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Manfield employment services

  1. 1. Manfield Employment Services Pte Ltd Recruitment Solutions with a Personal Touch © 2011 Manfield Employment Services Pte Ltd | Co. Reg. No. 95C2823
  2. 2. ABOUT MANFIELDBusiness is all about people. Having the right people will enable you to bring your business to big-ger successes and greater heights.The essence of Manfield is in its people – talented individuals with diverse working experiences,but who share a common passion for delivering effective human capital solutions to our clients.Established in 1992, Manfield has built a reputation based on a solid foundation of integrity,knowledge, respect, efficiency and thoroughness. We have since gained recognition by innovation,and for the efficacy of our services in the human capital industry. Our experience and expertisecover the eclectic employments needs of different organizations. Whether you need blue collar orexecutive staff, be it for temporary or permanent placement, Manfield has dedicated teams to pro-vide the relevant services. Although our clientele may come from different industries, our consult-ants have proven time and again their commitment, adaptability and most importantly our abilityto deliver results.Manfield is ideally positioned to embrace the dynamism of a rapidly expanding Asian business mar-ket, with its staff strength of 50 and with offices in Singapore and China. We work with an exten-sive network of associates and recruitment partners to ensure prompt delivery of solutions to ourclients.As a recruitment firm that specializes in Asian placements, we leverage our deep understanding ofthe region and insight into local culture, to serve and build successful and lasting relationships withour clients. Clients of Manfield enjoy hassle free service with a personal touch. Many have chosenManfield, and have chosen wisely. Will you? ` OUR MISSION AND OUR VISIONOur MissionDeliver effective Human Resource solutions to our corporate clients and candidates at the highestlevel of service, so as to contribute to their success.Our VisionTo be a leading Human Resources provider in the region © 2011 Manfield Employment Services Pte Ltd | Co. Reg. No. 95C2823
  3. 3. Our ValuesWe aim to establish long term business relationships with our customers through our core values,and in so doing, deliver quality services.Our values form the basis from which we operate and manage it from multiple angles to maximizeits potential to our clients.Success for our organization is when we ensure total satisfaction of our clients as well as the candi-dates. Our management and people have cultivated values that maintain high standard of perfor-mance. Our respect for humanity has induced responsibility and integrity for every action we do.We deliver what we promised, carrying out services as well as efficiency to bring about the best so-lutions through knowledgeable inputs.RESPECT FOR HUMANITYWe deal with human capital and human talent. In order to gain respect, we should demonstraterespect. The people that we meet are not commodities and we should treat them fairly, irrespectiveof race, language, religion and gender.KNOWLEDGEOur business is knowledge-based. Our clients depend on us to provide them with up-to-date andaccurate information to aid them in making relevant and effective hiring decisions. We are the ex-perts that they depend on to provide solutions that differentiates us from our competitors. Ourknowledge is a measure of our business edge.EFFICIENCYEfficiency defined: Comparison of what is actually produced or performed with what can be achievedwith the same consumption of resources. If we are inefficient at our work, our clients will prefer ourmore efficient competitors. Efficiency is essential for business survival.INTEGRITYFollowing our strict moral code encourages mutual trust(a) Between colleagues(b) Between the Management and employee(c) Between candidates and consultants(d) Between the clients and usLong term relationships are built on the foundation of mutual trust. It results in stability and sus-tainable success for all parties.RESPONSIBILITYWe create success. We are responsible for ourselves, our clients, our candidates as well as our sup-pliers. Without this feel, we are performing tasks without a meaningful goal.THOROUGHNESSAttention to detail – completing a job from start to finish – going the extra mile. These reflect thedepth of our values. Delivering shoddy results reflect badly on us. It means we don’t know enough,we are not responsible enough or we are simply not efficient at our work. We need to treat eachhiring request with thought and care and ensure that it is completed satisfactorily and withoutcompromise. © 2011 Manfield Employment Services Pte Ltd | Co. Reg. No. 95C2823
