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Gemilut Hasadim.Key


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Gemilut Hasadim.Key

  2. 2. Handelingen 9:36 Kolossenzen 3:12-13 Galaten 5:22-24 Filippenzen 4:5-6
  3. 3. “It applies to rich as well as the poor, to a person’s time and energy as well as money, and it extends to the deceased as well as the living.” When we perform Gemilut Hasadim, we are imitating God’s actions. - Danny Siegel -
  4. 4. Lev. 19:9-10 Wijngaard Deut. 15:11 Armenzorg Gen. 3:20 Deut. 34:6 Rabi Simlai Seperate not yourself from the community Seperate not yourself from the community
  5. 5. HINDOEÏSME Do nothing to others that if it were done to you would cause pain BUDDHISME Hurt not others with that which pains yourself. JODENDOM What is hateful to you do not do to your fellow man. BAHA’I Do not wish for others what you would not wish for yourself. SOCRATES Do not do unto others what angers you if done to you. JESUS vraagt meer van ons! actie naar anderen
  6. 6. 4 ingrediënten 1.Vriendelijkheid 2. Compassie 3. Behulpzaam 4. Kalme afwachtendheid
  7. 7. De Toepassing Instructies -Spr. 31:26 Gerechtigheid - Zach. 7:9; Micha 6:8 Waarheid - Spr. 3:3 De onvriendelijke? - Luk. 6:35
  8. 8. Ben je een wortel ei of koffie boon?
  9. 9. Stel jezelf de vraag? Hoe uit IK mij...? Wat kan ik doen om te groeien? Wat blokkeert mij...?