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Results Oriented Email


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Results Oriented Email

  1. 1. Results Oriented E-Mail Marketing: My Personal Journey from D-Mail to E-Mail, and, maybe on to F-Mail By Dickie Soriano
  2. 2. “The real danger is not that computers will begin to think like men but that men will begin to think like computers.” Sydney J. Harris
  3. 3. This talk is NOT about: it is ABOUT: - Technology - Targeting - Making a one-time sale - Finding and keeping a and running away customer - Software - Common sense - Using the cheapest - Using the most cost- medium available effective medium - Sending out e-mails - Developing a marketing strategy
  4. 4. The problem with Email Marketing
  5. 5. A bit about my spotted history • Started direct mail business in 1988 – Targeted, compared to mass media – Results-based: a query, a sales lead, a sale – Individual Customer, rather than faceless AB Upper C
  6. 6. D-Mail Lessons for E-Mail
  7. 7. Direct Mail in Philippines • Mostly unsolicited (credit cards, insurance, real estate, catalogs) • Mostly worked (at least the ones we did) at generating an ROI
  8. 8. What made ‘junk mail’ work?
  9. 9. In classic direct mail, the outer envelope is the first thing the reader sees Name of organization and sender is prominently displayed Teaser copy to make you want to open the envelope and read contents List code on label
  10. 10. In classic DM, the letter was crucial A story Johnson box for headline written to offer, typically bold or an underlined individual, by an individual Typeface chosen for readability for sustained reading
  11. 11. Tested offers Tested lists
  12. 12. The real secret to results in direct mail: Ruthless testing
  13. 13. Sampaguita Pack vs. Kuya Bill Pack List: BPI Credit Card Holders Table. Comparison 55 Days After 1st Mailing / Full Mail-Out One Time Pledge TOTAL Pack Response Amount Response Amount # of Responses Project Amount # Rate (%) Highest Lowest Total Average # Rate (%) Highest Lowest Total Average Resp. Rate (%) to be raised* 835 Sampaguita 779 0.433 50,000.00 10.00 1,088,181.25 1,396.90 56 0.031 2,000.00 100.00 37,250.00 665.18 0.46 1,535,181.25 1816 Kuya Bill 1445 0.723 15,000.00 100.00 1,661,556.00 1,149.87 371 0.1855 6,000.00 50.00 239,588.00 645.79 0.91 4,536,612.00 *assuming pledges w ill last for 12 mos. Difference 666 0.290 (35,000.00) 90 573,374.75 (247.03) 315 0.15439 4,000.00 (50.00) 202,338.00 (19.39) 981.00 3,001,430.75 (Kuya Bill less 0.44 Sampaguita) Kuya Bill/Sampaguita 185.49 166.94 30.00 1000.00 152.69 82.32 662.50 596.25 300.00 50.00 643.19 97.09 217.49 295.51 (%) 195.74
  14. 14. The obvious problems of direct mail • Expensive: printing, postage, list rental • Long gestation: from brief, to creative development, to tests (creatives, lists, offers) to analysing results • The more people send out direct mail, the less effective it becomes (junk mail vs relevant mail)
  15. 15. The beauty of e-mail
  16. 16. My personal experience of a results-oriented e-mail
  17. 17. Sent by our Creative Director Deals with a subject Contains (female) close to any working promising *.jpg man’s heart files, which, given the subject line, is bound to be worth opening Can you relate to this typical e-mail?
  18. 18. How many of you will: a. Open it immediately b. Wait to make sure no one else is lurking behind you before opening it c. Save the files into a secret folder and open it at your leisure d. Delete the message without opening any of the .jpg files
  19. 19. If, like me, you answered ‘a’ and opened the file immediately, here’s just a small teaser of what you would have seen
  20. 20. There are any number of lessons you can get from this: • Never , ever expect that your female creative director will forward anything enjoyably pornographic • The techniques of classic direct mail are used by the most successful e-mail messages
  21. 21. De-constructing effective e-mails
  22. 22. 1. The e-mail has to come from a trusted or known source • A known brand, a known person • Opt-ins are important, to get through spam filters (but even then, not a guarantee)
  23. 23. Consumers find promotional emails from companies they already have a relationship with most useful! 68% Promotions/Offers Site/Prod. Info 47% Useful Info 24% Entertainment 22% Promotions/Offers 14% Useful Reminders 13% Companies with Relationship 6% Site/Prod. Info Companies with No Relationship
  24. 24. A case in point:
  25. 25. In contrast
  26. 26. 2. The e-mail must be relevant
  27. 27. An even more relevant e-mail!
