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  1. 1. Bulgaria(България)
  2. 2. Intercultural Communication• How could I understand people from different cultures better?• Why do I need to behave appropriate in an intercultural situation?!!! do`s and don`ts in Bulgaria
  3. 3. Menu/Topics• Main facts• Geography and landscape• History• Culture and traditions• Bulgaria – developing country• Tourism and manufacture• Questionnaire
  4. 4. България Bulgaria  Member of the European Union since January, 1 2007  Member of NATO since 2004  Population: 7,621,337 people  Capital city: Sofia – 1,2 million people1  GERB – “We build Bulgaria”Rosen Plevneliev, President Boyko Borisov, Prime minister
  5. 5. Bulgaria at the crossroads
  6. 6. I Bulgarian state (681-1018)  Slavic / Proto-Bulgarian union  863 – Slavonic language  865 – Orthodox ChristianityKhan Asparouh
  7. 7. II Bulgarian state (1185-1393)Renaissance – architecture, literature, paintingSelf-awarenessChurches and battle strongholds, 13-14 century
  8. 8. III Bulgarian state (1878-)2• Rebel in 1876 – unsuccessful• Russian-Turkish Liberation War (1877-1878)• World War II – switching sides between Germany and Russia• Nowadays – parliamentary democracy
  9. 9. Foreign influence• Russia and TurkeyLoan wordsReligionEveryday lifeMusic
  10. 10. Bulgaria – developing countryA developing country, also known as a less-developed country (LDC), is anation with a low living standard, undeveloped industrial base, and lowHuman Development Index (HDI) relative to other countries.Based on EU Funds and Programs3 New railway, road and communication infrastructure Regions and people Social environment
  11. 11. Tourism and manufactureResorts: at the sea, in the mountain (alpinism and skiing), SPACultural tourism: museums, historical monumentsExport: Honey, cheese, yoghurt Rose oil Sunflower oil Fruits and vegetables Wine, beer
  12. 12. CULTURE• Language, religion, population• Holidays• Traditional/modern music and dances• Manners and values• Arts and sports
  13. 13. Language49.1 4.2 1.5 Bulgarian Turkish Roman 85.2 Other
  14. 14. Religion5 0.8 13.210 Orthodox 76 Islam Catholicism Others
  15. 15. Population627.5 urban 72.5 rural
  16. 16. Urbanization and agglomeration Better opportunities Development *180 depopulated villages7
  17. 17. Let`s talk Bulgarian!• Give me five!• Give me a clutch!• Hello, my brother!• Hi, man!(Chichkovite chervenotikvenichkovcheta)“Чичковите червенотиквеничковчета”(Neprotivokonstitucioosnovatelstvuvaite)“Непротивоконституциооснователствувайте”Don`t misuse the constitution!
  18. 18. HolidaysOrthodox, National and PaganReligious tolerance Shipka`s monument (Freedom) Lazarus Saturday Baba Marta
  19. 19. Traditional/modern music and dances1977 - "Izlel e Delyu Haydutin" as part of the Voyager Golden Record selection of music60,000 years more space for at leastShows – Bulgaria`s got talent, Music Idol, The voice of BulgariaSkilleR and Pe4enkata – world beatbox champions at the Beatbox Battle World Championship 2012 – Berlin
  20. 20. Manners and values• Family and hospitality• Everyday life and rules of behavior• Stereotypes and prejudices in Bulgaria- Gypsy nation
  21. 21. Sports Hristo Stoichkov - The Dagger, El Pistolero, The dog, The modern Left Yordan Yovchev - 4 Olympic medalsIvet Lalova – The “fastest white woman” in the world
  22. 22. Questionnaire1. Which is the capital city of Bulgaria?2. How many sea sides has Bulgaria?3. Who is Baba Marta?4. Who is the most popular Bulgarian sportsman?5. Who are the Gypsies?
  23. 23. Links and Literature• 1,4,5,6,7 - POPULATION CENSUS IN THE REPUBLIC OF BULGARIA (2011)• 2 -• 3 -