Bosnia herzegovina


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Bosnia herzegovina

  1. 1. Bosnia/Herzegovina Audrey Malone
  2. 2. LocationBosnia/Herzegovina islocated in SoutheasternEurope. It is in the BalkanPeninsula.Bosnia/Herzegovina issurrounded by Croatia(north and west), Serbia(east), and Montenegre(southeast). South ofBosnia is the Adriatic Sea.
  3. 3. History•In the 11th century, the region known as Bosnia/Herzegovinawas controlled by Croatia and Hungary. During thattime, Bosnia achieved independence from them, but were soonconquered by the Ottoman Turks. In the 19th century, theTurkish Empire was weakened by the Russo-Turkish War andBosnia/Herzegovina fell under the Austrian-Hungarian rule. In1914, the heir to the Austrian-Hungarian was killed by aSerbian, which caused World War I. After the war, the people ofSerbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia/Herzegovina, andMontenegro/Macedonia formed together to make Yugoslavia.Yugoslavia was run as a communist government and when theruler died, the republicans of the country broke away anddeclared independence.
  4. 4. CultureEthnicity- Bosniaks- 48% •Serbian- 37% •Croats-15%Religion- Muslim-40% •Orthodox-31% •Roman Catholic- 15% •Non-religious-14%Language- Bosnian
  5. 5. CulturalLandmarks
  6. 6. Medjugorje• Holy shrine locatedin Medjugorje• It is said that TheBlessed Virgin Maryappeared to a groupof people and spoketo them aboutspreading GodsWord. They then in
  7. 7. Sarajevo Cathedral•Constructed in 1889 byJosip Vancas.•Modeled after the NotreDame cathedral inDijon, France.• Center of Christianreligion in Sarajevo.
  8. 8. Ashkenazi Synagogue•Built in 1902 inSarajevo.•Onlyfunctioningsynagogue inSarajevo today.
  9. 9. GeographicLandmarks
  10. 10. Kravica FallsKravica Falls is awaterfall locatednear theMedjugorje village.It is used forrecreation such asswimming, picnicing and fishing.
  11. 11. Sava RiverThe Sava Riveracts as thenorthern borderofBosnia/Herzegovina and Croatia.
  12. 12. Dinaric AlpsThe Dinaric Alps area large mountainrange in SouthernEurope. They covermany countriesincludingBosnia/Herzegovina. They are alsoalong the border of
  13. 13. HistoricLandmarks
  14. 14. Bosnian Pyramid of the SunThe Bosnian Pyramid ofthe Sun or Visocica Hillis located by the town ofVisoko. It is the firstancient man-madepyramid found in Europe.The site of the pyramid iswhere a medieval, walledtown once was. It was
  15. 15. Stari Most BridgeThe Stari Most Bridgeconnects two parts of thetown Mostar. It goes all theway back to the 16thcentury. Ottoman SultanSuleiman the Magnificentordered the people toreplace the old woodensuspension bridge that wasthere. In1993, Herzegovinian Croatforces destroyed the bridge
  16. 16. Visegrad BridgeThe Visegrad Bridge islocated in easternBosnia, across the DrinaRiver. The bridge was builtduring the Ottomon Empirein the 16th century. Theempire was planning to takecontrol of the inner Balkansand defeat Istanbul. Thebridge was used to link theplains of the Danube to
  17. 17. Sports
  18. 18. HandballHandball is a game that isplayed inBosnia/Herzegovina. It is amixture between soccerand basketball. The Borachandball club inBosnia/Herzegovina wonthe Yogoslav NationalChampionship seven times.They have also won the
  19. 19. Football/SoccerFootball a.k.a soccer, isanother popular sport playedin Bosnia/Herzegovina. Itgoes all the way back to1903, but really startedcatching on after World WarII. The former Yugoslavnational football/soccer teamwon the YugoslavianChampionship title in 1967and 1984. Since the countrybecame
  20. 20. 1984 Winter OlympicsThe 1984 WinterOlympics wereheld inSarajevo, Bosnia/Herzegovina.
  21. 21. Food
  22. 22. BaklavaBaklava is asweet pastry thatis made of layersof filo dough. It isfilled withchopped nutsand honey orsweet syrup.
  23. 23. Bosansi LonacBosansi Lonac(Bosnian Pot) is atype of stew. It canbe made manydifferent ways, butthe same ingredientsare used every time:meat andvegetables.
  24. 24. TufahijeTufahije is aBosnian dessert.It is made ofwalnut-stuffedapples andstewed insugared water.
  25. 25. Festivals
  26. 26. Bascarsija Nights• Lasts one month in thesummer.•Musicperformances, theatre, films, and book readings• Largest and mostpopular event in
  27. 27. Jazzfest Sarajevo•Music festival held inSarajevo• Held during the firstweek of November•Largest festival of itskind• Brings in many jazz
  28. 28. International Sarajevo Winter Festival•Held in Sarajevo• 1161 days long(December-April)•Symbol of freedom andcreativity.•Many different culturescome to this festival to
  29. 29. CurrentEvents
  30. 30. Mostar Tries to PieceTogether Bosnias Broken Dream•December 25, 1998-People of Mostar try torebuild the bridge that wasdestroyed during the war.
  31. 31. Mahmoud Abbas in First Visit to Sarajevo •April 14, 2011- Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas visits Bosnia/Herzegovina to try to gain votes for the upcoming UN vote on their statehood.
  32. 32. Croatia deports warcrimes suspect to Bosnia •1995- Croatia sends warcrimes suspect over to Bosnia.
  33. 33. Bosnia and Herzegovina will follow EU stand on Palestinian Case •August 15, 2011- Bosnia/Herzegovina decide to follow the EU stand of the Palestinian case to have a seat in the General Assembly.