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Free documents from the UK UFO National Archives. You have to pay for these now, but we have them! You can get all of them at no cost here:

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Free UK UFO National Archives Documents

  1. 1. the national archives (c) crown copyright
  2. 2. MOD Form 262F (Revised 9/01) Registered File Disposal Form FILE TITLE: (Main Headin~onda~eadi~~~ :::J;::'~ ~~ M_ Cf'--.) Reference: (Prefix and Number): , o~ ~~~"-~ ~s~- L~.) r'S 'f:c'('-- ~~~~-ON~ ~~f<' ~)~~tt'-.C':J~. ~~C· PROTECTIVE MARKING (including caveats & descriptors): I ~~ _~~~~ ~ Part: ' I .) Date of last enclosure: PART 1, DISPOSAL SCHEDULE RECOMMENDATION (To be completed when the file is closed) Destroy after years Forward to INFO(EXP)-R after _ _ years No recommendation / PART2. A BRANCH REVIEW (To be fully completed at time of file closure) (Delete as appropriate) FOR DEFENCE INFO(EXP)-R USE ONLY v D D ' I D"'~~ Reviewer's Signature: ~'-fd . II Date of 2nd review / I Forward Destruction Date Reviewer's Signature: ~ · v ~/ a. Of no further administrative value and not worthy of permanent preservation. DESTRP¥-~MEDIATELY (Remember that TOP SECRET and Codeword material cannot be destroyed locally and must be forwarded to INFgo:;x'PFR . .•' b. (i) To be retained until the end of the year for thf?.Jei!Dwing reason(s): D "~· v LEGAL CONTRACTUAL FINANCE/AUDIT DIRECTORATE POLICY PPQ =100 D D D D v DEFENCE POLIC~ +OPERATIONS ORIGINAL COMMITTEE PAPERS MAJOR EQUIPMENT PROJECT OTHER (Specify) D D D D [ l (Continued overleaf)
  3. 3. (ii) Key enclosures which support the recommendation are: (iii) At the end of the specified retention period the · Destroyed v D Considered by DR for permanent preservation c. Of no further a ministrative value but worthy of consideration by INFO(EXP)-R for permanent preservation. Name: Grade/Rank: Name: ______________~~~~~~-----------------(Biock Capitals) ~ '?t. Grade/Rank: _______________ Date: -------------------- ·Branch Title and Full Address: ~o, a . ·r;-....__"'r~· ') . '?_,)" '-D 'j -~ .)_:):_ _ f(2_'0fr _L I ~o~~ Witnessed by (TOP SECRET" and SECRET only) I Signature: ------------~--------------------------Name: (Block Capitals) Grade/Rank: _______________ Date: ___________________ Tel No: Produced by MOD, DSDA(PC) KYTel. 0117 9376256 '(FOR DR USE ONLY) Astron, J0217876, 11/04
  5. 5. From: Directorate of Air Staff - Freedom of Information 1 MINISTRY OF DEFENCE 5th Floor, Zone H, Main Building, Whitehall, London SW1A 2HB Telephone (Direct dial) (Switchboard) 020 7218 2140 020 7218 9000 (Fax) Your Reference: . . . Our Reference: 01-03-2005-135811-007 Date: 16 March 2005 . I am writing concerning your request for information about an incident of metal debris being discovered on Farmer's land at Llanilar near Aberystwyth on 9 January 1983. Your request has been passed to this Department as we are the focal point within the Ministry of Defence for correspondence regarding UFOs. I have made a search through all the UFO related files we have for the year 1983 and have found no documents relating to this alleged incident. Sorry I could not have been more help. Yours sincerely
  6. 6. Ot- o~-~oS"-13~<)?1' -oo? • , ~;x-f''"'"Y. ._ 3 I M.~ OS . - - --------. ~ ---·-·---·-·-··-- ···-----· -·····---------·- - · - · · - --·-· .. .. ·---- ----- - - ·---···-- _l.w4 __ c 1-- -----·· ----------·-·- . . --- ~---: - --- --··--- ~· · ---- ---------- ------ --- -·- ---- --~--- -- --------------- - ----------- - ----·---- --- ··--------~--------·----~---- ·· ·· :---··· ·--·---- --------------- ·--· ····· · ····· ···---·-····------ ------ -. - ~~~~-== ~ ~--y,_e7flii!~~=~-~==~=:~ _ --====- ••~ --~-~:== ==-== ==~~~-~~---- · =-==--::-cz::.~tf:i£~t~~~=-:_ ::=~==---:li _ I'(_~_ l>.eA~r - ~ dL~ -- --• - - .- __ _ _ _ _ ·--- - -----··· · ~ ---- -~--- -_l'-~-q:f~_£f.~t_~'M'__rjg~€!Jf;}._!-"5.~ . : -·- ~-~- ___ ___ - __ 6!!'1_0ti-J_ f=:. V.J!tJ.eN ____________________ __ __ ---------------------·---------··---~ t-.1~ d ______________ t{: ~ /R~ t.<::7 _ _______________________ _ - - -------~ - -:- -- - -- ----- --··· · · ·----- --------- .. --------------·--··---·-- , ..... ------ - --- ---------------. . - - •.. --·-- ---------- . ---- - ~---c& /:20 ~~-~----/d_~----~-/C,~Jo~~---·--------------- 1 tAo _ __ f!:'h.J:_R/!)2.!"-::;._=_I__# ~ ~ /.J~! ___ . . t:J'Zg ____ -·---·.---·-------- ---- - ____ ____________c~,(,-eQJ______ ____________ _________ ____ ______.................. . ·--- - ------ - -------- ---····-····--· -- - - -_ . d- ____________________________ vr-.~~ ~ ~/?Ct~ t&_ _ 1 ___ ________ _ _ _ _ __ __ -- ~-- - _M_.____-------- .....· ··- -.. .·--------- ·- ·--···-····------------ --·-·- · - --··--------------- ---·--- --···------- ---------_ ·. .. .. --··· - . ...... - --- ns 6://,c 1 -------------- --------------- --------- ---·- ---- --- - ______ - ---------~~- t>lt>so/1 o(20't ---_ ):> /DS~ ( w(2CA _c_.. _____ _ ________ ________________ ___ _ ____ __ _ ____ __ _ __ _ - ····--- ..•. ___ _ ___ ________ _ ___ ___ · - ·- .· . _ _ _ __ ... _ ______ __ _----- ----· --- -_ ______ ------ --··· ___ _ _. _ _ ___ __ __ ----~- --- _ _ _ _ "D /ps rg { r o{wq ___ /t
  7. 7. Applicant: Case Number:17-02-2005-09281 0-001 Expiry: 16 March 2005 The Aoplicant has made the following request for information: The Ministry of Defence received a report of a UFO sighting in the Greenside area of Newcastle upon Tyne. This was in August 2004. I would like any information you have about this, specifically contact details for the person who reported this so I can get in touch with them. Case for release I withholding of information We have already released a list of UFO sightings in 2004 in response to an RFI from The Independent and this is probably where the applicant has heard about this report. This UFO report was passed to us by Northumbria Police and very few details were provided (The for your information). Attached is a draft e-mail informing the details we hold. The applicant also requested contact details for the person who made the report, but these have been withheld in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Authorisation I hereby give authorisation for the release I withholding of the aforementioned information to the Applicant. ;:> . 2_ 1 Grade/Rank: ....... ~ ................. Name: .... . Authorisation Reference Number: DAS-FOI 20/05 .................................... . 1 Date: ......... . .. tf.!. }./ ?J.........................
  8. 8. I am writing concerning your request for information about a UFO sighting in the Greenside area of Newcastle upon Tyne in August 2004. Your request has been passed to this department as we are the focal point within the Ministry of Defence for correspondence about UFOs. I can confirm that the MOD received a letter dated 10 August 2004 from Whickham Police Station informing us that a man from Greenside had contacted Nothumbria Police to report "alien sightings above his address" on the 7 August 2004. Apart from the man's name and address no other details were given. I am sorry that I am unable to provide you with the contact details of the man who made this report because personal data is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998. If this information does not address your requirements or you wish to complain about any aspect of the handling of this request, then you should contact the undersigned in the first instance. Should you remain dissatisfied, then you may apply for an internal review by contacting the Director of Information Exploitation, 6th Floor, MOD Main Building, Whitehall, SW1A2HB. If you are still unhappy following an internal review, you may take your complaint to the Information Commissioner under the provisions of Section 50 of the Freedom of Information Act. Please note that the Information Commissioner will not investigate your case until the MOD internal review process has been completed. Further details of the role and powers of the Information Commissioner can be found on the Commissioner's website, Yours sincerely, Directorate of Air ~~Ill of Information 5th Floor, Zone H. ~ Main Building Whitehall LONDON SW1A2HB 15th March 2005
  9. 9. Internal Transfer - Recipient Acceptance - Edit Request Details Page 1 of2 GxAITESTPTCD1 23 February 05 Received: 16 Feb OS Expiry Date: . . . Status: 'Internal Transfer Workflow Options Internal Transfer Editing the request details will initiate a new search. The new search results will be saved and will replace the existing save search results. View Audit Trail Comments Log Saved Search Result Contact Details Documents Actions Date request received: Applicant Details Title: Other: First Name: *Surname: Assign Within My Group Change Alert Settings Organisation: Edit Request Details Upload Document Applicant Type: Close Case Take Ownership Contact Details (Mailing or email address required) Other: Address Linel: Address Line2: Address Line3: Town/City: Postcode: Country: United Kingdom Email: Telephone: Fax: http:/I aitportal/_Layouts/AIT/Interna1Transfer/Interna1TransferAcceptance.aspx?sn=CN3 RKNT 193,673 0,112 23/02/2005
  10. 10. _. Internal Transfer - Recipient Acceptance - Edit Request Details Page 1 of2 GxAITESTPTCD1 23 February 05 Internal Transfer Workflow Options Internal Transfer View Audit Trail Comments Log Saved Search Result Contact Details Documents Actions Assign Within My Group Change Alert Settings Edit Request Details Upload Document Close Case Take Ownership Editing the request details will initiate a new search. The new search results will be saved and will replace the existing save search results. Request Details Response Format Requested: e:.:.:le::.:c:.;:;tr:..::o;:.;n::.:ic:___ _ _ __, l-:1 Language Requested Welsh *Enter the est for information: On the Ministry of Defence received a report of a UFO sighting in the Greenside area of Newcastle upon Tyne. This was in August 2004. I would like any more information you have about this, specifically contact details for the person who reported this so I can get in touch with them. http:/I aitportal/_Layouts/AIT/Intema1Transfer/Intema1TransferAcceptance.aspx?sn=CN3RKNT 193,6730, 112 23/02/2005
  11. 11. Gateshead Area Command Whickham Police Station Front Street Whickham Log 171 07/08/04 Newcastle upon Tyne NEI6 4HE Tel: Fax: of Defence has contacted Northumbria Police and reported alien sightings above has been reported to Northumbria Police, ,-~ .~ D (DAs(£1[ 1~~Q e~~ AW<Jrckd (o 'P'cellence r 7.
  12. 12. Directorate of Air Staff (Secretariat)!, MINISTRY OF DEFENCE, Main Building, Whitehall, London SWlA 2HB. Telephone (Direct dial) (Switchboard) (Fax) Our Reference D/DAS/01-03-2005-113505-008 Bucks Date 14 March 2005 .~cvzr FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUEST: USAF C-130 HERCULES 63-7789 23 MAY 1969 . A search of the MoD's records has failed to reveal any surviving documentation into the crash of a USAF C-1_30 aircraft offthe coast ofBrighton on 23 May 1969. As the aircraft was from the USAF and the crash was some time ago, may I suggest that you contact the United States National Archive to see if they have any record, although I am unable to advise what their policy is on requests for information from overseas. Their address is : United States National Archive 8601 Adelphi Rd College Park Maryland MD20740-6001 U.S.A. If this information does not address your requirements or you wish to complain about any_ aspect of the handling of this request, then you should contact the undersigned in the first instance. Should you remain dissatisfied, then you may apply for an internal review by contacting the Director of Information Exploitation, 6th Floor, MOD Main Building, Whitehall, SW1A 2HB. If you are still unhappy following an internal review, you may take your complaint to the Information Commissioner under the provisions of Section 50 of the Freedom of Information Act. Please note that the Information Commissioner will not investigate your case until the MOD internal review process has been completed. Further details of the role and powers of the Information Commissioner can be found on the Commissioner's website, I am sorry that I have been unable to provide the information you requested.
