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Dt as level coursework


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Dt as level coursework

  1. 1. DT AS LEVELCOURSEWORK Harry Wilson
  2. 2. Old spice was a brand that was designed for an older generation and has been around for many years, however it had almost died out until a recent re-launch aimed at a much youngerHackett London is a very established brand and has been for many years in the UK. The brand is put generation predominantly targeted at ethnicity this is reflected from the customers and theacross as very posh and at the same time is nostalgic and old-fashioned, much like Aston Martin with image from the advert showing there mascot.British racing green being perceived as the gentlemans sports car. Much of there clothing is formalware but they produce a lot of rugby shirts which reflects the Hackett brand as it is a traditionalsport for the British nation.
  3. 3. POINT OF SAIL DISPLAY UNITS This shows Levi Strouse belts in a cluttered This is part of a huge display that interests manner with very limited styling and does customers as it is abnormally large so it is not compulse a person to buy them from unusual. However, it looks very modern and the look of the stand. However, the brand is stylish as it uses the colour white and has crisp established so there is no need to advertise lines. the colours are simple so the bright inside there own store so instead they show coloured shoes stand out more and look better. you a wide range of their belt products to help you choose from a wide range of their items.This brand of watches is a very expensive and This wall panel shows an Adidas shoe rangedesirable bran called Breitling. It is heavily with a screen at the centre to help promoteinfluenced by aviation so it uses this at its the shoes and the brand. The logo is bluestyling but also advertises it flying pedigree and this colour of blue is associated withwith a model plane and image of a pilot so we the brand so the background is their colourcan associate the make with aviation. The as are some of the shoes. The step at thedisplay is minimalist but is very sophisticated. bottom also has a function for people to try the product of shoes on the help make them buy the shoes. This is clever but its is N0 7 Is a brand that is owned by the boots usable and advertise at the same time. store and replicates Channel N0 5 in terms of its styling. The screen helps advertise and draw in the customers. The colour scheme This stand displays golf clubs which allows the makes the product stand out but its also user to identify the brand and look through the makes it look expensive and of a high quality. selection for the club they are looking for, it is a The product rang is in view so there is more very interactive display as it is easy to pic up the than one product so it may promote several products and to view the range. The size of sales at once. these displays may also impress the customer and the stand can be seen from a distance to help draw the customer over to brows the selection. This displays a range of Titleist golf balls in a simple but professional way. Most golfers know the established brand so it is very Max factor is a cosmetic product designed for popular and minimal style is needed but women, this stand displays a huge range of their notice how the brand name appears and products for the customer to study and choose excessive amount. There is an information from so they can appeal to a big range of panel which helps convince you to buy them customers. The colour scheme is not to cluttered and helps you to choose which product is and looks simple and modern. They have images best suited for you. of models that are using the product to help promote the product as people may wan to look like these models and this product allows them to do so.
  4. 4. POINT OF SAIL DISPLAY UNITS The lottery point of sale is easily recognisable and is a This stand was at the top of an escalator so very interactive stand as there is a plinth for you to it is the first thing you as arrive on the upper use write out your ticket. There is a lot of advertising floor. It very clearly shows the name as of the brand used and details about the lottery are Debenhams and the stand is very clear and displayed. The signature colour of blue is heavily plane so it looks modern and clean, this used. There are compartments are specially made for style is popular in homes currently. Its storing the tickets that the customer will want to use shows a range of matching products so you and they can be seen from distance and the unit also may buy several rather than one. The layout contains a pen so it is easier to apply for the lottery is cluttered but the stack of towels and draw. shelves make it look a home environment.Rolex is a very established brand and inthis display they a very large range of This shampoo stand is very simple and istheir higher end products. The layout made of cardboard, this makes it verymay look cluttered but there is an order cheap so it can be changed regularly tobased on price, colour and style of the keep people attracted to it. It displays awatch. Rolex is a very prestigious and large rang helping promote multipledesired brand so they use there logo a purchases in a simple way. The product islot in the display as this is desirable to a also very accessible and if it is popular itthe customer and promotes sales. may not be necessary to buy a big expensive stand. This clothing stand is simple in design but it does the task very well. The simple wooden background helps to show of the colours of the shirts and makes them stand out more. The lighting is also very clever as it highlights the products and promoted them accordingly, you can also see the display from a This was taken inside a Hackett store, the size distance. As it is made off wood it also makes it look of the stand was impressive and this makes expensive and established. you want to approach it. The colour scheme is simple but there is a clever order to the different colour shades. There is a huge selection to choose from, however to muchChannel is a high end brand and is very popular. choice may stop a purchase as the buyer mayThe name and the logo can be seen very clearly become confused as to what they want. Theand a wide range of the products can be seen. clever seating area helps to keep people in theThe lighting on the products displayed make you area as they may want to sit down so they willwant to approach them and it makes them look study the clothing range displayed further andspecial to entice you to buy them. There is also a for longer.wide range of the products so people areencouraged to buy a range of items.
