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E-Government Beacon


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Schneider’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) e-government solutions change the very nature of how citizens interact with local governments, improving constituent service while lowering costs. Our innovative approach allows Schneider to serve as the GIS/IT service provider for hundreds of local governments across the country.

In 2013, The Schneider Corporation saved tax payers over 11 million trips to the courthouse by providing innovative, industry-leading solutions to help organizations get the most from their limited resources. With creative product solutions such as Beacon™ a typical, local government client can save on average over $150,000 each year in employee benefits from reduced counter traffic. The estimated financial impact of Schneider’s e-government solutions reach into the tens of millions of dollars each year.

I was amazed at how quickly they were able to get my info on the web; and within days, the phone calls and traffic at my window dropped by 70%. We had about 400 appeals the year before Schneider. The following year after we implemented our Schneider website we had less than 20 appeals. – Dan Whitman, Martin County, MN.

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E-Government Beacon

  1. 1. Your courthouse is just a click away Presenter: Andrew Harrison, GISP GIS Business Development Manager The Schneider Corporation (317) 826-7393
  2. 2. Search Records
  3. 3. View Detailed Reports
  4. 4. • Property record cards
  5. 5. • Property Sketch
  6. 6. View Interactive Data & GIS
  7. 7. Map Tools