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Ild Energy Efficient Architecture

Passive House Construction. Passive House Project Managment. Green and Eco Building Construction and Renovation. Passive House Off plan Development. Passive House and Green Hotel and Resort Development.
Green Building,
Eco Building,
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Ild Energy Efficient Architecture

  1. 1. 1 from property to profit from concept to completion and beyond ILD: Energy Efficient Architecture Sustainable Building Technology ILD Construction Passive House Technology ILD Construction Green Building Technology ILD Construction
  2. 2. 2 At ILD we are all avid proponents of sustainability. This has brought our activity at the heart of a new integrated and holistic approach: Energy Architecture. This brand new model of building design and development relies on new materials and technologies that minimize the impact that built structures have on the environment and cut down their utility bills. With our advanced know-how and sophisticated infrastructure, we count among the very few that can carry out high quality, Energy Architecture projects. New Design & Development Model Energy Architecture is a fully integrated and holistic model of building design and development that enables us to deliver turnkey projects with: ▪ lowest, measurable ecological footprint ▪ average annual operating costs within a preset and anticipated range Regardless of their type or scale, built structures are designed using an integrated and fine-tuned range of intelligence collection processes, analyses and functions, coupled with subsets of innovative materials and state-of-the-art technologies. Designs are grounded on 23 primary and 41 secondary features, including: 1. Shadows & Reflections 2. Shading Design 3. Solar Analysis 4. Photovoltaic Array Sizing & Load 5. Matching Lighting Design 6. Right to Light 7. Acoustic Analysis 8. Thermal Analysis 9. Ventilation & Airflow 10. Energy & Carbon Results 11. Whole Building Energy Analysis 12. Carbon Emission Reporting 13. Water Usage & Cost Evaluation 14. Photovoltaic Potential 15. Energy S.TA.R. Scoring 16. Day lighting Project Locating 17. Weather Pinpointing 18. Detailed Weather Analysis 19. Wind Energy Potential 20. Natural Ventilation Potential 21. Energy Load Distribution 22. Insulation Factor Analysis 23. Air Loss Analysis 24. Energy Design Alternatives We gather key data using advanced, high precision devices. This intelligence we then process using specialized scientific software programs (e.g. HTB2-2009, ESP-r/100EC, DE-22CIBSE Ver.47d/9-2009). The output informs a System of tools that determine the ideal building model. This specifies the basic and detailed features of the built Structure, including its orientation, internal and external dimensions, relative proportions, co-efficient values etc. Energy Architecture models minimize the ecological footprint of built structures and maximizes their sustainable Energy and performance, while accommodating efficiently all their usability requirements.
  3. 3. 3 New Materials, New Technologies Energy Architecture relies on spearheaded, tested and tried materials and advanced input-output energy technologies. Their efficiency relative to conventional options is so much higher as is that of hydrogen fuel cells relative to coal. We select carefully materials and technologies to secure: ▪ highest recyclability index of materials ▪ lowest overall ecological footprint ▪ significant enhancement of sustainability ILD: Energy Architecture ILD Group Clear Advantages Energy Architecture offers clear advantages, in environmental and financial terms alike: ▪ It applies sustainability principles to provide built structures with high energy efficiency, top quality configuration and longer life cycle. ▪ It relies on environmentally friendly, recyclable materials inducing the lowest ecological footprints. ▪ It delivers safer constructions (better antiseismic structures, effective fire protection) ▪ It requires reduced time-to-completion and yet entails similar construction costs relative to conventional building practices. ▪ It is a tried and certified model that can be easily applicable in Greece. ▪ It offers direct and indirect financial incentives for commercial properties, industrial facilities and holiday developments. Energy Architecture Expertise ILD is among the very few that have the know-how to carry out high standard Energy Architecture projects. Working with specialized corporations, we have been implementing international practices in relevant projects since 2008. We have both the sophisticated infrastructure and the qualified human resources to provide integrated Energy Architecture Solutions and deliver top quality turnkey projects. To update our know-how and develop new skills, we take part in global meetings and events. We complement our expertise with extensive research that we conduct into
  4. 4. 4 new materials and technological applications. Note that, along with no more than 32 other European developers, ILD runs its own Department of Research on New Materials & innovative Building Technologies. Sustainability Awareness At ILD we firmly believe that Energy Architecture is the only way to achieve sustainability. In this respect, we propose that Energy Architecture should designate: Not a catchphrase. Awareness. Not provisional luxury. Top priority. Not fragmented practices. Holistic approach. To discuss further the principles, objectives, applications and costs of Energy Architecture or to consider options tailored to your own requirements, please contact us at ILD Group. Nikos Dikefalos Group Chief Executive Manager tel: +30 2109689780 fax: +30 2109689781 mobile: +30 6932462242 email: Dimitris Papadimitriou Group General Manager tel: +30 2109689780 fax: +30 2109689781 mobile: +30 6972079269 email:
  5. 5. 5 personalised property portfolios We discuss your goals, timetable and resources. We weigh these against current data we collect on the Greek property market. With that in mind, we investigate all suitable and sustainable investment options. We devise a strategy that reflects on all aspects of your project: from concept to completion and beyond we plan your strategy
  6. 6. 6 we design your portfolio We implement your strategy step- by-step. We decide on types of property and deliberate on their technical specifications. Our designs meet your set criteria to form an entirely personalised portfolio. We specialise in: ▪ residential property ▪ holiday developments ▪ commercial property
  7. 7. 7 we develop your project We deliver turnkey projects. Our extensive technical expertise and professional network enable us to streamline processes and deliver both on time and within budget without compromising on quality. We opt for environmentally friendly materials and technologies. Notably, we are among the very few whose advanced know-how can support energy efficiency solutions.* * see Energy Architecture
  8. 8. 8 To discuss further the principles, objectives, applications and costs of Energy Architecture or to consider options tailored to your own requirements, please contact us at ILD Group. Nikos Dikefalos Group Chief Executive Manager tel: +30 2109689780 fax: +30 2109689781 mobile: +30 6932462242 email: We help you manage your property at every step of the development process. We put in place advanced infrastructure and employ qualified human resources. We enhance property management using sustainability analyses that we have thought through already in the earliest stages of your project. Working with ILD paves your way from property to profit we manage your project and your property Dimitris Papadimitriou Group General Manager tel: +30 2109689780 fax: +30 2109689781 mobile: +30 6972079269 email: GREEN REAL ESTATE PROJECT DEVELOPMENT