  5. 5. INFORMATION:Hackett London is a very established brand andhas been for many years in the UK. The brand isput across as very posh and at the same time isnostalgic and old-fashioned, much like AstonMartin with British racing green being perceivedas the gentlemans sports car. Much of thereclothing is formal ware but they produce a lot ofrugby shirts which reflects the Hackett brand asit is a traditional sport for the British nation.THE CUSTOMER:Hackett London is a prestigious brand but it ismore accessible then some other major designerbrands. It is popular among young ontraponersand business professionals. The brand canaccess the jet set scene and so it is popular witha wide range of age groups from 20 onwards to WHY I CHOSE HACKETT LONDON:50, as people move up in the business world I chose the brand Hackett London because it isthey may then move on to more expensive a brand that I am familiar with and can relatebrands like Armani however, Hackett is still a to as the theme of the British gentleman is anhigh quality brand. image that I think I can represent in my design of a point of sale structure for the brand.
  6. 6. BREIF:TASK ANALYSIS Design a new point of sale display unit for a male grooming company. The unit must display at least one product from their range and must clearly identify the brand. SITUATION: Hackett London is a very classy and established brand full of British traditionalism however, has it become stuck in the past? The brand itself needs to become more accessible to younger and older generations while maintaining its nesh in the market as a British institution because this is a very rare quality and there are not many companies in competition with Hackett that can boast this heritage.SIZE: ENVIROMENT: MANUFACTURE:A point od sale display unit needs to be large in a The sale unit will be within a store to Theses point of sale stands are designed to beshop so that it stands out from other units and protect the products from theft. The unit batch produced for multiple stores so jigs must bestands out from other projects. It needs to draw needs to able to support itself as it will be assembled for quick precise construction of eachpeople in to look at it from the other side of the floor standing. It needs to be of a certain stand. They are not being mass produced so itshop. However, depending on the environment it height so people can see it easily. It needs would not be cost effective to use injectionmust be a suitable size to stand alone or fit on a to be small enough to be moved around moulding. All of the stands must be made to ashelf. easily and sit at the end of an isle. However, good quality with high tolerances for maximum it must be large enough to store all products functionality. and display them properly. FUNCTIONS:MATIRIALS: The point of sale display unit mustAs Hackett is a classy brand it needs to be enhance sales of a product. It also needsadvertised in a high quality way therefor, the to advertise the brand and the product bypoint of sale unit for their product must be catching people attention. They productconstructed out of high class materials such on the stand must also be accessible soas chrome finishes and stainless steal or glass. people can easily pick up an itemHigh quality acrylics can also be used. displayed for purchase.ASTHETICS: SAFETY:The aesthetics of the unit are very The finished point of sale stand must notimportant to entice customers and to have any sharp edges or sharp points toencourage sale. High quality materials avoid customers hurting themselvesmust also be used. It must have a modern accidently. It must also have a stable basefeel to it but maintain class of the brand so that it is stable and cant be knockedand clean lines. Images can be used much over easily. If materials such as class islike in the marketing of the brand such as used, it must be shatter resistant soold Aston Martins cars with black and people wont cut themselves if the glasswhite images. breaks. PURPOSE: COST: The point of sale stand for Hackett should look The brand of Hackett London is a medium range of attractive and reflect the brand so that people are price. The point of sale stand must not look cheap or attracted to look at it and can remember its as the have a poor unattractive design however, it needs to be Hackett brand. It should help promote sales of the cost effective so that it does not cost a fortune as this product and draw people over to the stand from the would be unnecessary. Materials such as chrome and other side or other areas of the shop. glass or not cheap but on the other hand they are a lot cheaper than gold or silver.
