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Wordcamp North Canton 2013 - 13 Mistakes I've Made


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Wordcamp North Canton 2013 - 13 Mistakes I've Made

  1. 1. WordPressMistakes I’ve Made13Laura Eagin | WordCamp North CantonMay 4th 2013
  2. 2. I’m Laura Eagin• Detroit Michigan• Custom Theme Developer• Volunteer and teach @ Girl Develop It• Tweet @choolaura•
  3. 3. What We’ll Cover• Tips to go from Beginner to Intermediate• Tips for site administrators and themers• Custom Theme Development = a lot of CSS• Get to know WordPress really well• Say yes, and figure it out as you go
  4. 4. Fail Harder, Weiden + Kennedy, by Jerry Helm
  5. 5. Jumped to the funpart too soon.1
  6. 6. I like to theme it, theme it.
  7. 7. First I Should Have:• Set permalinks• Changed blog tagline• Get rid of default posts, categories, links
  8. 8. I rushed whenuploading media.2
  9. 9. Input data in all of thefields marked red.
  10. 10. I dated bad plugins3
  11. 11. Bachelor #1Bachelor #2Bachelor #3
  12. 12. Few ratingsHasn’t been updatedNo documentationRight name, wrong toolWidget vs. PluginSlows down siteWarnings pop upBreaks my siteLevels of Plugin Hell
  13. 13. Plugin Support is your friend, look at it.
  14. 14. I was cheap4
  15. 15. Gravity Forms cured me of my cheapness. It’s worth it.
  16. 16. Don’t Forget to Get Client on Board• Include price of plugins in contract• Annual cost vs. one-time cost• Or, roll cost into your maintenance feeIf this is your own site, think about the value of the plugin overtime. Considerupgrading to Developer version so you can use on your site and others.
  17. 17. I edited code in theappearances editor5
  18. 18. Oh snap!
  19. 19. Highlighted Syntax with Sublime Text 2Much better!
  20. 20. Version ControlBitbucketGitHubWork LocallyMAMPWAMP
  21. 21. I didn’t use thetheme folder6
  22. 22. wp-content /themes/mytheme/images
  23. 23. I pretended to bea system admin7
  24. 24. Just say no.Refer them to an expertConsider managed hosting providers ($)Open support tickets early and often
  25. 25. One Click Install Is Your Friend
  26. 26. I didn’t set up astaging/dev site8
  27. 27. Without a staging site
  28. 28. With a staging site
  29. 29. I forgot aboutthose robots9
  30. 30. When you are not ready to launch your site,discourage search engines from indexing it.Then, don’t forget to uncheck this setting when youdo launch the site. It’s easy to forget.
  31. 31. Plugin “Under Construction” sets up a nicesplash page to prevent anyone seeing thesite while you’re working on it.
  32. 32. Plugin “Under Construction” even allows you touse your own HTML as a splash page.
  33. 33. I didn’t tracktraffic from day 110
  34. 34. I didn’t holdtheir hand.11
  35. 35. Tutorials and ResourcesFor your clients, because it’s their site after you launch “Getting Started with WP”WordPress.tvMeetup.comBonus:
  36. 36. Manage User Access- Members Plugin- Role Scoper PluginHand holding (It’s necessary!)+ Make it easy for them to log in+ Walk them through it first, second time
  37. 37. I assumed clientwould write.12
  38. 38. Content is difficult to get (oy!)While the Theme is being designed & built,the writing should also be happening.This is a forever a struggle for mewith client sites... Any solutions?
  39. 39. Thank you!... but wait, there’s more.@choolaura
  40. 40. I didn’t get toknow all of you.13Community is so important.You’re at WordCamp...So don’t leave this room without meeting at least one new person!