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WordPress as Rapid Prototyping Tool


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I gave a talk at WordCamp mumbai 2014, where i presented the idea that we can create more realistic prototypes on WordPress without writing single line of code. I believe that is the future of Prototyping

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  • Good info..all plugins you have shown can be used in Rapid Prototyping.

    What is your view to use WordPress in RAD(Rapid application development)?
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WordPress as Rapid Prototyping Tool

  1. 1. WordPress as Rapid Prototyping Tool @wpoets
  2. 2. What is Prototyping? @wpoets Draft of your application
  3. 3. Why Prototype? @wpoets
  4. 4. Old Ways @wpoets
  5. 5. Paper Sketch @wpoets
  6. 6. Wireframing @wpoets
  7. 7. PowerPoint @wpoets
  8. 8. HTML/JPG’s @wpoets
  9. 9. WordPress as an Alternative @wpoets
  10. 10. Web Application Components @wpoets LayoutContent Forms Users
  11. 11. Caveat @wpoets Logic is still required, and it’s good for 70-80 % of app scenarios
  12. 12. Content @wpoets Custom Post Type UI
  13. 13. Content @wpoets Advanced Custom Fields
  14. 14. Content @wpoets Custom Content Shortcode
  15. 15. Content @wpoets Shortcodes Ultimate
  16. 16. Layout @wpoets Page Builder by SiteOrigin
  17. 17. Layout @wpoets Aqua Page Builder
  18. 18. Users @wpoets Profile Builder
  19. 19. Users @wpoets s2Member Framework
  20. 20. Input Forms @wpoets Formidable Forms
  21. 21. @wpoets
  22. 22. @wpoets Sonnet Club A WordPress support and services club. Let’s Discuss Join our sonnet club for free advice and suggestions