  7. 7. LYNX FXL – Logical:• Having the brand name on the product and the point of sale stand.• Display the product so people know what it looks like and can easily select one to buy it.• The people must be allowed to use some of the product so they can sample to see if they like it.• It will help sales if the product is sold in an appropriate store such as House of Fraser rather than Millets.• To advertise to woman as well as men because woman may buy the product for men.• It must be positioned in the shop so that people can see it and that they are attracted to it.• To sell the product in an expensive shop as people have the amount of money to buy the product or it may seem cheaper than other products.• To make the stand out of expensive materials so that it looks expensive and a high end product.I – Illogical:• To sell in non-related shops such as perfume in a toy shop as people don’t go to toy shops to buy perfume.• To put the point of sale stand in a part of the shop were it cant be seen.• To make the stand to big or to small as this will make it difficult for people to use and will not promote sales effectively.• To sell an expensive brand in a cheap shop as people will not buy it because they think it is too expensive.• To make the stand flimsy as it may fall over and damage something or hurt a customer.• To make the stand out of cheap materials as it will look cheap.N – Need:• It must display the brand so that people know who the product is made by this will promote sales.• It must be attractive and eye catching so that people are drawn over to the stand this will make people walk over to the stand so they will look at and use the product this will promote sales.• It needs to appeal to both woman and men as although it’s a mens product, woman often by the product for men.• It must be safe for the customer to use so there must not be sharp edges and it must be stable so that it will not be knocked over easily, damaging the product.• The stand must prevent theft so it may be positioned near the till or within the shop rather than near an entrance or exit.K – Keep:• The us e of high quality material to give the stand an expensive look such as wood or aluminium.• The portability of the stand s so it must be light-weight enough to be moved around easily.• The use of lighting in the stands to show off the product but they also attract customers and provide lighting so the customers can see the product easily.S – Scrap:• I would not use cheap materials such as plastic or card as theses are not durable and can make the product look cheap or unthought-of.• I would not use ideas from the stands that use vibrant colours because although this is eye catching it is not part of the |Hackett London colour scheme.• Some of the stands do not store many products and do not show the brand name effectively so I would use ideas from them.Form Vs. Function:• The stand must use high end materials so that it looks modern and expensive this will help promote the brand and increase sales.• In the design process I must consider parts that are difficult to male so that I can find a way of making the easily.• The function of the stand is very important but it also needs to look good as well as work well to be affective.• I should design and create jigs to help make the manufacture process more accurate and efficient.
  8. 8. INITIAL SPECIFICATIONA-ASTHETICS:The aesthetics of the point of sale brand arevery important as they must reflect thechosen brand Hackett London. The colours ofthe brand a clear and relaxed such as creamor aluminium, this can be achieved by usingmaterials such as aluminium and glass. Theshape of the stand can also be tailored to thebrand so as well as the light colours the standneeds soft edges but this is supported by an E-ENVIROMENT:angular shape. The Hackett brand is marginally up-market so it is most likely to be sold in shops like House of Frasier but also in cosmetic shops such as Boots. It may be stored near entrances to draw customers in however, it is at risk from theft. It should be situated at the end of an isle or within the perfumeC-COST: section of the store but it can also be S-SAFETY:Hackett London is a quality brand however is situated by a Hackett or mens clothing The stand must stable so it cant be knockedit not at the top compared to brands such as section within the store. over as this could cause injury to customersArmani or Channel. The stand may use and damage to both the stand and products.expensive materials as they will be batch The unit cant have any sharp edges toproduced so each unit can be made of more prevent people hurting themselves. The sprayhigh quality materials. By spending more nozzle and aerosols must be high so they aremoney on the unit it will look more high out of childrens reach. If a material like glassquality which will promote the brand. C-CUSTOMER: is used it must tempered so that it will not The brand is aimed at a medium to high end break into dangerous shards. customer as Hackett specialises in Business ware. However, it is not a massively expensive brand so it is quite accessible. The customers of this brand like subtle design and will require to test the product.M-MATIRIAL: They are looking for a well presented F-FUNTION:The materials the unit is made of must reflect product. As well as the stand looking good andthe brand Hackett London so they may be attracting customers to it, the unit musthigh quality metals and woods such as function properly as well. It will use lightingaluminium or oak this promotes the brand to illuminate the stand this will attractand helps ell it as high class. Glass or mirrors customers but it will also help people see thecan be used as these are also expensive and product. The customers must also be able tohigh quality but the mirror finish makes the use the product by testing it so there must beunit stand out. The lighting in the stand will S-SIZE: a product on display that is available to show off these high quality materials. The stand be large enough so that people can However, the overall function is to display see it from a distance which will attract them the product and to promote sales. over to the stand from the other side of the shop. It must also be an adequate size so that it can store some of the product on the unit. Ergonomics will be important to decide how high and were the product is situated on the stand.
