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Vol.:3 Issue:09 Monday, 2ndSept to 8th Sept 2013
PAGE 2INDIALOCALMonday, 2ndSept to 8th Sept 2013
Following is the text of the Prime Minister, Dr.
Manmohan Singh...
PAGE 3INDIALOCALMonday, 2ndSept to 8th Sept 2013
BMC collects Rs.8L as fine
for littering in July-August
Mumbai (AU NEWS N...
PAGE 4INDIALOCALMonday, 2ndSept to 8th Sept 2013
There's a shot in
Satyagraha - a rainbow
glimmering for a second
between ...
PAGE 5INDIALOCALMonday, 2ndSept to 8th Sept 2013
In matters of eco-
tory repeats i...
PAGE 6INDIALOCALMonday, 2ndSept to 8th Sept 2013
India's most wanted terrorist, IM founderYasin Bhatkal held
For 9 attacks...
PAGE 7INDIALOCALMonday, 2ndSept to 8th Sept 2013
NASA detects
water on moon
surface from
Washington : Base...
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India local

  1. 1. Price : Rs.2 Page : 8RNI No. : MAHENG/2011/38665 INDIA'S LOCAL NEWSPAPER Vol.:3 Issue:09 Monday, 2ndSept to 8th Sept 2013 Page .......2 PM inaugrates National Media Centre, says credibility is media’s currency Page .......3 Mumbai gang-rape: Press Council panel begins work Page .......8 Sonia unveils Delhi food scheme Inside INDIA'S LOCAL NEWSPAPER JODHPUR: Self-styled godman Asaram Bapu, accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl at his ashram here, was behind bars on Monday after he was remanded in 14-day judicial custody by a local court. Wearing a white dhoti and kurta and a red cap, the controversial 72-year-oldAsaram was produced amid tight security before the district and sessions court where the magistrate Manoj Kumar ordered to send him to judicial custody till September 15. The counsel forAsaram, meanwhile, moved an application for bail and hearing on the plea is expected on Tuesday.Asaram was brought to the court in a police bus escorted by a police vehicle. He was remanded in one-day police custody on Sunday after being grilled for four hours. The religious preacher remained in the court for about 15 minutes before he was taken to central jail of Jodhpur near Mohanpura bridge in a convoy of police vehicles after the court order. He was lodged in Barrack No. 1. During the hearing, defence counsel pleaded that proper medical attention and care be given forAsaram in the Jail. To this, the prosecution assured the court that all required assistance will be given. Police said it did not seek extension of police remand as their course of initial investigation and questioning was over. "Our investigation was complete so we did not seek for Visit u at ASARAMSENT TOJODHPUR CENTRALJAIL TOMOVEBAILPLEAONTUESDAY ASARAMSENT TOJODHPUR CENTRALJAIL extension of the police custody. The accused has cooperated with us," DCPAjay Lamba told reporters after the hearing. "Our case is very strong and we have vital evidences against the accused. We are moving in the right direction. We will file chargesheet in the case soon?, he added. After the hearing, some people who had gathered outside the court shouted slogans welcoming its order.Asaram was arrestedamidhighdramaontheinterveningnightofSaturday-Sunday in Indore and was brought here yesterday for interrogation. Asked about reports thatAsaram was suffering from a neurological disorder, the DCP said, "It has been proved to be a lie. His son can say what he wants to say.We can't comment on anybody's statement." "Ateam of doctors said he is perfectly OK. He is mentally and physically fit," Lamba said, adding the accused is also taking food whenever served. Asaram had cleared a potency test conducted on him on Sunday at the SN Medical college here. He was also taken to his ManaiAshram, about 30km from Jodhpur, where the girl was allegedly sexually assaulted. Police had conducted a physical verification and tried to recreate the scene of crime. Asaram's arrest followed an FIR filed by the girl alleging she was sexually assaulted by him at his ashram. He has denied the charges.
