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Christ as the TRUTH
TRUTH as a liberating power

Published in: Education, Spiritual
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  1. 1. Christ is the TruthTruth as a Liberating Power Offense Against Truth
  3. 3.  Should not just be conformity or agreement between what we think and what is reality Mt. 11:27 – it must be grounded in “God, the Father, the source of all Truth, fully manifested in His Son, Jesus Christ, who is the truth come to set us free and sends His Spirit of Truth that proceeds from the Father”
  4. 4. He is the Word made flesh, the Image of the Invisible God, the fullness of God’s revelationTowards authentic loving service to others and towards the full realization of the Kingdom of God
  5. 5. Not private possession of oursrather the center, the meaning and the goal of our lives as members of the human community and as disciples of Christ
  6. 6. “The reason why I was born, the reason why I came into the world, to testify to the truth” Jn. 18:37
  7. 7. The The Thetruth of truth of truth of our our ourthoughts words actions Remind us to be consistent with what we think, say or do
  8. 8. When they correspond to realityand are not erroneous
  9. 9. When we honestly declare what wereally think and are not lying
  10. 10. Actions that correspond to our words, so we are not hypocrites who say one thing and do another
  11. 11. TRUTH CHRISTThe word made flesh Fullness of God’s revelation It is not a private possession of oursIt is the center, the meaning and goal of our lives as members of the Church
  12. 12. 1. We will be in darkness (1Jn. 1:6)2. We will not be walking into the right path (Lk. 18: 22)3. We will be led to many false ways (Heb. 3: 10)4. We will be wandering out of way
  13. 13. Our personalresponse to God’s Enables uscall of friendship towith Him understand Allows us to grow more about and mature in our faith personal relationship with God
  14. 14. Gift of • Life-giving • Liberating God • Discerning the truth task • Professing it with courage
  15. 15. Truth enables us to live a moral Christian life authentically
  17. 17. The fear to love and trust others and GodThe fear to let go what we have for others and God
  18. 18. These are often false beliefs ormisconceptions that arise fromthe stubbornness of the headand pride of the heart.