Sustainable Development, Ashok Baran Chakraborty, ONGC


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Finnish-Indo Cleantech Business Seminar 12.6.2013, seminar material

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Sustainable Development, Ashok Baran Chakraborty, ONGC

  1. 1. Oil & Natural Gas Corporation Ltd.Sustainable DevelopmentJune 12, 2013, Helsinki
  2. 2. Presentation overview2SD activities in ONGCSustainable development in ONGCAreas of interestProbable areas of mutual interest
  3. 3. SD in ONGCSustainable Growth is organically linked to ouroverall growthOur Vision: Sustainable GrowthOur focus: Triple bottomline growthOur Policies on SD:Corporate policy on SDPolicy on sustainable water managementPolicy on greening supply chainWe subscribe to Green buildings3
  4. 4. Focused areasImmediate areas of interestCarbon & Energy ManagementWater ManagementLow carbon /Fuel substitution/ RenewablesR&D on CO2 reformationWaste ManagementSD ReportingCapacity buildingFuture areasSupply chainBiodiversitySustainable energy solutions4
  5. 5. Carbon and Energy ManagementAim:Reduce GHG emission in a profitable wayOptimise energy consumptionProcessDeveloping carbon footprint( GHG inventory)--CompletedIdentifying mitigation opportunities– Identified 7sourcesStudy viability-- startedImplement viable projects-- startedCDM and Carbon trading– 10 projects registered.2.8 Million CERs per annum5
  6. 6. Water ManagementAims– 4RReduce fresh water usageReuse produced water/ effluent water for usefulpurposesRecycle waste waterReplenishing ground water through rain waterharvestingActivities:Water mapping( fresh water intake &produced/effluent water) and identification of SWMroad mapFeasibility study of viable measure andimplementationRain water harvestingAreas of interestSea water desalination6
  7. 7. Waste ManagementAimsIdentification of main sources-- CompletedQuantifying waste-- CompletedManaging waste in a sustainable way– Under processSourcesDrill cuttings and other drill site wastesOil Sludge and process related wasteUsed chemicalsEffluent waterAreas of interestStudy in thermal destruction ( like PTDR)Conversion of sludge into petrochemicalsObtaining low calorific value fuels from wasteOther sustainable disposal7
  8. 8. Low carbon and Renewable energyAimsFinding ways for profitable usage of CO2Study of solar power usageCHPFuels from agricultural wastesActivitiesSolar thermal.pptxAreas of interestMicro algal conversion of CO2 into biomass/biofuelDeveloping CSP8
  9. 9. CM&GS activities: SD ReportingAims at:providing a balanced and reasonable representation of thesustainability performance of a reporting organization – includingboth positive and negative contributionsAchievementSR.pptxYearly issue of Third party assurred Corporate Sustainabilityreport commenced from FY 2009-10.Gri-G3 Compliant9Sustainability reporting – the practice of measuring, disclosing, andbeing accountable to internal and external stakeholders fororganizational performance towards the goal of sustainabledevelopment
  10. 10. R&D on CO2 mitigationAims at:Capture of stationery CO2 source from select ONGC operationReformation of CO2 to useful productsR&D project :Looking for suitable capture methodLooking for suitable reformation10
  11. 11. Capacity BuildingAims at:Developing in-house soft skill for sustainable developmentImplementing SD projects through joint implementationActivities :Organising training programmes on SDWeb based campaign to sensitise employeesEngaging stakeholdersForming MDTs for joint implementation of SD projects11
  12. 12. Our Future QuestSustainable energy solutions for ONGCNew energy technologies/Future energy systemsAssessment toolsTechnology innovationsApplied solutionsLow emissions and resource efficiency12
  13. 13. Areas we may work togetherWaste water treatmentDesalinationSustainable use of oil sludge/ used chemicalsReuse of produced waterCO2 reformation studiesMicroalgal conversion of CO2 into useful fuel/productRenewables.Assessment toolsNew energy technologies/Future energysystems13
  14. 14. 14