  9. 9. QUESTIONNAIRE: PRODUCT INTERACTION: MARKET TRENDS:To complete the questionnaire survey I must first create a I will study how people operate when they are using the I will need to go to shops that sell male groomingquestionnaire and test it to make sure it easily point of sale stand so I will watch how different people products so I can compare the range of point of saleunderstandable. I would want to find out what point of sale approach and use the stands in different ways. I want to units so I can determine what colours and materials arestands work best and how to improve them as the learn what is it that people do so how they test the most popular at the current time. I want to learn whatquestionnaire would be aimed at people who work in shops product so that I can improve my units interaction with styles are popular and which ones work best to sell thethat have a male grooming. I will speak to people who work the customer. I will conduct the research within shops product, also what display methods are popular such asin these retail shops to help me construct the questionnaire that sell my brand such as House of Frasier which sell the shape or the type of lighting used. I will conduct theso they can understand and I find out adequate and usable many mens grooming products and Hackett London research in shops that sell male grooming products orinformation. Before I create it I will need to know what I items. I will need to know what shops sell mens grooming have point of sale units in use such as john Lewis. I willwant to know and what questions I will ask. The evidence products and what time the shops are open as well as the need to know what brands are currently popular to seewill be documented buy pie charts showing the responses time when they are selling the most. I will document the the best styles used and how they style to make thembut also written extracts will also be documented. evidence with pictures and text accounts of how people popular. I will document the evidence with images and use the stand. text accounts describing what I saw.MARKET COMPETITORS: ACCESS FM:I need to collect information about For each subject I will conduct aeach brand to see there target 23rd-Sep 25th-Sep 27th-Sep 29th-Sep 1st-Oct 3rd-Oct 5th-Oct 7th-Oct study and fact file on each productmarket so I can compare Hackett Moodboard as ACCESS FM is a good way ofLondon to its competition but to do evaluation products and ideas.this I need to research who the This will show the good/bad Customer profilingcompetitors are. I want to find out aspects of each unit, what I wouldwho my competitors are and what use not use. I will evaluate themakes my brand better or worse Brand profiling stand and conduct ACCESS FMthan competition. I will speak to based on the information I hadmanagers of shops to see collected previously on point ofconflicting brands within the shops Questionaire sale stand I have seen andsuch as male grooming products researched. I will conduct thiswithin House of Fraser store and Market competition research by going to shops to seewhich ones come out on top. I will the stand to collect ideas and thenconduct the research within shops evaluate them using ACCESS FM. Isuch as House of Frasier. I will need Initial specification will document the evidence byto know more about the customer answering each of the principlesprofile of my brand to see which Market trends through the ACCESS FM analysis ofother brands this conflicts with. I each point of sale unit.will document this buy writtenreviews on the brand highlighting First design anylsisthere similarities and differences.MOOD BOARD: CUSTOMER PROFILING: BRAND PROFILING:I will construct a mood board which will display I will research my brand to find out what type of person is a I will need to collect information about my brand possibly fromproducts, materials which relate to my brand and point customer of my brand and why they like my brand. I will want their website and from the customers, I will also need to studyof sale stands. From this I will learn about mu customer to learn what materials, colours and styles they like such as their products and styles. I will want to learn the overall style ofprofile and what materials I should use to construct my modern of pop-art, and what how much money the have or my brand as well as what colours they use with what materials. Istand. I will conduct the research by studying point of even were they live. I will speak to the customers of my brand will speak to people from the brand company and managerssale stands in shops to look at aspects of them such as to find out about there backgrounds. I will conduct the survey within shops to learn more of my grand. I will conduct mymaterials. I will use the internet to collect the image within shops so that I can see which people by my brand. I research within shops and by e-mailing the chosen brand to getdata for the mood board. I will need to know what type will need to know which shops sell my product and what information. I will need to know which types of shop sell myof image to look for and to search for such as different questions to ask the customers about the brand. I will brand. I will document the evidence both in customer profilingtypes of metal and wood names. I will document the document the evidence within pictures and fact files about and the mood board as well as a written text and imagesevidence by arranging the images in an order and some of the individual customers. displayed on a page to show my brands styles and profiling.sequence on a mood board themed page.