  2. 2. PAGE 2INDIALOCALMonday, 2ndSept to 8th Sept 2013 Editorial Following is the text of the Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh’s statement in the Lok Sabha, on the current economic situation in the country: “The movement of the exchange rate of the IndianRupeerecentlyhasbeenamatterofconcern. TheRupeehasdepreciatedsharplyagainstthedollar since the last week of May. There are concerns, and justifiably so, of the impact this would have on our economy. What triggered the sharp and sudden depreciation was the markets’ reaction to certain unexpected external developments. On May 22, 2013,theUSFederalReserve Bank indicated that it would soon ‘taper’ its quantitative easing as the US economy was recovering. This led to a reversal of capital flows to emerging economies which are now sharply pulling down not just theRupee,butalsotheBrazilianReal, the Turkish Lira, the Indonesian Rupiah, the South African Rand and many other currencies. WhileglobalfactorssuchastensionsoverSyria and the prospect of U.S. Federal Reserve tapering itspolicyofquantitativeeasinghavecausedgeneral weaknessesinemergingmarketcurrencies,therupee has been especially hit because of our large current account deficit and some other domestic factors. Weintendtoacttoreducethecurrentaccountdeficit and bring about an improvement in the functioning of our economy. In 2010-11andtheyearspriortoit,our current account deficit was more modest and financing it was not difficult, even in the crisis year of 2008-09.Sincethen,therehasbeen a deterioration, mainly on account ofhugeimportsofgold,highercosts ofcrudeoilimportsandrecently,of coal. On the export side, weak demand in our major markets has kept our exports from growing. Exports have been further hit by a collapse in iron ore exports. Taken together, these factors have made our current account deficit unsustainably large. Clearly we need to reduce our appetite for gold, economise in the use of petroleum products and take steps to increase our exports. We have taken measures to reduce the current account deficit. The Finance Minister has indicated thatitwillbebelow$70billionthisyear,andwewill take all p o s s i b l e steps to ensure that outcome. These are a l r e a d y s h o w i n g results with a declining trade deficit in both June and July. T h e Government is confident that we will Falling rupee :challenges and opportunities for India The unprecedented slide of rupee poses challenges as well asopportunitiesforIndia,theInternationalMonetaryFund(IMF) has said. "The current situation presents a challenge, obviously, to the governmentofIndia,butalsoanopportunityforthegovernment tocontinueinitspolicyeffortsonavarietyoffronts,"IMFspokes- person Gerry Rice said. "I wouldn't want to speculate on any support or program needs," he said when asked on the speculation about India com- ing to the IMF, possibly selling its gold reserves to the IMF to prop up its currency. "But maybe just stepping back on the situation in India, the combinationoflargefiscalandcurrentaccountdeficits,highand persistentinflation,sizableunhedgedcorporateforeignborrow- ingandrelianceonportfolioinflowsarelongstandingvulnerabili- ties that have now been elevated as global liquidity conditions tighten, and this clearly has affected market confidence," Rice said in response to a question. The US India Business Council (USIBC) President Ron Somers emphasised on taking steps to restore investors' confi- dence. "Bold leadership that continues to open India's economy andwhichadvancesreformswillhelpstaunchtherupees'slide," Somersinformed. Lifting FDI caps in Insurance should be the highest priority, whileresistingprotectionistmeasures-suchasforcedmanufac- turingandbackslidingonIntellectualPropertyprotection-iscru- cial. Demonstrating such leadership will go a long way towards restoringinvestorsentiment,"Somerssaid. Refraining to comment on the Food Security Bill, Somers saidratherthandiscussingthemeritsortiming,itisnowessential to welcome organised retail into the country such that MNCs may help achieve the Bill's efficient implementation and very purpose-tofacilitateinclusivegrowth. OntheLandAcquisition Bill, he said, certainly, the existing law dating back to 1894 re- quiresmodernisation. "However, my hope is that the outcome does not discourage investment in the essential sector of infrastructure. Both invest- ment and infrastructure are the need of the hour," Somers said. MeanwhilewritingforTheNewYorkTimes,SimonJohnson, former IMF chief economist, said the rupee is able to depreciate withouttoomuchdrama,andthisbyitselfshould,overtime,help to reduce imports and increase exports. Weakening confidence in the Indian economy has been compounded by some policy confusion in recent months, which has further encouraged do- mestic residents to move funds out of the country, Johnson said. The former IMF economist said there is political pressure to keep the economy growing ahead of elections in early 2014. "So we should not expect fiscal policy to tighten. And if the FederalReservedoesindeedtightenmonetarypolicyintheUnited States currently referred to as "tapering" its purchase of bonds thatwilltendtopushupinterestratesandislikelytoattractmore capital out of emerging markets," he said. Johnson said when a country like India faces crisis, for domestic reasons but also perhaps because of what is hap- pening in the United States, capital tends to flow out of that country and toward safe havens (like the United States). According to The Wall Street Journal, the rupee's steep decline is fuelling