  13. 13. Page 1 of 1 11 March 2005 16:45 To: Subject: RE: REQUEST FOR SEARCH Just wanted to update you. Unfortunately this has come back as a nil return. Have you contacted RAF lnnsworth regarding this matter? Kind regards CUSTOMER SERVICES ADVISOR TNT ARCHIVE SERVICES The information contained in this e-mail message and any attachment is for intended recipients only. It may contain confidential, privileged or copyright material. If you receive this e-mail in error please delete it and any attachments and notify the sender immediately by reply e-mail. Any use, reading, copying, distributing or disclosure of the information in this e-mail is strictly prohibited if you are not the intended recipient. Any views expressed in this e-mail are not necessarily those of TNT. TNT does not warrant that this e-mail is free from viruses or other defects. TNT is not liable for any loss, damage or other consequences that may arise from opening or using this e-mail and any attachments. 'TNT' means TNT UK Limited, Registered in England No 1628530, Registered Office: PO Box 99, Railway Street, Ramsbottom, Lancashire, BLO 9BF. 14/03/2005
  14. 14. Page 1 ofl 09 March 2005 15:43 To: AHB(RAF)&PCB(AIR)-Hd of AHB(RAF) Subject: FOI REQUEST - AIR CRASH 1969 I have just received a FOI request for the accident report into a USAF C-130 Hercules (63-7789) off the coast of Brighton on 23 May 1969. The DAS Board of Inquiry Advisors at Bentley Priory have nothing dating back that far. Is there any chance that you might have? 09/03/2005
  15. 15. AIT Main - Processing Options - Edit Request Details Page 1 of2 GxAITESTPTCDI 09 March 05 Received: 01 Mar 05 Expiry Date• ••'e!i 4 Status: Open 15 Workflow Options AIT Main Editing the request details will initiate a new search. The new search results will be saved and will replace the existing save search results. View Audit Trail Comments Log Saved Search Result Contact Details Documents Actions Assign Within My Group Change Alert Settings Edit Request Details Upload Document Close Case Take Ownership Date request received: Applicant Details Title: Other: First Name: *Surname: Organisation: Applicant Type: Other: Contact Details (Mailing or email address required) Address Line!: Address Line2: Address Line3: Town/City: Postcode: Country: IUnited Kingdom Email: Telephone: Fax: http://aitportal/_Layouts/AIT/selectcourse.aspx?sn=CN3RKNT193, 7888,205 09/03/2005
  16. 16. AIT Main - Processing Options - Edit Request Details Page 1 of2 GxAITESTPTCD1 09 March OS Days Left: 15 Workflow Options AIT Main View Audit Trail Comments Log Saved Search Result Contact Details Documents Actions Assign Within My Group Change Alert Settings Edit Request Details Upload Docu ment Close Case Take Ownership Editing the request details will initiate a new search. The new search results will be saved and will replace the existing save search results. Request Details Response Format Requested: ~.:e:.:.:le::.::c::::tr:.::o::.:.;n:.:.:ic=------....l l Language Requested D Welsh est for information: of USAF C-130 Hercules 63-7789 off the coast of Brighton on 23rd May 1969. email held with info access helpdesk http://aitportaV_Layouts/AIT/selectcourse.aspx?sn=CN3RKNT193, 7888,205 09/03/2005
  20. 20. ., . From:Directorate o 1r ta -Freedom of Information MINISTRY OF DEFENCE 5th Floor, Zone H, Main Building, Whitehall, London Telephone (Direct dial) (Switchboard) 020 7218 2140 020 7218 9000 Ermail (Fax) das-ufo-office @mod.w ~~~~· Your Reference Our Reference 08-02-2005-134919-023 Pt'lt.eMarch 2005 Dear I am writing in response to your further request for information about UFOs. I note from your message to our Info-Access Office that you were unable to locate an e-mail address on my previous letter. As in my previous letter, my e-mail address is at the head of this letter under my postal address. I will answer your requests in the same order as your message. 1. The Ministry of Defence no longer holds any papers from the Flying Saucer Working Party which was set up in 1950. All of the surviving documents are now at The National Archives (TNA). Please see paragraph 4 of my previous letter for their address and website details. The final report of the Flying Saucer Working Party is also available on the MOD Freedom of Information Publication Scheme (www as advised in my previous letter, but for ease of reference I enclose a copy for your information. 2. The oldest surviving records of UFO sighting reports made to the Ministry of Defence are held at The National Archives. A search of The National Archives online catalogue has revealed records entitled "Unidentified Flying Objects" covering the period 1 January 1951-31 December 1951 (TNA reference DEFE44/119) and another entitled" Unidentified Flying Object SightingsReports by members of the public" covering the period 1961-1963 (TNA reference AIR 2/16918). The most recent UFO sighting report was received on 2 March 2005 for a sighting on 20 February 2005 and I attach a copy. Personal data about the person who made this report has been removed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. As explained in my previous letter, the MOD does not investigate these reports or attempt to identify the precise nature of each report we receive. In this case, we consider that this report provides no evidence of a threat to UK airspace. 3. Officials produce briefs for Ministers every time they are asked a question in The House of Lords or The House of Commons and there have been a number about UFOs over the years. Government departments do not retain records indefinitely and those that are considered to no longer be of historic or administrative value, are routinely destroyed. The MOD holds one file regarding parliamentary correspondence in 1977-1978 and then there are no surviving records until1994. Records since 1994 have been retained, but to produce copies of all these records would exceed the £600 limit set for compliance with the Freedom of Information Act and as provided by Section 12 of the Act, the Ministry of Defence is not obliged to comply with your request. If however, you could be more specific about the information you are seeking, within in
  21. 21. _Mhe period for which we hold records, we may be able to assist you. You may also like to view Whe UK Parliament Website at which contains information about parliamentary business. In addition, you requested papers on The House of Lords Debate held in 1979. Please find enclosed a copy of the Debate as it appeared in Hansard, together with copies of the surviving background papers. Personal data has been removed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Original security and confidence marks have also been removed as they are now irrelevant. 4. I have located only one occasion when a Minister has been briefed on the MOD's interest in UFOs since 1997. There are no indications within our files that this action was taken specifically because the Minister was new to Defence, although Peter Kilfoyle MP replaced The Rt Hon John Spellar MP in 1999 and it is possible that this was the reason for such action. I enclose a copy of this brief for your information. Personal data has been removed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. 5. The MOD has not corresponded with Mr Coates about his book. 6. Please find attached a copy of the known surviving papers held by the MOD regarding the Grenada delegation to the United Nations proposal to establish a working group to evaluate UFO reports in 1978. Again personal data and security I confidence markings have been removed. 7. We know of no surviving information concerning the appointment of Mr Carruthers or Air Commodore Davis to S4(Air). Letters to individuals about their postings are personal and not held on Departmental UFO files. This branch is the successor to S4(Air) and branch posts have evolved since S4(Air) became DS8 around 1978. We hold no details of the original job descriptions of these posts. 8. We are not aware of any information about UFOs generated by the Scientific and Technical Intelligence Staff in 1967 which has been retained in the MOD. Any surviving information from this period will now be held at The National Archives. 9. The MOD does not hold any files specifically about UFO sightings at RAF Lakenheath. The only file the MOD holds about a sighting at RAF Bentwaters refers to the well known Rendlesham Forest incident in 1980. All of this information has been released into the MOD Freedom oflnformation Publication Scheme ( ). A search under 'Rendlesham Forest' will take you straight to them. 10. Records have not been compiled ofUFO related files destroyed between 1956 and 1967. Files would have been destroyed as part of the MOD's normal destruction policy, generally 5 years after the last action was taken. We believe the 1967 decision to recommend the preservation ofUFO reports for The National Archives was taken in S4(Air) because of the public interest in the subject at the time. We know of no formal agreement with The National Archives either in 1967 or since which guarantees the preservation of any particular class of information, which is at the discretion of The National Archives. Any surviving records generated in 1967 are now at open for viewing at The National Archives. 11. The MOD no longer holds any UFO records for 1972. Surviving records of this period are held at The National Archives and a search of their catalogue has revealed a file entitled "UFOs: Man Alive Programme BBC2 1971-72". The National Archives reference is AIR2/19119. I hope this is useful. If this information does not address your requirements or you wish to complain about any aspect of the handling of this request, then you should contact this department in the first instance. Should you remain dissatisfied, then you may apply for an internal review by
  22. 22. • ontacting the Director of Information Exploitation, 6th Floor, MOD Main Building, Whitehall, W1A2HB. If you are still unhappy following an internal review, you may take your complaint to the Information Commissioner under the provisions of Section 50 of the Freedom of Information Act. Please note that the Information Commissioner will not investigate your case until the MOD internal review process has been completed. Further details of the role and powers of the Information Commissioner can be found on the Commissioner's website, http://www Yours sincerely,
  23. 23. AUTHORISATION FOR THE RELEASE OF INFORMATION Applicant: Case Number: 08-02-2005-134919-023 Expiry:4 March 2005 The Applicant has made the following request for information: This is a follow up request to vague about the information following information. 1•. All of the papers produced by the Flying Saucer Working Party on UFOs, set up in August 1950, including any civil servant or ministerial memos on the establishment of the committee. 2: The first ever and most recent UFO sighting report lodged in the MOD files, with the conclusions of the assessment. 3.-Any briefing produced for Ministers answering written or oral questions on UFO I Flying Saucers in The House of Lords, including the debate held in 1979, and in replies to Earl of Clancarty. 4. Any briefing for incoming Defence Ministers in the present Government since 1997 on answering PQs on UFOs/ Flying Saucers. 5. Any correspondence between the MOD and Tim Coates, the author of 'UFOs in the House of Lords' published by TSO in April2000, in connection with his book. 6. All correspondence and internal memos associated with the UK's UN mission decision not to support the Grenada delegation to the UN proposal to establish a working group on UFOs to the 33rd Session of the UN General Assembly in September 1978. 7. The appointmentJ~tt~rs of James Carruthers and Air Commodore Anthony Davis DSO DFM respectively to S4(Air), the Air Staff Secretariat, with the job description to which each worked. 8. The letter by Archibald Potts, as the Director of Scientific and Technical Intelligence and head of the MOD's Defence Intelligence Staff, in 1967 to the British Embassy in Washington DC in respect of a meeting held in London with an American researcher, Robert Low, on UFOs. 9. Any file on UFO sightings at RAF Lakenheath-Bentwaters.
  24. 24. 10. A list of the titles and dates of any UFO related files destroyed by the MOD, or its predecessor ministries, since 1956 and the note by the head of S4(Air) dated December 1967 connected with such file destruction. 11 . Any briefing produced for - before or after - the BBC TV programme 'Man Alive' on UFOs as broadcast in February 1972.
  25. 25. Case for release of information 1. All the surviving papers on the Flying Saucer Working Party are now in The National Archives {TNA). The final report of the W~ is also in the Publication Scheme (PS). I have printed a copy foror ease of reference. 2. The oldest surviving UFO sighting report is in TNA. There is no reason not to release a copy of the most recent report. A copy is attached Personal data has been removed in accordance with the Data Protection 1998 (DPA98). 3. To produce copies of any briefing produced for Ministers answering PQs would exceed the £600 limit. The applicant has been advised of what records we hold and asked to clarify what information he is seeking. Copies of the surviving papers on the House of Lords debate on UFOs in 1979 have already been released to as part of a Code of Practice request, so there is no reason not to release these documents toCopies are attached. Personal data has been removed in accordance with DPA98. As the original security and privacy markings are not now relevant they have also been removed. 4. I have only been able to locate one document that might be relevant to this request and a copy is attached for~here is no indication on our file as to why USofS was briefed at this time, but Peter Kilfoyle MP replaced John Spellar in 1999 and that may have been the reason. All of the information contained within this document (including the paragraph about~s already in the public domain, so the only redaction required is personal data at the end of the brief. 5. Tim Coates' website contains details of the book mentioned by (see attached). Mr Coates has not corresponded with us or AHB(PCB)Air about his book. Mr Coates is not a civil servant or member of the Armed Forces (as far as we are aware) so he would not need to clear his book with the MOD. The book appears to be a transcript of the House of Lords debate which appeared in Hansard. 6. Copies of these papers have already been released t~ in response to a Code of Practice request, so there is no re~se them to ~Copies are attached. Personal data has been removed in accordance with DPA98. Original security and privacy markings have also been removed. 7. S4(Air) became DS8 around 1978.1t is possible that ~as seen Mr Carruthers and Air Commodore Davis names in files open at TNA. We hold no records about their appointments or job descriptions. 8. Any records generated by the Scientific and Technical Intelligence Staff in 1967 about UFOs will now be at TNA.