  10. 10. MOOD BOARD
  11. 11. CUSTOMER PROFILINGMy customer for the brand Hackett London isaimed at middle class but aspires to dress andlook like upper class. Therefor, Hackett tailorsits branding towards youngprofessionals, people who have left universityand have obtained a job in the city perhaps as atrainee lawyer so although they have a high endjob and status, they are consumed by universitydebt so they are unable to afford extremelyhigh end brands. Hackett also tries to influencethe jet set as they often uses pictures of youngpeople on speed boats at the playground of therich, however there are no images used ofsuper yachts so this demonstrates how thebrand is not at top but makes it look glamorousand attractive to the customer. The customer ismost likely young and living in a higher end flatclose to there place of work. People will bymainly business ware from Hackett and you cansee this in much of their advertising althoughthis is linked with a collection of casual warewith clothing aimed towards holidays but it stilllooks glamorous. Hackett also has sportingheritage so they sell many items that arefocused on rugby such as rugby shirts for theircustomer this also tells us a lot about thecustomer in that they play sports and are outgoing along side their professional work andcareers. The age range of people who buyHackett will depend on their life style andsituation for example. Young professionals mayuse the brand from 18 to 25 or maybe 30however, less well off people may ware thebrand through out their life as they see it ashigh end for their budget. My customer wouldhave a good quality car such as a BMW, Audi orMercedes but not to the level of Ferrari orPorsche as these are too expensive and brandssuch as Channel or Armani would be used. Mycustomer may be a mail or female as she maybuy him the product as a gift.
  12. 12. BEGINNINGS:Hackett was founded in 1983 by Jeremy Hackett andAshley Lloyd-Jennings from a stall on Londons HACKETT LONDONPortobello Road. The first shop, on the "wrong end" ofKings Road, in London Chelsea district, was selling onlyused clothes. BRAND PROFILINGThe company gradually expanded over several years,increasing the number of branches and moving from 1979 Jeremy Hackett and Ashley Lloyd-Jennings meet in the Portobello Road, West London both combing the market for good second-handacquiring and selling second-hand clothing to designing traditional British men’s clothing. A business partnership is soon started with a small stall in Portobello themselves, selling on the clothing after cleaning and repairs.and selling its own items. International expansion beganwith the 1989 opening of a Spanish branch in Madrid. 1985 It becomes apparent that market demand will always exceed supply of quality second-hand clothing and accessories and Hackett andBranches in the UK include Jermyn Street, Regent Street, Lloyd-Jennings decide that the answer is to manufacture from new, to complement the second-hand offering. Starting from scratch butEastcheap, Covent Garden and Hackett has expanded to working with traditional manufacturers, they are able to create their ideal range of clothing and accessories based on their extensive knowledge of British men’s style.include several prime cities in Europe.Alfred Dunhill bought a majority stake in the company in 1988 Hackett starts to advertise in a small way and adopts two devices, which prove to have longevity, the chequer board advertising style and1992. This cash injection facilitated the opening of the the strapline, “Essential British Kit”, the perfect summation of everything that Hackett is aboutflagship store in Sloan Street the same year. This branch 1992remains the largest and most comprehensive of the UK With a growing footprint in London and abroad, Hackett attracts the attention of Alfred Dunhill (eventually to become the Richemont Luxury Goods Group) who buy a majority shareholding in Hackett. This injection of support enables Hackett to open its still current flagshipshops. store on Sloane Street, London SW1 in October 1992 1995Hackett London is an established brand and has been for After repeated requests from customers to make clothes for children just like Daddy’s, Hackett produces its first range for “Essentialalmost a 100 years however does