inflation and posing a threat to public fi- nances as the cost of oil, fertiliser and other critical imports in rupee terms rises. "Everything depends on whether the rupee stays at these levels or it bounces back," D K Joshi, chief economist at ratings and research firm Crisil, said.If it stays at these levels, it will lead to a lot of trouble from many directions. PM’sstatementonthecurrent economicsituationinthecountry beabletolowerourcurrentaccount deficit to $70 billion. Our medium term objective is to reduce the current account deficit to 2.5% of ourGDP.Ourshorttermobjective is to finance the current account deficit in an orderly fashion. We will make every effort to maintain a macro economic framework friendly to foreign capital inflows to enable orderly financing of the current account deficit. Coming back to the effects of the Rupee depreciation, we must realise that part of this depreciation was merely a needed adjustment. Inflation in India has been much higher than in the advanced countries. Therefore, it is naturalthattherehastobeacorrection intheexchangeratetoaccountforthis difference.Tosomeextent,depreciation can be good for the economy as this will help to increase our export competitiveness and discourage imports. There are many sectors which are regaining competitivenessinexportmarketsasaresultofthefallinthe exchangerate.Overthenextfewmonths,Iexpecttheeffects of this to be felt more strongly, both in exports and in the financial position of exporting sectors. This in itself would correct the current account deficit to some extent. However, foreign exchange markets have a notorious history of overshooting. Unfortunately this is whatishappeningnotonlyinrelation totheRupeebutalsoothercurrencies. The RBI and Government have taken a number of steps to stabilize therupee.Somemeasureshavegiven rise to doubts in some quarters that capital controls are on the horizon. I would like to assure the House and theworldatlarge,thattheGovernment is not contemplating any such measures. The last two decades have seen India grow as an open economy andwehavebenefittedfromit.There is no question of reversing these policies just because there is some turbulence in capital and currency markets. The suddendeclineintheexchangerateiscertainlyashock,but we will address this through other measures, not through capitalcontrolsorbyreversingtheprocessofreforms.The Finance Minister has clarified this matter at length, and I take this opportunity to reaffirm our position. Ultimately, the valueoftherupeeis determined by the fundamentalsofour economy.Whilewe havetakenanumber of actions to strengthen those fundamentals, we intend to do more. Growth has slowed down in recent quarters. THE RUPEE HAS D E P R E C I A T E D SHARPLY AGAINST THE DOLLAR SINCE THE LAST WEEK OF MAY.THEREARECON- CERNS, AND JUSTIFI- ABLY SO, OF THE IM- PACT THIS WOULD HAVE ON OUR ECONOMY. The easy reforms of the past have been done. We have the more difficult reforms to do such as reduction of subsidies, insurance and pension sector reforms, eliminating bureaucratic redtapeandimplementingGoods and Services Tax. These are not low hanging fruit and they need active political consensus. RAHUL TULI What triggered the sharp and sudden depreciation was the markets’ reaction to certain unexpectedexternaldevelopments. On May 22, 2013, the US Federal Reserve Bank indicated that it would soon ‘taper’ its quantitative easing as the US economy was recovering. This led to a reversal of capital flows to emerging economies which are now sharply pulling down not just the Rupee, but also the Brazilian Real, the Turkish Lira, the Indonesian Rupiah,theSouthAfricanRandand many other currencies. There are many sectors which are regaining competitiveness in export markets as a result of the fall in the exchange rate. Over the next few months, I expect the effects of this to be felt more strongly, both in exports and in the financial position of exporting sectors. This in itself would correct the current account deficit to some extent.
  3. 3. PAGE 3INDIALOCALMonday, 2ndSept to 8th Sept 2013 BMC collects Rs.8L as fine for littering in July-August Mumbai (AU NEWS NETWORK) :The BMC collected almost Rs.8 lakh fine for littering from Mumbaikars living in Matunga-Sion and Borivali in July and August. Most were caught throwing away cigarette butts and spitting. State for lowering senior citizen age to 60 Mumbai (AU NEWS NETWORK) :The state government has proposed to bring the age of senior citizens down from 65years to 60 years. This will mean 30 lakh more people under the senior citizen category, taking the total number of beneficiaries to 1.30 crore. Memorial to late Shiv Sena chief gets civic body's nod Mumbai (AU NEWS NETWORK) : The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has given its nod for a memorial to late Shiv Sena Chief Bal Thackeray at Shivaji Park, at the same spot where a makeshift memorial stands now. BMC set to demolish illegal alterations to Grand Hyatt Mumbai (AU NEWS NETWORK) : More than a month after notices were served for illegal alterations made to five star hotel Grand Hyatt, Santacruz, the civic body is set to demolish the changes today. Govt. will distribute 35 kg food grains to cardholders who were eligible under the scheme. Wheat will be distributed at Rs.2 per kg, rice at Rs.3 per kg and jowar at Re.1/- per kg Anil Deshmukh, Minister for Food and Civil Supplies Om Puri says Nandita wanted to gift maid a phone Mumbai (AU NEWS NET- WORK) : Actor Om Puri told the sessions court on Wednesday that the alteration