Cloud4all cloud platforms lead to open and universal access for people with disabilities and for all


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Cloud4all cloud platforms lead to open and universal access for people with disabilities and for all

  1. 1. Cloud platforms Lead to Open and Universal access for people with Disabilities and for All Dr. José Ángel Martínez Usero Director of international projects and relations
  2. 2. What is the Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII)initiative?An international coalition of organizations and individuals aiming to: • Simplify accessibility for users, schools, public access points, organisations, companies, governments, etc. • Increase built-in accessibility in those places where it is practical and effective, to provide ubiquitous access that is natural, doesn’t have a stigma, and doesn’t ‘tax’ individuals with disabilities. • Grow the market for ATs and services, in order to serve more people, lower costs, and increase motivation to innovate and invest in accessibility. • Facilitate international, public-private, private-private and cross sector collaboration in order to lower costs, to reduce duplication and to accelerate innovation. • Increase the number of new ideas and products that make it to market – and make it easier and much less expensive to market them internationally. Video: Before Cloud4All After Cloud4All 2
  3. 3. Cloud4all vs. GPIICloud4All will not work on all of the aspects of the GPII. Rather it will focus on corecomponents needing research and development centered around the areas of a)personal profiles, b) federated repositories of accessibility solutions, and c) auto-personalisation of ICT. User Eval Pref & Perm GPII Recommend- Will something Awareness Wizard Profile/Server Marketplace er help me? Users find out Users can find out Users cam store Find all existing Users can use What? something exists which types of need &preference solutions, at once profile to find just for them. things help them info for later use commercial & free what helps them Getting access Run-Time Anywhere Run-time Auto Caption Assistance automatically, Fitter Delivery Tailor Description + On Demand Prefs, permissions Any access features Built-in + any Automatically finds User can call up anywhere, on any and context used to needed for fit delivered are captions/descriptions any assistance device determine best fit delivered anywhere auto-adjusted etc. for user any-where Tools to make it Development Parts Rich Expertise AOD Service GPII easier, lower-cost Tools/Environ Store Resource Infrastructure Marketplace to create & market Developers have a Free & commercial Infrastructure to Infrastructure to Developers can rich development parts to speed dev make it easy to make it easy to quickly, efficiently new solutions environment for AT and lower costs provide AOD service provide AOD service market worldwide 3
  4. 4. ObjectivesCloud4All aims to develop a complete new paradigm in accessibility; moving fromadaptation of a single device (e.g. workstation/personal device) for a person toautomatic-personalisation of all mainstream products or services a user encounters,using cloud technologies to activate and augment (with AT etc.) any natural (built-in)accessibility of the product, based on a profile of the user’s needs.Research / Scientific objectives • SC1: To determine the potential of cloud technologies for creating a mechanism that can be deployed globally to enable the matching of individual user requirements with the right configuration of tools, applications and resources across contexts of use, client devices, and platforms, thereby addressing the needs of users not served by current accessibility strategies. • SC2: To identify the challenges in creating and serving "one-size-fits-one" accessibility that is required to address the needs of the full spectrum of users who face barriers to access, including users who do not fit traditional disability categories. • SC3: To explore methods for delivery of accessibility solutions that could work across the broad range of ICT, platforms, and technologies that people with disabilities will be encountering in daily life in the near future. 4
  5. 5. Cloud4All Consortium 24 Partners Omnitor BBC, FULLM 3 Collaborators TextHelp UTÜB, TUD, DML, IDRC FhG, H&W Philips RtF-I SoVD FONCE ASTEA Serotek, MS, Mozilla FDCGO DN TECH, FVE, BDIGITAL, IESE, CERTH, SILO, enLogic, UPM, CF, EMERG DN, NTUA/ErgoU Cloud4All Partners Pilot sites 5
  6. 6. Targeted domainsBuilt-in accessibility: • Auto-configuration of accessibility features of PCs’ OS • Auto-configuration of accessibility features of web browsers • Auto-configuration of accessibility features of phones • Auto-configuration of accessibility features in embedded devices (eKiosk, smart-house, DTV set-top-boxProviding and/or converting Web content into a form appropriate for thereceiver • Auto-configuration of Websites and Web applications • Auto-configuration of Social networksAssistive technologies that follow you anywhere • Cloud/Online based assistive solutions. • Automatic selection and configuration of downloadable ATs 6
  7. 7. Thank you for your attention 7