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With the integration of technology and business, the short-term need for highly skilled IT consultants has never been greater. We provide a broad range of programs and services to help you find the talent your company needs. TRISSN SOLUTIONS, HR staffing division has the perfect answer when you wish to maximize control and manage your own project but need experienced people to follow your lead.

Understaffed IT departments are faced with seemingly impossible demands and deadlines. More than ever before, businesses need trained, ready-to-go IT consultants and project managers to meet their immediate business objectives. Success depends on having the right people, the right team on hand to get the job done. Tailor-made for businesses with short-term staffing requirements, we provide a dedicated, technical recruiter (or a team of recruiters) at your company to seek out and hire the talent you need.

TRISSN SOLUTIONS staffing department offers the following unique characteristics: Full-service placement solution on a contingent basis includes face-to-face interviews, skills testing, and reference checking. Hiring strategy, retention, and evaluation programs improve your recruitment processes. We back it up with our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Program.

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HR Consulting Brochure

  2. 2. WHO WE ARESuccessful selection and utilization of an organizations key resources ensures it will become and remain competitiveand successful as an organization. This is the fundamental principle at the heart of our organization and it guides how weput our resources to work hard for youTrissn IT Solutions is a Recruitment and Consulting services firm operating from Hyderabad. Also, we have a network ofalliance partners in North America (Canada & US) and Europe that enables us deliver services efficiently. Trissn clientsrange from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses and we provide each the highest available standard of service,quality and commitment in the industry. Trissn Recruiters have the real-world experience to identify the right people foryour needs, regardless if the need is non-manager professional or a senior C-Level Executive.Trissn helps organizations locate and hire the most skilled individuals, who can make the most positive impact on yourorganization, your goals and your objectives overall. Our clients rest assured that we can source, interview and profilethe most qualified candidates for any given mandate in the area of Information Technology, Engineering, Healthcare,and Executive Management.Our commitment to you is directly tied in with our mission - “To be the best and most efficient HR Consulting firm in themarketplace.”Allow us get our resources to work for you! Trissn Solutions
  3. 3. TRISSN PRACTICE AREASTrissn has dedicated practice lines in the areas of Information Technology, Engineering, Healthcare, ExecutiveManagement to name a few. Information Technology Practice Trissn’s Information Technology Practice cover a broad range from internal IT Infrastructure and Application needs to specific emerging technologies in the Software, communications and Telecommunications industries. Engineering Practice Our Engineering recruiters have years of practical industry experience and a track record of success in sourcing HIGH QUALITY engineering professionals across various industries. Healthcare & Biotech Practice Trissns Healthcare & Biotech practice look beyond the resume to find out which candidates have the right balance of hard skills, experience, education as well as soft skills, flexibility and overall motivation that will lead them to become valued long-term employee. Executive Management Practice Trissn recruiters are highly motivated and seasoned professionals with the business experience to deliver the top notch professionals for all your Core Business, Management and Executive level roles.Trissn Solutions
  4. 4. PERMANENT STAFFING SOLUTIONSTrissn clients come from a variety of industries, including: the Software Development, Telecommunications,Government, Banking and others. These clients count on us to deliver the best Full-Time talent. Many candidateswho usually respond to job advertisements do not meet the requirements of the position. We can sift through theapplications to determine fit and relevant skill sets as required for your organizations needs many top-notchcandidates that you may prefer are not looking for other opportunities. Trissn has the experience to recruit thesepassive individuals for you, thus resulting in increased profitability for your organization. Trissns recruitmentapproach is far more comprehensive and helps us tap into hidden pools of talent that would escape ourcompetitors.We employ a vast set of resources, methods and strategies for sourcing the best individuals in the marketplace.Our comprehensive resources includes a large in-house database of thousands of senior professionals, a largeexternal network of referrals, access to a variety of resume databases and internet based recruiting sites, areferral program, professional associations, ethical direct recruiting practices and more. These methods allowus to deliver on any mandate quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable rate Trissn Solutions
  5. 5. Benefits of using Staffing & Recruiting solutions from Trissn..............................................................Tailor made HR ServicesTrissn has a HR solution for every requirement of yours. We tailor our services/products to perfectly fit your needs. Alsowe provide any kind of post service maintenance for your ease in the long run.Time-bound servicesTrissn challenges on getting you the first best candidate in 2-5 hours time. We know how precious the first few hours areand we best utilize them.Then we take about 24 hours to source and shortlist handful bunch of qualified candidates for you, as compared to 30days taken by most of the traditional recruitment firms.Cost effective dealTrissn offers a highly competitive cost per hire for each candidate and ensures the lowest cost for all the deals. The costis significantly lower than internal recruiting, because you only pay for the right hire. There will be no hidden charges andin most of the cases, nominal retainer fees will be charged. Trissn Solutions
