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  • Why Social Publishing? Challenges: Collaborate and approve content before it’s published Publish in the right order to the right Social channels Keep record of published content Sample Scenario: Online Marketing campaign for new product Collaborate on content for this campaign Content should go trough approval process before it can be published. Publish content in right order Publish approved video to YouTube Publish approved web pages incorporating the video Publish approved company Tweet with link to website
  • Easy upgrade from Lucene to Solr. While Lucene is running Solr will build it’s new index. When completed, switch off Lucene and lat Solr handle all search requests. Customer can choose either Lucene or SOLR Typical upgrade process Install Alfresco 4.0 Configure SOLR Run SOLR index Switch off Lucene Fine grain control over what gets indexed ‘ Eventually Consistent’ Client support Alfresco Explorer Alfresco Share WebDAV FTP MS SharePoint CIFS
  • Alfresco 4.0 introduction

    1. 1. Alfresco 4 IntroAlfresco 4, Mobile & CloudFebruary 2012
    2. 2. Agenda• Alfresco 4.0
    3. 3. Alfresco 4 is……the Ultimate Social Publishing Platform…the Easiest ECM to use…the Simplest ECM to Administrate
    4. 4. Using Social Tools External Internal Using social Using social tools to connect tools to make with customers employees more and prospects productive
    5. 5. Social Publishing Platform Publish Activiti Like / Follow
    6. 6. Social Features – Publishing• Support two types – Content – Status updates• Support for – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Publish Flickr – Can be extended• Define ‘Channels’ – Multiple channels for each service
    7. 7. Best of Breed BPM: Activiti• Stand Alone – Designed by Tom Baeyens – BPMN 2.0 standard – Apache-licensed – Complete suite - Engine, Modeller, Console and User Tools – No subscription as standalone
    8. 8. Changing Content Old School The Way Forward• Check out • Select Online Edit• Save to desktop – Alfresco launches client application• Navigate to find file • Make Changes & Save• Open the file – Alfresco creates a new• Make changes version• Save changes• Check-in • Mac Office 2011 and• Navigate to find file Office 2010 Support
    9. 9. Cloud-Scale Performance ImprovementsAlfresco 4 is the culmination of everything we havelearned by scaling to tens-of-thousands of users I I I I Iand hundreds of millions of content items.• Apache Solr• Clustered protocols and DB FS CIFS• Elastic Transformations• Solr CPU pricing More scalable Flexible Architecture DB FS SOLR
    10. 10. http://partners.alfresco.comQUESTIONS?