between him and his estranged wife Nandita started after she insisted on gift- ing an expensive mobile phone to the maid's daughter. Puri alleged that he had refused to do so, fol- lowing which an argument en- sured on August 21. Nandita wanted to gift the girl as she had tied a rakhi on her son's wrist. A sessions court on Wednes- day adjourned the anticipatory bail hearing of Puri to Friday.The actor was granted interim relief until then. Puri filed an applica- tion in the court on Tuesday, af- ter Nandita filed an assault case against him with the Versova po- lice. Nandita also filed an inter- vention application in the court. Both Puri and Nandita were present in court on Wednesday. The Versova police booked Puri under Sections 324 (volun- tarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means) 506 (criminal intimidation) and 504 (intentional insult to provoke breach of the peace) of the Indian Penal Code. No evidence that former Thane Commissioner was corrupt :ACB (AU NEWS NETWORK) :The Anti Corruption Bureau today informed the Bombay High Court it had conducted a probe into allegations of corruption against Maharashtra bureaucrat R.A. Rajeev and prima facie did not find any evidence against him. A division bench of Justice P.V. Hardas was hearing a petition filed by Pratap Sarnaik, MLA from Ovala constituency of Thane district, alleging there was large scale corruption in renovation of office premises of the civic body's town development de- partment during the tenure of Rajeev, then the TMC commis- sioner. Shakti Mills gang rape 3 accused have criminal past VijayJadhav Past Crime Theft | A resident of Dhobi Ghat, he allegedly trespassed into railway property behind Shakti Mills and stole pieces of heavy metal besides nuts and bolts meant for repairing tracks. The Agripada police arrested him in 2012 and booked him. He was released on bail after his brother gave surety. Officers said the trial in the case is yet to begin. Section 380 of Indian Penal Code Max penalty | Seven years Qasim Shaikh Past Crime Four Theft and Robbery Cases | In one case in 2011, Qasim allegedly nicked a businessman's mobile. In another, he allegedly stole metal pieces from railway property after trying two railway employees with belts. The cases are un- der the jurisdiction of Agripada and Byculla po- lice. Officers said the trails in these are yet to be- gin. Sections 380 and 397 of Indian Penal Code Max Penalty Seven years JuvenileAccused Past Crime Theft | He allegedly sneaked into the railway yard in Mahalaxmi and stole iron pieces worth Rs.2,000. TheAgripada police arrested him after a scrap dealer mentioned his name and booked him in 2011. He got bail after a month in prison. The case is pending in a juvenile court. Section 380 of Indian Penal Code. Max penalty Seven years (AU NEWS NETWORK) : A woman journalist going to Isolated places will be given protec- tion from the local police station. RR Patil, home minister Home Minister Patil is not competent enough to handle the Home portfolio efficiently … women (should) come forward to present a garland of bangles to him. RajThackeray, MNS chief Women should not be allowed to venture out alone … women should not dress in short clothes and make up. Women are like gold, if left exposed they will be looted. AbuAsimAzmi,Samajwadi Party leader. Navi Mumbai property prices Nodes Palm Beach Road Vashi Nerul CBD Koparkhairane Airoli Ghansoli Kharghar Panvel Ulwe 2011 12500-13000 12500 7500-8000 6000-7000 5500-6500 6000-7000 5000-6000 4000-5000 3500-4250 2500-3000 2012 14000-16000 15000 8500-9500 7000-8500 7000-7500 7000-8500 6000-6750 5500-6500 4500-5250 3000-4000 2013 15000-20000 18000 10000-12000 9000-10000 8500-11000 7000-8600 6500-8000 6500-8000 5000-6500 3800-5500 (Rates Rs. per square feet) No. of Hospials in Navi Mumbai -Private hospitals registered with NMMC | 180 -Private hospitals not registered with NMMC | 4 -Civic hospitals | 5 -Allopathic dispensaries | 158 -Ayurvedic dispensaries | 351 -Homeopathic dispensaries | 144 -Paediatricians | 75 -Gynaecologists | 83 -NMMC dispensaries | 20 -NMMC mobile dispensaries | 2 -Private dispensaries | 797 -Private nursing homes | 76 Civic Hospitals Residents and corporators are crying foul over the delays in the completion, and escalations in the costs, of three 150 bed civic hospi- tals, NMMC additional city engineer Surendra Patil said the civic work in Nerul and Belapur hospitals will be completed by the year's end whileAiroli hospital will be finished by January 2014. HCseekslistofdouble allotteesofflatsfrom CM'squota Mumbai: The Bombay High Court asked the Maharashtra government on Thursday to fur- nish a list of those who have been allotted houses from Chief Minister's discretionary quota for more than once or to other mem- bers of their family. A bench headed by Justice P V Hardas asked the State and Urban Devel- opment Department to provide such a list by September 20 and adjourned a PIL until then, filed by former journalist Ketan Tirodkar, challenging multiple or double allotment of flats. MNS announces three candidates for 2014 Lok Sabha polls Mumbai:Jumpinginthe2014 poll wagon early, the Maharashtra Navirman Sena (MNS) on Thurs- day announced three candidates for next year’s General Elections. The MNS, led by Raj Thackeray, at a meeting today finalised the three names. As per the party, Bala Nandgaonkar will contest the South Mumbai seat whileAditya Shirodkar will stand from Mumbai South Central. Shivajirao Nalawade, on the other hand, will fight from Northeast Mumbai.