  26. 26. 9. We do not hold any files specifically about UFO sightings at RAF Lakenheath. The only one about sightings at RAF Bentwaters, is the Rendlesham Forest file and this is already in the PS. 10. There are no records or UFO related files destroyed between 1956 and 1967. If there is any surviving records about the decision in 1967 to retain or destroy records this will now be at TNA. 11 . Surviving records for 1972 are at TNA. A search of TNA catalogue has shown a relevant file. The applicant has been advised. I attach a draft letter and the all the relevant documents for your authorisation. Authorisation I hereby give authorisation for the release of the aforementioned information to the Applicant. Grade/Rank: ..... ~.~ ............ Name: .. Authorisation Refience Number: DAS-FOI17/05 ................................... .. Date: ....... .l. ~ .J. ~ ... ~:?. ........................... .
  27. 27. 08-02-Q.oos-- t:S4-£f t q-o2~ !E'><.p~~-· 4~~ ... behalf of Info-Access-Office Categories: discuss before logging, Other You will remember that I called you yesterday regarding lllllllllllll He wanted to know where his response was. My email reply is attache~ response to me. We are leaving it to you to decide whether this is a new request, a point of clarification or a complaint. Is this something you could discuss with him? It has not been logged on the Toolkit. Happy to discuss this further. Regards -----Original Message---From: [mailto Sent: 2005 11: To: Info-Access-Office Subject: FOI INFORMATION REQUEST 03-02-2005-144105-023 Dear I am responding to your e-mail dated 3 February, in connection with my FOI request on UFOs. I did indeed receive form of a page and a half long letter signed by· :a:J!!!!!!!~!! I would like my ,... with copies of primary documents, not summaries or extracts prepared by This e-mail constitutes my response to the questions she raised in her letter. As she gives no e-mail address, could you forward this to her for processing? I would like posted to me in paper form as part of my refined request: information 1. All of the papers produced by the Working Pary on UFOs, set up in August 1950, including any civil servant or ministerial memos on the establishment of the committee. 2. The first ever, and most recent UFO sighting report lodged in MOD files, withthe ~~onclusions of the assessment. 3 Any briefing produced for ministers answering written or oral questions on UFOs/Flying Saucers in The House of Lords, including a debate held in 1979, and in replies to the Earl of Clancarty. 4.Any briefing for incoming Defence ministers in the present Government since 1997 on answering PQs on UFOs/Flying saucers. 5. Any correspondence between the MOD and Tim Coates, the author of 'UFOs in the House of Lords' published by TSO in April 2000, in connection with his book. 6.All correspondence and internal memos associated with the UK 's UNffi!ssion decision 1 not to support the Grenada delegation to the UN proposal to establish a working group _ UFOs to the 33rd Session of the UN General Assembly in September 1978. on y. The appointment letter of James Carruthers and Air Commodore Anthony Davis, DSO 7 DFM respectively to S4 (Air), the Air Staff Secretariat, with the job description to which each worked. ~~~ !>~l. 1'1"R 171 ~ The letter by Archibald Potts, as the Director of Scientific and Technical Intelligence and head of MOD's Defence Intelligence Staff, in 1967 to the British Embassy in Washington DC .in respect of a meeting held in London 1
  28. 28. with an American researcher, Robert Low, on UFOs. File on UFO sightings at RAF Lakenheath-Bentwaters. ~ ist of the titles and dates of any UFO-related files destroyed by the MOD, or 10 its redecessor ministeries, since 1956. And the note by the head of S4 (Air) dated December 1967 connected with such file destruction. 11 ~ Any briefing produced for- before or after- the BBC TV programme 'Man Alive• on UFOS as broadcast in February1972. - liJ A AI Y( 7.--f I lA FOS: ~o..~ P'(wW·t-te .• ~» tct ( 'i - I hope you can respond ASAP, certainly in less than 21 days. sincerely 2 A( rve.. e.~"- ~q ?f~ 77.. 1..
  29. 29. behalf of Info-Access-Office Categories: Enquiry about expired case Further to your email below, I have checked the status of your request and have been informed by the Directorate of Air Staff that a response has indeed been dispatched to you within the 20 working days. It has been sent out as a letter, as you requested that you receive your information in hard copy format. Therefore the letter should be with you in the next day or so. If however, you prefer that we email the response, please let us know and we will be happy to do so. Kind Regards -----Original Message----From: [] Sent: 03 February 2005 11:40 To: Info-Access-Office Subject: FOI INFORMATION REQUEST 03-02-2005-144105-023 Below is the result of your feedback form. 2005 at 11:39:55 It was submitted on Thursday, February 3, FirstName LastName: occupation: enter your occupation Company: your company/organisation Address1: City: Stoneleigh State: Surrey Zip: Country: United Kingdom e-mail telephone: enter your telephone number preferred format: hardcopy infosubject: I made an application to you for MOD files on UFOs. I gather from press reports that several newspapers have had their UFOs application replied to, yet tehy must haveapplied on the same date as me. I have heard nothing yet, but the 20 day limit has expired. Can you let me know why I have not yet had my reply? And can you do so ASAP. Financial Times, February 3, 2005 MoD's alien files are out of this world 1
  30. 30. By JEAN EAGLESHAM and CATHY NEWMAN Th~Files have been opened: in a victory for ufo-logists everywhere, the man from th~inistry not only admits he has an open mind about the existence of extra- terrestrial lifeforrns but also keeps a careful tally of UFO sightings. Following a request under the Freedom of Information Act by the Financial Times, the Ministry of Defence has revealed it remains "totally open-minded" about the possibility that life exists beyond Earth. The MoD has released a detailed log of reported unidentified flying object sightings. "Strange lights were seen in the sky" in Whitstable, Kent, just over two weeks ago the same night a member of the public reported a "flying saucer" over Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire and a "sighting" at Chatteris, Cambridgeshire. More exotic alien encoun-ters were recorded last year. "A square red object, pinkish at the front" was spotted in Strathclyde, Ayr, on January 2; a "chewy mint shaped" object was seen in the night sky above Nelson, Lancashire, in May; and a "large black object" was identified in Rhyl, Clwyd, in February. A diligent ufologist from Surrey gave a detailed eye-witness account in May, noting that "grooves and windows could be seen and no room for humans to fit within it". The same month "a bright, pulsing, spider- looking object" appeared at King's Lynn, Norfolk, and the MoD was even contacted by someone from Sri Lanka in March puzzled by an orange "ring doughnut". A letter from the MoD's directorate of air staff explains that it examines all UFO sightings it receives "solely to establish whether what was seen might have some defence significance". It adds: "Only a handful of reports in recent years have warranted further investigation and none revealed any evidence of a threat." But, in an aside that will hearten conspiracy theorists, the letter stresses that the MoD "remains totally open-minded" as to "the question of the existence or otherwise of extra-terrestrial lifeforrns". This approach may explain why the MoD has not always confined its work on extraterrestrials to recording sightings. In 1950, a working party set up by the MoD "to investigate the flying saucer phenomenon" reported to the joint technical intelligence committee. The MoD letter does not detail verbatim the spy chiefs' reaction to this report on alien life forms. But they presumably decided the spooks would be better employed in the cold war - the letter states that the intelligence committee decided the working party should be dissolved. The government also refused to back a 1978 attempt by the Grenadian delegation to the United Nations to establish an international working group to evaluate UFO reports, the letter states. "The British delegation did not think that such an agency was appropriate to the function of the UN." The MoD admitted the documents are a fraction of the thousands of records of alleged alien visits. The truth is out there: declassified reports of UFO sightings reveal 88 sightings last year By Robert Verkaik, Legal Affairs Correspondent 03 February 2005 Details of Britain's most recent UFO sightings are revealed in previously secret documents disclosed to The Independent . The files, released under the Freedom of Information Act, show that, last year, the Ministry of Defence's UFO unit received 88 reports from military staff and members of the public worried about unexplained objects in our skies. The classified files help to complete a picture of the scale of UFO sightings first revealed by this paper last month. These updated "X-files" show the most recent observations were made on 15 January this year following two separate reports from Chatteris, Cambridgeshire, and Whitstable, Kent. The reports refer to "strange lights seen in the sky" . Other sightings give more detail. A report from Devizes in Wiltshire on 24 September last year records an object that: "Looked liked a big ball of fire corning down from 2
  31. 31. the sky with a tail and sparks coming off the end of it." Another, from Somerset the w~~efore, states: "The object looked like a great bright light and was really in e, like a ball of fire coming down from the sky, rapidly moving towards the gro nd." Although such reports might be discounted as meteor showers or other astronomical phenomena, other sightings are not so easy to dismiss. A report from Surrey on 20 May last year describes a UFO as having "grooves and windows" but no room for humans. Even the MoD inspector notes that the "witness had seen the object so clearly". Many of the other sightings refer to UFO's changing colour, speed and shape. The most common colours are yellow, orange or black. A report from Goole, East Yorkshire, recorded in April last year, noted: "The object looked like a boomerang and was stationary over a power station. An aircraft was circling the object." In the same month, a UFO observer from Seaforth, Merseyside, noted: "I saw a UFO with a cluster of four bright lights in a ring shape on it. Three beams of white light shone upwards and disappeared." These latest files to be declassified by the MoD are not as complete as reports from mid-1976 and 1977 released last month. Hundreds of documents previously kept secret by the Ministry of Defence's special UFO department, known as S4F, detail many reports of a possible visit by extraterrestrial life-forms. One is made by an RAF pilot and two NCOs at RAF Boulmer, Northumberland. In July 1977 Flt-Lt AM Wood reported "bright objects hanging over the sea''. The MoD document adds that the RAF officer said the closest object was "luminous, round and four to five times larger than a Whirlwind helicopter". The UFOs were reported to be three miles out to sea at a height of about 5,000ft. The officer, whose report is supported by Cpl Torrington and Sgt Graham, said: "The objects separated. Then one went west of the other, as it manoeuvred it changed shape to become body-shaped with projections like arms and legs." The report describes FltLt Wood as "reliable and sober". That account was deemed so sensitive to the national interest that the MoD had delayed its release for an extra three years. But under the Freedom of Information Act, which came into force on 1 January, the file has been declassified submit: Send Form 3