  6. 6. Quality is our mottoTrissn concentrates more on understanding your needs and then work towards fulfilling them. Through this process, wefind the most qualified people for the job. In brief, we place right candidate, in the right job, at the right time.No hiring mistakesWe know how costly a mistake is. If things dont work out with your new hire as expected, the entire recruitment cycle hasto be repeated.But if you are associated with Trissn, you can just relax. We ensure all the resumes reaching you are only after detailedReference & Background Checks and Behavioral Interview to avoid poor hiring. Still, if you are unhappy, we can replace atno cost within 30 days.Less dependents on traditional sourcingTrissn has a very vast data pool with best talent on many niche areas. We have put great efforts and time to build this poolthrough various innovative techniques. Thus, we are less dependents on online job portals and other traditional sources. Trissn Solutions
  7. 7. CONTRACT STAFFING SOLUTIONSSometimes you have to pay high costs to get niche candidates or resources for shorter span. Trissn provides high qualitycontract solutions for your short term project needs.At Trissn, we consider your special needs and deliver quick services. We will always have at hand, an array of resourceson various lines, who can jump start and take up your project. We cautiously choose contractors who are readilyavailable.We promise to staff your contract project needs and begin profiling candidates, often within the first 24 hours and even inthe toughest situations, we are ready with unique approaches.We have already taken a great chance of working with the most successful companies in North America to deliversuperior and innovative services promptly. Trissn Solutions
  8. 8. Additional benefits if using Contract staffing solutions from Trissn ............................................................................ A cost cutting solutionA permanent employee may have to be on bench, while transition from one project to the other and he has to be paideven during that blank period. Instead if you hire our contractors for a specific period of time, you can avoid payingthem while on bench. This is a proved cost cutting solution by many successful organizations.Completion of project in a shorter period of timeYou can complete your projects in a shorter period of time with highly skilled contract Resources as they usually havegood relevant exposure required by the project. They are also equipped to adapt quickly to the environment andproduce from day one of the job.Find the right technical skills you need for your projectThere is no need to send your workers for expensive training programs. Our contractors are highly skilled professionals.You will have the right technical skills you need when you need it, by hiring our qualified professionals. Trissn Solutions
  9. 9. Reducing your overhead costsTrissn will look after all the personnel issues like payroll, induction, training, termination, vacations, benefits,grievances and necessary paperwork will be maintained by us. Thus reducing burden on your HR, Operations andAccounts departments, in turn that reduces your overhead costs.Increased overall qualityThere is no need to borrow technical resources from other departments. The loss of resources usually affects thequality of work. With Trissn, we will source you the right resources.We have the flexibility in arranging the length of term to suit your individual needs, from days to months to years. Trissncan/will also convert contract staff to fulltime staff with our flexible conversion option if you so require. No learning curve requiredWith contractors, there is no learning curve at the beginning of a project. Our contractors have the necessaryexperience and expertise to initiate and complete the project. They are highly motivated, able and posses the rightattitude to deliver high quality output to the project. Trissn Solutions
  10. 10. WHY TRISSNQuality professional recruitingWe are Recruitment Professionals with many years of experience, a strong understanding of Information Technology,Engineering, Healthcare/ Biotech and Business areas complemented by an in depth understanding of the complexitiesinvolved in the hiring process. Trissn recruiters are educated and experienced in developing tailored interviewing andassessment techniques for a broad variety of roles across these sectors.Recruitment expertise and Industry knowledgeWe hold a group of tough head hunters as our permanent employees. Also weupdate ourselves with current trends. We have long vision to pretend the futuretrends and we keep tuned always.Meaningful candidate profiles and outstanding candidatesAll our candidate submissions come with meaningful candidate profiles. TheApplicant Summary has been designed so that it may be used as a stand-alonedocument or accompanied by a resume.Reference checks / Background verificationA reference is a great way of confirming a candidates skills and qualifications; therefore references are essential to thequality commitment as well.Ethical business and Recruitment practicesWe pledge adherence to a Code of Ethics that in short states: “we will serve our clients, candidates and employeesfaithfully, with integrity, and professional responsibility. We observe the highest principles of honesty and fair practice indealing with clients, candidates, employees and all regulatory authorities; and will respect the confidentiality of recordsin accordance with law and good business practices.” Trissn Solutions
  11. 11. CONTACT US TRISSN IT SOLUTIONS PVT. LTD. 2-91/187, Plot No: 187, 2nd Floor Prashasannagar, Road No:72 Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad-500033 Andhra Pradesh, India. Phone: 040-64587444, 040-64584555, 040-64580888 email:, www.trissn.comTrissn Solutions