  4. 4. PAGE 4INDIALOCALMonday, 2ndSept to 8th Sept 2013 There's a shot in Satyagraha - a rainbow glimmering for a second between jets of water pounding protestors - SATYAGRAHA which typifies this film.Vi- brantly layered, Satyagraha weaves to- gether urban legends of corruption, encompassing corporate lobbyists to murdered engineers. It features slices of histories, Chauri Chaura, Mandal, Anna Hazare's Jan Lokpal Andolan. It takes a real is- sue - corruption - to reel life, movingly fusing fact with fiction, leading to a security guard accompa- nying a politico at its screening to sing out aloud, "Aam aadmi kitna aam, Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram..." Retired teacher Dwarka Anand (Bachchan) is an idealistic man. His engi- neer son Akhilesh's buddy Manav (Devgn) is an am- bitious capitalist. Manav cherishes his friend - who suddenly dies. Minister Balram Singh (Bajpai) an- nounces compensation which Akhilesh's wife Sumitra (Rao) cannot get despite daily applications before government babus. Incensed, Dwarka slaps an arrogant official and gets imprisoned. Manav starts a campaign to free him, using social media, roping in wannabe- bahubali Arjun Singh (Rampal) and journalist Yasmin (Kapoor). As hopeful students, hungry labourers and angry middle class citizens join, politicians panic. Will their moves derail the movement? Devgn is Satyagraha's strong body while Amitabh - gaunt in grief, moving in fortitude - is its soul. And Bajpai is its glittering, malevolent cloak, delivering a satiny performance hair-raising in its perfection. Bachchan voices the movie's philosophy - "Janta sarkaar ki malik hai. Malik nirdesh deta hai. Maang nahin karta." But what is the best way to give such nirdesh? Sym- bolic protest? Violent re- volt? Or a longer, harder route? Satyagraha grapples with this dilemma. More philosophical than fiery, it adorns reality with gloss and loss. Dwarka touch- ing the earth where his son fell brings tears while Prasoon Joshi's wonderful lyrics - "Uthkar karne hain kuch kaam, Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram" - bring hope. Satyagraha deserves an extra half-star for cap- turing corruption from root to branch - a govern- ment babu complains, "Yahan toh table ka bhi bhaada dena padta hai". Showing true Satyagraha has no short-cuts, it also shows solutions glimmer- ing ahead, as ephemeral, yet powerful as a rainbow cleansing the dust. Kalki publicly apologizes to designerduo onTwitter! The verbal spat be- tween Kalki Koechlin and designer duo Ridhhi and Sidhhi has been go- ing out of control, as re- ported in the media. Kalki was appar- ently upset with Riddhi and Siddhi Mapxencar after they allegedly called her mentally dis- turbed. As per sources, the designers were up- set with Kalki because she was the showstopper for them at the Glamour Style Week 2013 and Kalki was allegedly more in- terested in giving media bytes than walking the ramp. Post the debacle, Kalki has taken to mi- cro blogging site Twit- ter and posted a series of tweets stating her opinion. Kalki's Twitter h a n d l e (@kalkikanmani) reads, "i did not walk away from the r a m p . o r g a n i s e r s whisked me off and took me to a press area where i was doing in- terviews praising the designers!" "dear riddhi siddhi, i PUBLICLY apologise for for putting your name up, if you had nothing to do with these lies, peace be with you." "DP designers, thank you for helping me get the facts out, for talk- ing to be personally and for being so gracious about the whole matter'. "unfortunately no body has come forward to PERSONALLY apologise to me for in- sulting me with lies". It remains to be seen if Riddhi and Siddhi will accept the apology. (AU NEWS NETWORK) Katrina Kaif finally talks about bikini pictures... Katrina Kaif's bikini pictures holidaying with alleged boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor cre- ated quite a stir a while back. Katrina was perturbed by the media's in- tervention and openly wrote a letter to the media stating her displeasure and request- ing privacy. In an interview with Rajeev Masand, Kats opened up about the Spain episode and reportedly said in the interview that she understood that a celebrity's life was under public gaze however, she re- quested on having some private space. She further added that she's been sup- portive towards the media when it comes to red carpet events, press conferences and interviews, but she has her own opinion, whether the paparazzi agrees or not. Ranbir Kapoor has be- come one of the most sought-after actors in Bollywood after delivering back to back hits like Rockstar, Barfi! and Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Ranbir Kapoor's 'Besharam' sold for Rs 80 crores! The actor's next release 'Besharam' has already grabbed eyeballs and has become one of the most anticipated movies of this year. Reportedly, the film has been sold for a whop- ping 80 crore. Lehren, a video news magazine, states that 80 crore is just the beginning profit for 'Besharam' with the theatri- cal rights sold out. Now, satellite rights are yet to be known. Ranbir Kapoor's starrer 'Besharam' is set to release on 2nd Oct, 2013.
