T-Orienta: An accessibility diagnostic tool.


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Fernando G. Cornello Sánchez, Junta de Andalucía
Alberto Corpas Novo, Junta de Andalucía
Mario Cámara Sola, Junta de Andalucía

Published in: Technology
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T-Orienta: An accessibility diagnostic tool.

  1. 1. t-Orienta
  2. 2. T-Orienta Guadalinfo Accesible Motivation • Andalucía is, by population, the biggest region in Spain with more than 8 million people • There are around 700 villages and towns with less than 20,000 people • People with disabilities in Andalucia account for 8,62% of the population • The regional public policy is to remove the digital divide for disabled people living in Andalucia
  3. 3. T-Orienta Guadalinfo Accesible Aim of • To allow the centre staff to configure a PC to be used by people with any disability • To measure what the user can do and what kind of help he/she needs • To give a customized report of the best way to overcome the user needs according to the equipment available at that centre • To configure the software to meet the user needs • To make available the devices from one centre to any other centre of the network
  4. 4. T-Orienta Guadalinfo Accesible Assumptions • The user must take part in the process as much as possible • The local staff are not expert in accessibility ASSUMPTIONS • Not all AT devices are available at every centre • AT Devices can be borrowed from other centres through the application • The user feedback is taken into account to fine tune the system
  5. 5. T-Orienta Guadalinfo Accesible Collaboration with associations •We have been collaborating with the following associations of people with disabilities
  6. 6. T-Orienta Guadalinfo Accesible Modules and artificial intelligence • There is an evaluation module or front end • In addition, there is a back end module that takes care of the management of the devices among the centres • An open source AI engine (JColibri) is used to match the needs detected for each user with a set of recommendations about software and AT devices for her • The engine will learn from users feedback for future recommendations
  7. 7. T-Orienta Guadalinfo Accesible Interaction with the user (I) Local staff User
  8. 8. INTERACTION WITH THE USER (II) T-Orienta Guadalinfo Accesible Interaction with the user (II)
  9. 9. T-Orienta Guadalinfo Accesible Interaction with the user (III)
  10. 10. T-Orienta Guadalinfo Accesible Interaction with the user (IV)
  11. 11. T-Orienta Guadalinfo Accesible Interaction with the user (V)
  12. 12. T-Orienta Guadalinfo Accesible Data protection • It has been a priority for us to protect from misuse the personal data of each user • This has led to employ a token-driven access control • The system generates a token for the user the first time he/she accesses the system • Afterwards, the user only provides his/her login to access the system • This way, there is no link between an user and an adaptation
  13. 13. T-Orienta Guadalinfo Accesible Planned schedule • Currently, it is in the last development phase • Deployment is expected to happen at the end of this month • Access to the tool will be available through the Guadalinfo web
  14. 14. T-Orienta Guadalinfo Accesible Thank you!