  32. 32. Page 1 ofl Tim Coates books • UFOs in the House of Lords, 1979 Pub Date Price ISBN Format 2000 6.99 UK, $10.95 US 0-11-702413-9 Paperback, 185 x 112 mm, 7¥1 x 4¥2 inches The winter of 1978/79 in Britain was a time of strikes and unrest. It became known as the "winter of discontent". Yet it seems that the House of Lords had other more important things to discuss. The book is the transcript of a debate in the House of Lords which took place in February 1979. Their Lordships debated the need for an international initiative in response to the problem of Unidentified Flying Objects. There were several notable speeches from noble lords and distinguished prelates. "Is it not time that Her Majesty's Government informed our people of what they know about UFOs? The UFOs have been coming in increasing numbers for 30 years since the war, and I think it is time our people were told the truth. We have not been invaded from outer space. Most incidents have not been hostile. Indeed it is us, the earthlings, who have fired on them. . . . Whatever the truth is, I am sure that an informed public is a prepared one. Another thing: it is on record that both sighting and landing reports are increasing all the time. Just suppose the 'ufonauts' decided to make mass landings tomorrow in this country- there could well be panic here, because our people have not been prepared." back f]6 ~< 4~J tJck~k 04/03/2005
  33. 33. ., (Jo . {. •
  34. 34. ; . I· l.,j COV-ENT THIS DOCUMENT IS Til£ PROPERTY OF UJB . o·.,SOR.EET.·~~~o ~,:: . "·. SECRET ~Nifll~NT~Jrmu o' ·i, - onJE~rs · · <· ~ - I'LYING ~ep~rt _Pa~ty ~ · . . by tbc." Flying Saucer". Working .. · .· . ltatroduct1on: lllstor~cal · . I. Unidentified llying obj!:Cls• were fitstreported after the vat from Sweden in the summer of 1946,;and for sortie Jllonths·lhere was·a considerabl~ number of alleged sightings, mostly in Sweden, but a few also in Norway, ~inland and Germany. The descriptions given were usually or som~ sort of wingless missile travelling at very high speed, cigar-shaped:or circular, sotnetintes emitting bright lights, ana occasionally ·sound; The· reports attracted considerable ·aueiJtion· in llle Jlress, where the objects became known ·.al " ghost rockets " or·" spopk bombs." The reports died away afte~ t.h~ summ~r·9f1946, and:very few have aprare~.~ince the end of that year.. ·' · · ·· · . 2. "ftying cam(from-the-.tiriited in 1947; .the ilame ar~ beCause. .. (Mr.,-~, Arn~>l~•. of s;nse~ IdM,q} d~i~ed what he hl!d ·_sccri ·as a·~ s~ucer;like di~." .The report recpived much J!ublimty, and was·quickly·followed by.a·gr~t·many more.·· Smce lllcn reports of saghtings hate been m!ldc at intervals' in: 14r~ ·numbers; mostly· from the Unit~~ States, but some from other· parts of th«fWdtld, inchiding Great' Britain, where .tll~r'e was a notable outbreak during the ·summer:~nd· !llltumn of· 1950. · he' ..objec~ reported have become popularly known by' the· generic title " Hying s ucers!" · b'ut the des~riptiQns.giv.en.hfL11'~~-Q<;IIIded not.only.IJyin.g disc·lik~ Qbjects of. the original "saucer" type, b!lt also wjrig~Fss tqrpe~il:u>r (;igar·s~ped ·bodies, pherical or ballo~il-shaped objects, and lummous phenome~a ol vanous ~yp«;!S._ ··Tli~ reported ·ob~~~tion~ -~~Y~.-~~n. :almost exclusively· :Yisual; reports of am.y associated sound have been rare. In no, case ··h!IS. any. tangible, aterial, or objective evidence, been submitted. It is therefore extremely difficult, i ,not. impossible, to arrive_ at anything like scientific proof of the nature of the pheromena. The.first.~~rt.of.a 1. · Stfl~ J~e s~uqei" · ·i: Review of previous evidence · · . · ·.. · . · · · . 4. A systemati<; -and"extensive inv.estigation of all the reported ·ncidents in the' United States was carried out between 1948 ·and 195.0 by· the U.~.~.f., in corijun~tion with !h!' ~and Corporation,, D.r. Hynek; a ~ell.:kn~~~--~-~~!JJ..Q.m_ Ohio State Umvers1ty, and other spec1abst consultants. · . --:--:------we have ~n enab.led l? ·st~dy :tw;o ·!epotis (Project ... · i~n ~· aqd ProJect~. Qrudge "l~~mY..CJ.UR.allQILQUnci,dehts_:up to the . gm~uig'o_C_ _ __ 12ft._ _ Oc.-~tz.1'wiJ ,. I~[;TIINEr:)' ONilGFit ij SCCTlOi!3(tl) CoiiQ!:s: -~n · ... : 1 ~-m"-: -;~·.,.; . :,; : u : .. :a••• th~ ~can~inavJan · s1~hti~t~s .~~ ~.946, Project I "?r.ud~~ - "I 1, • •J reports is " The Swedish Defence Stall' cijndUcled a· comprehensive stu~y I!Jf ·lhe1t!arly incidents. Several thousand reports were thoroughly investigated ahd plotted, with resultant '"onclusion&- thatall.evidence obWned-or sightings wa~ explicable in terms o( astronomical_-phenomena."· • · . . .. · · · . "l: .. · · 6.. pcali~g with· te,ports· fto~i"UJ~:.Uni_tect :stat~;· ~roj~t ... O!ud~ ·• q~otea the opm10n of- the Rand -Corporation after an exam1t1abon of I 72 Jrtci;itts :· " to date, we have ·round nothing ·whlciLWoutd· seriously controvert simp e·'ratlonill explanations of lll~ vati.~us ph~~~~~en; irl.terms of b~lo9ris!. cb'riven,io _I ·, planets. meteors, ~Its of-paper; optlcaiJ~lusn,,ns,-Pr!lc.t!ca! )oke.~s;psychoiptl;lolqg•.qal· · 1-eports and the like " · ' . · · ·. · · · · ·· .. · ' .· ·· · · · · ' · · ·' Hynek· inv~tigat~·-2~8 _i~.tid~nl$. ~n~ COiiclude<f~hil_t' al)prbxima eiy. .JJ. JJ«?r cent. were;: astrorttJ~tu:~I-~Ut: -~rylf~tdeg~ees _or ~roba~I!Ity:;_37 per_ ceo . were npt as~onom11:al but suggesti~e of o.t~eD.:_~itplanations, S!JCli as_ blJ.'~~; rocke , bal!o.ons, ordinary aarcraft, &<:.i the: reman~mg· 30 per cent eJther·'lacked suffici«W evidence or. the. evidc:nee offe~ sugge&tdd no eitpla~iitij)rqliqugh ·.SQm~ ol 't1t~· mig~t coliceiv.ably be- astronorruc:al::· ... ,., .. , ·.•.. ·. . :. v .....,.,;... ·' · . · · .· 1 .. : . . . :. . . .. ' ,: ~ .:. :,_ ·~· .: :: .'".'..· .. ·. ·. D;. 40744 SECRET 0JS·o;a£i~:·T ~ .· B ...... I
  35. 35. ,, U.lSUJ~'liE/l" · . :~:5~i:~ilfi:.r·:·. :. . .. r.; ., · 'f· ·· Sih1unirig ·'up. tlieit''oiJn' co~~iiJsions ~~J'th~s~' .~rheit::iJnsU'itJtn'd; 'the 'aii~Jl9ts 1 .. ~f .t!')e ." .G~qdge,'~ r,ep9rt finqiiY, .. COf!Clld~ 1tha~!·-9~· ~h~. ~.~~. i!J~id.e"~.s. ~Q~idcr~, : thirty. m~s~. ~:,d~~~ga~4.ed .fQ'. ~ck,,«?ta ~'!~J.C~blr··,tY)~.!:tlf9; _ Wltll¢, t~ t~im .!>e. s~tls­ .'f~~·~ori/Y ~.P.Ia•~· ;.For ~be'~nl~!l~ ~f, th~ff.Y~~w~.~!,lt~!~!~IPI.ome e~·d~n% ~here '.is· no' 8j>pafent ready: c~tpla,.a~IQ!l; .If. t~. ~V14¢.nce I~ .accep~Cd· .as...~ccuratc. ~nd reliabl~. · W~Cl!l· psJ<::holo~lcal..iind physiol~gical. fa~9i'far,e t~~~~Jnto eon~id~rafipp, ..t~e. ,i?Pl~lq~ ~~ ~~P,~~ ,th~~ all.t.h~.J~CJ~en~.~~ alsO b,~;,~~~.~ii~If~·~~p~~~~~~~·· ··;: ·.··.: · V .. ~Wth~: 1,11orc: ,speeta~u.Iar ~nc;idenlli;'_of.~l~ich:-·roucl .h.· ~~. :b~~ ·' ·ade' ~e¢en. · m·~e Br~llsh•pr~.a!i~;·p~b!~catiQ~s; h,ave.. ~.~!l:fpli,Y'.~xplamC:d;:· wo examples -'ma:y be quoted.'.} "! ..· • · ..• , ·.· ..... ·. . . . . •'·t· .. · ·.· · · ·. ' · .. · · · : ··' ·> ·· .The mcide~t"at Fort Knox; Kentucky,·' in jiu~1,1ary· i ~48; which ~a~sed. the de~th .. ·.of Lieutenli,nt ~a~t,c;ll, U.S.A.F., is fully analysed,.and all the evide~ collated in the·''.Grudge ·,~:repoi't.' . ·The conclusion IS reached that without any d ubt whatever .. Lieutenant .'M&!)net ~!a. deat.~ whil.e ,Pl,lrs.l,l.':'!lUhe planet Venus, ·chich was of · ··unusual brJghtness:on·the.mght.Jn ,qpestiQq.... , .. . . · · ... . We have' been informed, in'oonvei'saliori with a member of the nited States .. jnvestigating.•team, Jha~ the even mQre sensational report of the ~tscoverv· or a . crashed ".flying·.saucer,~· full of the·remains of·very small beings, jas ultimately ·admitted by its ·author to have been a eomplete fabrica.tion: · . . · . •>', 8; ,,. The." Grudge··~ report,1ncludes a '' fr~!e~cy. distribution ~curve of the r~~rts of.incideMs reeeived betw.een May·l947 and December 1948. This shows a ·marked tendency' towards ~aks in the few weeks immediately followi g an incident .·which ·received wide. publicity, and is of interest in indicating the e ent to which · sighlings·may be 'psychological in origin. · . 'J:h~· ·~9ai .~opclusion rea~hed by. the. Alt}ericans. is that reports. of unidenll!i~. ll)?ng ,o~jpcts may be categoncal as c:1ther· . I .-'' 0> ·misinterpre~atiori of various conventional objects (e,g•• air aft; balloons, .·, ·• ., •. :: ':i. meteors··or·meteorites, stars, ~r¢balls); .. · · · · ' · · ·· · · '· · · :(2)i·a:fornf9fmais=hysteria; or · · · · 1·: ,,,, (3);delibetate'h01ixcs> · . : ···:.. ·.-: · tly 'II . '·,.: .9:: :' . '· . ~ ', • • ' j . ::: : ;: ':; .... • .. : I!: • •. ·• ···; ~ :' • : ·.~ ' • •: t • • • 1.. ·-.·•:..... -.:·,,. '.·1' . . • •' • ·. ~.lnve11igation .of ;incirJfi.I#S in • . I ; ' I ,' . : ! ' • f f • I r • . .. the United Kingdom ,.. .. •:--.dO:.. During·the summer and autumn of.1950 the British press gav considerable • . publicity·t.o reports·of·aUeg~ $ightinJS of l~minous !thigh ~Peed· usually after dark, but occassonally 1n dayh~ht. . ·The. A1r MmJStry.: a so receaved •a •,number of letters .(rom. members. of.the pubhc· with similar reports. .One or these, . .. from· a<~oeomoti~~'!ir~m~!l·al ·Oetby, .:who .w.s · clearly. ·a careful and accurate .. obser~er, ·gave ;an; exceJI,c;nt.descri.Pt!on .Of],Wh.~t. war.·undoubt~ly a:meteorite. We . have'not'attenip(C4.any'systematiC IOVCStlgatlon Of 1Jl the'eVJdence presented, but ·''can'find no ~n· for'Supposing.tllat any of the· phenomena repo~ed cannot be ,. similBrl,r e~plainCd j 'in certqin cases; .when observations were repor at. approxi. ~,Dlate!y ·t!te·.sll,me 'tim~ '{rom· widely sepatated localities, this was un oubtedly the •' explanation . •'. . . . . r: •'. · ·•: : • -· • •• • : ':- ' ';~, ~ · ,, . . II.· Three mc~de11ts were reported officially by experienc;C:d officers from .• R.A.F. Stations••. These have been mvestjgated in a$ mpch detail as· is possible with reports of visual observations. .. . . . . , .. ··-...12, . On Jst·June;'l9SO; the pilot of a Meteor•rep9rted on· landing at''rangmere , · that at·li130, while Hying at 2.0,000 feet on 11n easterl:y course ·overt~. Portsmouth area, he had sighted aq pbject ~ravelling·at very high·.speed on a reci rocal course, · 1;000--2,000 r~t above'him and rougbly 1,200 yards ~-sJarboard:.·. H described the .. object aS 'circular', a!ld or' bright. inetalli~ appear'ani:e'.- Jie ·could' not give any real ~estim1ll~ of'its speed~' but ~hought'it'.~ight'bt.about 800 knots. :He had·observed · .lit 'for'ab'()lit!J)~~econds.:(Jurln'g·whictt:pertod' he;h~(l; rooked' awaY: td: J!Ort and :back . T! , , ·: '• 0 0 I I > • • • • ··~:~~~~':/a!.J!;~!~~i1$~tr~:$ l~::~~~~¥,~~~R:~.;;~;~;j#~:~~·· ~;~r~: ;,~t6'~~~ . ;tha~ 1lt·'l8tiout the ·11ame 't1tne'·11s··tne ·p1lofsrespoii$k·oif'the·.P;P.t ·:'w icli·and· ·three ·repqrr '"the·· Du'y Contttoer ·a.,~d • 1 . 1 ~raijar•opeta~~rs:•h&a :'ob~i:'ve~· •-n·~~~usuat;: ;;to be'·due~'io<~·.·~rget~ m«?ving'it;: 1,~00-'1~65() 'laio~~ 'fit.St~··a'pprpilc il)g:·and 1then . ::.reCcdiii$' troiD. t~t '~tat~~n:·f The~·c~ntto~Jc,(sta:tC~cqhat{tlic ~res~nse>'~ll~k~(i: ~o be 'vef'Y' t~lclt.-lea'vmg·morc~a!tetglow ~liar!' a· u~ual'response:behind!':··:rrne~operator, observ10g ~n a se~M'rate dssplay, sa1d that .It was '.,slim, short'·11nd ·weaker than ·~· -,,.. . '·;. ·:·.··s:E;;&~·;r, ..... ;, · j~···~.· -~-:·:·,··,,, . . '"I ' · l :·. .'• ... 1 ... : :m•SB~'EET . I ')'
