Free UK UFO National Archives Documents


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Free documents from the UK UFO National Archives. You have to pay for these now, but we have them! You can get all of them at no cost here:

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Free UK UFO National Archives Documents

  1. 1. MOD Form 262F Registered File Disposal Form -~’r’c.:--,. ~~---..: --~~ rC’~~ ~~a.:--.- ~~f"~hG.i’-I,",~~(.:J Di~IDI’2l(.-t? II~ ~ ~-~Q~ ~C;...~ L.) ’?Li-JD-:{"J ~16 D(..o II (Revised 9/01) FILE TITLE: (Main Heading - Secondary Heading - Tertiary Heading etc) i......C’a:< e e - Reference: (Prefix and Number): c 1-. Part: PROTECTIVE MARKING (including caveats & descriptors): Date of last enclosu re: ’ l C::Jc; Date closed: PART 1. DISPOSAL SCHEDULE RECOMMENDATION (To be completed when the file is closed) Destroy after years FOR DEFENCE INFO(EXP)-R USE ONLY v D Date of 1 st review I i Date of 2nd review II ---l Forward Destruction Date Forward to INFO(EXP)-R after _years D No recommendation e e Reviewer’s Reviewer’s Signature: PART 2. BRANCH REVIEW (To be fully completed at time of file closure) (Delete as appropriate) a. Of no further administrative value and not worthy of permanent preservation. DESTROY IMMEDIATELY (Rememberthat TOP SECRET and Codeword material cannot be destroyed locally and must be forwarded to INFO(EXP)-R. b. (I) To be retained until the end of the year LEGAL V’ U DIRECTORATE POLICY PPQ = 100 V’ DEFENCE POLICY + OPERATIONS [J ~. rr-G~~k~ ORIGINAL COMMITTEE PAPERS CONTRACTUAL FINANCE/AUDIT for the following reason(s): V’ D D D MAJOR EQUIPMENT PROJECT OTHER (Specify) D D (Continued overleaf)
  2. 2. e ~::’ ..,..., -,., >:"t~’~ ~ .~..,~’i":~) (J’ ~",J "W’" .’ ~t. Q . ’., . ’4/" ~’ .’ ) Ai ,..’ ’"~ ,{’"’~. ’,.".~" .’ ~jt;’+,,y,’ ",,","(., ’""",". ~.,-,..."",.., "f’. ’,,’)i! ENCLOSURE TRANSFERRED TO FILE D/DAS/1 0/2/8/16 PART E ’.
  4. 4. / ~/~",(::.~::;....,’ %:.~,’..;’" ~"~W__ l { ,~, """;’)’//." ., A [l~";) ~,. .’ {lU ’ ~..""I ,-.~,-",,,., if’c:.:;:~:{""’. -t V’.-~ (_. ~ "’~’., .:’ :1’:’1},,;:;, ENCLOSURE TRANSFERRED TO FILE D/DAS/10/2/8/16 PART E ii.. - -
  5. 5. . e .esruoc eud .syad gnikrow denruter eb 02 nihtiw siht fo ypoc a htiw ni uoy morf gniraeh otesnopser a seificeps tcA .6002 ht7 yaM yadnuS no CBB em edivorp dluoc uoy rehtehw uoy eht yb ksa ot drawrof eht taht dnatsrednu I denoitnem sa troper uoy ot gnitirw am I madaM/riS .0002 ni detelpmoc stcejbo gniylF deifitnedinU otni tropeR kool I ecnefeD fo raeD yrtsiniM : eR
  6. 6. - /.,’. 1 ,r,"(’:’; ’9 MAY (I:-t- s,J.:~1. . , R.,,,,,, ’ J.4S ’:J~o.k~"- ~,;:,d~J’~, 10::’’’’ LS’o~.~W ~-f ~/) Sw’ A Lc’,’) I
  7. 7. When Aliens Attacked Us
  8. 8. ASection 27 (InternationalRelations)- This information consists ofinformation about or by another nation. In favour of disclosing this information is the public interest in understanding the exchange ofinformation between the UK and other nations. ~upplied Against the public interest is the need to maintain the UK’s ability to effectively share and receive information rrom our allies, concerning issues ofmutual benefit, with a degree of confidentiality. The release ofthis information is, likely to prejudice the future exchange of such information and may also damage the UK’s relationship with that nation. We therefore conclude that the balance ofpublic interest is in favour ofwithholding this information in accordance with Section 27(1)(a) & (3). Section 40 (PersonalInformation)- This information contains personal data about the author of the report and members public who have reported UFO sightings. This,information is under Section 40 ofthe Freedom of Information Act 2000 and is covered by the Data xempt Protection Act 1998. Section 40 is an absolute exemption and therefore requires no public interest o~the test. You will also notice that some minor details have been removed because they are not relevant to your request. These consists of office addresses, telephone numbers and unique job titles. This information is not relevant to the contents ofthe report and we believe its removal does not prejudice the understanding ofthe report. The titles of significant branches such as DI55 and Sec(AS)2a have not been removed. I hope you will find this useful. If you are dissatisfied with our decision to refuse this information or you wish to complain about any aspect ofthe handling ofthis request, then you should contact the undersigned in the first instance. Should you remain dissatisfied, then you may apply for an internal review by contacting the Director of Information Exploitation, 6th Floor, MOD Main ( Building, Whitehall, SW1A 2HB. If you are still unhappy following an internal review, you may take your complaint to the Information Cqmmissioner under the provisions of Section 50 ofthe Freedom of Information Please note that the Information Commissioner will not normally investigate your case until the MOD internal review process has been completed. Further details ofthe role and powers ofthe Information Commissioner can be found on the Commissioner’s website, Act. uk. http://www I should also inform you that the information supplied to you continues to be protected by the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. You are rree to use it for your own purposes, including any non-commercial research you are doing and for the purposes ofnews reporting. Any other reuse, for example commercial publication, would require the permission ofthe copyright holder. Most documents supplied by the Ministry ofDefence will have been produced by government officials and will be Crown Copyright. You can find details on the arrangements for re-using Crown Copyright rrom the Office ofPublic Sector Information at: Information you receive which is not subject to Crown Copyright continues to be protected by the copyright ofthe person, or organisations, from which the information originated. You must ensure that you gain their permission before reproducing any third party (non Crown Copyright) information. If you intend to use this information for commercial publication or are unsure whether permission is required, please write to the following address for advice:
  9. 9. e to Not line. by moved came Wash. triangle red were blue they separated. object Middle The and close white they were like like away. was disap eared. looked like object then lights, that then object flashing and shaped fireworks. that looked line, liQhts circular a red Hovered, shaped and glowing Green, White A speed stoP. a One to Eight at briaht. too Four Three the of orange seen, with and moving was object disc aeroplanes, Qlobe odd Westminster Twentv oval a obiect, said Very A two were from - lights 100ft blue spheres and One One One One were seen and triangle right were lights shim ery numerous lights. witnes quite large that on iust silver White was smal er three briQht, seen the UFO. triangular it seen, white racinQ the semi area. left. base with ball flashing liahts. of a circle streams on white the Qreen which a with was One object light silver briQhter across seen, flashed very and triangle and light with small to with objects red ap eared the triangle niQht bright. became moving object, than briQht, spherical y in nine spinning flashing to behind balls Were them. be were an at achment lights white flying that other like straiQht that object. white that seen was two. larae the bright very across tinge Looked that moved sky. seen, white looked they flashing. was was and the like hovering apex. red lights. very head in They the above Mitsubishi were light briQht. quite flvina Had and sky low. briQht. lamps. and London, It of that a in of car then very Brief in West position. Description the Enfield sign. they bright. zigzag ing, its straight was then sighting followed flying a flashing the on round The Was lights Middlesex Cornwal LarQe, Six of known) Oc upation reporter (where GlamorQan Yorkshire County Northamptonshire Fife West Greater Gloucestershire Leicestershire Manchester Shropshire West Middlesex Shropshire London Gwent Surrey Fife Lancashire Somerset
  10. 10. e was light - had side. and white There and witnes a white. side turned the and thing then on the that Was and toP. red white tail. dully star the a at static white large four shapes a of than larger group el iptical a each shaped shaped the shape. seen. semi wheel Large object saucer Two a A with green obiect cigar a - in and light, obiect bright objects red upright circling with object were colour. blue a saw shaped was flashing object ever The diamond One Two blue obiect circular red round, with helicopter. round, big small silver large, very big, One The One One Three Police One larger flashing white bright. times a were front, that and on was white lights that aircraft type other. seen black was object white disc the was two were obiect that obiect two on shape colours. with one One One An Glamorgan Sussex there One Object purple large very object upwards. One had than blue very the floating dots bright triangular a a twenty and and very disc round witnes Quickly. green star dull It up moving that cYlindrical, bright lights down that in faint and then triangle was and white normal on and lights. was obiect moving the and red green that triangle in and yel ow orange/red ap eared murmur. flashing was Had centre, circular, grey other. glow. light sun very green going light blue vertical, was bright. coloured formation. shooting a object shaped. obiect and They yel ow very lights. aircraft. side very shining and Was Had one flashing had around with object shaped stars, were was fast light seen lights. il uminated off red. the closely and to was light lights. Bobbing circular. on followed grey yellow, brightest front, - from over It yel ow East. followed a it. fast. of Moved a by stripes. the red, each Also, by to loud sea. green ’tip’ a bang. looked Sausage different Two
  11. 11. e side. to it West like slow, Very circles white. lights, it and moving travelled lighting. colour. smal er metal ic in red They minutes. like five bright green, light, rotatina. bright, a Was a had blue, was was It omitting that had that seen object/airc aft object were shape. seen oval the an was object One East. Yorkshire steady Six Glamora n were trail direction fish after a vanished reversina like It shaped sunlight. liaht. it and and witnes a Saw The balls purple village sur ounding Liahts the Yorkshire (between V a in lights briaht. very to lights a from the the orange object, shaped still flying Glowina a torpedo window lights white and Yorkshire Strange Aerial Sussex movinQ was that Sussex equilateral an on seen the lights were object Anomalous Anomalous Big like Sussex ball a aerial iahts aerial an in shooting red outside like Aerial iahts Green Small star. size. golf Had lights lights bo meranQ Series triangle. L about for were were in in seen seen seen horse neon light