  5. 5. PAGE 5INDIALOCALMonday, 2ndSept to 8th Sept 2013 TOP BUSINESS NEWS In matters of eco- nomicsandfinance,his- tory repeats itself, be- cause we don't learn from history. D Subbarao PC offers 10 pt reforms agenda Finance Minister P. Chidambaram Tuesday said the Indian economy needed deeper reforms but political differences would have to be overcome for them to work and bring about a recovery from the low growth rate and high current account deficit. Let us not fool ourselves. There is simply no agreement now on what we will do, Chidambaram said in the Lok Sabha as he proposed a 10 point programme and insisted that Parliament must point to the direction in which the country's economy should move. PC's prescription 1. Revive manufacturing 2. Promote exports 3. Boost 4. Contain fiscal deficit and current account deficit 5. Increase capital expenditure by PSUs 6. Recapitalization of public sector banks 7. Resolve issues on coal supply 8. Deal with iron ore import ban 9. Environmental clearances 10. Remove land acquisition related hurdles. Housing prices begin to fall The rising interest rates, liquidity tightening in the banking sys- tem and slowing down of economy have badly affected the real estate sector.As the demand for residential real estate has softened, its prices across the markets in India have started showing a declining trend. According to National Housing Bank residential index, the prices have shown a declining trend in 22 out of 26 cities in the April-June 2013 quarter compared to the January-March quarter. City Fall in Property Price (%) Hyderabad 4.6 Kolkata 4.1 Patna 3.3 Chennai 2.3 Delhi 1.5 Bengaluru 0.9 Pune 0.9 Mumbai 0.5 Trademark requests rising 12% annually The Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks under the commerce ministry has received over 1.94 lakh applications from industries for registering their trademarks last fiscal and the number is growing at 12% annually. There are leaders whom I have respected all through my life. But something has hap- pened that has diffused this lead- ership. RatanTata Nissan Motors' willingness to question conventional think- ing and to drive progress is what sets us apart. CarlosGhosn,CEO,Nissan, while announcing driverless cars Strike hits production at JLR car plants in UK London : Production at Tata Motors owned Jaquar Land Rover (JLR) plants in Britain was hit on Wednesday due to industrial ac- tion by supply chain workers over a pay dispute. Workers from the union Unite had voted in favour of 30 minute walkouts at the start of each shift. India lacks leadership, direction : RatanTata On Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's Leadership New Delhi : India has lost the confidence of the world and the country did not have a lead- ership that is leading from the front, former chairman of the Tata Group Ratan Tata has said. The comments were made by Tata in an interview with CNN-IBN's Rajdeep Sardesai on the channel's Leadertalk programme. A leader must assert himself. He has held country's esteem high but at recent times we have lost that esteem. We have lost the confidence of the world. We have been slow to recognize that in the government.Tata said when asked about Prime Min- ister Manmohan Singh's silence on investors losing confidence. Tata, who is also the chief adviser to the board of Air Asia India, said, "The government has issued policy which the vested interests, quite often in private sector, have changed, delayed or manipulated that policy. If the policies imple- mented as those are written, it would good for the country. There are leaders who I have respected all through my life for their public life. But something has happened that has diffused this leadership. We don't have leadership that we have been talking about, that is leading from the front, he said. We should have one view … the team has been pulling in dif- ferent directions; allies are pull- ing in different directions, he said on pressure groups within the government. Talking about Singh's lead- ership, Tata said. The issue is has the leadership team stood together and worked together to lead the country forward. Perhaps, the team has not lead- ing in one direction; it was pull- ing in different direction. States are pulling in one direction, al- lies are pulling in different di- rection, many heads of the port- folios in the government are pulling in different directions. We are not any longer looking ourselves as one India. On Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi's leadership, he said, I think in Gujarat he has proven his leadership and he has moved Gujarat into a position of prominence. I am not in a position to gaze what he would do in a country. Aleader must assert himself.We have been slow to rec- ognizethatinthegovernment. On Policy Paralysis The government has issued policy which the vested in- terests, quite often in private ector, have changed, delayed ormanipulated. On Narendra Modi IthinkinGujarathehasprovenhisleadershipandhehas moved Gujarat into a position of prominence. I am not in a position to gaze what he would do in a country. AverageAnnual Growth of the Manufacturing Sector During the 11th FiveYear Plan As against an average an- nual growth of 9.8% targeted in the 11th Five Year Plan, the manufacturing Sector has aver- aged a growth of 7.7% per an- num during the Plan