  36. 36. 3 . ~!fr~t,:! a":~}~)~~;~:~~r-~c;~,~f ;·. ~1~~4~w~;: ~~4n, ,. , .. , ... ,1, ,· , • • •· ·I····· • ~~~~r,~~·ill·~~~.s~'.~.?.~·l~~.~ .suf.Cessive ,·•,1 ·I .. .. ,.,,f. 1•,, ,. 1 1, ~. ~~~~~~~:1~:~:~~~nt~~~~,~~~~~t l~~~~~;~z~f~~fi!'~~:~ili:iC:: ·~ra~d:~~~:: .r ' I' I. ' i .: ' )0 ,: .. :l ! I ,. ! r; !: 1·; I. I ' l' t ; . ~p.conn!lCljon betwc;c;n .th~ ,unusq!ll. P J.. ~e~P)1se,an<l .tllc;-p_ilofs vi~ullli"Qbservation. , ;;,;i,;We )>elieve: tl,la~:.ti,e, r! .r~pon~e.. cal),be,ve.ry,._sirnJ?IY.el!Piai'lljd asAue,,to antc;rference from another transmitter, a phenomenon wh1cb has;,.,_~n; fr~uen~Jy . ~bserved, and w,hjch. is;descri~. in.'c;Jetail-in.Appt:ndi~ .t,. ;IJ.: ia;}mptsible to be entirely definite about the. pilot's report. Assumipg that _!l~; 'Ya~: np . mc.rely the victim of an optical illusion, the most probable ex,)lanaion,• wli1ch is orne out ,by his. 4escription o( the objeCt. as "circular;". hnplymg a:sp~i!ri~l .~~Y.~,j~,.thai he saw a meteorological ball~n and l'reat~y over-estima~.i~,s~. :W... can find . no reaso.n what~ for adopting any Jess s1mple hypo~hes!~·. ,:. :11 : . ; •·.• • ·.. , ••• • • : · I 3. Tbe remaining two incidents were reported . froin the R;yal: ·Aircraft Establishment, Farnborougb, and the officers concernei:P ~re'! in erviewed by membersofthisWorking·Party._ · .. -~·.• r.·~;!n·,.•ll.' _,..., , · · .F I Lt.. Hubba(d, 8!1 experienced pilot; said that a_t ll27,..~~ ,14th tugust, 1950, he and two other ollicers ..on the airfield .beard· a subltPW..~h.u~ing .noise,Jike1 a mOdel Diesel ~~t.o.r,.wbich caused them to search the sky ,9Y.erhe.4 ..•.The weat.her was.fine and vJstl;>dtty good. The other two o~cers saw. m>tl)l!l&l ,bt.itF,/!lrd, who alone was wearing sun-glasses, states that he sawi,·a}rnQst .d•r~tly,.qyerbead at first sigbtinJ.. an. object wbich_he·~escribes ~a ftat disc,-hdit ~ri'P,'FY in colour, about. SO feet m daame~er at an estamated heJ~f. of:S;~:'fi;e~· '·"Jjt;, ~tated: he kept at under observation for 30 seconds, durmg.whtcb•peru:ld·Jt'travelled,"at a spCed estimated at 800-1,000 m.p.h., on a beading of 100~.• ~~~pti,g. a series of S-turns, oscillating so tbQ.t light reftection came from dilferelt.segll)eJI~~ as it moved. We have no reason to doubt that F /Lt. Hubbard hQn~Uy. d~tibed. his own impression of.what be saw.·but we find it impossible,t~.,beljeve~that:a most aircraft, of exceptional speec;l, could have travell~ at no great altitude, in tbe middle of a fine summer morning, over a populous aqd air-minded district like Farnborougb, without attracting the attention •or' ·more than 'one .observer. We concludC, eith~r that F/Lt. Hubbiud. was .the·victimj?r an: optical illusion, or. that h~.obsc;rved some quite normal type of .air~raft ~~~ re<:eiv~·himself about 1ts sha}» and speed. . . . .. . . . . . ...... · 14. F/Lt. Hubbard was· also concerned in the ... 16<19 ·on Sth September,l9SO, he was standinJ on the watcb-tow#''fiv~·' thc;r o.ffi~rs, looking so.uth in. anticipation of the diSplay by the Hawlt,fir J(l~J.:. :The sky YRS 'about 3/8 obscured, with a stratkumuiJIIus cloud base a~ 4.QOO.feet.. At.about the· - 'saijle moment they ~u·&.aw, at a!l es~imated range orl,(_}::-l~.;mi,~~.:·.:: obj~t: w~~cb. they desc:iibed ·a:s bemg. a ·Rat dtsc, hgbt pearl.grey m C9!Pu.~,: a~~.·' ~bol![.th.-~ siZe or a shirt button." They all observed it to- follow a .'rectangular fti t path,. consisting in succession of a .. falling leaf," horizontal Right ",very fast". 'an upward ~~falling leaf," another.horizontal stretch, and so on;· fimUly it;.~ived to tbe horizon rat ~real spc:ed;. The pattern ·was estimated to be· exec.~te<J·:~~etere ~"C! ._the· Guildford-Farnham area. . . • ,... · ... ·. ,.. · · • .. .. ~f:Lt.: au~~jlrd. was satis!ied that the o~?jecl$ h~.saw•..Q!lotbe ,wo occasions were. id~tiC!ll; · the. ot"er ·:b!>~rvers agreed .lhat 't~e ::.~nd;,:Qbj~t!. fit~ed t~e ... .descri~IOn they had been. ga,yen of. the first. · .· : ... :·. u; ,_,•_; . , . ~ : ... : •.. , . '·:.·We --a~; no doubt tll•hfll.these o~cersdtd l.n·fa~t.see:JI.·flYing-.qbj~t.o(;;so!Jle •.~r~. .We ~anl)ot; Jt,o~e:v~ ~&!'rd,t~e .evade~;pf. td~tifi~tJ9!1..C?f!~~!~ obJ.~-~bJCh .·.W.U.,O!llY.;~:&~:y~.Jq~~.~~~- 'VIth;l~. ~d.~~ ~"~~.!ot..:all)!. ~·~!).~ .W~!l~ver. . :Fl;rtbet1 o'!(~·, ap,~ ·;~nf.J-1 ~;~~!b~c; ~tq;~.J:ieJ~«r(~ j t~~h,,J;l. ,Urn;9~¥eil9~.a~ •!ll,l'~r~ft, .. ·man~uvnng· tor· some time over,;jl. poP,~~c)4s. Arqo~ cpp .~;4ay.e ,.f~al . ;~o- ~~raptr-ttle :. ~'~ti9n., of...otl!~r 9~~GV~!.S· ;.; V{.e.,tfl!lt ·f.Pc;.:qffi~(~;.tll..J!!-!;t:-l .W··~Q!i'le q.uite ., ~~~~~al.~•rcr~(t,. !Jlfllml1Y'mg 1at.. ~t~eme ·:v~511aA ,ta"ge,; if.Jlu••"+'M.·e .1¢. .y ,.tl)e :prCNJQ}JS , . ~eP9n .to. ~e~~ve 1 ,tq ·b1f!,O.In.e~Jlapg. ab~o~q~~%a9 m~f~~~~g t::JI.~DJp~ ,~[.ol)e,~gprt 1t ..Jnd~ang an~t.JJ~r.. ! ·'!'e.ll~ rem~or<;ed:.l!l· t."'s .bt~h~: bY.·;.a~. ~~fle~~ ,of-,qpe. o( ,our : .,DUIJl~:· (Ving,.~Oit)~a~c,!-el! .J"o!llll!:IY,; R.A,f.J ~b~c} · l~,,rec;:9.P.n~ ,1!, A.P~!!-4!X. ·B . ,an.!! j~usl~!l.tes tJlq.~as" .•~~~~ :!~:4•c~ .mlsta~~l·•4~ntJiica,~!~!lH~ar, 1 P.q. p1a4e.:~veq,j)y : ~per1e~c~~~~~e~s. :;::!i· ·· >:! .. • .: ,,::· .• ,.,..•;-,:, ·.;:,_:.:·r:l ., I' ·' ··,'.:. ;_.·,. other:'i~~id~ht.Jhen; ~t I·; ~ ...'i, -!' ·i~· iL i· i '• ' ,. ' !t ~.· !jl· .. "• .·· -: ..'','.·A~ tb~ ~in&,cd"r~. o!. ~~e ~~~at. target .~O.'!I4)avc:.~lli~d w,it~~~~~ cou~~: of .. . !h.¢'. O~J~t reported-~).';~{)~ ~f:li:!9f. P,IIOt, .all th,f: ;P,«(oplt:: ~n~rned Wef l!lte~;t!eW~ .by a. JllC~ber' o~ ~~~h Britt~~~~ :F.!~htet Q:Jm!f!;tn~ 1 ftqi!J: wiJ~· r~? .. rt !lie. a~ove dl!ta have bc;Cn tak.en. ·, .1t. w~ ~t11tihshe<! tftat thtlre; .m'lact • ~~~repancy. of 1. . . I ,o t l ~'' .:SJ¥~.~·:B;f 40744 ;.. . R .-s6.·fl~··1f·. _JL··;t·'~..,•· A;;•r..-"'1.! ""'l ~ ... , ... , ,., :" • "l. 'rf.. ·. B2
  37. 37. DI·SO.RE.E.:·r· !· : ... ... '.. :" ·;' ' '" .. :: ... :..•. ·. . ~ ·~~ · ··,s$ca-:wr;.l· '·ll" 4, •. ,· •. :.. ·. . • ' ! Conclusicms. cmd· Recommendation~.' ..;: . , , . , ... '· . a IS. When the only material available is mass of purely sui'ective evidence, it i~}m~ibllf tQ giv~.a!lY.~hing'like.scieJ!ti!j~ proof_th!lt the plen. ,mena (!~rvCII. are, Or' are not,: caused .by something entirety· novel;: such as· an· ircraft of' extra~ · terres~riaL origin, t)eveloped b~f:~eings ¥.1~nown. t~ .u~ o!llines mor~ adyancec;l than anythtn~)v.e have thqu11ht of.. :We ·ar~;,.howev~r; ~at1sfied thaqthe bulk of the obser~atJonS" reported dp not need ·&uch an- exp,lanatJon, and can ~e !lCCC)U~tedJor much; mo.-~ siJ11pl}.;' There is. a very oJdl sc;ientific' principle, usu~lly attrib~ted to Williarn.or Occam. whjch ~he most probable hypothesis is t1e simplest,.·. neeessaty io ~plaiO: the observations.' .· · .. · '. · · . :··· I . ·. : ·. · . ·we ~lieve that .this priri<;iple should be ·applied. to. the present . c;ase. and accordingly oonclude that all' the observations reported were 'du~ to 'one or' othe~ of the following causes: - · · 1 ... (I) Astronomical .or meteorologicaL phe~omena or known fYpeS. {2) Mistaken identification or·conventional aircrart, balloonl, birds, or other · normal or natural objects. . · .. · · · . . (3) Optic11l illusions .and psychological delusions. . (4) . .Deliberate hoaxes. · .., . ·..· .....·· . · · · . . ~ .. . . . .. . We consider that no progress will be made by attempting fu her investigation of unco-ordinated and- subjective· evidence; and· that 'positive-l'fSults could. only be. obtained by .organising throughout the .. country, or :the Y.forld, continuous observation of .the •.Skies by· a· co-ordinated· network· of visual oiJ~ervers; equipped with photographic. apparatus,; and· supple!"ented by ~ network 'I of stations .and·sound locators. We sho11ld regard thiS, on· the ev1dence so ~ar avatlable, as a si.ngularly pro~tl~ enterJ>rise. · We accor~ingly. re_commend ve~ ..strongly. that· no further ·mvest1gat10n. of ·reported:·mysteriOUS .aenal phenomena 'be .undertaken, unless and until some·ma.terial e:vidence becom~ av.ailabl~. 1.· .. ·. ·.,·-~ ...: .i 'o! 1 i !" I i I i I I i ·I '' j. I· ·i · ·, · Metropole Buildin~s. W.C. "2 • . . : :. . . ·.:/I ' i 'I ••. : • • 'I ::~ ';' • - ,· .• 'J. .... APJ,>ENDIX A· I I ·; : ·~ ':·,."· ' .·A i :.::. '. I. l· i i I ! I I l ! .. -r ' ! ,. . '' N~TB .C~N:_AN UNUSUAL R~OAR·Rm;PONSB ovM~. G..E~ With reference to the unusual response observed 'at Wartlin~ on lst Jiui~ 19~0. it is suggested that the signal observed. was received directly f~om another radar .transmitter, possibly ship-borne, in the. Portsmouth.,Isle; of. Wight· area." This _will be termed the "Western·" transmitter •. ··. · . · ·. · . ·1 • · : . ·. Assuming the · modulation pulses · of the •" Western" transmitter to be isoehronous ·with those of the Wartling set,. and that the pqlse of· the former was occurring anything· up. to, say, 1·2 milliseconds minus. t~l transmission time later than that' of the. latter, the received signal would be visible on the P.P.l. dis'play. ,. Moreover,. unless the ·~Western" transmitter were ~ery far away it is probable''tbiit the received ·signal would be of large amplitude and would therefore, as staled in the. report, :~'·appear very thick lea.ving more afte1glow than a usual response behind." · · ,.. ,. It is reasonabl~ to suppose.that the repetition rates mentionr' above would not remain .identical for . more than a few seconds;: ·A· relative!~.· small drift in the repetition rates will produce a considerable 'change j" the ti e interial ·betw~n the· transtnitter :pulse and· the firing instant: of the receiver tim base. This would result in ·a·:largC. .displacement· of the· received signal aloo§ .the -scan. which would. be 'i!'tei'preted ·a~ a high s~. mo'!'ement 'of-the . .~·; tal}et ~. in tihc ~~":dial ~jrection. It Will be apprec&at~ that tf,!l~ the· mstant. of first.oSJghtJOg ,the, rt~t1t100 rate. of ~he ·"-Western" transmitter· wrte above:. but slowly. approachmg. that of the: Warthog set,.tM···· target··.· would· appear-to ·ctose range· rapidly; as the re!J,btition became :equaF'the·;'~ target '!;"Wt)uld .. appear stationar.y; •and•.as. ·the. "V!'estern ·:.··repetition· rate~ (ell· below'' t~at·• of'·the · ~artling· set.-· the !l1target. ~~-· wo~!d appear to .,open ,range rapidly.:,Jt may· fut~her ·be: noted that·:oneo.would'expp:t' reftections from ·objeC:tS (ltJIIs, &c.l relatively' close to· _the· " Western t'l. trailsmiU .r to be of sufficient•be 'displayed also on· the P.P.I.;•which· eJthe impression 1 o( " shadows " between successive points ~ described in the re rt. .. .. ·.. . ,: ..."·; ... ;·· ~ . ·,A ",tiil· G.GRA~oW~~~~~w~lll S·Jt.Cl.tE.1';:.. . ····:-ot-so·R'seT . , • . t •
  38. 38. .... .. .., .. ··DISO~R·E'ET .~ . ,.· . · ·· ··s1ic~t;n:r: ·- · .. 5 AfPBNDlX B :. "' • , ; ~ ' i 'I: •', .·.,t I: •• '• I ' AN·OBSBllVATION OP'A "·FI;YINCl SAUCER" :BY'WINO COMMANDBJl.FOilMBY R.A:F• . . ·:j . . . . : .. :' ..... ,.. ' i. ·.:; While on the tifierarige at Tipner,Portsmouth,an'!)bject having the appearance of. a "·Flying Saucer" was· observed. in the·: dista.nee: Visibility. was~ go~,· there being a cloudles~ sky and-bright sunshine;. ~e object' was, located' and held by telescope ( x :20 magniflcation),· ~nd gave appearance· of !>eing a ci~ular shining· dQc:'moving·on a regular·flight,P&th, ·It' was onltaftc;r. ~servation had · kept. · fofseveral·minut~ and the·iltil!Jde'of the object' changed so· that it did n t reflect · the sunlight to ~C! 9b~er's eye, that it was identified as being a· perfect!~ normal ~ircr'aft,;' :~ ... : ··! • . . - . . • • ' . ...·: . . '. . i I i. ,. ! . ,,.: .. I I. • I: • ... _,· :. ~ •• I '.1"'~ I -·; •' •· .: ~ . .. • .. • ~ 0 •• '· .. I· I :·-r.· .: . I !' I .. ;, .. f .. . . ~' ' !.. ,. ..... , , .•: .: SECRET' DlSORE.ET. ~ . . . ·I· .