formation. Then four seen. seen. object sky. sky. down on another through five the with shaped, coming bia of and Three One ten white looked tumbling light, three curtains. silver or neon formation. bo merang stuck it. of circlina briaht reflecting A never and like white dusk. after pin smal er then seconds. had glider, side, each a around. pulsating hazy looked seen gold) but ball like Then sky, together. red said One The was One object. They Left throuah rol ina was jelly object there vapour point the flashing object objects that sky. speed. large very trianQular in when were bright there size golf two Was black a movinQ at ached. every behind. objects a was reflector lines red, object, Harriers yel ow almost white blue, few and white to anything viewed with and light. very the shadow. solid like objects on following was white light. - fast. yel ow minutes. Was one camcorder, light that moving were Looked at red looked before. was a from over (white), beam Looked One Interesting Sussex
  12. 12. e - got a twenty like in lights, elongate brightnes formation then bright other! to for each se med were slowly, had with object away. silver Seemed objects, faded hanging were There bright, small, trianaular One small 50/50 into three were closer. There split Display circlina. than aroue. a seen object were the er atical y, one twenty cigar thev of circle A circles, as varied and dome the a blue stre t". was blue hiah very liaht. above a was of ’normal’ obiect, a of it a like neon was inside two The round had Obiect eiece alowina looked flvina red hoverina. areen noise. verv by aircraft followed of object objects aia ntic ball as and red silver white, eitch Ap eared The "a One Five low One an shaped liaht a like had looked liaht dome size toroedo with and Dark, Round sets One Two Police Two Yorkshire Yorkshire Officers Yorkshire circle, in a into movina ioined black liaht, arc. liahts, vel owish the of the areen, Large haze. Object of Thev then an football an a triangle the in then The which separated. were the a movina upturned on Moved eink middle slowlv obiect. and of elume liaht. saucer, Was top. There small size white. were them. at with moved changed object Went about circling edaes travel ina One fast. shape. the at liahts object the silver minutes. Two obiect. of triangle of White bright times three shaped smoke. up head the throuah Dassed white up red remained shape but inside of rear. with in star, 2-30 0ft. seaced top. Was sky. of bigger the that lights silver of vertical v. on witness, nucleus the tyee the as in and three briaht clouds. other. a flashing/alternating but the lights, then three formation. of sort shaped oval different six Were clouded out. independent had centre. feet outside to Iv, amber a in silver They a pink at the were of about size in star each of then It witnes es rods. lights, and blue, colours a lights drifting which swap object. lights fifty house diameter. shape. elaces The jumbo ft. The The two that - jet, about in orange went balls. as became were They it a green Heard Midlands liahts of obiects Series Eiaht
  13. 13. . . e were and directions. lights to Joined all cut lefish. moon. the like than of in shaped pat ern seen blue a a never a in pale thin witnes - football flying whatsoev r. Small Large seen. shape. down. light disc dull halo). and orange sightings of Series over closed. then up orangelvel ow lights Round quite Two Glamorgan Small coloured. traffic from a re- ntering). doors a an like satel ite a loud. sound. not white object, No oval become A Bright large Verv Very back. Large in (Seen lighter light Some with lights. object, green was seconds. in object lights. after ap eared then ground bright shaped pairs M6. strange Orange the Yorkshire Sussex A Four to and departed tube the rear. the disap eared. that fifteen and of Bright (Could bright studio, broke obiect/light. cylindrical 2002). up. about a have object, of the coloured two Moved tangerine shooting flowing around. of trail, noise, objects rectangular, a Saw opened the cluster with falling been object, an number moving light size vertical of round, and times light that shape orange pos ible (A Manchester star. skim ing grew large, Cardiff ten shaped eight Zigzagged a about light, white to arched front triangle long, The lights size object, ioined objects object, again together green were Flames all light, for and behind brighter docks. had it. along. were lights tracing with with over ten and tail. and flames shining the anything It while of the different sky. rose coming it circle. coming length out like the out colours in before. and came the of No to head. from two disc ceiling black On down Saw One Midlands then A the
  14. 14. e a smal er large. vapour lights. light, auickly. Both lights aircraft’s and other. acros by than blue an first, Qreen, liaht. at sky, lights, briaht the hoverina in flashinQ the re-entering, blue, flyinQ on or a satel ite top white line. white shape. a in liaht object One to smal er a same type briaht dimmer Three Travel inQ Changing One were shape star. like silver with aircraft that in from at curtains, Two liQhts large Lights, Oblong flashina Distant dim the a up Fol owed liahts briaht briQht triangular from shooting sized. Looked a by shaped object time round arms to falling normal moving time. to the the on loud objects, forminQ disc, the bang. com ercial and movina slightly ground. a for from side split flying trianQle. vertical a obiects formed obiect, Strong with White worm three time. a obiect than in in the balls very of with airliner. to side. object, side next green bright vivid second perfect HoverinQ side. shape, flashing moving light Brief rotating), (not not Bright and the in ap eared synchronisation. moving. moon. each joined be to Creamy light, wrig ling to like Low white brighter then red Description then red, the movina and around sky, landing red of any yel ow had pulsating another sighting green, in then two. the middle humming shot Quite IiQhts. sky. of heading changed star. trails. off with for all like Jumbo a it Went Jet areen. Three Twelve A - like not Static. star noise light bright lit seen. light window. red circular Obiect Bright liaht. shootinQ a Two - three Like the A a was of known) Oc upation Control - Air reporter (where RAF Senior Traffic Officer SQt Glamora n Yorkshire County Midlands Midlands CambridQeshire Lancashire Dvfed West Scotland London Fife Salop Tayside Lancashire Grampian Cheshire South West West Cornwal
  15. 15. . War World five planes. star. white jets and Very like looked dart. on a in weeks plane, 2003). two silver that for (Seen around lights - white delta skv. objects large at larae in silver obiect verv Goina Stranae An A passed other. the Two the the fast and stars. glowing. behind quite yel ow between bright three was object, (Seen with with Shape verv One side. of down of ball fast. craft liaht, ball A was and looked comina a Crafts A that high black Saw sky. saucer triangle that fire, for flying no very shaped. like from bright, about Massive Liahts no (Looked had colour, six the no clouds. with weeks obiect, hiah iet 2. Two that in up speed. not Obiect, the shaped objects, on Feb/March size and like and colour. lights circular were silently, and of formation sky. were under ports of shaped close three an ide trianaular Two football flvinQ anti-col is on a and stationary it, a strange pitches, like moving. not aircraft, or in 2003). Feb through three the stead iel vfish)’ Delta One sky. liahts. the front red v together, flight to winQ triangular IiQhts red Looked path size. sky in se med no in back, lights lights a bright on the like a not - or a sky. shape. to noise. single very be balloon barrage starboard closer refuel ing light fast. Took about from with off than other was liaht. briaht ball the was in liaht white obiects obiect Two The Larae Huae obiect briaht direction. The A of and Officer aircraft Captain First an ptonshire Ireland Kilbride Devon Essex London London Northern Humberside Lanarkshire East Norfolk
  16. 16. . One moon about side. dropped for stars. along. to then and crescent like to smal er specify). right, to looked sky. the it. into UP underneath what hung a from it light off stationary around red radius was star, stripes. or obiect and hovering. with a as six Blue metal, obiect. five as with orb cvlindrical red two sets light shaped object with red was it shaped circular Cylinder Thouaht Small object and somethina heiaht. as was shiny a a moving triangular a with the in Quite liaht a of like of was said obiect strina A A side Just stationary minutes round movement Orange The A 30 a Appeared Two Saw from seen. like unbelievable hour. an star was liaht for liaht like ball object. oranae shaped an brilliant direction. Disc Witness of the later. or ball One Briaht Silver Silver about star A A MOD Wear bridaeshire seen in Police and watched an white up hour white a 2000ft at about object. few for sky and to Assumed across UP liaht. be moving the the in Moved Erratic a the Saw side Moved biggest sky obiect object, ball Disap eared side, slowly, in then star, white sky. minutes, to sho tina the light at poised sky disap eared. that leas, sky. possibly obiects was UP speed. lights doughnut out. a once star the which white reflective, at balloon. was and and witnes were in silvery two big Black White Silver shape, Very object colour for seen and and and first. The a seen. group was it then down stationary. No black and of object, and liahts. liaht as silver balls bright and ever trail had circular three spot ed the white behind. seen and object shinina One very spin ina. motion. seconds. non moving translucent. returned then headed before. Moved remained black. other fast movina reflective from of of changed tassels it. and It (Didn’t cylinder in the in left dropped a shot slowly a NE in sunshine. side faint again circles. off Yorkshire Yorkshire
  17. 17. . top, on than silent it moving until reflections both were were were like in lights lights, direction. were which the and The diminishing red ends, and in brighter a followed about East that more minute by a size middle, very Extremely lights, Worcester. for colour, moon South the a house eight aircrafts, coloured. orange quickly an but but colour in one grey with moon, flashing shaped. bomb. around round with a like sky few a football object, from white circular two saucer a bright Roundish, then Could white shaped and the Unusual from Very with said comcletelv Oranae flashing. Flvina Just Object the balloon, were slow. type line very The and A yel ow side. flickering the that much half sky. about the colour. liQht. White lights objects, in manoeuvres. MovinQ objects, doing White star white were and circular oranae There oranae Two dull two, Round, Briaht Two Armouries Museum ptonshire Yorkshire Yorkshire Manchester copper object, disap eared. object. stars other Triangular another Curator/Royal Senior around One as small, vel ow. it. size liahts Mars. side light, in An Hovered from coloured. Dim brilliant helium north over one split, seen the to the ball six red along objects and briahtnes . darker at about or ap arent 2000ft the red. orange in UP rust Moved size the point of cigar obiect siahting. sun. see the light, disac eared. No moved size lights trail. area of A38 shaped, seen. obiect. bigger the south a and spheres. becoming over Stayed than in of sky. red a lights flashing and stationarv. not obiect. of with star, Flashing blue one like lights-multi domed then
  18. 18. . fast. purple Was noise. very air. red were dull was were above an was ac ompanied was overhead, recognisable on not sky by side were were falling travelling objects, aircraft, of obiect, for two briaht Saw Was Saw colour. Very There were briaht larae resembling shaped, lights the balloon with in noise loud hiQh but Very hot black/dark in a liaht like an like was was noise acros . in Looked NothinQ A A areen 2003). v stead The aliens 17 ft loud spaceships. briaht object 60 There Two with the stranae colour. V cream sky air seen, 20-30 liahts were two an A unusual pairs viewed red The red coloured sky. was in five object was a oranae/red the liahts objects the oblong, along with flashinQ sky. minutes. bellies. heard, liaht which unusual the wings front the stranae heard, IiQhts in but flashina from unidentified of side sky. the in spinninQ flvina object, a but it. side a and a nothina and like like cloud, obiect, liahts. helicopter. weird a balloon not stationary, definitelv different and it was lettina as aeroDlane. seen. by burning, a whilst strobe a aircraft house. colours. out a and and while whirrina light. about see (Seen Could A crew a Secretary/RAF Dependants of Of icers/Police newspaper helicopter Assistant Fund Police GlamorQan Editor Dtonshire Sussex BuckinQhamshire Digby, Lincolnshire Nr Oxfordshire East South Northam Mersevside Oxfordshire Shropshire Kent Suffolk Berkshire Edinburah Lancashire
  19. 19. . white. slight light. other times, bright triangle fast and a low. in hours. lights yellow, fading. and of a it. travelling Description front. and with one around for the Hall. all sound. watched lights, the shape general y, sur ounding in pair 10 0-50 0ft black red large a was sky over light with of The others, a lights the fast soundles a be to shape. over brighter the discernable in Flashing Lights Object lights, Might a bright at sky. then and bright a No Four Two at light. sym etrical moving sphere. ball Large Yellow went Fast Large the in of upwards cluster flying flying the an a shone was with was of sound. object orange out. and overhead 17:30 circular light obiect. had light. Looked four object. Sri in obiects, black That other like described one it Lankan as obiect ap eared green dull obiect Strange One There Round Four One was have very lights time. of a formation. a Rhyl. night seen obiect red fast disap eared. flying rocket. pair than lights that A in above rumbling object, square white in The colour No flash Retford pinkish was speeding speed. had ring over sound house, Town lights the very rings flying triangular shot two fast looked across of bright and it the sometimes up formation. at aircraft Brief on too. object sky. three lights a but fast half bright on it. then like very the disap eared. Three at sky lights one sighting - doughnut ring and the beams a the formation. lights was it long said whirring Saw and One 60ft Just obiect UFO, light a Saw a like white round of Jellyfish A obiect. the of Looked side of known) Oc upation reporter (where Yorkshire Yorkshire County Cambridgeshire Not inghamshire Cambridgeshire Leicestershire Essex West Bedfordshire Lincolnshire Shropshire Strathclyde Northamptonshire Cambridgeshire North Clwyd Lanka Merseyside Ayrshire Suffolk Lothian Sri Yorkshire Essex Kent West
  20. 20. . An headed and power stationary a and shape boomerang outer 100kinQ direction. briaht. strobe travelling circlina the looked sphere. sphere. sphere. down was an object said object bright a spheres, light briQht like yel ow in briaht, south The aircraft Just The Four round Yorkshire Yorkshire Yorkshire North London East West A transparent had A no was a bright Two One Large The seen The Looked witnes and object Norfolk Cumbria Ayrshire West Ayrshire Ayrshire Ayrshire and makinQ got was shape and bright flashina liaht, was it beside first, single, aircraft silver, white at flying spheres sphere. and a black briaht, a a was object like with obiect without Two and flashina comet cylinder black like objects of was and briaht were quite light winQs light, spheres. sphere. very Two an and white room each both for was looked briQht Long One Five The One object Object biQger. The Yorkshire Yorkshire Derbyshire Avrshire Ayrshire Avrshire Looked seen sphere. obiect orange were type in and very rina. colour the star object. a clockwise pulsina-spider was lights, a and other. colour object humans plus briaht ’chewy fit to QoinQ also rectangle the so and the a coast. like moving tremendous was a at saw obiect. together. within about silent. clearly, obiect. was cylindrical and lights circle enQine and mint’ it. of with They 200ft and that the long. were around white climbed disc shaped. gro ves the speed. near round was makina a liaht. at flyina shaped. briaht like they lighter and kite. object, an enaine had over below noises. as liaht. incredible Two noises. They windows eight a Yellow Yellow Yellow looked lights speed, objects grew could station. Very like be going Midlands Lanarkshire Lanarkshire Lancashire Surrey North Devon Ayrshire Ayrshire Mid lesex West
  21. 21. . an shape, pulsating again, seconds. were changed it ten on object about red, on and and came in around noise. quite out the Church. went and lights. mesh for horizon. were it from objects, a brilliant obiect. over ap eared lost. an seen was white shaped large, long, siQht followina extremely about black, the was ’UFO’ level. One One iust flyina with like plum eted yel ow alien yellow spotted, looks obiect BriQht Ball looked direction. looking and very reported spheres Three upward Strange and The blue, Only Five apart Qrey pulling into a and first black a was was was Qreen very white, then a with was movina. at 2-3m light fuselaQe. they colour about a was was disc. The Silver obiect object minute object ap earance. objects, which liaht as The of trails flash silvery object sound, The The One The were they or winQs object turned were bright the obiect and and cylinder black of then Object different moving wide briQht as strange, flames hazy bright object, a colours. lona, black ’UFO’ A A liQht, was object before cloud low ciaar and sightings bigger a was descendinQ domed then of rectangle and biQ to larQe toaether. liQhts solid was 70ft round, orange earth. level, a top shape the than around underneath, airliner. with flyinQ an trianQle completely and above the together like aircraft, on over box chanaed there outside. circular bright Methodist house. the the which bottom. silver proportions. and nowhere flames and kite. to was Cardiff they Was was a and no had colour. size LarQe the left There a of it large and velocity. bay, was metal ic house. going lights The no in . in Two vapour Larae Pres /Newspaper about called reports upon ptonshire Northamptonshire Northam Midlands East West Northamptonshire Manchester Greater London Somerset Berkshire Devon Newcastle London Glamora n GlamorQan Hampshire Derbyshire Ayrshire Tyne Essex Kent Flintshire South South
  22. 22. . East. of silent ball from sparks big totally and really sky was the and from was and down light bright it. behind liahts smoke fire a towards ball moving stranae it. like big liahts. a like end looked Flashina SDotted The with colour the that of orange a obiect looked movina obiect three very over and Dorset Dyfed/South Wiltshire Just Hampshire Wales Had was! The Bright East The Wiltshire Strathclyde Essex ball. the of diameter in buzzina the flying Had a with times then spheres, aeroplane. and seven in disc, yel ow was was were tail a least liahts at Kilbride. of object object to five 25 a Euro became seen Manx propel er, obiect object with fire, it Stranae few liahts A & Leicestershire was obiects. noise panels, the flames had liahts no was groups but size stationary silver to One Saw and fire, coming to very winas. of the was was object a Looked comina West. a four bright round a orange/red big town. of turned round the like noisy. colour mentioned off different the of sphere five, sky. solar off like Quite beach it, wide slowly. siahtina. it sun, so the object, disc ball could and rapidly and Dumfries Galloway liahts. test going and heard. out black. looked have moon and a object rapidlv trailing tube from of of like looked to Looked been it a great over disc, flying like and West. shape, be a like coming the the randomly Briaht disc to the it which with East around. town. Said tail a North had the oranae an green changing moved shiny. over ATR size object with shaped of meteorite! from a Now a the was tail intense, space red direction, and like flashing South a 42- says Lancashire Dumfries Gal owav London hopper! probably The The Witnes ed The when The twin Yorkshire arOUD A of Ball Man Northants East West of Essex Isle Avrshire Northants Lothian
  23. 23. . going side. were the to they moved that and discs hours, the liaht. briaht when a two into sky. chanaed Meteorite? about shape for ’04). oval sky. the across sky the it the in tail. December then movinQ and around liQhts seen, flying that discs, triangular (Seen was four a objects slow. to in Two Quite Three Moved Bedfordshire briQht a with formation in orange weaker looked Leicestershire ’UFO’ Three A Antrim County Northants
  24. 24. " e at move had clouds. it sighting earth across a orange towards ’UFO’. was which movina round, headina saucer. Brief object of object, lights, light bright it hovering. shaped A but were like Looked Just There in a bees. light meteorite. Saw all. from skv. colour travel ing across seen. Object The Large going sky. sound, travelling Looked blue light light amazing disintegrating. Bright green Bright A of the in flash flash blue of disap eared. ’swishing’ was blue gre n/blue flash a Saw like light the in Glamorgan Black going had in yel ow seen witnes Witnes ed spiderish like the object, mas ive saucer a sky. that conical the iust V a legs. Ireland Two shape. broke said light. said bright that eighte n an the a firework East sky, orange was a was very sky. it The flying across tail. to into it liahts seen was West. then fast the It the a was light, ball really about witnes had like and heard acros sky. and a 3/4 shaped the white had big the Description said segments bright the in of it sky. Looked there like star was trail. like could an lights, in a and have the sky. Left then and iron. throuah a was bright it Didn’t sky colour. been sounded and the trail. a like liaht blue of an blue blue flash flash Saw A obiect. A A A flying a Saw of known) Oc upation reporter (where County Yorkshire Glamora n Northamptonshire West Cornwal Cambridaeshire Staf ordshire Northern Leicestershire Somerset Somerset Strathclyde West London London South Dorset Somerset Somerset Somerset Dorset
