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Janio's store visit

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  1. 1. Type Info Here [in Master View] Hagerstown FO Recap 4/16/2009 *** Visual Merchandise Manager and Area Trainer Workshop *** 1
  2. 2. Type Info Here [in Master View] Observations Challenges This VM training was the first time both the VM Manager and the Area Trainer • Store needs a steamer combined classes. This training was the • Outlet center has low traffic during the first of its kind and included different winter months members of remote stores. The end result was an exciting and successful • Additional perimeter signage is needed training. It was interactive and in the store extremely productive. • Store needs additional mannequins VMM = Janio Aragon AT = John Lefebvre Opportunities Participant stores: • Retagging hang tags Hagerstown Gettysburg • Ordering new bag clips to merchandise them neatly on the wall Leesburg • Product being placed directly on the The training allowed neighboring stores to learn and interact with each other floor regarding Visual Merchandising. I look forward to joint classes with Area Trainers in the other districts. 2
  3. 3. Type Info Here [in Master View] VM Training The training began by explaining and demonstrating what the VM guidelines are for adidas outlets. Each team member involved from each store is responsible to teach these standards to their own store’s team. They are expected to maintain these guidelines on a day to day basis. We discussed several options to merchandise product on a wall and how to utilize accessories and footwear to delivery a complete lifestyle story. John and I also discussed how important it is for the stores to combine both the Customer Service and the VM training tools to give our customers a great shopping experience in our stores. This will set us apart from any competitor out there and have adidas stand out as a prime destination for our customers. 3
  4. 4. Type Info Here [in Master View] Merchandising Bags should not be on top of the wall fixtures Perimeter signage needs to be properly placed at all times. Do not remove to increase space capacity. Avoid merchandising more than 3 skus per side bar. Do not over fill. Bags should not be merchandised directly on the floor. This may damage the product and collect dust from the floor. 4
  5. 5. Type Info Here [in Master View] Great job in placing the golf bags in the wall. Merchandising After Accessories *Note: Picture was taken two weeks after the visit. It demonstrate how the store’s team has done a great job maintaining this wall. 5
  6. 6. Type Info Here [in Master View] TEAM WORK!!! The team was very excited and eager to begin. They were separated in two groups and worked on different category walls. They used what was learned in the previous wall and implemented it on the walls assigned to them. Afterwards, we walked both walls and recapped on the VM training as a group. The team had excellent questions and concerns regarding their own stores. It was explained how to adapt to different fixtures that stores have amongst each other. Having a combine visit such as this one proved effective and showed great team work with each of the participating stores. It also allowed for additional stores to receive VM training than originally planned. 6
  7. 7. Type Info Here [in Master View] Merchandising Before It is important to remember not to merchandise apparel with only faceouts across the wall. Use shelves and other fixture add ons to merchandise the walls. TEAM A 7
  8. 8. Type Info Here [in Master View] Merchandising After Team A did an excellent job implement the guidelines learned. It tells a lifestyle story and showcases the accessories, as well as making them convenient for the customer to shop from. TEAM A 8
  9. 9. Type Info Here [in Master View] Merchandising Before Team B worked on the Soccer Wall. They discussed within themselves and were able to merchandise the wall with minimal questions. TEAM B 9
  10. 10. Type Info Here [in Master View] Merchandising After Team B did an excellent job with creating this compelling lifestyle story. Soccer shoes and bags were used to enhance the VM presentation of the wall. *Note: The team did a great job in not mixing the soccer collections. When possible, always keep collections together and use collections with a good inventory level. TEAM B 10
  11. 11. Type Info Here [in Master View] Accessories The group was explained how important is it to keep the accessories wall clean and organized. The picture shows how the two teams worked together to merchandised this wall. They did a fantastic job! When possible, always use the bag clips to keep this area maintained. Stores can order this bag clip on supply one. 11
  12. 12. Type Info Here [in Master View] Opportunities Layering Merchandise is not to be layered for FO stores. It may cause product to touch the floor and pick up dust, specifically pants. Following this guideline will assure all the stores to be consistent throughout the districts. 12
  13. 13. Type Info Here [in Master View] Opportunities Before After Avoid placing bags on the floor. It may cause damage and collect dust. If the store has extra platforms that are not being used, they may display a small presentation of bags on it. 13
  14. 14. Type Info Here [in Master View] Summary I had a great and productive visit at the Factory Outlet at Hagerstown. This was the first time a VM training was taught with the collaboration of an Area Trainer (John Lefebvre) and myself VMM, allowing for a broader audience and greater interaction between the stores. Every member that participated was eager and excited to learn the VM guidelines. I’m excited to see how they will implement this training at their stores. The team was trained on how to merchandise walls and how essential it is to use accessories for a successful VM presentation. Implementing what they’ve learned with this visit will help with KPI’s and product sell through at their stores. The team grasped this concept and with the added layer of details explained, will be able to elevate their stores to the next level . Going forward, any questions that these stores management team members may have, should contact their DM and have the questions forwarded to their VM corporate contact Bridget Zadoff. I am looking forward to future training visits with Area Trainers in the other districts. This training proved how successful and important team work is in adidas and together impossible is nothing! 14