Period. Giv- ing this information in written reply to a question in the Lok Sabha, Shri Praful Patel, Minis- ter of Heavy Industries & Public Enterprises, said that the decline in manufacturing growth has been on account of moderation in demand, both domestic and external, hardening of interest rates, slowdown in consumption expenditure, especially in inter- est-rate sensitive commodities, subdued business confidence and global economic uncer- tainty. Regarding targets set for the 12thFiveYearPlan,ShriPatelin- formed the House that manufac- turing growth rate of 10 per cent is one of the core set of monitorable indicators in 12th FiveYear Plan. Denotificationof6SEZsprojectsThe government has ap- proved denotification of six spe- cial economic zones, SEZs, projects, including one textile sector and five IT SEZs. The de- cision was taken at a meeting of Board ofApproval, BoA, headed by Commerce Secretary SR Rao on Friday. Economic decelera- tion on expected lines: Planning Commission The Planning Commission on Friday said the deceleration in economic growth in the first quar- ter was on expected lines and it may improve in the second half of the fiscal. "Well, we were aware that the growth rate has been slow- ing down. We never felt that in the first quarter there was much sign of an improvement...And it's in the second half of the year that we might see an improvement," Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia said reacting to the first quarter GDP figures for 2013-14. India's economic growth in the April-June quarter of the cur- rent fiscal dipped to 4.4 per cent, the slowest pace in at least four years, dragged down by a con- traction in manufacturing and mining. The economy grew at 5.4 per cent over the same period of 2012-13. He said the government in the last two three months has initiated lots to measures to revive investment, however, their impact will take some time to be felt. "So therefore we were aware that the growth rate in the current year is going to be poor than was pre- dicted when the budget was for- mulated some time in January...But I didn't expect to see any strong performance in the first quarter," he added. Pointing towards weak performance by the manufactur- ing sector, Ahluwalia said high levels of investment is required to give the economy an stimulus and the government has set up the Cabinet Committee on Investment to thrust it. An official release said, the BoA also considered four new proposals for establishing SEZ with a total investment of over 6,451 crore rupees. It said, out of the four, only two proposals were cleared, while the other two were deferred for the next meeting pending certain clarifications. RBI allows premature encashment of 8% Savings Taxable Bonds The Reserve Bank of India, RBI, has permitted premature encashment of 8 per cent Savings (Taxable) Bonds for individual investors who are 60 years and above. In a press release in Mumbai, RBI said the facility would be available after a minimum lock-in period of three years from the date of issue. In case of joint holders, any one of the holders should fulfill the conditions of eligibility. It however clarified that partial encashment of amount invested on a single appli- cation will not be permitted.
  6. 6. PAGE 6INDIALOCALMonday, 2ndSept to 8th Sept 2013 India's most wanted terrorist, IM founderYasin Bhatkal held For 9 attacks, 548 deaths in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Jaipur,Ahmedabad Was based in Nepal as fake Unani Doctor Name :Ahmed Siddibapa @Yasin Bhatkal Aliases : Mohammad Zarrar @Ahmed @ Imran @Asif @ Shahrukh Address : R/o. 938, S.M. Zarrar Manzil, Jail Road, Maqdum Colony, PS Bhatkal, Karnataka. Parentage : S/o. Mohd. Zarrar DateofBirth:15.01.1983 Price on his head : In Jan. 2013, Maharashtra ATS announced a reward Rs.10 lakh for info on him Indian Mujahideen terrorist forced out of a Gulf country, arrested on Indo-Nepal border Howwashenabbed? IB, RAW and other agencies picked up Bhatkal from Pokhara, Nepal, IB was tracking his calls for almost six months. Special teams were camping in Bihar's Darbhanga for some following IB RAW leads. Nabbed while crossing border with another IM Terrorist, Asadullah Akhtar alias Haddi. Earlier, Bhatkal had slipped through police dragnet 6 times in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad and Karnataka including escaping from Batla House. The Bonus Catch Asadullah Akhtar, aka Haddi Bhatkal's right hand man. Born in Azamgarh in 1987. Pharma graduate from Integral University, Lucknow. Nicknamed Haddi as father was orthopaedic doctor. Investigation Agency (NIA) and Bihar police in the early hours of Thursday. His arrest culminated a nerve wracking Intelligence Bureau led operation that had gathered steam over the past week. Bhatkal, named for the coastal Karnataka town where a decade to become the IM's executioner in chief, playing a key role in blasts across India that killed scores. Sources said that in his interrogation by the NIA at Motihari, Bhatkal admitted his part in explosions in Pune in 2010 and 2012 and the Mumbai triple blasts of 2011 but denied any hand in the Bodh Gaya attacks this year. New Delhi / Patna (AU NEWS NETWORK) : Indian Mujahideen (IM) lynchpinYasin Bhatkal, one of the country's most wanted men, was trapped in a house in Pokhara in Nepal by local cops and whisked