  28. 28. The value of relevance Email marketing is increasingly more effective as marketers learn to segment and target their customers with individualized, relevant information and offers at a time that is right for them, rather than the organisation. According to Epsilon’s Email Trend and Benchmark Report11, volume of email has increased, as too have open and click rates. Deliverability rates have also increased – 91% of email is thought to now hit the inbox compared with 84% in 2008, and bounce rates are on the decline. The advent of social media has enhanced the efficacy of email rather than caused it to decline.
  29. 29. 3. The shorter the email, the better • This is in marked contrast to direct mail, where the more information you put in the mailing pack, the better the response rate • Then again, in an e-mail with hyperlinks and an active internet connection, the receiver has information he needs at his fingertips
  30. 30. email Offer based Short text 4,120 open rate email Product Based Long text 3,642 open rate Short text 4,376 open rate Short text 23.67% CTR Long text 4,174 open rate Long text 18.47% CTR Short text 23.61% CvTR Long text 18.47% CTR
  31. 31. 4. E-mail use is strategic, not promotional • Look within the marketing context, not as a stop-gap measure • Never as a ‘panic button’ to push when sales are down
  32. 32. The Bigger Picture Information Product & Service Detailed brand support Attributes Differentiation Value  Questionnaire Solutions Consideration  Virtual trial/demonstration  Target and identify: Attitude (configurators & locators) registration process Gap  Information on demand (Personalization)  Call to Action Prospect Prospect Brand Suspect Awareness Acquisition Conversion Gap Customer  Response Mgt. Market  Lead Cultivation Sales  Close Sale (Build-In Metrics; ROI/LTV) Gap Data Capture  Profiling  Segmentation Retention Customer Cross-Sell  Cross-sell/Upgrade  Customer Moments of Gap Care  Loyalty Build Truth  Enterprise wide service & support  Link to db and legacy systems Post-Sale Service/Support
  33. 33. 5. An e-mail should make it easy for me to give you my business
  34. 34. Links to different landing pages of website
  35. 35. Real time choices of available inventory, with specific prices
  36. 36. 6. Results-oriented e-mail does not have to be boring
  37. 37. Putting our brains together for a quick exercise The Ateneo Family Business Development Center
  38. 38. Quick Case • Ateneo Family Business Development Center is holding a series of seminars on family businesses – They have a database of previous seminar participants – They do not want to spend on a print ad due to likely election clutter – They have access to Ateneo alumni e-mail – They are given space on the Ateneo web site • How should they get people to enroll in their seminars, given their limited budget?
  39. 39. Your suggestions
  40. 40. What we actually did • Small cheap and dirty website ( • Facebook ad • E-mail Blast • Fax Blast • Outbound telemarketing • Tarp on campus • Small print ad on PDI
  41. 41. The results?
  42. 42. And the winner is: Page 3, Business Section, Philippine Daily Inquirer
  43. 43. From D-Mail To E-Mail. Is F(B)-mail about to take over?
  44. 44. “More people now spend more time on social networking than on e- mail” Nielsen, 2009
  45. 45. Global Consumer Trust in Ads 1. Friends recommendations 2. Brand websites 3. Consumer forums 4. Editorial content 5. Branded sponsorships 6. Television 7. Newspapers 8. Magazines 9. Radio 10. Billboards
  46. 46. “Social networks are arguably having an even greater impact on small businesses than on the big league.” Economist, January 30, 2010
  47. 47. What’s next for the people in this room?
  48. 48. Thank You