the brand try to be British Kids”.something that it is not? Hackett London as a brand 2000portrays itself as being extremely high class to Charley Hackett, Jeremy’s Sussex Spaniel rescued from Batterseas Dogs’ Home, makes her modelling debut and appears in numerous Hackett campaigns. Reportedly, Charley will now only set foot in the studio for a minimum of 10,000 dog biscuits a daycontended with brands such as Armani and Channel onthe other hand it is much more affordable than theses 2003 England become Rugby World Champions and are paraded around the streets of London in an open topped bus resplendent in theirbrands and this is one of its marketing strategies. It Hackett tailored suits. Jonny Wilkinson OBE is the hero with his last minute drop goal against Australiaprides itself on traditional Brutishness as seen in thisbackground image almost as a James bond, there is even 2005 Hackett becomes Official Partner to the GT1 works Aston Martin Racing team, providing official team clothing and selling a range ofa DB5 in the picture however, the real man who drives a licensed clothing and accessories. Aston Martin Racing’s official presence in GT racing, the first since bowing out with victory in the 1959 Le Mans 24 Hours Race, has been successful with some significant victories and countless podium finishes. Class victory at Le Mans is theDB5 would have an Armani suit. Hackett London gives remaining ambition for the team. The Pepe London Group acquires Hackett from Richemont and invests heavily in the development of the brand with the aim of reinforcing its position as the best in British style in the UK and abroadyou the style of these extremely high brands but itmakes it affordable. They are very similar to Ralf Lauren 2009as they to sell sporting ware such as for polo teams and Hackett expands in Paris on the prestigious Rive Gauche along the Boulevard des Capucines as well as inHackett does them for rugby and Aston Martin. Much of Marunouchi, Japan. Hackett also introduces International Tennis under the sponsorship banner by kitting out the worlds best tennis players at the ATP Finals and the court officials at the Valencia Open Final, Spain. Snow Polo in Klostersthe brands styling hints at the English gentleman which continues to grow in its second year, where all the players wear fleece lined Hackett shirtsmuch of the brand is focused on
  13. 13. QUESTIONAIRE 1: This pie chart shows that the majority of the people in the survey think of Hackett London as high end brand, however only marginally as it was a ratio of 6 for yes and 4 for no. This shows yes QUESTIONAIRE that the brand fits its target well because it is No perceived as high end but its actually at the bottom of the high end range.1. Would you consider Hackett London a highend brand or a cheaper equivalent? 2: This chart shows what type of colours Soft represent Hackett London the best. Half of the coloursYes No people in the survey decided that soft colours Metallic such as subtle blues represent the brand style of Hackett the best. colours2. What colours do you think represent Bright coloursthe brand Hackett? 3: It is clear from this pie chart that Hackett doesSoft colours Metallic colours Bright colours not have the market edge, as many people said that is was not a best seller and people went for brands like Armani instead. However, it was still yes3. Do you think Hackett dominates its market so sells better a popular retail brand. Nothan the competition? 4: Unit 1 was the least favourite I feel that this isYes No because it is made of cardboard and is cheap, plane and does not attract attention. The Unit 1 other to stands were equal and they worked Unit 24. What point of sale do you think works best? much better because they are larger so store a bigger range of products, these stands also use Unit 3 clever lighting. John5. What shops do you think Hackett would be sold in? 5: The majority of people in the survey thought lewis that John Lewis is the type of shop Hackett London would be sold in as this store sells higher DebinamsJohn Lewis Debenhams Boots Choice end brands on a large scale. Debenhams is a similar store to John Lewis however, choice is to up market for Hackett London. Boots sells a lot of Boots6. Should it be advertised towards woman or men? male grooming products and most brands can be seen in Boots stores. ChoiceMen Woman Both woman and menThank you for completing the questionnaire, your input is very 6: Although it is a mens grooming product itvaluable. should advertised to woman as well because Men they will often buy them for men as a gift however, the survey shows that it should be Woman advertised to both so either men or woman areTHERE WERE 10 QUESTIONAIRSE SENT OUT attracted to buying the product. Both