  39. 39. REPORT OF AN UNEXPLAINED AERIAL SIGHTING 1. Date and time of sighting. (Duration of sighting.) 2. Just said saw a flying object. Description of object. (No of objects, size, shape, colour, brightness, noise.) 3. Exact position of observer. Geographical location. (Indoors/outdoors, stationary/moving.) Not given. 4. How object was observed. (Naked eye, binoculars, other optical device, camera or camcorder.) With the naked eye. 5. Direction in which object was f"Irst seen. (A landmark may be more helpful than a roughly estimated bearing.) Was seen over East Coker, Somerset. 6. Approximate distance. Not given. 7. Movements and speed. (side to side, up or down, constant, moving fast, slow) Not given. 8. Weather conditions during observation. (cloudy, haze, mist, clear) Not given. 20 February 2005 No time given. 1
  40. 40. REDACTED ON ORIGINAL DOCUMENT 9. To whom reported. Das answerphone. (Police, military, press etc) 10. Name, address and telephone no of informant. 11. Other witnesses. Not given. 12. Remarks. Said that she saw the UFO report in the Western Gazette and thought that she should report to us what she had seen. 13. Date and time of receipt. 2 March2005 11.45L 2
  41. 41. ~ ' .... T . ,,c'-~- ......_~~{··>- .. .._} f:i·7··· ;t' '. ···'' o' 124~ Arbitration [18 JANUARY 19-79] Amendment, by leave, withdrawn. Lord HACKING: I say nothing, but v;ithdraw. [Amendment No. 27 not mo;·ed.] 7.3 p.m. · Lord HACKING moved Am~ndment No.28: AfLer Clause 5, in;erl tht·. following new clause: Am<:tufment (~{principal Act rtlming to ap}'i!'inrr.z.?tlf of ne1r arb,.trators (" . At the end section 23 of the principal Act th<!re shall be added the foiiowia~: "Where an Arbitrator or Ump;re has been removed tmder subsc:ction 23(1) ab•w;;;, any party to the reference mey serve on th·3 other par!ies to the rd'erence, a written n·::>tk~ to appoint, or, a~ tbc case may be, to conc11r in appointing, an Arbitrator or Umpire in place of the Arbitrator or Umpire so removed, and if the a~'pointmcnt is not made within :;even clear days after the service of the notice, the High Court 01 a Judge tl;ereof may, O!l application by the party w:1o gave the notice, appoint an Arbitrator or Umpire who shall have the like pow.:rs to act within the refe.ret:ce and make an award as had the Arbitra<•-•r or Umpire who has been removed."."). or ell w te of at h, ot ne an at ch do .he lSe :1e on. ' 1ly ive in rd, nit an ·io. Jl:d mg ng, in t:ce ,Jrt. I11e ling I om;: in ·ors, don 1ink will 'the aro. ·,vith 1246 h:~g lt;~v:e to Lord HACKING ND.29: 0 BilllfLL.] mov('d . A.r.n.c-ndrncnt After Clause 5, ins·~rt the f::llowing n.ew cbt:se: Amendment of s. 1(-t) of Arbitra:,(m A{'t ! 97) (" . In subs·~cliun 1(4} Arbitrati0n .'.ct 1975 after " i.; a party " tb:rc:: shall be added the words ·• to the proce.~dings ". "). The noble Lord said: I s!mll briefiv uddrcss the Committee on Amendment~ 29 and 30. The noble and learnc:! Lord has already replied to my Amendment No. 17 which is related to these Amendments and he has left me in a position of suspension. l do not know the noble and learned Lord's mind but I am hapov to remam in suspension 'until tt:e Rel)~it stage or until such time as he is able to take me out of it. I beg to move. The LORD CHANCELLOR: I hope that the noble Lord will not suffer unduly in a state that I ptefer to call suspended animation rather than suspension. Amendment, by leave, withdrawn. The noble Lord said: Before I withdraw [Amcndment30 not moved.] this Amendment, may I mention thai I drafted this Amendment within the ambit Remaining clauses agreed to. of the new clause that I am proposing to replace Section 23. It is more appropriate House resumed: Bill reported with an to have the appointment of another 1 Amendment. . arbitrator under terms (which other terms 1 . come from other clauses of this Bill) than to use the terms used in Section 25 , of the Arbitration Act 1950. I beg to UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS move. 7.7 p.m.· The Earl of CLANCARTY rose to The LORD CHANCELLOR: The Amendment allowing the court to replace call attention to the increasing number an arbitrator removed for misconduct is, of sightings and landings .')n a worldI am advised, unnecessary. Section 25 of wide scale of unidentified flying object<: the 1950 Act deals with the matter and (uFOs), and to the nt::cd for an the court adequate powers to replace governmcntal study ofUFOs; and to move a removed arbitrator. I do not know for Papers. The noble Earl said: It is whether that covers the point that the with mnch pleasure that I introduce this noble Lord has made or not; but if be is debate this evening about unideatified still reverting to the use of the concept flying objects-known more briefly as of misconduct in this connection, then, UFOs and sometimes as flying ~aucers. as I have said, I am willing to look at that I understand that tbis is the first t!m~ the subject of UFOs h:-ts been debated in yom again in other connections. Lordships' House, so that this is indeed a Lord HACKING: l will leave the unique occasion. Before proceeding furmatter there. I have already mentioned ther I think I should declare an interest, to the noble and learned Lord that I in that I have written a number of books believe these words are better than those about UFOs. l am ~rateflll to those in Section 25. That is the reason why I noble Lords Vho arc going to follow me drafted them. l beg leave to withdraw in this debate and I am sure tbt it wiil be a most stimulating discussion. the Amendment. f .... ) :
  42. 42. 1247 Unidentified [LORDS] Before speaking about the need for an intra-governmental study of UFOs, which is the basis of my Motion being debated today, I think it advisable to give your Lordships some background to this fascinating subject of UFOs. I shall briefly cover a little history, the classes of witnesses, the characteristics of UFOs and some important sightings, and then I shall deal with the vital subject of the attitude of governments to these important phenomena. . ' ~. Although UFOs have come to the fore since the end of the last World War, there are reports of them all through history. Among the papers of the late Professor Alberto Tulli, former director of the Egyptian Museum at the Vatican, was found one of the earliest known records of a fleet of flying saucers. It was written on papryus long ago in ancient Egypt-actually, it was at the time of Thutmose III, circa 1504 to 1450 BC, who, with his army witnessed the sighting of what we today would call UFOs. Now, I am not going to bore your Lordships with accounts of UFOs in every century because I want to get on to the very interesting things happening today. In modern times things began to happen during World War II when both allied and German pilots saw strange circular lights around their planes. We called them Foo fighters. Both Allied and German pilots thought that they were secret weapons of the other side. After the war, on 24th June 1947, an American called Kenneth Arnold, piloting his own plane, was on a mercy mission trying to find another aircraft that had crashed somewhere in the Cascade Mountains in the State of Washington. Suddenly, he spotted nine gleaming objects, crescent shaped, flying in a zigzag fashion between his plane and the mountains. He managed to calculate their speed because he was able to get a fix-I think that is the technical term-between two mountain peaks, Rainier and Baker. It appeared that the objects were travelling at some 1,400 miles per hour-a very fast speed in 1947. Some time after landing, Arnold, in answer to a question from the Press, des.:ribed the motion of the flying objects as being like saucers skimming over water. Ne:xt da}' the Press headlined them as " flying ~<meers". Since Arnold's sighting Flying Objects 1248 in 1947, millions of people all over the world have seen the UFOs. This brine:s me to the class of witnesses that see UFOs. It is true that occasionally one gets the odd crank or hoaxer; but the majority of witnesses are sincere people. Th~n again many witnesses are pilots, police officers, coastguards, radar operators-in short, trained observers. Manv astronauts have seen UFOs. Many people ask me: "Why is it that astronomers do not see them? " The answer is that they do. In a letter published in the Daily Telegraph on 4th January last year, I listed eight well-known astronomers who had seen UFOs, including Dr. Clyde Tombaugh, discoverer of the planet Pluto. Now a few words, my Lords, about the UFOs themselves. Actually, the name " flying saucer " given by the Press in 1947 was a misnomer as they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes: cigar, oval, disc, sphere, doughnut, crescent and tadpole shaped. You name it, my Lords, the list is endless. I should like to say a few words about their characteristics. UFOs often have '-':ery bright lights and sometimes when in flight change colours all the way through the colour spectrum. Sometimes the light from a UFO is so intense that its shape is obscured from view. This light energy is so powerful that witnesses have been burned on the face and hands if in too close a proximity to a UFO. Another characteristic of the UFOs is eiectrical interference with various machines. UFOs have been notorious for stopping cars at short range. The driver will hear his engine splutter and it stops running. Besides cars, many other machines have · been affected, including aircraft, motor cycles, buses, lorries and tractors. UFOs are said to be the cause of some of the power blackouts in the USA, Mexico and other countries. Indeed, UFOs have been seen flying along power lines in the USA just before black-outs. Furthermore, I have a picture on the wall of my study at home of a UFO doing just that! Now, I will mention one or two of the more impressive sightings since the war. On the 29th June, 1954, a BOAC Boeing stratocruiser " Centaurus " had taken off from New York for London. Dinner had been served. The time was just after sunset when the skipper, Captain James -~ 124. Howa the p There ones. out to who 1 force i five m stayed 80 mi: object radio Lab rat in the Bay s All the the fig disapp onesw a crew saw th< In 1 • Comm Ncrth UFos· Several storage were s dimme· One of ever o report Levy a 27th E give yc A very Teherat telepho the Ira; tomjd some 7· about l of the I instrum pilot h: base. A SC• faster t: began t and so extraor a secor big one The jet air-to-a No sue panel v systems only on
  43. 43. ,••••• I ' . i248 W, rhe ings one the :;::-Ic. lots, ,eralany I any .:on:wer 1 the y·ear, who lyde luto. t the tame >s in in all oval, , and .ords, >ay a sties. . and !lOUTS trum. is so from verful a the :imity ·os is 1rious us for driver stops other uding s and cause n the 1deed, power :-outs. e wall doing of the :war. loeing · en off er had after James 1249 Unidemified [ 18 JANUARY 1979] Howard, first sighted the UFOs. Some of the passengers by then w,?re asleep. There was one big object with six ~;maller ones. Captair. H 'J·ard pointed them out to his co-pilot, First Officer Lee Boyd, who flew with the famous Pathfinder force i.n World War H. The objects were five miles from the " Centaurus· ". They stayed parallel with the aircraft for 80 miles. From time to time the big object appeared to change shape. The radio officer checked with Goose Bay, Labrador, to see if any other aircraft were in the area and was told, No. Goose Bay sent a fighter up to investigate. All the crew saw the objects. Just before the fighter arrived, the objects began to disappear, and it seemed that the smaller ones went inside the large one. Altogether, a crew of eight and 14 of the 51 passengers saw the UFOs. In November 1975, at Strategic Air Command Bases in Michigan, Montana, Ncrth Dakota and Maine, a number of UFOs were sighted over a 13 day period. Several were hovering near nuclear weapons storage areas. When interceptor planes were sent up to investigate, the UFOs dimmed their lights and became invisible. One of the most amazing UFO incidents ever occurred in Septembr, 1976. A report of this event written by Geoffrey Levy appeared in the Daily Axpress on 27th February, last year. I shall try and give you his account in my own words. A very large glowing object was seen over Teheran, Iran. Hundreds of witnesses telephoned the authorities. At 1.30 a.m. the Iranian Air Force scrambled a Phantom jet to investigate the UFO which was some 70 miles away. As the jet reached about half the distance to the UFO, all of the Iranian plane's communications and instrument systems malfunctioned. The pilot· had no alternative but to return to base. A second Phantom jet took off flying faster than the speed of sound. The UFO began to move at a very fast speed indeed, and soon outpaced the jet. Then, an extraordinary thing happened. Suddenly a second smaller UFO came out of the big one, and headed straight for the jet. The jet pilot tried to release an AIM-9 air-to-air missile at the glowing object. No success at all. The weapons control panel was not working and all electronic systems were out of action. There was only one thing for the pilot to do, and that Flying Objects 1250 was to make his escape. He put his plane in to a di·>'c. Then something extraordinary happened. The second UFO turned around and went back inside the " mother ship ". The jet pilot's instruments started working again. So once more he tried to oursue the UFO, but it moved away too rapidly, and so the Phantom jet returned to base. There are literallv vast numbers of these astounding reports. Indeed, my Lords, this worldwide UFO invasion of every country's air space is of growing importance and therefore I suggest that Parliament keeps a continuous watch on the situation. I have thought of one way of doing this. In the same way that there is a House of Lords Defence Study Group ably chaired by the noble Lord. Lord Shinwcll, perhaps we could have a House of Lords UFO Study Group to meet periodically. If any of your Lordships are interested, please Jet me know! I should like to touch on the attitudes of Governments towards this subject and to stress the need for an intra-governmental study, which is the object of my Motion. I am only going to talk about four Governments, your Lordships will probably be pleased to know. First, let us take a look at the United States. I think that one of the reasons for " playing down " UFOs some years ago in the United States was the fear of panic among the public. Thi<; was partly based on an actual panic that did occur in 1938 due to a very realistic broadcast by Orson Welles of H. G. Wells' War of the Worlds. Thousands of people left their homes. However, after the war, the United States Air Force investigated pilots' reports without any debunking. Then the Central Intelligence Agency, the CIA, stepped in. The CIA controls the intelligence departments of the United States military services. They ordered the United States Air Force to clamp down on UFO reports. That was, I believe in 1953 and it has been going on ever since. Pilots who reported seeing UFOs were ridiculed, and after a time other pilots did not report them for fear of damaging their reputation. We had high hopes during President Carter's election campaign that there was a strong possibility of a breakthrough to the truth about UFOs. He disclosed during his campaign that he had seen a UFO a few years previously in Georgia, and he added that if he ~ot into ' (' .·:,).-
  44. 44. 125~ 1253 j ~Flying Objects [LORDS] Unidentified . 1251 The noble Lord, Lord Donaldson of [The Earl of Clanca;·ty.] King~bridge, kindly confirmed to me in the White Hous·~ he would release to the his reply that the GEPAN unit-those public ail the lJFO information in the are the initials of the group-had been Pentagon. Unfortunately, that election 1 set up under the French Ministry of pledge has not been fulfiiled. l Industry, Commerce and Artisans at the What has been happening in the Soviet centre in Toulouse. M. Galley also added Union? Probably the leading ufologist l that the gendarmerie were playing a very in that country is Doctor Felix Zigel, I important part in UFO investigations Professor of Higher Mathematics and I questioning witnesses and examining burnt Astronomy at the Moscow Aeronautical circular marks on the ground where Institute. For a long time he had been UFOs had landed; or were alleged to trying to form a big UFO research group have landed. So the French have been on a worldwide scale. Many UFOs have ' taking it all seriously and keeping their been seen over the Soviet Union. In July, own people informed. Nobody panicked August, September and October 1967, for and people did not rush like lemmings instance, giant space ships were seen over into the sea. various parts of the USSR by astronomers Is it not time that Her Majesty's and other witnesses. On lOth November of that year, it was announced that there Government informed our people of was to be a full investigation of UFOs. what they know about UFOs? The This was announced on Russian tele- UFOs have been coming in increasing vision. The operation was to be headed numbers for 30 years since the war, and b~ Major Ge~~ral Anatoly Stolyerov, I I think it is time our people were told the ·wtth Doctor Zt~l as Number Two. 1 truth. We have not been invaded from Thousands o~ U_t:-0 cases :vere. to be I outer space. Most incidents have not analysed by scte11t1sts and So':tet Atr Force been hostile. Indeed it is us, the earthlings, officer~. However, the Russtan Academy who have fired on them. There may have for Sctences came down h3:_r<l on the n~w been a few allegedly hostile incidents, but UFO gro~P. aad on 27th. Febr~ary, 19o8, I maintain that if there is a disturbing Pra.vdayuohsh~d th::: offictal attttude of the element in a phenomenon which is pretty friendly on the whole, we should be told autnonttes, ana the cover-up was on. There is, however, one country which the truth. -yYhatever the _tr1;1th is, I am can be relied upnn to take a Jine independ- sure that an lS a prepared ent from others over many matters, and . one. thmg. 1t on record that UFOs proved to be no exception. In I ~oth s.tghtmg an~ landmg reports are February, 1974, the then French Minister mcreasmg all. the ttme. Just suppose. the of Defence, !vL Robert Galley, was inter- ufonauts to make mass landmgs viewed entirely about UFOs on France- tomorrow th1s country-there could Inter radio station. The interviewer was well be pamc here, because our people Jean Claude-Bourret. At the time there have not been prepared. was tremendous publicity in France, but for some reason our newspapers did not The noble Lord, Lord Strabolgi, is to even mention the broadcast. M. Galley reply for Her Majesty's Government at stated that the UFOs were real b' the end of this debate. I should like to admitted that it was not known where ask the noble Lord whether he will thev came from. He said that since 1954, contact his right honourable friend the there had been a unit in the French Minister of Defence about the possibility Ministry of Defen:.::e collecting UFO of giving a broadcast interview about reports. Some of this material was sent to UFOs, as his counterpart across the the National Centre for Space Studies in Channel did in 1974. That would go a Toulouse, the French equivalent of the long way to discredit the view held by a American NASA. In this Centre there lot of people in this country that there was also a unit-a scientific one--studying is a cover-up here and that in some way both UFO sighting and landing reports. we are playing along with the United States over this. I should also like to see an intra-governmental study of the UFOs. A little over a year ago, I received some , All Governments should get together and information that this particular unit was pool their knowledge about UFOs, and under goyernment sponsorships and so I the results should be passed on to the put down a Question for Written Answer. public. your Lc and I be 7.29 p.n Lord bound speech wonder holding on thi audien• having Lord ( of tho· I may anywa I .; ~ I I ' ~. "'"-~ mfon:ne~ ru~hc ~no~her 1~ I :cj j I d~ctdcd. 1~ right~ The suppo intra-t mean~ betwe wouk Unite suppc think view to jt monc I •. volm l ! 1 l 1 1j,. 2 ~~ .j . ' thost : l 1 1 ones of r in tr mys• I be fron uni' I I h tim airc haY I l sigl sci( cor be we inf It i ' 1 wl: us l l
  45. 45. ... ,- ' rzsi ,. .1n ·orie rne in i -those been ry of • c.t tht; added a very •. tions, burnt 'vhere -~d to · been ~ their ;1icked 1mings desty's lle of The reasing tr, and J!d the :i from 'e not :Wings, :y have its, but turbing ; pretty be told . I am ::epared rd that rts are ose the mdings could people :i, is to nent at like to :1e will ~nd the ssibility about )SS the ld go a ld by a n there me way United e to see :UFOs. her and )s, and to the · ·' ' 1253 · Un!:feut(ficd [ 18 J Ai'~U A RY 1979 ] I Hving Ohjccts 1Z54 as I say, t.hat these unexnlained sightings could be-and, indeed,· would be-explai11cd, if we had more kno'.vlcdcrc about tbcra; for example, better . phot~graphs. 7.29 p.m. How rnany dear photographs of UFOs Lord TREFGARNE: My Lorus, 1 am j have yo~1r Lordshi;}s scea? A!ll have seen bound to say that I face making this · arc hazy, fudgy pho~ogi'aphs Vhich could, speech with some trepidation. I had or coL<Id not, be genuine. wondered whether V.'C could justify the holdinrr of wbat is ill cf:ect a full deb~lc Ufologists often rely upon radar inforon thf., matter; but having seen the mation for evidence in their case, but I audience we have tonight, and indeed must tel_l your Lordships that radar plays . more tncks even than the camera, and I · h avmg heard the speech of the noble Earl, d Lord Clancarty, I can see that that sort .~ not belicv~ that rad<tr information, in of thought would not go down too well. tms con~ext! 15 r:alid. For example, the I may v.:ell be shouted down before f finish recent stghtmgs m New Zealand, which were widely reported just before Christmas anyway, but let us sec if we can avoid that including some rather strant::e-looking' right at the start. • p hotographs which appeared on ~television, The noble Earl asked us in his Motion to were also said to have been confirmed by support a proposal particularly for an radar information which was available intra-governmental study-I suppose he to the aircraft in question. But I know means, as indeed he has described, from my own experience that radar is between Governments. No doubt he frequently used, and, indeed, is so desioned would vish to see the co-operation of the for detecting anomalies in atmosp~~eri~ United States. But I should not want to conditions ::md in Ve:J.thtr patterns, and support that kind of proposal. I do not I am not persuaded that radar is a valid think the time has yet come when we can supporting argument in this case. view this matter with sufficient certainty Since time immemorial, man has asto justify the expenditure of public cribed t!10se phenomena that he could not money on it. explain to some supernatural or extraI certainly agree that the numerous terrestrial agents. Eventually as scientific voluntary bodies, including those with wisdom has advanced, these' phenomena which the noble Earl is associat~d, ought are understood more fully, until now, A to be encouraged, and indeed I should not today, no one takes witchcraft seriously /i{ be opposed to informal links bctveen and there are no fairies at the bottom j those bodies-or, at least the re5ponsible of my ~arden. .It is not so long ago that 1 ones-and others, such as the Ministry magnetism, as It occurs naturally in the l of Defence. But I am ashamed to say, form of lodestone, was thought to be the in the midst of all this faith, that I am not work of the Devil, as indeed were some of myself a believer in UFOs described, as the hot springs found in Iceland, Australia I believe they are, as objects or vehicles and elsewhere. from another planet or from another An eclipse of the sun or the moon universe. 