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The March offering for TechTuesday, the monthly romp through the world of nonprofit technology presented by Trish Perkins of HandyCapable Network for members of the Guilford Nonprofit Consortium...and others.

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  • Pain, by Nathan Phillips via Flickr
  • WordPress for Nonprofits- TechTuesday

    1. 1. WordPress for Nonprofits Can a website get any easier?
    2. 2. Who’s Trish? • Nonprofit systems analyst and designer • Affordable nonprofit technology consultant • Trainer— Google, Salesforce, Offic e, Video, Social Networks, WordPress web sites
    3. 3. We do cloud computing solutions
    4. 4. Where is your WebSite Pain?Tell us about your org and your web issues…
    5. 5. What do nonprofits WANT?A website that is:• Easy to update• Easy to maintain• Easy to customize• Quick learning curve• Cheap• Good support network
    6. 6. Jason King’s Slides
    7. 7. Ten Reasons to Love WordPress
    8. 8. Functional Reasons• Ease of development• Ease of training staff and volunteers to use it• Scalable– start small and grow…grow…GROW• Lives in the cloud: Access it from anywhere• Accessible for handicapped people• Different user levels – great for volunteer help• Lots of developers creating new plug- ins, because it’s open source
    9. 9. Marketing Reasons• Search Engines can find you• Need a change? Find a new theme• A-B testing for outcomes you really want (see the Google Analytics TechTuesday in April!)
    10. 10. Update Regularly• Give value to your visitors. Develop relationships.• Identify your constituents and then identify a “success point” with each. Plan the path.• Create an editorial schedule for your “News and Events” or blog.
    11. 11. Local WordPress Sites
    12. 12. HandyCapable
    13. 13. FaithAction International House
    14. 14. Interactive Resource Center
    15. 15. Music Academy
    16. 16. Greater Kirkwood Community
    17. 17. WordPress.COM site
    18. 18. Cons
    19. 19. • Traditional web developers hate WordPress: Google “I Hate WordPress” to hear their reasons.• Themes are never EXACTLY what you want, EXACTLY the way you want it to look• If you understand the code, you don’t like it; if you don’t, you can’t do anything that requires coding.
    20. 20. Things that are NOT free• Time to develop the site• Time to update WordPress and Plug-ins• Time to train users – or to let users train themselves
    21. 21. Get more info• WordPress for Dummies – borrow from HCN• WordPress Codex:http://codex.wordpress.org/New_To_WordPress_-_Where_to_Start• Free WordPress Training:http://freewptraining.com/• The Complete Guide– used in STOLEN FOR today’s presentationhttp://wpmu.org/wordpress-for-non-profits-the-complete-guide/
    22. 22. Contact Us handycapabletrish@gmail.com (336) 457-0400 Facebook & everywhere: travelertrish
    23. 23. Questions?