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Jersey Shore


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Janio's store visit

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Jersey Shore

  1. 1. Type Info Here [in Master View] Jersey Shore FO Recap 3/25/2009 1
  2. 2. Type Info Here [in Master View] Observations Challenges The store’s management was aware of my • Store does not own a steamer visit and planned accordingly to have both • Over assortment of sample apparel the GM (Elias Sabas) and ASM (Cherise Phillips-Medran) present. Prior to my visit, Andrea Koenig (Area Manager) paid them a visit and informed Opportunities them about the Visual Standards and expectations. Many of the callouts that • Styling of Mannequins were discussed during this visit were • Implementing new visual guidelines discussed in previous ones. they have learned with this visit and During this VM training, Anthony prior ones Mielczarski and Andrea Koening were • Re-ticketing sale tags present to discuss the standards and the expectations this store needs to uphold. • Merchandising standards The store’s management team is expected • Overall cleanliness of the store to follow these guidelines going forward. Any questions they should have, needs to be brought up to their Area Manager and/or DM’s attention. 2
  3. 3. Type Info Here [in Master View] Sales Floor Overall, the sales floor looked cluttered and not well organized. The store has an over abundance of sample apparel, merchandised on five rolling racks throughout the sales floor. Hanging on the rolling racks are printed pages created with the store’s office printer. Marketing has provided enough signage to use throughout the sales floor, eliminating the need to ever print signs. 3
  4. 4. Type Info Here [in Master View] Sales Floor Cont. When rounder's are merchandised correctly and At no point, is the store allowed to organized, it allows for more apparel to fit in them. make their own signage. As the picture Hence, preventing the need of extra rolling racks on above shows, creating these “home the sales floor. Important to remember, adding made” signs do not weather customer rolling racks to the sales floor may interfere with traffic well and are damaged quickly. ADA guidelines that the city or state may have. 4
  5. 5. Type Info Here [in Master View] Sales Floor After By merchandising the floor correctly, it allows the store to hold more apparel per fixture and prevents the need of using any rolling racks on the sales floor or unapproved signage. It is important to have the store looking clean and organized. Avoiding clutter on the sales floor, allows for a better shopping experience to our customers. Always use approved signage provided by Retail Marketing. If at any time the store needs additional signage, contact Retail Marketing as soon as possible. 5
  6. 6. Type Info Here [in Master View] Perimeter Wall Before Do not take off category signage from the perimeter wall to add any visual presentations. Not only is it to high of a focal point for the customer, it’s not in the VM guidelines for outlet stores. Our goal is for every outlet store to be as consistent as possible with one another. Avoid facing out all of the apparel on the wall. Use different VM techniques to create a more interesting display. 6
  7. 7. Type Info Here [in Master View] Perimeter Wall Before Cont. The picture above shows how a wall merchandised with just face outs, does not create a lifestyle story or showcase any of our accessories and footwear. 7
  8. 8. Type Info Here [in Master View] Perimeter Wall After Top Top Bottom Bottom Shoes Shoes Accessories Accessories The picture above shows how remerchandising the same product, allows footwear and accessories to be displayed with the apparel. When possible, display matching tops, bottoms, footwear, and accessories to show a full outfit. 8
  9. 9. Type Info Here [in Master View] Perimeter Wall After Cont. When the store has a full size run on a specific category or collection, merchandise it on a wall. This allows the perimeter wall to have a full lifestyle story displayed on it. Use shelves to fold non- technical fabrics such as golf polo’s and and display matching accessories. Note: Merchandising categories that are related to the current season is a great VM technique. For example, this wall shows Golf merchandised on it during the spring season. 9
  10. 10. Type Info Here [in Master View] Display Tables Before Display tables are not meant for bulk merchandising. They are meant to showcase a collection and lifestyle. 10
  11. 11. Type Info Here [in Master View] Display Tables After Men’s Golf Women’s Training Use the display tables to showcase a sport’s category. When possible, place mannequins next to the tables to enhance a specific category or collection. Always use a collection that is relatively new to the store or is season related. 11
  12. 12. Type Info Here [in Master View] Merchandising After Before Add enough apparel to keep the fixture filled, but easily shopped. Add Do not overfill fixtures. It will accessories to create a lifestyle story. create clutter and does not allow In this case, tennis is the category the apparel to be shopped easily being showcased with barricades and by the customer. tennis visors. 12
  13. 13. Type Info Here [in Master View] Merchandising Before Avoid empty selling space. If space is available, use it to cross sell the accessories and footwear of that sport’s category. 13
  14. 14. Type Info Here [in Master View] Opportunities Avoid the footwear wall to become unorganized. The picture to the right shows a wall that needs immediate attention. With hash walls, is especially important to keep an eye on it. Shoes should always be placed with a box and the left shoe always point up. Following these simple steps, assists our customers in having a more pleasant shopping experience. Review the VM training video for Footwear Hash Wall Guidelines. 14
  15. 15. Type Info Here [in Master View] Summary Jersey Shore is a relatively new outlet store. It is very important it represents our brand to the highest standards to all the potential costumers this store receives everyday. By improving on VM Standards, it will provide the customers with a pleasant and memorable shopping experience. Keeping the merchandise fresh, updated, and off rolling racks is essential to the VM presentation of the store. Learning what product to display and learning how to merchandise accessories, is key to having a great VM presentation. Implementing this will help with KPI’s and product sell through. The Jersey Shore Store has been visited on several occasions to go through visual standards. The store manager now needs to ensure the store follows these guidelines on a day to day basis. The store has received the new VM training video as well. The store manager needs to make sure his VM person and he watch it and implement it on the sales floor. Going forward, any questions they may have, they should contact their DM and have the questions forwarded to their VM corporate contact Bridget Zadoff. 15