  4. 4. Corporate Culture and MilestonesCultureManfield Employment Services Pte Ltd’s corporate culture is one that encourages entrepreneurialspirit, professionalism, mutual respect, openness, transparency, progressiveness and adaptability.Our recruiters join us because of the values we uphold, as well as our regular recognition of theirefforts. Since they are given the real opportunity to better serve clients’ needs and to better controltheir business direction, they are therefore motivated to achieve personal and corporate break-throughs.Milestones1992 Manfield Employment Services Pte Ltd (“MES”) was founded by Mr David Chin as a Recruitment Agency with a focus on operator recruitment from Malaysia for Semi- conductor industry1995 MES incorporated and obtained a special permit to recruit from China and expand- ed to include foreign recruitment with a focus on the semiconductor and precision engineering industries.1998 MES expanded its operations to local recruitment business2000 MES further expanded its operations to include more business units and personnel2005 MES expanded and launched a new office in Shanghai, China2008 Office at Chinatown Point © 2011 Manfield Employment Services Pte Ltd | Co. Reg. No. 95C2823
  5. 5. OUR MANAGEMENTDavid Chin – Managing DirectorTan Kim Huat – Manager, International RecruitmentJocale Toh – Manager, Human ResourcesRegistered Office138 Cecil Street#11-03 Cecil CourtSingapore 069538Tel: (65) 6337 3720Website: BUSINESSES`People are the attributes to corporate success.To seek the most potential talents that match your corporate needs, our team of experienced re-cruitment consultants will research, source, interview and shortlist the best talent for your organi-zation.We provide the following services: International Recruitment Executive Search Temporary/Contract Employee Leasing/Outsourcing Payroll Services Employment Pass/Work Permit Online © 2011 Manfield Employment Services Pte Ltd | Co. Reg. No. 95C2823
  6. 6. OUR TRACK RECORDWe have been nominated as a preferred recruitment partner for some of our MNCs and SME clientsfor successfully-managed mass recruitment. `GENERAL PLACEMENT DIVISIONFocus: General RecruitmentRecruitment Type: Local Placements, Permanent, Temporary, Contract PositionsSnapshot of Industries: Engineering, Manufacturing Hospitality, F&B, Logistics, SemiconductorSnapshot of Positions: Sales and Marketing, Accounts, Admin/Customer Service, Logistics Technicians/Operators, Event CoordinatorsNoteable Clients: Coca-Cola SingaporeProject Participation: Youth Olympic Games 2010 `INTERNATIONAL RECRUITMENT DIVISIONFocus: International RecruitmentRecruitment Type: Foreign Recruitment, Project Based RecruitmentSnapshot of Industries: Manufacturing, SemiconductorSnapshot of Positions: Production Specialists, Technician, Junior Administrative Roles, PRC Re- cruitment, EngineersNoteable Clients: CAASProject Participation: Official Opening of Terminal 3`EXECUTIVE SEARCH DIVISIONManfield’s Executive Search Division have successfully provided hiring solutions for the followingpositions: Chief Operating Officer Chief Financial Officer Head of Human Resources Chief Human Resources Officer General Manage r– Human Resources Business Unit Director Group Financial Controller Lab Director AVP—Divisional Planning and Channel Management Regional Sales Manager SAP Manager Project Manager Finance Manager Logistics Manager Business Development Manager © 2011 Manfield Employment Services Pte Ltd | Co. Reg. No. 95C2823
  7. 7. David Chin – Managing DirectorDavid Chin was born in Kota Kinabalu, the capitol city of Sabah, East Malaysia.At the age of 11, after completing grade 6, he moved to Singapore on his own tocontinue his studies, living independently. In 1987, David completed his Engi-neering Degree education, graduating with second upper honors.His first job was with Texas Instruments Singapore, a US based MNC which hasa varied range of business activities. The plant where David worked was intothe manufacturing of memory ICs. He initially worked as an engineer and waspromoted to superintendent position overseeing production lines. He was latertransferred to the HR department to manage the Training functions in Texas Instruments Singa-pore. In 1992, David left Texas Instruments to start his own business.David started Manfield Employment Services, a sole proprietor business, in 1992. Due to the rapidindustrialization in Singapore at that time, there was huge shortage of factory labours. The factoriesin Singapore were importing production workers mainly from west Malaysia. East Malaysia was arelatively untapped source. David capitalized on that opportunity, using his family link in East Ma-laysia to provide East Malaysian workers for several companies in Singapore. Texas instrumentsSingapore was among them. However, the sources in Malaysia were beginning to deplete as welldue to their own industrial development. By this time, many manufacturing companies in Singa-pore had already started to look into non-traditional sources such as China and India.In 1995, Manfield was corporatized into a private limited company and soon after obtained its spe-cial permit from the Ministry Of Manpower to hire personnel from China. Thereafter, David fo-cused on the hiring of production workers, mostly from China and India, for the manufacturingsector in Singapore. This business model has turned into the corner stone for Manfield’s growth.As Manfield’s relationship with its customers grew, the need to extend its services to fulfill theirother business needs arose. In 2000, David restructured the company, forming a team specializingin local staffing services. This subsequently extended to provide the temporary and contracts ser-vices.In 2005, David started head hunting services in Shanghai. He then extended the same service toSingapore 2 years later.David believes in creating success for his customers, a belief that has guided the philosophy of hiscompany’s practices. It is this conviction that has formed a base of anchored customers, providing asteady flow of income for Manfield. Similarly, David believes in creating success for his staff. He be-lieves that their individual success and hence long term career in Manfield will build a strong andstable foundation for the company.David is certain that the combined factors of right management values, competent and stable staffas well as the strong support of Manfield’s customer base will help achieve its vision of being theleading Employment Solution Provider in the region. © 2011 Manfield Employment Services Pte Ltd | Co. Reg. No. 95C2823
  8. 8. Tan Kim Huat – Manager, International RecruitmentKH Tan is the Manager driving the operations of the International Re-cruitment Division. Joining the company since 1995, he has held vari-ous portfolios including sales and marketing, general placement, logis-tics management and foreign workers’ management.Prior to joining Manfield, Mr Tan was with the Civil Service Sector forseven years. With his exposure and fair share of experienced in boththe public and private sectors, he is able to deliver solutions that en-compass broader perspectives.Jocale Toh – Senior ManagerJocale Toh is the Senior Manager overseeing the Finance/ Accounts,HR and IT Departments.Jocale has been with the company since 1997. Prior to managing thecorporate service support in the company, she was leading the localrecruitment team and worked with clients from various industries intheir staffing needs.She has trained many recruitment personnel and assisted in the company’s growth and success. Inher current capacity, she is involved in strategic planning and development of the company humancapital. She is also responsible for the management of the Finance/ Accounts and IT aspects of thecompany. © 2011 Manfield Employment Services Pte Ltd | Co. Reg. No. 95C2823
  9. 9. Our Commitment to the CommunityAt Manfield, we are committed to be a caring and responsible partnerin the communities in which we live and work, by making a signifi-cant and positive impact on improving the quality of life.As an organization that provides a personal touch to recruitment, werecognize the importance of honouring the elders who have moldedand contributed to the current status of our nation. We also believein educating and nurturing the young because they hold the key toour future.We believe that within each individual, lies the ability to reach out to a child and help him under-stand his worth and believe in himself. It is our wish and hope to help and empower all children sothey will be able to unleash their limitless potential and abilities and in so doing – create a glowingfuture for themselves. In 2010, Manfield adopted the Lions Home for the Elders (the Home) and the Singapore Children’s Society (SCS) as their beneficiaries. The objective of this adoption is to also encourage our staff to honour, recognize, appreciate and support those who are in greater need than us.Staff demonstrated their sense of social responsibility by visiting the Home and with an outing withthe children of SCS. Their participation