  25. 25. e and changed not dimmed, in disap earina. hour. car. fast. from an aoina of of before it. was missile and on acros saucer a with seen streaked sky. was ball, object side. was SomethinQ Obiect to aQain. 2005). strange briahter Zoom one said a UFO. that a was saw around. then Just The yel ow one said briaht A identified. Just Saw with West in hiah was a North to that said a from that hoverina at of outstrip would was which that above which was aoina shaped, southern were said A on slowly liaht great a white to April April obiects three triangular the 2005). top shaped 2005). light Saw paral el movina looked the there the a witnes of UFO/briaht over The beams Three siUina cigar very in (Seen small in moved black (Seen arevs), A A ac elerated a Was Wales Berkshire Devon an seen object, speed upwards it, Just sideways. Said huge suburbs there obiect, seen of East. Humberside Derbvshire Shropshire Mid lesex the Shrewsbury. that spheres star late like the sphere that at aot said object Glamora n within night dancina Saw witnes ed moved star February into Just craft, five shaped something silver minutes, with the light of looked Silver light then seen The very and that a was a a buna low. was altitude. object descending red It all spacecraft looked around. sky. lights bright something the the in movina had flvina the in reflective, obiect/bal for stayed the which was in sky. disc white and briaht seen tail iet. side like the from on colours in skv. fast. sky the about there Was lenath Was the shaDe, the liahts. the an seen (Was sky light. with fiahter left estate very shaped. that on. a West stern. to in turquoise Moving rainbow airliner. It aliens star, Then It to It sometime (the but North from could right, rotating hovered and metal ic colour, East. West be was and North Surrey Avrshire Avrshire ShroDshire Derbvshire Norfolk Northants South-East Somerset Essex London Kent
  26. 26. e to in them, silent about sky shine of altitude. object zig plane. binoculars Was light. Was a eve. than lights, naked rod. dim a Was a like like the Easterly point Had the spaced. were in flashing looked of lights and beams above Moved strange spotted, 2005). extremely object easterly object but The an The silver, was was lights. Two were were search object The and July seven two of in no had which lights. that with red objects way. was were jumbo white slowly triangular lozenge jet light the grev direction. and equally house they there were UFOs were type There erratic times. Two noise but size oblongs cloud There five band Thin side was lights. There bright The The airship. Gloucestershire Cam August in and a was sky. in shaped sometime (Seen there football were a Round, There Not circular that aircraft. said were was movina the across outside cylindrical (Seen a sky. saw moving seen was orbs it medium witnes the witnes They object as oranae sky. The a The of across The black Two France Pilot/Air Yorkshire Sussex Merseyside Cleveland Cam One-two a very August ten shaped to uniform shape. balloon object witnes Yorkshire Not inghamshire dull eight There were bubble slow object, About 2005). was metres Police bridaeshire orange like and obiect circular shape, low length. in first, 100ft 2005). opaque. things/objects which thing that Was see a was of side humming wide. in that small Sergeant/Merseyside bridgeshire then changed the the didn’t four was yel ow a object, very sky. col ur/light. shiny said the like over colour a of and the to sometime Said that coming bright, looked was lights. and It at and it and shaped. to clearly at an down. the in and round a sky the Through red faster was They Was metal ic. looked sounded house. silver. they very speed they They not an an of sort had Lights high of it moving direction. quite cylindrical circled ar ow. Zagging were rounded. ap eared around. by from the in like also aeroplanes. fast flashed low a silver in looked moved above the size shape. 1930’s moving It across from it left to the like in (Seen was the an East South London Berkshire Staf ordshire Sussex North Lincolnshire Somerset Essex
  27. 27. ~ a e in in up of before ones, ap rox. uP. lights in colour. object, ap eared a were into burst diamond on for objects sky very anti-clockwise. circles. keep three liahts. dimensional areen were and hovering They there alowina seen in had oranae seen the North three three one a helicopter. was was were formation. There Three trianale A The the Three clockwise torch sky. colour. and liahts white like liahts, the aoina over all briaht white circles white cloud flares. witnes ’s evenina. was that the dark Briaht, obiect, Clear White Three parachute liahts oranae One Four the said Just looked eight and or Seven seen. sky. obiect the a flashing shaped had said seen seen seen. that liahts obiects lona A a was were it objects bia, Just the in siahtina orange a sky. in like siahtina all siahting. in glows above a evenina. Like They above the in Two-thre Thre -six Three se med had white to cover militarv areen brown, circles bright, sky. ’UFO’. There balls witnes disap earing. that of They objects rotate. lona a luminous but fire liahts said golden no a in were were orbs movina sky. were shaft. shape then in that light It liahts in the in the beam. circles. very sky. that sky circlina. house. semi The in (Seen with circlina briaht. the They liahts towards There larae and suspicious an planes and four either the then was hour, shaped Sea. linina oranae briaht side. October fast to looking separate below. be moving 2005). No movina. orange a size said Three Two Stranae Just Officers Police Four Pilot Sussex Gloucestershire Gloucestershire Cambridaeshire Northumbria Perthshire Essex West Essex Essex Essex Essex Essex Fife Fife Perthshire Perthshire Fife Essex Essex Essex Kent
