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  1. 1. CONTENTS  Chapter-1 • Title of the Study • Objectives of the Study • Limitations of the study • Methodology of the Study • Scope of the Study  Chapter-2 • Theoretical Frame of the Study  Chapter-3 • Company Profile • About ADD Gel Pens  Chapter-4 • Data Analysis and Interpretation  Chapter-5 • Conclusions & Suggestions  APPENDIX • Questionnaire • Bibliography
  2. 2.  Title of the study  Objectives of the study  Limitations of the Study  Methodology of the study  Scope of the Study
  3. 3. TITLE OF THE STUDY “PURCHASE BEHAVIOR OF CONSUMERS WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO ADD GEL BRNADS” OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY  To know the consumers attitudes and behavior with special reference to ADD Gel pens.  To know the relative position of ADD Gel pens in the market with refers to competitive brands.  To know the market share of ADD Gel Pen in the Hindupur Region.  To know the buying patterns of consumers and there by to take remedial action if needed to boost the sales of ADD Gel pens. LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY This study is done by interviewing limited number of customers; therefore it may not reflect the authentic information. The sample size is 100 customers, thus it may not give true results. The information collected is restricted to the consumer of Hindupur region only, so we cannot generalize to other regions.
  4. 4. METHODOLOGY The data and information of the studies collected both from primary as well as secondary sources. The primary sources constitute collecting data from different consumers in the Hindupur region through the structured questionnaire which have both open ended and closed ended questions. Secondary source constitute the information which has been collected from distribution itself The information collected subsequently analyzed to elicit and to draw inferences about the consumer behavior and trend SCOPE OF THE STUDY This study gives immense opportunities to understand consumer trends inferences towards pens. Through this study we can know consumer preferences and there by making appropriate modifications to meet consumer needs and wants. Through this study we can know consumer attitudes towards ADD Gel pens.
  6. 6. MARKETING Marketing is a social and managerial process by which individuals and groups obtain what they need want through creating, offering and exchanging products of value with others. This definition of marketing rests on the following on the following core concepts: needs, wants and demand products, value, cost and satisfaction, exchange, and relation ships. The views of the modern authorities on marketing. Marketing starts where production leaves off. Marketing is the set of human activities. Marketing the business does is marketing. Everything the business does in marketing Marketing is the response to the consumer demands Marketing is the chain of process backing by creative thing Marketing is the response to the consumer demands
  7. 7. Every business venture form its inception has a particular combination of financial, marketing and human skills and capabilities that circumscribe the marketing the company can serve company is qualified to offer. The second factor is the market opportunity to serve specific market needs and wants determines the business purpose. Financial and management capability affect how quickly the market opportunity can be developed. From the thinking and writing of management authorities as emerged the concept that a business, exists to create and serving the customers. Many companies are engaged only in the marketing of consumer goods or only industrial good and some other market of both types. The marketing function is social point for achieving this business department in creating and serving the customers. Consumer market is concerned with providing products and services for individual consumers. Industrial marketing is concerned with providing products and services to industrial and commercial establishments. But many so called consumer goods are sold for use by companies or institutions. Finally every firm occupies a certain position, with its established line of products, which provides the cash flow for company expansions. The opportunity for sales and profit improvement to an extent depends on the stage of products life cycle and intensity of its competition. Maximizing sales and profits for establishment’s products demand much of marketing management attention.
  8. 8. CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR In all marketing decision making consumer needs should serve the focal point. It is both relevant and important for any business to know its customers and understand his/her buying behavior. It also important to understand how buying decisions are made. Consumer behavior has been defined as “the process where by individuals decide whether, what, when, where, how and from whom to purchase goods and services”. The role of the government and staidly emerging consumer movement necessitates that marketers must understand consumer behavior their needs, aspirations expectations and problems. It will be extremely useful in exploiting marketing opportunities an in meeting the challenge of the market. CONSUMER BUYING PROCESS The consumer is decision-maker and comes to the market lace to solve his consumption problems to achieve the satisfaction of is needs. Broadly the consumer buying process has three stages, input, process, and output. Input is stimulus it is provided by two sets stimulus variables, namely, the firm’s marketing efforts and social environment. The firms marketing efforts and social
  9. 9. environment. The firms marketing efforts and designed to positively expose inform and influence consumers. These efforts include product service itself, work and in fact all marketing functions. The social environment serves as a non-commercial source of consumer information and influence which is not under the direct control of firm. It concludes reference groups and individuals, family members, social class and castes, cultures and the like. Both these stimulus variables influence consumer and the buying process. STAGES OF BUYING BEHAVIOR The buying process is composed of a number of stages and its influenced by an individual’s psychological, frame work composed of the individual’s personality, motivations, perceptions and attitudes. The various stages in the buying process are: 1. NEED RECOGNITION: It means the awareness of a want, a disdain of consumption problem with out whose satisfaction the consumer normally builds up tension. 2. PRODUCT EVALUATION: The consumer is exposed to the existence of product that may satisfy a need. This awareness may be on account of the search carried by consumer
  10. 10. himself/herself or because of a firm’s communications through advertising or salesmanship of through a social environment. 3. INTEREST: It is state of mind that exists when a consumer perceives and is aware of alternative products capable of satisfying that need. Consumer interest is indicated in the consumer’s willingness to seek further information about a product. 4. DETERMINANTS OF CONSUMER BEHAVIOR: The social environment provides stimulus to buyer behavior and psychological frame intervenes in input processing. The intervening variables in the consumers decision making process has been divided by Hoeard sheth in endogenous and endogenous variables. According to endogenous variables includes motivation, perception and learning where as exogenous variables include personality, social class, culture, organization and financial status of an individual. ECONOMIC DETERMINANTS: The personal income. Income is the return of one’s endeavors. It gives buying power to consumers which help them strike and exchange. From marketing stand point it is not the grass income but the disposal and discretionary income that are important. FAMILY INCOMES: The joint family system is an important characteristic of the India society. In such families, it is not the income of an individual member but it is the income of the whole family that matters. The buying behavior of the
  11. 11. family members is ultimately determined by the relationship between the family size/requirements and the family income. PSYCHOLOGICAL DETERMINANTS: LEARNING: The stimulus response learning theory stages the there develops a bond between behavior producing stimulus and behavior response. It terms of consumer behavior and advertisement would be stimulus and purchase would be response. STIMULUS: Stimulus is object in the environment perceived by the individual. The aim of marketing man is to find out those conditions under which stimulus or elicits response appropriate to his objective. REINFORCEMENT: Reinforcement or rewards means reduction in drive and stimulus. It has been defined as environment events exhibiting the property of occurrence of response they accompany. Thus when consumption of a product or a brand of products leads to satisfaction of the initiating need there is reinforcement. A consumer associates a drive and stimulus with one another. Which elicits a response and develop learning which when reinforced becomes a habit. MOTIVATION: although a consumer may learn by providing him the resisite situations. The appropriate drive or need is a prerequisite. Unless a consumer has a need, he cannot be made to want any thing. There fore it is important for every marketer to understand the nature of these needs and their inter relationship,
  12. 12. so appropriate stimuli may be provided to motivate persons to learn to buy products/services as desired. SOCIOLOGICAL DETERMINANTS: Some prominent groups which influence and condition consumer behavior are family opinion leader and culture. FAMILY: Family is a primary group the tastes, like dislikes and life styles of persons are rooted in the family buying behavior. Family may be of two types broadly. First, on the individual personality, attitudes and evaluating criterion and second its influence in the division marketing process involved in the purchase of goods or services. Different members in the family may be assigned or and specific buying files. The marketing persons should identify these members and their respective habits. OPINION LEADERS: Often a person makes reference to an individual and not a group in order to formulate his/her pattern. This individual whose reference is considered called helps the marketer to understand the consumer behavior. CULTURE: Culture consists of acquired or cultivated behavior and thoughts of individuals with in a society as well as the intellectual, artistic and social ideas and institutions. Which the members of society process and to which they strive. The influence of culture on consumer behavior is more enduring an account of the smacker it builds up.
  14. 14. COMPANY PROFILE ADD PENS LTD. Was established in 1990 as a small company with a clear vision to make better quality & modern technology pens. After successfully manufactured large quantities of economically priced pens. The company pioneered the manufacture of Gel ink pens and introduced better quality of refillable roller pens in India. The company is well established manufacturer of high quality pens and one of India’s fastest growing writing instruments manufacturing company with significant contribution to quality innovation & introduction of latest technology pens. Today, the company is the leader and largest producer of Gel ink Pens & refillable Roller pens in India. The secret of success of these Hi-technology pens is the use of world class components and technology from the well established manufacturers from Japan & Korea.
  15. 15. The company market its high products under ADD brand which is now well accepted and acknowledged by the quality conscious consumer as a cut above the rest for the latest and the best possible quality pens. We invite you to join this satisfied group of customers. ADD Pens Ltd. Is one of the fastest growing writing instruments manufacturers in India. Established just 10 years ago on a very small scale, it has now became one of the most respected player in its field. After producing economy and quality ball pens in large quantity for 5 years the company decided to go for the high technology Roller and Gel Pens. After studying the world market it was found that the Roller pens and the gel pens are the most popular and successful pens the world over.
  17. 17. DATA ANALYSIS & INTERPRETATION The primary data obtained from various consumers with the help of questionnaire has been analyzed on the following aspects. 1. Awareness of different brands. 2. Consumer’s preference in various brands. 3. Consumer’s preferences towards Gel Pens. 4. Consumer’s preference towards various ADD Gel Pens. 5. Media from which they came to know. 6. Number of consumer’s shifted to other brands. 7. Reasons for shifting to other brands. 8. Factors considered while selecting the brand. 9. Mode of purchase.
  18. 18. A random sample of 100 consumers has been taken from Hindupur for deciding the consumer’s awareness about ADD GEL PENS. From the survey it is found that consumers are well aware of the ADD Gel, Reynolds and Montex brands. The study revealed that ADD Gel brand occupies first place.
  19. 19. BRAND AWARENESS AMONG CONSUMER Sl. No Brand Name % 1 ADD Gel 100 2 Reynolds 80 3 Montex 60 4 Rotomac 40 5 Today’s 40 6 Others 10 % 1 ADD Gel 2 Reynolds 3 Montex 4 Rotomac 5 Today’s 6 Others As for the information obtained from the different categories out of 100 respondents ADD Gel and Reynolds is recall most. BRAND PREFERENCE IN CONSUMERS
  20. 20. SL. NO BRAND NAME % 1 ADD Gel 65 2 Today’s 6 3 Reynolds 11 4 Montex 10 5 Linc 4 6 Others 4 80 65 60 40 20 11 10 6 4 4 0 % 1 ADD Gel 2 Today’s 3 Reynolds 4 Montex 5 Linc 6 Others From the above analysis ADD Del brand of pens takes first place having 65% of people recalled and remaining prefer the other brands. CONSUMER PREFERENCE TOWARDS GEL PENS SL.NO Result % 1 YES 86 2 No 14
  21. 21. % 1 YES 2 No Though the above analyses we can come to know that just few about 14% of people are not using Gel pens and the remaining 86% are using Gel pens. FACTORS CONSIDERED WHILE SELECTING THE BRAND SL.NO Reasons % 1 Smooth Writing 85 2 Availability 10 3 Appearance 22 4 Fine Grip 65 5 Price 35
  22. 22. 100 80 60 40 20 0 % 1 Smooth Writing 2 Availability 3 Appearance 4 Fine Grip 5 Price From the above analysis most of the respondents give major consideration for smooth writing and fine grip. SOURCE OF PURCHASE SL.NO Source % 1 Stationary shop 15 2 Near by Shop 5 3 Any Shop 70 4 One Particular shop 10 1 Stationary shop 2 Near by Shop 3 Any Shop 4 One Particular shop
  23. 23. When we apprehended the questionnaire, came to the conclusion that people now tend to purchase pens of their choice in any shop at majority. And the next turn to others. SUGGESTIONS GIVEN BY THE CONSUMERS SL.NO Aspects % 1 Lack of Advertisement 35 2 Consistency of Ink 50 3 Price 10 4 Others 5 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Advertisement Consistency of Aspects Others Price Lack of Ink
  24. 24. From the above analysis the majority of the respondents are shifted to other brands due to the price. And a few for the other reasons appearance and quality. CONCLUSIONS &
  25. 25. SUGGESTIONS CONCLUSIONS & SUGGESTIONS CONCLUSIONS:  It is very clear the, out of 100 people all the 100 are aware of ADD Gel pens. This shows the brand awareness among the consumers.  65% of people prefer to use ADD Gel brand pens.  It is very clear that almost 70% of the people prefer to purchase pens in any shop  Due to the lack of advertisement and other factors the consumers are jumping to the other brands.  More no of customers purchase add pens due to the smooth writing and other factors.
  26. 26. SUGGESTIONS:  Most of the consumers suggested improving style and introduce New brands of pens in to the market to satisfy diversified consumer needs.  Some of the consumers even suggested decreasing price of the pens  As well as refills on par with other competitive brands.  The company should give more advertisements In television  Media in order to have more access to consumers  Even company should provide extra grip for pens for comfortable  Writing with all brands of ADD GEL pens.