  14. 14. MARKET COMPETITION Customer Sells Price Advertises Age Mens Range Of on TV Fragrance Fragrance1-Fred Perry 10-60 Yes £20-£50 No2-Barbour 15-40 No NA No3-Cro’ Jack 20-50 No NA No4-John Smedley 35-60 Yes £20-£60 No5-Blue Harbour 18-30 Yes £20-£30 No6-Ben Sherman 15-40 Yes £20-£40 Yes7-Peter Werth 18-30 No NA No8-Hackett 18-30 Yes £20-£40 YesLondon9-Ted Baker 15-40 Yes £10-£45 Yes
  15. 15. EXISTING DESIGN ANALYSIS ASTHETICS: The aesthetics are on a large scale as there are huge images in the background which draw your attention to the product. ASTHETICS: The colour of the stand is very subtle but Furthermore, they display both woman and men so it is advertised the colours of the products are very vibrant, this helps towards both. The colour gold is also associated with the brand and draw people attention towards the stand and the logo is displayed on large scale also. COST: The cost is expensive products. COST: This is a high-end brand which can be because of the scale but also the product is expensive as it is Gucci quite expensive. CUSTOMER: This is for a well off so it is in perspective. CUSTOMER: The customer could be a man or customer and an age range from 16-30. SIZE: The stand woman but it is very expensive so it would be a wealthy customer. is very large but this makes it easily visible throughout MATERIALS: It uses materials such as glass and metals to add to the the store and makes people go over to it. It also high end effect. ENVIROMENT: The stand is situated in the corner of displays a to of the product and uses lighting to display the shop but it is large and very eye catching. SIZE: The stand is very it better. MATIRIALS: Once again, glass is used this large but this is why it is so effective. SAFETY: The stand has no sharp helps the customer see all of the products easier. edges however, it has very pointy corners. FUNCTION: The stand is easily accessible to view the products and test them.ASTHETICS: This stand uses a glass box to display the product,this makes it more exclusive. The simple white and blackcontrast looks very modern and sharp. COST: The brand isreasonably expensive and so the stand reflects this becauseyou cant access the product. CUSTOMER: A person of middleclass as this is an expensive brand, with a customer age of 25- ASTHETICS: This stand uses clean lines but with40. ENVIROMENT: It is situated in the middle of the store but an iconic figure and logo of James Bond- the fragrance section. You need to go past or around it to The logo is used several times on the samemove around the store so you will see it as it is in the centre. stand. COST: The brand is very expensive is it isSIZE: The stand is a medium size but it is big enough to be seen exclusive and that is why people buy it.easily throughout this section of the store. FUNCTION: It is a CUSTOMER: This is a very highly priced itemdisplay of the product however, there is only limited customer and brand, the customer models themselves oninteraction. James bond but the age range could be from 25-55. ENVIRMENT: The stand is in the middle of the fragrance section this means people have to pass it so they will look at it. It is also very eye catching the way it stands alone and ASTHETICS: This stand is very simple and bland. It uses simple will draw people in from all over the store. shelves and lighting to display the product. COST: The stand should would be cheap and affordable much like the brand. ENVIROMENT: The stand is small and is situated towards the back of the store and on a shelf. MATIRIALS: It uses glass shelving to display the products range. SAFETY: The display is very safe as young children cant reach it and It has no sharp edges, however it is made of glass. SIZE: The stand is small and simple but it still displays the product well.
