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Plus Energy LAB - Construction - Sustainability - Carbon Footprint


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Plus Energy LAB - Services

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Plus Energy LAB - Construction - Sustainability - Carbon Footprint

  1. 1. Construction – Sustainability – Carbon Footprint
  2. 2. Plus Energy LAB specialises in the design and construction of Energy EfficientBuildings including Passive Buildings (Passive House Standard), Zero EnergyConsumption Buildings (Zero Energy Homes – ZEH) and upgrading of existingconventional buildings into energy efficient, low or zero energy buildings,according to new construction standards and European Union directives. The CompanyPlus Energy LAB develops and delivers complete, reliable and effectivesolutions for all types of building, from permanent and holiday homes, to officebuildings, hotels, commercial and industrial buildings.Our aim is to create a new building generation that meets the standards ofsustainable construction. Reduce or eliminate energy consumption costs,minimize your carbon footprint and contribute positively to the environment.Our services include:-Zero Energy Buildings-Sustainable Construction-Environmental Footprint www.plusenergylab .com |
  3. 3. ConstructionConstruction according to the new standards, Nearly Zero Energy Buildings,Passive House, Zero Energy Buildings.Upgrading ConstructionUpgrading conventional buildings according to the new standards, Nearly ZeroEnergy Buildings, Passive House, Zero Energy Buildings.Project ManagementProject Management and Supervision of the Implementation of Projectsaccording to the new construction standards Nearly Zero Energy Buildings,Passive House, Zero Energy Buildings. According to recent E.U. directives (2010/31/EU) all buildings should be constructed or upgraded under the new standards with zero energy consumption. The directives will be applied from 2018 on public buildings and 2020 for private buildings. www.plusenergylab .com |
  4. 4. Construction CertificationPlus Energy LAB applies the world’s leading design and assessment methodfor sustainable buildings. Through the BREEAM methodology (sustainable Sustainabilitydesign, implementation and use), Plus Energy LAB provides a holistic approachto measuring and improving all types of new and existing buildings.Sustainability beyond Energy SavingThe concept of sustainability encompasses all areas through the trianglepeople-planet-profit, providing a basis for differentiation, recourse and riskmanagement to any construction project.Sustainable construction takes into consideration the green living principle,material sourcing, resource utilisation, green marketing, environmentalprotection and awareness. www.plusenergylab .com |
  5. 5. Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)Plus Energy LAB defines the scope of the project and calculates the CO2 Carbon Footprintemissions, emitted throughout the selected stages. Assessing theenvironmental footprint of buildings and proceeding to energy improvements,will lead to CO2 emissions and costs reductions.Carbon Neutral VerificationFollowing the calculation of the amount of climate-impacting emissions,contractors invest a specific amount according to the emissions created incarbon offset projects in developing countries. The Carbon Neutral Verificationis a proof of commitment towards environmental protection that has gainedhigh recognition and credibility worldwide. www.plusenergylab .com |
  6. 6. Contact us today for a free consultation - analysis of your needs