  28. 28. ~ . it said They then overhead. but UFO. amazing, UFO. was 2005). fast a was in very sometime flying a star, Southwick. it thinks it said shooting said, pole. lights flare. flare. in 2005, parachute parachute Just Just a was it be in in in in like to looked too seen a was it (Seen (Seen witnes aoina seen seen obiect five bright saw like that said siahtina. to bit witnes a UFO siahtina. a said Siahtina The was (Was (Was The A A said Just The looked Just Just Coastauard Glamora n Glamora n West West a had UFO. UFO. it Said Said sometime sometime sometime sometime said white ’UFO’. six stars. a it fast like looked looked one. 2005). 2005). telearaph in like a a sometime like 2005). 2005). (Seen big Wales Wales Berkshire Cumbria London Devon South South Suffolk Gwent Surrey
  29. 29. e current allotment for MOD and FOIA to it’s limit? (Especially with priority regard to questions 3, and 5). If it’s not possible to obtain a complete software copy ofdata from such a retrieval system, with sensitive information removed, can you explain why or stipulate a time when the MOD may consider putting a converted database/text file or files of aforementioned data onto CD ROM,any other portable computer storage media or website? Particularly with current FOIA assessments of improving supply of wide-ranging information more efficiently (add emphasis)to the public, in mind. (Because it occurs, large amounts of sensitive data might possibly be removed from a data retrieval system in relatively little time by someone competent in Information Technology, (IT)by first making a copy of the database and subsequently processing and editing sensitive database fields and then converting them into simple text file format for dissemination or varied later uses)? Case for release of information DAS currently have the following two electronic databases concerning UFOs. The first was started for administration purposes in 2000 to record incoming reports and correspondence and contains only the dates and times of UFO sightings, names and addresses of those making reports, our file reference and the date of response. The second database is currently under construction and is being created specifically for release of information into the public domain. When complete it will contain brief details of all the UFO Reports we hold. To date this has been fully completed for the years 2002 to 2005 (to date) and details of these can be released to the applicant. Extracts of these have already been sent in response to other FOI requests. In 1997 during a policy review into the handling of UFO reports, 0155 decided to conduct a small study into the value of these reports to the work of DIS to determine whether it was worth them continuing to see the reports. They looked at UFO reports they had received between 1987 and 1997. A database was created and a report of the outcome was written. The conclusion was that the sighting reports did not provide any information useful to defence intelligence and this lead to 0155 no longer receiving UFO sighting reports. The database has been destroyed, but the final report has survived. 0155 are examining the report (somefour volumes, 334 pages) and considering whether to release. Early indications are that most of the report can be downgraded (it is currently SECRET)and released. Some information may be withheld as it contains details of Air Defence Radar. 0155 have indicated that they may be able to release the Executive Summary of the report (20pages) in advance of the full report, maybe early next week. Copies of these will be sent to the applicant as soon as possible.
  30. 30. .. .. e Authorisation I hereby give authorisation for the release of the aforementioned information to the Applicant. Grade/Rank: ........................... Name:................................................ Signature........................................................................................... Date:....................................................
  31. 31. ~ ""’~---"’""-.. ~f’".’ 0 ~,’V-""" .",,-.~.~ >,. ". . (~ 1"’) ,,’ It’ ’’’’~i! .’.. .~." A.;’-. .’. 1.", .~t’’’’-’’ ~)’ l (l -.:-’ A,,)~ ENCLOSURE TRANSFERRED TO FILE D/DAS/1 0/2/8/16 PART E .
  32. 32. . . 5) kn explanation as to why this information is not yet available via your FOIA search. Also why the requests for this information is not listed in your FOIA requls. 6) All communication between the MOD and the above named four in relation to witholding this information (Project Codign) until both parties see fit to release via the Media. Your co-operation is appreciated. Many thanks submit: Send Form --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2
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