Dating 101 by Sammy Ali and Adrianna Paniak


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A script which accumulates the ideas from previous scripts for the short film Dating 101 and rounds it off according to the style of romantic comedy with the classic happy end.

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Dating 101 by Sammy Ali and Adrianna Paniak

  1. 1. Screenplay
  2. 2. EXT. STREET. NIGHT HARRY is a skinny, nervous looking young man. He is awkward and not particularly fashionable. He is walking down the road, moving in and out of the shadows cast by the streetlights. He looks decidedly nervous. He stops and pauses. For a moment he looks as if he will turn around, but stops mid turn and clenches his fists as if girding himself up for something. He sets his jaw then takes three more steps before stopping, shaking his head quickly and turning around. As he hurriedly walks away his phone rings stopping him dead in his tracks. He riffles through his pockets and then picks up the phone pressing it to his ear. HARRY (Surprised and nervous) Hello? The screen splits in two to reveal CAMERON, a handsome young man with floppy hair. CAM is sitting on a large sofa, bathed in the orange and red glow of the lights in Miles’ bar. He looks a little cross as he speaks to Harry. CAM (Cross) Whoa there! Where do you think you’re going? HARRY (Surprised) What? I’m just...Er. CAM Turn that skinny arse back around and get yourself here now. HARRY I don’t know you know, I mean. I think I’ll just... The call waiting sound interrupts Harry. HARRY Sorry Cam, I’ve got another call coming in. Give me a sec... The screen splits a third time to reveal MATT, a lantern jawed young man with a swagger of confidence. He is sitting on the other side of the couch from Cameron. He has a natural air of confidence. (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: 2. MATT You heard him Harry, get yourself here now. Harry looks from side to side as if really talking to them face to face. HARRY Please guys, I really don’t. Just tell CAM I’m sorry. MATT Sorry? (To Cam) He says he’s sorry. CAM Gimme the phone. Will passes the phone to Cam across the division in the shot. CAM Don’t give me that. We’ve spent a lot of time and effort arranging this. Plus, I’ve got a bit of a surprise lined up. For both of you.. MATT (Frowning) What surprise? CAM (Smiling evilly) You’ll see...Anyway, no more arguing. Get yourself here... MATT AND CAM TOGETHER NOW!!! As they say now, the central split disappears to reveal Harry sitting between them. HARRY Okay, Okay, no need to shout. Cameron passes the phone back to Matt who puts it into his shirt pocket. HARRY Look boys I’m not sure I’m this desperate. There must be better ways to find a girlfriend. (CONTINUED)
  4. 4. CONTINUED: 3. CAM This is just a friendly gathering of friends. If you like a girl, that’s perfect. If not, there’s no harm leaving empty handed. WILL Anyway, you need a girlfriend ASAP or you’ll end up with a hand like a claw. He holds up his hand in the shape of a clawed first. HARRY I could be at home right now with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. They’re showing the notebook on Film 4 as well. Matt’s phone rings mid dialogue. MATT Hello? He covers the phone then talks quickly to the boys while standing. MATT I just need to take this. (To Harry - pointing at the phone) Perfect match for you this one. (To Cam) I’m sure you’ll like her too. Drink anyone? HARRY (Shaking his head) No. No thanks. CAM I’m good for now. You might want to get yourself one though.You might need it. MATT frowns questioningly at Cam then shakes his head talking directly into the phone while leaving down the stairs. MATT Hi sorry ... Yeah...Yeah okay... We’ll meet you upstairs... Yeah ... Yeah, we’re at Miles’. I’ll get you a drink. What do you ... (trails off). (CONTINUED)
  5. 5. CONTINUED: 4. Harry rubs his legs nervously. HARRY I’m really nervous Cam. I mean what if she thinks I’m nerdy or something like that? CAM Of course she’ll think you’re nerdy. You’re the biggest nerd I know. Cam looks over the rail and down the stairs and smiles then leans in confidentially to talk to Harry. CAM Anyway, here she comes. Harry looks nervously around then back at Cam. CAM Let the games begin. A moment later NICOLE arrives at the top of the stairs. She is wearing a tight top, short skirt, high heels and rather too much makeup. She has a glass in her hand which she clasps with her fingertips because of her long red nails. CAM Hi Nicole, how are you? NICOLE He Cam, I’m great thanks. How are you? CAM Good. Really good. Harry stands up politely and waits for Nicole to sit until sitting himself. Nicole smiles at this. She is flirtatious throughout their brief conversation, Harry is nervous. NICOLE Mmmmm, such a gentleman! So, you must be Harry. HARRY Err. Yes. And you must be Nicole? NICOLE That’s right. Don’t be nervous. I won’t bite. (CONTINUED)
  6. 6. CONTINUED: 5. HARRY Oh. Good. Thank you. So. Err. Would you like a drink? Nicole grins and lifts her drink to her lips. HARRY Oh sorry. Errrr. NICOLE Maybe you’re the one that needs the drink. Loosen you up a little. As Will returns he is shocked and appalled to see Nicole. She is similarly annoyed at his presence. Harry is bemused and worried, while Cam is clearly finding the experience very funny. WILL What’s she doin’ here? NICOLE I could ask you the same thing. WILL (To Cam) Did you invite her? CAM Ohhhh yes. WILL There’s no way you can date her Harry. NICOLE (Angry) Why not Will? Harry looks like nice. You wouldn’t try to kiss my sister while you were seeing me would you Harry? Harry looks like he is about to answer, shaking his head already, but he is cut off by Will. WILL To Harry) Don’t answer her. (To Cam) And you can stop grinning. I can’t believe you did this. You know she broke my heart. (CONTINUED)
  7. 7. CONTINUED: 6. CAM (Grinning) Plenty more fish in the sea you said. WILL NOT THIS FISH! Nicole rises angrily to her feet. NICOLE That’s it, I’m not listening to any more of this. You were the worst boyfriend I ever had. She crosses past him as she speaks her last lines and practically spits them into his face before storming off down the stairs. Will calls his line after her. WILL Best you mean. You’ll never get over me. (Then to Cam) You’re in big trouble. HARRY This is like some sort of disaster movie. I’m getting out of here. He starts to stand but Cam pulls him down as Will pushes him down. WILL No. No. No. You sit right there. The nights young. Anyway Cam’s had his fun, it’s time for a real date. She’ll be up any minute now. He moves to look over the stairs then quickly returns to sit back down by the other boys. WILL Here she comes. He tugs at Harry’s clothes. WILL Come on son, smarten yourself up. This could be the one you know. In walks KATY, she has long dark hair, a dress, colourful tights and heavy boots. She looks happy to see everyone until she sees Cam, who glares at her. It is Will’s turn to grin. (CONTINUED)
  8. 8. CONTINUED: 7. KATY Oh my god Will. I can’t believe you invited me and you knew he was going to be here. She makes to leave but will gets up and ushers her to her seat. WILL No. no. Come on. You’re here to meet Harry. Cam’s got nothing to do with it. KATY (Smiling weakly) Okay, so. Harry is it? He nods a little sheepishly. She tries to maintain eye contact with him, but keeps finding her gaze diverted to Cam who is glaring at her. As she sits down she puts her large bag and phone down the table along with a few other items of female necessity. KATY Nice to meet you. HARRY Likewise. You look very nice. KATY Thank you. That’s nice of you to say. I do try to always look nice. CAM Look I’ve had enough of this. You can’t do this Harry. I dumped this one for a reason. She’s way too clingy. KATY Too clingy. You mean I wasn’t comfortable with you seeing me when you were seeing other people. CAM I told you I wanted to explore other people. KATY The other person was a guy. What does that tell you? (CONTINUED)
  9. 9. CONTINUED: 8. CAM Well, you kissed a girl, and you liked it. Katy stands and gathers her bag and phone and other items from the table. KATY Well it was lovely to meet you Harry. Not so sure about your choice of friends. With that parting shot she leaves. Cam and Will begin to argue heatedly over Harry’s shoulders. Mid argument he walks out and goes downstairs. The boys seem oblivious to the fact he has left. CAM What the hell was that about? You know what a hard time I had with her and you bring her here just to spite me? WILL That’s rich. You invited the worst girl I’ve ever been out with. She broke my heart. CAM (Smiling) She broke your XBox, and all your CDs as well if I remember. Didn’t she put your phone down the toilet as well. WILL Exactly. What did you invite her for? She’s a grade A psycho. CAM At least she’s not a lesbian. WILL Neither was Katy till you got involved. AD LIB
  10. 10. 9. EXT. BUS STOP. NIGHT Harry sits down on the bench beside a bus stop and hugs his coat around himself. He looks to his left to discover JULIA. She is a timid looking girl with a heavy duffel coat and glasses. Harry looks to her and smiles and nods. She does the same in return. HARRY Cold night. JULIA Yeah. They nod and smile and pause for a while. JULIA I got dragged out by some girlfriends trying to set me up on a date. HARRY Ha, really? Me too... Boyfriends though. Again there is a long pause. JULIA I’d been hoping to stay in for a foursome with three men I love. Harry is shocked by this? HARRY You were what? JULIA (nodding to herself) Ben, Jerry and Ryan Gosling. Harry, grins and looks at his watch. HARRY I love The Notebook. If we’re quick we can catch it on plus one. JULIA The bus isn’t due for twenty minutes. HARRY If we walk fast we can make it to mine in 15. (CONTINUED)
  11. 11. CONTINUED: 10. JULIA (smiling and nodding) Okay. HARRY (smiling back) OKAY They both stand and take each others hands and start to walk away into the distance. FADE TO BLACK: