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  1. 1. Dating 101 By Sammy Ali & Adrianna Paniak
  2. 2. FADE IN. INT. MILES BAR, EVENING THREE SHOT OF THREE BOYS SITTING ON A SOFA IN A DARKLY LIT BAR. OPPOSITE THEM THERE IS A SECOND SOFA SEPARATED BY TWO ROUND TABLES. AGAINST THE WALL THERE IS A ROW OF CUSHIONED STOOLS. MATTHEW (sigh) Look, you wanted to meet someone. Matthew is sitting nearest to the stairs, relaxed and utterly confident. He is wearing a formal shirt, black trousers and black shoes. His hair is casually coiffed up. His brown eyes concentrated on the space before them. Harry is sitting in the middle and behaves gravely. He is awkwardly shuffling around in his place. He is wearing a casual shirt, jeans and trainers. His hair is neatly intact, his green eyes contrasting with his tanned skin. Carl is sitting against the wall acting indifferent but internally amused by the situation, trying to poke fun at Harry’s unlucky love life. His outfit consists of jeans, a sweatshirt with a hood and a blazer. His curly hair comes above his eyebrows. MID-SHOT OF HARRY. HARRY (forcefully) I’m not this desperate. I’m sure there’s other ways to meet girls than this. What about online dating, that must be less awkward. Speed-dating? Maybe not. MID-SHOT OF CARL. CARL (laughing) Chill out. (patting him on the back) This (waving his hands towards the sofa) is just a friendly gathering of friends and if you like a girl that’s perfect but if not then there will be no harm in leaving empty handed. (CONTINUED)
  3. 3. CONTINUED: 2. THREE SHOT OF MATTHEW LEANING IN TO HIT CARL HOWEVER BLOCKED BY HARRY IN THE MIDDLE. MATTHEW Anyway, you need a girlfriend ASAP, or you’re probably going to end up being alone with half a dozen cats. CLOSE UP OF HARRY. HARRY (hurryingly) Okay, so how does it go then? What if I don’t know what to say to them? What happens if they think I’m a geek. I’m not exactly Brad Pitt, am I?! MID-SHOT OF CARL. CARL (sarcastically) Oh, that won’t happen. Like that would ever happen to our dear Harry. Do you think your bros wouldn’t help you out? That’s why we’re here. CLOSE UP OF HARRY. HARRY (taking a deep breath and mumbling) I could’ve stayed at home and had a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. SIDE SHOT REVEALING THAT THERE ARE TWO GIRL OPPOSITE THE TRIO. ZARA (mouthing the words) Guys we can hear you. (pointing to SANDRA and then HARRY and back) SANDRA SCHWARTZ this is HARRY BELL. HARRY BELL this is SANDRA SCHWARTZ. (being helpful) Go on. You can talk to her. I’m done here. ZARA is Matthew’s best friend, they’ve know each other since primary school with him used to her bossy and controlling nature. She is wearing an elegant top matched with a blazer, (CONTINUED)
  4. 4. CONTINUED: 3. jeans and extremely high black heels. She is wearing a blue hijab which accentuates her simple yet effective make-up. SANDRA is as nervous about this date as HARRY, fidgeting uncontrollably. She wants to make a good impression on him, wearing her favourite oversized jumper, a black skirt, tights and Dr Martens. Her blonde hair is braided and her glasses frame her face smartly. CLOSE UP OF HARRY. HARRY (quietly. Acting shy) Hi. MID-SHOT OF STRETCHED OUT MATTHEW. MATTHEW OK. Guys. You’re done. I don’t think you two are suitable enough to have a meaningful relationship. (adopting the voice of a talent show judge) Thanks SANDRA but it was unnecessary you coming in. Better luck next time. LONG SHOT OF ZARA GETTING UP TO LET ZARA OUT. ZARA Excuse me. Who made you the relationship guru? That was my best friend you’re talking about! SANDRA wait! TRACKING SHOT OF SANDRA PUTTING HER COAT ON AND LEAVING HURRIEDLY. MATTHEW’S POV. MATTHEW I thought I was your best friend. CARL’S OVER THE SHOULDER SHOT. CARL (in confidence to HARRY) O oh. Someone is in love with their best friend. TWO SHOT OF BOTH MATTHEW AND HARRY. (CONTINUED)
  5. 5. CONTINUED: 4. HARRY Why did you do that? I liked that girl. We could have had a future together. MATTHEW’S OVER THE SHOULDER SHOT. MATTHEW (moralising) Exactly, you could have had a future together. You don’t want a future. You want a girl to share this moment with, not a forever yours. It had the beginning of a soppy love film and I couldn’t let you live through all the heartbreak. THREE SHOT OF CARL GIVING MATTHEW WEIRD LOOKS. HARRY (disappointingly) So, what now? O.S. Sound of female voices becomes audible. PANNING SHOT OF THE WHOLE COMPANY TURNING AROUND TO SEE THE NEW ARRIVAL. CARL And who is that? CLOSE UP OF MATTHEW. MATTHEW It’s time to start the real competition. Perfect timing candidates no. 2. HARRY’S POV OF MEGAN AND MORGAN SITTING DOWN. MEGAN (excitedly) We’re here. MORGAN (horrified) Oh no, no, no, no, no, no. (continues mumbling) MEGAN is a tall brunette. She is wearing a leather jacket and black leggings paired with flats. She prefers heavy makeup draw attention to her pink lipstick and long eyelashes. (CONTINUED)
  6. 6. CONTINUED: 5. MORGAN too is of similar stature and hair colour but she is more feminine wearing a body hugging dress. She is wearing a lot of jewellery which she carries around in her spacious bag. Her makeup is glamorous and striking based around black eyeliner and rouge. MID-SHOT OF MATTHEW BECOMING CONFUSED. MATTHEW (leaning over to MEGAN) What’s wrong with her now? TWO SHOT OF MEGAN AND MORGAN. MEGAN (translating what Morgan’s says) She’s saying she can’t do it. It’s too much for her. He looks too much like her ex-boyfriend Danny and they just broke up. MORGAN (turning to MEGAN) My mascara is running. Oh, no. I don’t want cute boys to see me like this. EXTREME CLOSE UP OF ZARA RUMMAGING THROUGH HER BAG. ZARA (annoyingly) I’ll get the tissues. CLOSE UP OF HARRY. HARRY I’m never going dating again. CLOSE UP OF CARL. CARL (patting him on the back) Don’t be discouraged after just one attempt. Plenty of more fish in the sea. TWO SHOT OF MEGAN AND MORGAN SORTING OUT HER MAKEUP. MORGAN (addressing MATTHEW) Are you single as well? You don’t look like Donald at all. I could take you home. (CONTINUED)
  7. 7. CONTINUED: 6. EXTREME CLOSE UP OF MATTHEW’S SEARCHING EYES. TWO SHOT OF MEGAN AND MORGAN SMILING. EXTREME CLOSE UP OF MATTHEW’S MOUTH. MATTHEW (biting his tongue) Err. MID-SHOT OF ZARA SQUEEZE IN NEXT TO MATTHEW. ZARA (forcefully) Aw MATTHEW why don’t you make the poor girl feel better. (nudging him to go out MORGAN) I’m sure she would appreciate your lame jokes and cheesy lines. MID-SHOT OF MORGAN PLAYING WITH A LOCK OF HER. MATTHEW (feeling pressurised, in a high pitch voice) Sorry. I would love to go, but HARRY is in a state as well. CLOSE UP OF HARRY REALISING WHAT MATTHEW HAS JUST SAID. MATTHEW (whispering to HARRY) Play along, or I will hunt you down if you let me go with her. O.S. Sound of loud footsteps. LONG SHOT OF A GIRL AT TO THE TOP OF THE STAIRS. JULIA (sighing) Hey, sorry I’m late. (scanning the room) Which one of you is Harold? TWO SHOT OF HARRY AND CARL. HARRY (raising his hand up) It’s HARRY actually. (CONTINUED)
  8. 8. CONTINUED: 7. CARL (confidently) This is who I found for you. Her name is Julia and I think you’ll hit it right off. She’s a writer. A pretty good one in my opinion. And, also likes horses. Julia is a writer and never leaves her house without her notepad and pen ready to write whenever she has ideas. Her floral bag is down beside, which carries all her writing equipment. Her small facial features are hidden by her short, brown hair. She is wearing a vintage flower dress and heels. OS. EVERYONE (synchronously) Hi, JULIA. TILT OF JULIA SITTING IN THE MIDDLE BETWEEN MEGAN AND MORGAN. JULIA Wow. So these are all your friends? You’re a lively bunch, not like me. I prefer to sit at home at my typewriter with Rachel my cat and a cup of tea imagining evenings like this. LONG SHOT OF POPPY TAKING OF HER COAT. POPPY Hello, did I miss much? Oh, no. I’m early. Disturbing like I usually do. I’ll just go back down the stairs and wait with Adrianna. POPPY is wearing a short black dress covering her shoulders. Her long, brunette is delicately curled. POPPY’S POV. EVERYONE (synchronously) Phoebe! POPPY’S OVER THE SHOULDER SHOT. (CONTINUED)
  9. 9. CONTINUED: 8. POPPY What? MID-SHOT OF HARRY. HARRY (shouting) You can come out Adrianna. Someone broke out of character. LONG SHOT OF SANDRA. SANDRA (walking up the stairs) Good, I was really bored downstairs, no one to keep me company. And also why do I always get rid of first? MID-SHOT OF MATTHEW. MATTHEW (ignoring her) Guys this was the best role-playing we did in a long time. I personally think I was the best. ZARA’S OVER THE SHOULDER SHOT. ZARA That’s a surprise, prima dona. CLOSE UP OF CARL. CARL (standing up) Guys, can I write the characters next time though, I had enough of being cast as homosexual each time? It’s hard to keep that persona up. They all laugh. THE END BLUR OUT.