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Bosnia and herzegovina


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Presentation of Bosnia with full discerption and pictures , is general information

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Bosnia and herzegovina

  1. 1. What do you know about Bosnia and Herzegovina? All we know is that the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the bloodshed of the .Muslims there
  2. 2. The war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (1992-1995) It resulted from the war and attacked Orthodox Serbs and Catholic Croats against the Muslims in Bosnia and Herzegovina: • More than 200,000 people dead • Two million refugees and displaced people - half the population • 60,000 cases of rape . • Destroyed more than 650 mosques in the cities and villages of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the burning of more than a million and a half a book and manuscript • The main objective is to eliminate Islam and Muslims from Bosnia and Herzegovina to fully .
  3. 3. Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina is located in southeastern Europe, one of the republics of the former Yugoslavia. Located in southern Europe. Bounded on the north, west and south Croatia, Serbia to the east and south-west of the Republic of Montenegro, which are almost closed does not have a coastline on the sea state.
  4. 4. Bosnia of the most beautiful parts of the earth, including the nature of the charming gardens and towering mountains covered with snow in winter, green is the predominant color of the large number of forests and greenery and trees, the headwaters of the cold water, waterfalls and lakes.
  5. 5. Bosnia with a moderate continental climate, where summers are hot and cold with heavy snow in winter.
  6. 6. • Capital of Bosnia : Sarajevo • Languages: Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian • National Day: November 25 • Currency: Bosnian mark and the equivalent of a half euros • The system of government: federal democratic republic Bosnian Muslims 48% Serbian orthodox 37% Croat catholic 14% other 1% Population: 3829000 million
  7. 7. 800 Mark is the average monthly per capita income after taxes . Unemployment rate: 43.3%
  8. 8. 19.61% that include cultivation wheat, corn, fruits and vegetables
  9. 9.  steel  coal  iron ore  Lead  zinc  Manganese  Bauxite  vehicle  Assembly  Textiles  tobacco  Products  Wooden  Furniture  Tank assemble  airplanes  Household  Appliances  oil refining 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45 50 AGRICULTURE INDUSTRY SERVICES Agriculture , 20.4 industry , 32.6 services, 47 0 Workforce: 2.6 million Industries
  10. 10. • Coal • iron ore • Bauxite • Copper • lead, zinc • Chromium • Cobalt • Manganese • nickel, clay • gypsum • salt, sand • forests
  11. 11. Exports: $ 5,579,000,000 (2011): metals, clothing, wood products Imports: $ 10,380,000,000: machinery and equipment, chemicals, fuel and food.
  12. 12. Old Mostar bridge Old Bridge in Mostar is one of the most important cultural monuments in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Mostar is a symbol of the town and one of the most beautiful bridges the world, this is the bridge of the most famous monuments Bosnian One of the greatest bridges in the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans.
  13. 13. A Aaatsa Falls Aayitsa waterfalls flowing from the Vrbas River, is one of the most spectacular waterfall 12 in the world and a height of 17 meters Aayitsa. Kravica Falls Krawitsa Falls is one of the finest scenic, visiting this place Rowing boat. krawitsa is a good place to rest and enjoy nature there is contaminated.
  14. 14. 4. Old City (Bahjarchia) Bahjarchia is an old area in Sarajevo is one of the most important tourist attractions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is Old Bazaar and many historical buildings and cultural therefore considered a historical and cultural center of Sarajevo. 5- Neum city The only coastal city visitor destination for.treatment and enjoy its climate in summer
  15. 15. Darwish was built during the reign of the Ottomans. Located opposite a cave under a mountain inside a huge source of the River "Nertva" It is the only hospice in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The restaurants Ottoman and eating fresh fish and cafes are so beautiful about the spring. Hospice in Blagaa
  16. 16. Thank you for listening .Waleed,Abdullah