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Demo of Absolutely! - a new type of enterprise wiki / knowledge management system


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Demo of Absolutely! - a new type of enterprise wiki / knowledge management system.

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Demo of Absolutely! - a new type of enterprise wiki / knowledge management system

  1. 1. Knowledge Management is MORE than a piece of software.
  2. 2. But when it comes to software, you want to have KMS that people will love to use
  3. 3. - Knowledge Management System That People Love to Use? - Absolutely! ™
  4. 4. There is little interesting in the log-in page . . . . . . except the same interface works well on a computer and mobile phone
  5. 5. A collection of food recipes has many of the ingredients similar to real-life business knowledge database.
  6. 6. So for this demo we created a food recipes knowledge management system.
  7. 7. Once logged in, you immediately see the latest activity, most popular articles authors and searches, etc.
  8. 8. Main menu provides quick overview of existing top-level categories, number of articles in each . . .
  9. 9. . . . ability to add or delete a category or add an article under a specific category.
  10. 10. In the main area you see live data on KMS usage . . .
  11. 11. most active and best rated authors and articles . . .
  12. 12. as well as most popular searches and most active discussions.
  13. 13. As a result, user gets a feeling of a collaborative environment that provides incentives to participate ...
  14. 14. such as peer recognition, feedback and ratings. Users see that articles are read and used . . .
  15. 15. and everybody can tap into collective intelligence.
  16. 16. Now let's get a brief overview of functionality. Working with categories is based on a right-click menu
  17. 17. To add a new category, you fill a simple form.
  18. 18. To delete a category, you need to confirm your choice.
  19. 19. To add a new article, you type in a title, keywords, and select one or more categories for classification and listing
  20. 20. Once you click “Continue” the system creates an empty article
  21. 21. with links allowing to create new section
  22. 22. and add attachment
  23. 23. You can enter the title and select a type of a document you want to insert
  24. 24. If it's a simple / short text, you can type it in
  25. 25. But the real benefit of using Absolutely! is in how easily you can use rich media and Google Docs
  26. 26. s Let's start with adding section “Necessary Ingredients.” I created it in Excel and uploaded to Google Docs
  27. 27. s Here it is listed among other Google Docs created by me and/or shared with me by colleagues
  28. 28. s Click “Finish” and the spreadsheet becomes a part of the article
  29. 29. s Now, let's insert new section. Right-click on any section gives you “insert” menu
  30. 30. s This time I selected “Preview” before inserting the document to verify that this is the correct one
  31. 31. s Then I insert new document into the second section
  32. 32. s Note, once I started adding content to the article, my name appears in the list of contributors
  33. 33. s You can also add attachments, such as PDFs or external files from other web sites
  34. 34. s All users are welcome to take part in the discussion of an article.
  35. 35. s You can also push it to experts (people highly rated by peers) inviting them to take part in the discussion
  36. 36. s Your colleagues will rate the article. This rating will affect your personal rating as a contributor
  37. 37. Ratings and discussions help users determine the usefulness of the article and applicability of suggestions
  38. 38. Peer feedback and recognition stimulate participation and active contributions from all employees
  39. 39. Intuitive interface makes working with different media types easy both on a computer and mobile phone
  40. 40. Another important feature is an extensive, but easy-to-use administrative part. Note: part of the data is blurred intentionally.
  41. 41. It provides high granularity in managing user's permissions
  42. 42. … as well as ease of management ... Note: part of the data is blurred intentionally.
  43. 43. … and ability to review revisions made by different users.
  44. 44. Click for details and a free trial offer: