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FL Blog Con 2015: How To Find The Best WordPress Plugins For You


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An updated version of my WordCamp Miami 2015 talk, tailored for FL Blog Con and their blogger-focused audience.

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FL Blog Con 2015: How To Find The Best WordPress Plugins For You

  1. 1. How to Find the Best WordPress Plugins for You Adam Soucie & David Laietta
  2. 2. Today you’ll learn... • What to look for in a plugin • Where you can find reliable plugins • Which plugins you should use regardless of your site content @davidlaietta@adamsoucie
  3. 3. A little about us • Web Developer • Primarily focused on WordPress • WordCamp Orlando organizers @davidlaietta@adamsoucie
  4. 4. What to look for in plugins
  5. 5. 3 things to look for 1. Actively supported 2. Does what it says it does - and nothing else 3. Easy to use/set up @davidlaietta@adamsoucie
  6. 6. Actively supported?
  7. 7. Updates matter. • Only use current plugins • Because security. • Check the change logs • You may not understand them, but they should be somewhat helpful • Too many updates is a red flag • If it updates every week, STAY AWAY @davidlaietta@adamsoucie
  8. 8. “A good plugin does one thing, and does that one thing well.” - Andrew Norcross
  9. 9. There is no single site solution. • Your mechanic is not also your vet (I hope) • Focused products keep your project focused • Distractions take time, which costs you money • Exceptions for complicated matters like SEO @davidlaietta@adamsoucie
  10. 10. Is it easy to install?
  11. 11. One Click Installation is the goal • Plugin files should install with a single .zip file • FTP stands for “%&$# that plugin” because you should never have to FTP for install • All plugins on the WordPress repo have a one- click install button @davidlaietta@adamsoucie
  12. 12. Is it easy to set up?
  13. 13. Settings Pages are the Devil. • The plugin should just work. • If the plugin does just one thing, why does it take so long to set up? • At most, you should only have to visit a settings page on the initial install • Again, SEO is the exception @davidlaietta@adamsoucie
  14. 14. And the plugins are where?
  15. 15. Trusted Sources ONLY • repository • Recommendations • Friends • Colleagues • Meetups • Twitter @davidlaietta@adamsoucie
  16. 16. RUN AWAY! (unless recommended) • Random finds on Google • CodeCanyon • Quality Control • Updating can be very tricky @davidlaietta@adamsoucie
  17. 17. Plugin Recommendations
  18. 18. Use these. • WordPress SEO • Gravity Forms • • Ninja Forms • Display Widgets @davidlaietta@adamsoucie
  19. 19. Also use these. • JetPack • Akismet • Comes pre-installed. Activate it if you support comments • Post Series Manager @davidlaietta@adamsoucie
  20. 20. For more info… • @adamsoucie or @davidlaietta on Twitter • (Adam) • (David) @davidlaietta@adamsoucie
  21. 21. Any questions? @adamsoucie @davidlaietta
  22. 22. Thanks to… • Tina Fiume (illustrations) • Andrew Norcross (inspiration) • Star Wars Rebels characters are property of the Walt Disney Company and Lucasfilm @davidlaietta@adamsoucie