  16. 16. ASTHETICS: This stand appears to be very glamorous and it has ASTHETICS: This unit has a very made the most of being a simple shelf unit. COST: This is very modern and high class feel to it, this high end brand so it is very expensive. The materials used in works well because of the multiple making the stand are also expensive. CUSTOMER: The brands it displays. The lighting is also customer of this brand is likely to be very well off as this is a very affective as it illuminates the high end brand, the age range would be from 25-35. products on the display which makes MATERIALS: The unit uses high-end materials such as glass and them stand out so customers are metal finishes to imitate gold, clever lighting has also been drawn to the stand. COST: This stand is used to help illuminate the product but also to catch your very costly as are the products this attention as it is unusual. SIZE: The stand is quite large, this reflective of the brands it displays. helps it draw people in from all over the store but it also CUSTOMER: These are high end brands displays a lot of the product. ENVIROMANT: This stand was and are very expensive so a wealthy situated in the fragrance section of the shop, on the wall facing customer is required for these brands. down and isle so it can be seen from a distance. SIZE: This stand is very large so it can be seen from a distance which willASTHETICS: This stand displays multiple products and attract customers to it. ENVIROMANT:brands but is positioned well at the end of an isle so This stand was in the perfume sectionpeople will see it as they enter an isle either side of of the store and was a wall mountedthe stand. COST: This stand would be relatively cheap, display. MATIRIALS: The stand useshowever very cost affective because it holds multiple glass to make it look high end and itproducts and multiple brands but this can affect the helps you see all the products. Cleversale of each different brand. SAFETY: This stand is very lighting from above displays thesafe because it is stable and has no sharp edges products better so it easier to see butalthough young children are able to gain access to the it also catches your attention.product. MATERIAL: The stand uses wood and glasspredominantly however due to the size and weight ofall this material it has a aluminium structure ASTHETICS: Within the store this perfumesupporting the stand. section shows many different products and many different point of sale stands competing with each other to attract a customer. SIZE: The area is large which ASTHETICS: This brand is Victor Rolf and it is shows the scale of then competition. very subtly styled. It uses black and grey and CUSTOMER: Both man and woman will is situated on a simple glass shelf. COST: This come to this area of the shop to view these is a middle brand in terms of its cost so it is products, there is a mixture of high end affordable. SAFETY: Other than the use of expensive products and lower end cheaper glass this unit is very safe as it is a fixed products. MATIRIALS: There is a wide range shelving unit. CUSTOMER: An age range of of matirials used within the store, many are 30-50, this customer is fairly wealthy as this used to reflect the profile of their brand but is a medium priced item. SIZE: It is quite also to catch the eye or for structural small and does no stand out so it could integrity within the stand. easily be missed, however it displays a lot of the product.
  17. 17. PRODUCT INTERACTIONMany people will interact with the product andstand in very different ways, people prefer sometest methods to other when trying out the colone.These depend on the environment and the waythe product is presented, if it is in a glass boxpeople may assume that they are unable to test ithowever, it will look exclusive. There for, testingshould be encouraged and so it is important to seehow people interact with the stand, the productshould be a height that is easy for people to accessbut must not be eye for safety. Some people spraythe fragrance on themselves however, othersprefer a cardboard slip or spray the fragrance inthe air all these methods must be taken intoaccount when constructing the stand andpositioning the sample fragrance. The survey was conducted with a chain store called the perfume shop. 20 people were used in the survey through observation to see how they reacted to test a product. The most popular method was the card slip with 9 people in survey favouring this method. In the construction of my point of sale stand I feel it is important to provide testing facilities for all of the above methods as they are all heavily used.
  18. 18. SUMMARY OF RESEARCH USEFULL DATA These units can be situated and various areas depending on the stand, however it should most likely be positioned in a perfume section of The advertising on the the store. stand must appeal to both woman and men. Use lighting to help display the The use of water in product and make the stand to hint at the stand eye the freshness and catching. the jet set such as speed boats and beaches. To be situated in a store that does not sell clothes or fragrances. The stand cant be made out of cheap materials. NOT USEFULL DATA
  19. 19. FURTHER SPECIFICATIONASTHETICS: From my research there are several colours and material finishes thatmatch my brands house style and what my customer is looking for, these consistof mirrored surfaces, glass and aluminium but also a selection of acrylics andwoods such as teak. The brand is also associated with subtle colours so it would beinappropriate to use vibrant colours. COST: