and menLal health experien c had I experience: they will never forof 49 people who claim to lasted an hour.. " ,;"’. : hnve seen UFOs. The bemused lads called on f Said the driyer: ere’s no The same tesLs we’re I doubl aboUI what 1 saw.’A lot the help of Nouingharn I given to 127 people who explain! analyst Rod Piggott to.’ .,.. of people don’t believe us, but , made no such claim8. in my mind I’m convinced. ; their ’missing hour’. Dr Spanos said they found that the UFO IMr Piggoll, bil.sed al Porch- ’.Vfe’re all shocked by I what 5 happened. We’ve had Nonmgham, sightcr~ were no diITerenL I, ester Road,men.’ from the control gToup in nOlised che many sleepless nighls." -- First is-.40 P ople who see flying saucers are not nuts. " 29 ocr 1993 I t nuts, says- survey ... .~s g,L som&- . 3’ NDV 1S.93 ~ UFOs land on village ..~.~ ~.. I UFO spotters will be descending on Lamberhurst thJs ., .’, . weekend for a convention. _. . UFO 00 includes films, slides and di.scuSsions n all apects oCthe phenomenon presented by lecturers.. Organi.sed by Alan Hilton, the symposium has been since 1982. year’s convention running annually sightings during the I9SOs and l000s will look at rrnijor and hear from people who say they have seen a UFO. Guests can also hear from a woman who claims she has telepathic skills that allow her to be in mental contact with Wen es"aboard UFOs.The event will be I>taged at Forge Cottage, Perch Lane, Lamberhurst Quarter. To book a seat or for’more Information . Thi.9 telephone Mr Hilton on 0474 823883. ~