'now fully understood, was once thouaht I have some 2,500 hours as a pilot. t'? be an expression of the Almighty's I have flown across the atlantic a few dtspleasure. Perhaps this derives from times as a pilot. But, unlike with the the description in the Gospels of the events aircraft reported by the noble Earl, I following the Crucifixion. I recall the have never seen one. I presume-indeed, 44th and 45th verses of the 23rd chapter I believe-that a good many of the of St. Luke's Gospel, and I shall read · sightings can be explained by logical it if I may: " about there scientific theory and I am, so far at least, was An.d it was over allthe sixth hour, and ninth a darkness the earth until the convinced that those that cannot so far hour. be so explained could be, if our knowledge And the sun was darkened, and the veil of the were more advanced or if we had more temple was rent in the midst ". information about the sightings in question. St. Matthew described it rather well also: It is these unexplained sightings upon . "A~d, behold, the veil of the temple was ·rent which ufologists rely so heavily in asking m twam from the top to the bottom· and the us to accept their theories. But I believe, earth did quake, and the rocks rent". ' pt:,b1ic. Finally, I should like to thank your Lord~ hips for yom kind attention, and l be:,! to move for Papers. I ., ,. 1 , . ):
  46. 46. 1255 . .i ~ i: Unidentified (LORDS] Flying Objects ·1256 [Lord Trefgarne.} appeared on the Order Paper before No one would now seriously doubt that today, and I hope that it appears on the those happenings were, in fact, an eclipse list of speakers a good many times in the of the sun and an earthquake respectively. future. The noble Earl, Lord Clancarty I would not deny that there may have been has done m a service by bringing thi~ divine intervention in respect of the timing ' matter forward, but I would counsel of those events, but certainly I would say caution and care. that they were caused by terrestrial forces which we now fully understand. 7.38 p.m. Without wishing to pre-empt anything The Earl of KIMBERLEY: My Lords, that the right reverend Prelate the Bishop as the noble Lord, Lord Trefgarnc, has of Norwich may say, perhaps I may said, the majority of noble Lords in this pose the question as to whether the exis- Chamber will be greatly indebted to the tence of another race or races outside our n~ble E~trl, . Lord Clancarty, ~or raising universe is compatible with our Christian this fascmatmg and controversial subject principles. I speak only as a simple this evening. Before I begin, perhaps I member of the Christian faith, but I should say that I have an interest in it think I believe that He loves us and us because I am a director of a company alone. I am not aware that there is any which is to make an identified flying suggestion in the words of Christ or in object-a thermo skyship, which is saucer the words of the Almighty, as recorded shaped. I shall not get that muddled up. that we must share his goodness with But in spite of sceptics, such as the noble people from another universe. There is Lord, Lord Wigg, the other day in a no suggestion that there is, indeed, any newspaper, and Sir Bernard Lovell from other such people. I acknowledge, how- Jodrell Bank, who says that UFOs do ever, that, for example, the works of not exist, we must agree that they do, Darwin were once thought incompatible because otherwise there would be no with the Christian faith, and so perhaps unidentified flying objects. Furthermore, my view of the credibility of these things, we should not have throughout the world from a Christian point of view, is open to radio telescopes listening to try to pick up correction. Perhaps the right reverend signals from intelligences in outer space. Prelate will be able to help us when he As the noble Earl, Lord Clancarty, comes to speak. said, UFOs are not products of the 20th I emphasise that I do not for a moment century imagination. They have been doubt the sincerity and conviction of those observed here for years-by the North who believe in these objects, who believe American Indians, by the monks of that they are visitors from another universe Byland Abbey in 1290, who were terrified or, at least, some supernatural force by the appearance of a huge silver disc. beyond our reason. I simply do not Right through history up to today, happen to agree with them. I certainly do millions of people have seen UFOs, and not agree with the learned professor, I wiH go so far as to say that I am the speaking on the radio the other morning, first to ~dmit that the very large majority who said: " Anyone who believes in of them can be explained as natural or UFOs is a loony ". But as for the sugges- man-made phenomena-meteorites, sateltion that an international study group lite debris, weather balloons, military should be set up, ·I do not think that I flares, et cetera. But there are still many could countenance that as a serious which are completely unexplained. proposal at this time. I emphasise, It has been reported that the United however, that I would be happy to encourage informal links between, for States and the USSR signed a pact in example, the RAF and the very worthy 1971 to swop UFO information, but the groups who believe differently from the pact stated that they were to keep the rest of the world in the dark. I believe way I do. that the pact was signed so that neither Before I sit down, I should just like to super-Power would make mistakes about say how much I am looking forward to UFOs being atomic missiles. I am also led the maiden speech of my noble friend to understand that quite recently the three Lord Oxfuird, who is to speak later in United States balloonists who crossed the debate. His name has, of course, the Atlantic were followed for up to 12 1 l L [ i: f a I . b tl c, I d tc T ti· E tb be of fu in th pr sa. UD fly kn E' els ga: co pr( dis sile ant del rna our the knt mo the I staJ By sub can pro bor con un~ H.L
  47. 47. ' .. ·-· 1~~7 <···•-~!! •· ; •• ··•I' Unidentified [ 18 JANUARY 1979] ' ' Flying Objects 1258 hours-·; bv UFOs but vere ordered by I threefold: first, to se~ . whether U~Os United S~<ltes Government agents not to I vere a threat to the sccunty of the Unrted discuss them. We know that war in space, once a 1gment of the imagination and a subject much beloved by science fiction >vrilers, is very nearJy a fact now. Both superPowers have, or will have, killer satellites and laser beams operating in space. May I ask the noble Lord, Lord Strabolgi, whether he agrees that this may perhaps be one of the reasons for the reticence of the United States over being more forthcoming about their UFO information? In 1977, Sir Eric Gairy, the Prime Minister of Grenada, backed by President Carter, wanted the United Nations to declare 1978 as the Year of the UFO. They both failed. However, the proposition was finally tabled for 29th September 1978. This proposition was postponed through October, November and December. It was finally threatened by the veto of the United States and Russia. Hopefully, however, it will now be considered in June of this year. I believe that at last there has been a unanimous vote that the proposition will not be rejected. As the noble Lord, Lord Trefgarne, said, I agree entirely that we do not understand many of these unidentified flying objects because of our lack of knowledPe. UFOs defy worldly logic. Even if ~ne accepts that there may be life elsewhere in our galaxy, or even in other galaxies, the human mind cannot begin to comprehend UFO characteristics: the!r propulsion, their sudden appearance, the~r disapperance, their great speeds, their silence, their manoeuvres, their apparent anti-gravity, their changing shapes. They defy our present knowledge and laws of matter. Of course, this naturally upsets our earthly scientists because it is outside their earthly terms of reference and knowledge, but to try to present UFOs in a more mundane light let us briefly examine the last 30 years. In 1947, the United States Air Force started an official project called" SIGN". By 1949, 243 reports of UFOs had been submitted, but no conclusive evidence came to the public's knowledge from this project. Project Blue Book was then born, and its findings produced the same conclusions. So it appears that the United States Air Force concern was H.L.8 P States; secondly, to see whether UFOs could contribute technical and scientific knowledge; and, thirdly, to explain to the general American public what was going on in their air space. However, as UFOs appeared to offer no threat to security, Project Blue Book became just a public relations exercise to not inform the public, despite numerous unidentified radar trackings and close approaches made by UFOs to both civil and military aircraft. The military staff in America said that, as there was no threat or danger, they were not interested in pursuing the subject any further. So Project Blue Book was abandoned. This may be good enough to fob off the American public, but it is not good enough to fob off the British public. Too many people-ordinary people as well as famous people-have seen UFOs. Ten Governments now openly admit that UFOs exist and are real: France, Norway, Sweden, Brazil, the Argentine, Venezuela, Mexico, the Philippines, Peru and Grenada. Other Governments know that UFOs exist but do not admit it publicly. President Carter has personally seen a UFO. Let me give a small sample of prominent, scientific and sane peopie who have seen UFOs or helieve, through evidence, that they exist: Commander Robert McLaughlin, United States Navy missile expert; John McCormack, Speaker, United States House of Representatives; the late Air Chief Marshall Lord Dowding; the late President Truman; Dr. Stanton Friedman, United States Nuclear Physicist; Ed Mitchell, Apollo astronaut; Gordon Cooper, Apollo astronaut; Dr. Allen Hynek, Professor of Astronomy, North West University; Walter Cronkite, United States newscaster; Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon; and, lastly, Dr. Felix Zigel, Professor of Higher Mathem a tics and Astronomy, Moscow Aeronautical Institute. Can any of your Lordships sincerely believe that these aforementioned . people all suffer either from hallucinations or believe in fairy stories? Despite the United States and the USSR embargo on UFO information, funnily enough the Russians appear more inclined to think that UFOs have extra-terrestrial origins. Further, some ;<;