has reinforced their sense of filial piety and this has en-couraged their recognition for the opportunities that they have been blessed with so far.Our people are passionate about supporting causes and took the initiative to take part in theseevents.At Manfield, we believe that active community participation and business profitability complementone another. We see an outpouring of generosity and social responsibility spirit in our staff - thesame spirit and energy that they bring to customers and colleagues everyday.Meeting the Human Resource Needs of BusinessesBacked by a team of specialists, Manfield is well-positioned to deliver a whole range of human re-source solutions to support local and international entities across varied industries and business,and at various stages of their business life cycle.From providing temporary staff on a project basis, to working on an international project, we arecommitted to providing the solutions to your business. © 2011 Manfield Employment Services Pte Ltd | Co. Reg. No. 95C2823
  10. 10. One-Stop Service DeliveryOur clients and candidates can enjoy one-stop convenient and efficient service, facilitated by ourmanagers, on work pass related matters, both in Singapore and overseas.Dedicated Segment Specialists to Support Different BusinessesOur team of dedicated segment specialists with in-depth industry and market knowledge are capa-ble of servicing the diverse needs of different market segments. This range includes but is not lim-ited to the semi conductor industry, pharmaceuticals and financial institutions.Close to Our CustomersManfield is always there to answer the call for help with human resources issues. With our deepknowledge and vast exposure, we understand the needs of our customers. We have the resourcesand the capability to service our customers beyond our headquarters in Singapore. Working withstrategic partners, we are able to efficiently and effectively connect our customers to our strategicpartners.We are always here to assist you in your human resource needs regardless of the life cycle of youroperations. © 2011 Manfield Employment Services Pte Ltd | Co. Reg. No. 95C2823
  11. 11. INTERNATIONAL RECRUITMENT DIVISIONOur International Recruitment Division (IR) is staffed with experienced consultants. Its primaryfocus is on procuring blue-collar workers mainly from Malaysia, India, Myanmar, Vietnam, Chinaand Singapore. Since its inception, it has developed long-lasting relationship with major clients andnow has specialized consultants taking care of the specific needs of our clients. The IR division caters for the light and heavy industries. As an approved and licensed agent for in-ternational recruitment by the Ministry of Manpower and approved user of the WP Online forspeedy approval of work permits, IR is a fast and reliable partner when it comes to recruitment oflocal and foreign temporary/contract and permanent workers.Background of IR DivisionHiring of foreign talent is necessary if there be a shortage of local talent, if the foreign talent pos-sesses a wealth of knowledge and experience, or based on the specific skills that are required.To facilitate your hiring of the foreign talent, we provide a wide range of solutions as follows:Work Permit ApplicationsS Pass ApplicationsEmployment Pass ApplicationsArrival and Repatriation of foreign workersDormitory setup for foreign workersOrientation of foreign workersOpen accountWe handle employment documentation for Work Permit and Employment Pass applications. Weprovide WP Online (WPOL) application service for employment of work permit holders. © 2011 Manfield Employment Services Pte Ltd | Co. Reg. No. 95C2823
  12. 12. GENERAL PLACEMENT DIVISIONBackground of GP DivisionWe work on a win-win situation for both employers and candidates without compromising our pro-fessionalism and quality values.Our professional assessment at the preliminary stage ensures the best fit of, candidates for our cli-ents whilst creates career opportunities for our candidates.People are the greatest drivers for organizations towards successes. We cater to your recruitmentneeds by providing qualified candidates at all levels.In Permanent Placement, we have established our strong pool of candidates from general disci-plines to the semi-skilled and skilled for fulfilling your requirements.Over the years, we have successfully recruited a wide spectrum of positions. Some of the common-ly recruited positions are as follows: GENERAL Sales, Engineering, Production, Quality Assurance, Project, Finance & Admin, Human Resource ENGINEERS Electronics, Mechanical, Chemical, Production, Computer, Sales, Design IT PROFESSIONALS Programming, Web Design, Sales ACCOUNTANTS Financial Control, Audit, Accounting, Payroll ADMINISTRATORS Human Resource, Purchasing, Production Planning, Shipping PERSONAL ASSISTANTS Secretarial, Personal Assistance TECHNICIANS Electronics, Mechanical, Chemical, FacilitiesTemporary and ContractMarket sentiments and economic conditions have always had great impact for more flexible budg-etary considerations in recruitment activities.Singapore has seen an increasing demand for temporary and contract placement. Therefore, weprovide cost effective solutions to meet your short-term recruitment requirements. © 2011 Manfield Employment Services Pte Ltd | Co. Reg. No. 95C2823
  13. 13. EXECUTIVE SEARCH DIVISIONGlobalization and increased competitiveness in the corporate environment have contributed to thegrowing demand for talents across industries.In order to meet this specialized field of recruitment, we have assembled a team of professionalswith intricate knowledge and vast experience to provide a thorough and systematic approach toExecutive Search. We specialize in providing solutions for your mid to senior management level across various indus-tries. WHY CHOOSE MANFIELD?Being established for close t0 20 years, our industry knowledge and network are the fundamentalkeys to our strengths. Our professionalism and quality values are our non-compromising ethicalstandards.We hold respect for humanity, and we believe that people are the greatest resource. We are respon-sible and efficient in handling your needs with thoroughness.Under the guidance of our quality statement, integrity is our assurance to serve you as your mostreliable HR business partner.A Wise Choice We listen to you The first thing we do is to understand your needs. No matter how big or trivial, we listen. We have the candidates you need We have built a large base of candidates through regular promotions, advertisements and net- working. We ensure candidates meet your requirements We screen our candidates professionally. We would conduct written tests or other assessments whenever necessary. We offer competitive rates Our rates are competitive. Check on us. We work on long term business relationships with all our clients Through delivery of quality services with our core values, we establish long term relationships with all our clients. © 2011 Manfield Employment Services Pte Ltd | Co. Reg. No. 95C2823
  14. 14. Our Proven ProcessTo ensure our clients the best outcome, we combine market expertise with a no-nonsense and re-sult-oriented process that matches our clients’ situations and goals to solutions available in themarket. Here’s how our process works.Thousands of clients have already benefitted from our disciplined approach to recruitment.Contact Manfield Employment Services Pte Ltd today to take advantage of our tried and tested re-cruitment model. © 2011 Manfield Employment Services Pte Ltd | Co. Reg. No. 95C2823
  15. 15. Our Notable ClientsOur business partners choose to work with us because we are a proactive intermediary with bothour clients’ and our partners’ interests at heart. We help our partners educate the market on thefiner points of wealth management. Moreover, we add tremendous value to the client-supplier re-lationship by providing feedback from our clients to the financial product suppliers. Our feedbackhas resulted in our suppliers tweaking their products to better meet market needs.Manfield Employment Services Pte Ltd – Business ActivitiesManfield Employment Services Pte Ltd is licenced by the Registrar of Companies. The Company iscurrently authorized by ROC to: Hire Malaysian foreign workers on behalf of an employer unless the employer has obtained the prior written in-principle approval of the Controller of Work Permits to employ the non-citizen. Be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of any foreign worker brought in by the agency prior to the issuance of the work permit including the provision of acceptable accommodation, medical treatment and food. The licensee shall not require or cause the non-citizen to bear all or part of the cost associated with his upkeep and maintenance. Carry out work pass transactions with the Ministry of Manpower on behalf of an employer. Hire foreign workers from the Peoples Republic of China.Your consultant shall be able to provide some or all of the above activities. The company also pro-vides advice on the following products and services: Advice on work pass procedure Advice on psychometric testing in conjunction with hiring process © 2011 Manfield Employment Services Pte Ltd | Co. Reg. No. 95C2823