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4 ps sony marketing mix abhi


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ppt for Sony Marketing mix,
four P's of SOny
-SOny India
Interesting Facts about SONY.

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4 ps sony marketing mix abhi

  1. 1. FOUR P’S OF MARKETING By Abhishek Shandilya
  2. 2. Background SONY Corporation  Founded: May 7, 1946  Founder : Akio Morita  Present CEO: Kazuo Hirai  Head quarter: Tokyo, Japan  The name ‘SONY’ is based on the Latin word Sonus, which means ‘sound’.
  3. 3.  Sony’s first product was Rice Cooker (A Failure)  World’s first tape recorder G-Type (1950)  World's first commercially compact disc player Sony CDP-101 Oct1982.  World’s first Google TV (October 6, 2010)  27-OCT-2011- Sony Ericsson became a wholly-owned subsidiary of SONY  The world’s first 3LCD Laser Projector (2-july-2013)  World’s first Waterproof Smartphone XPERIA Z.(9feb-2013)  NEW YORK, Sept. 4, 2013 – Today Sony introduced the world’s first curved screen LED television, model KDL-65S990A  SONY has sectors like BANKING and INSURANCE too.
  4. 4. •Product •Price •Place •Promotion
  5. 5.  Televisions : Bravia Range, LCD, Earlier WEGA Digital imaging: Cyber-Shot, Alpha, HANDYCAM, Series cameras. Audio / Video: Walkman, Home audio , Blu-ray Disc™ players and recorders, memory-based portable audio devices, car music systems( X-Plod), Headphones etc. Electronic components: Batteries, recording media, data recording systems Storage and Memory:  HardDisk drives, memory cards, pendrives Gaming & Computers Playstation series gaming Consoles, Vaio series laptops & All-in-One Desktops Smartphones and Tablets Xperia series, smartwear PRODUCT
  6. 6.  Sony being a company which emphasize product quality,it tends to sell its products with price range from moderately-high to high- prices, depending on the use and targeted customers.  As Sony is Renowned Multinational company and known for its quality products has higher pricing policies for its products and in return by keeping in view of better customer care and after sale services.  EXAMPLE: Sony series of Vaio laptops. Sony has categorized the laptops according to Style, User, Purpose, Mobility and performance.
  7. 7. • Sony's electronics products and services are marketed throughout the world under the trademark "Sony“ • Registered in 204 countries and territories. • Sony Corporation has more then 30 subsidiaries company in Japan itself • And more than 50 affiliated companies outside of Japan • Also selling products through Online stores like Flipkart, Snapdeal, EBay, Amazon etc PLACE
  8. 8. • Established its India operations in November 1994 • Having over 20,000 registered dealers and distributors in India • more than 300 exclusive Sony outlets and 25 branch locations • service presence across the country with 365 service outlet PLACE : INDIA
  9. 9. PROMOTION Advertisement Sales promotions Print Ads Free gifts on purchases Sponsoring
  11. 11. Various Brand Logos of SONY