away into the waiting arms of the National WHO IS YASIN BHATKAL Ahmed Zarar Siddhibappa (alias Shahrukh/Imran/Asif/Ahmed) was born in Bhatkal town near Mangalore in Karnataka on January 15, 1983. Studied till Class 10 but could not pass matriculation. Later took admissioninanIslamicinstitutiontobecomeanAalim(Arabicgraduate) Not related to Riyaz and Iqbal Bhatkal (two other top IM leaders) who are said to be in Pak. Yasin and the Bhatkal brother were neighbours. Can speak Hindi, Kannada, Urdu and local language Nawayati Was the only IM top shot still operating from India. Was on NIA's most wanted list. Route to Terrorism Moved to Pune in late teens Stayed with close friend and Unani practitioner turned Islamist Riyaz Shahbandri (Riyaz Bhatkal) Shahbandri teamed up with Abdul Subhan Qureshi and Sadiq Israr Sheikh Yasin became overall in charge of group By 2004, the group wanted its own identity, separate from Pakistan's terror groups. Port town Bhatkal became centre of IM ops Riyaz's brother Iqbal Shahbandri (Iqbal Bhatkal) and Bhatkal based cleric Shabbir Gangoli held ideological classes. Emails claiming responsibility for attacks sent from IM ID Yasin stayed below security radar; limited mobile phone use, no email, known to move location every few weeks, spoke to chosen few. Single minded about recruiting newbies to terror network. SlipperyCustomer Went to Dubai in 2005 for a job and stayed a year. Left his father's place after a personal dispute with him. Has not been in touch with his family since 2006 In 2007, participated in a training session of IM cadre at Karnataka Came to Mumbai the next year In 2009, went to Kolkata and was arrested. Let off after sloppy probe Seen with an IM member in Chennai in 2010 In 2011, he traveled to Delhi, Bihar, Nepal and Mumbai before the Mumbai triple blasts. Went underground after this till his arrest. Intelligent, monitored changes in police tactics, stayed one step ahead. Hisfamily -Mother Rehana and father Zarar Siddibapa stay in Makhdoom colony in Bhatkal Village. -Younger sister and brother,Abdus Samad, 26, stay with them. -While on the run in Nov. 2011, he married 21 year old Zaheda Mohammed Irshad in Okhla on the outskirts of Delhi TerrorResume Yasin Bhatkal is an accused or linked to the following blast cases Oct.29,2005|Paharganj,SarojiNagar,GopalNagarinDelhi|Killed 62 March 7, 2006 | Sankat Mochan temple, Kashi Vishwanath temple inVaranasi(unexploded)|Killed28 July 11, 2006 | Serial blasts on Mumbai's local trains | Killed : 187 Nov. 24, 2006 | Faizabad, Lucknow andVaranasi courts May 25, 2007 | Gorakhpur market Aug.25,2007| LumbiniParkandGokulChatinHyderabad|Killed:42 May 23, 2008 | Jaipur | Killed 80 July 24, 2008 | Bangalore | Killed 2 July 25, 2008 | Ahmedabad serial explosions | Killed 56 July 26, 2008 | Surat (bombs defused) Sept. 13, 2008 | Delhi serial blasts | Killed 30 Feb. 13, 2010 | Pune German Bakery bomb blasts | Killed 17 April 17, 2010 | 3 blasts at Bangalore's Chinnaswamy stadium July13,2011| OperaHouse,ZaveriBazarandDadarinMumbai|Killed 27 Feb. 21, 2013 : Twin blasts in Dilsukhnagar in Hyderabad | Killed 17 Role in Blasts -In most blasts, he is believed to be the bomb planter -In Mumbai's triple blasts, he arranged finance, explosives, made the bomb and executed the operation. He did not plant the bomb, say police. Boost for Prosecution Yasin is supposed to be the brain of IM in India. His arrest can help unearth the larger conspiracy, gather first hand information on the IM-LeT connection, the channel for receiving money, the recruitment procedure, and the safe houses of IM TheIndianMujahideen -IM started as a loose collaboration of jihadi elements drawn from the Students Islamic Movement of India -Initially financed by Bihar ganglordAmir Raza Khan through organized crime -IM is the Indian proxy of Pakistan based Lashkar-e- Taiba, its core group of young men trained in Lashkar camps -Unleashed terror in urban centres with well over 40 bomb attacks -Over 70 of operatives arrested, not top leaders.Yasin Bhatkal is the first leader in the net -IM backed by Pak's ISI to project to the world that Islamic terrorism in India is indigenous TheIMWeb Link to SIM | Core group from fringe, radicalized elements of SIMI It helps with funding, implementing plans. Link to Let | IM operatives trained in camps of Pak's Let, led by Hafiz Saeed Link to Huji | Huji uses IM operatives in attacks Link to Tunda | Leads 'revealed' by Tunda reportedly helped close arrest. Link toAl-Qaida | In an online message,Al-Qaida commander Sai'd al-Masri, believed to have died in a US missile attack, lauded IM's German Bakery attack saying the "India operation was against a Jewish locale and close to 20 Jews were killed". LinktoDawoodIbrahim|Financingthroughhawala. In 2012, IB sources said IM raised about Rs.45 crore through arms smuggling, fake currency, hawala, extortions and diverting political funds. Kolkata cops arrested Yasin Bhatkal in a theft case in 2009 and clicked this photograph. He managed to convince them that he was the son of a North Kolkata businessman and walked free IM's top terrorists yet to be arrested The Bhatkal Brothers | Operational commander Riyaz Shahbandri and top ideologue Iqbal Shahbandri fled to safe haven Karachi The Liaison Man | Abdul Subhan Qureshi Ganglord financer | Bihar'sAmir Raza Khan From Azamgarh | Mirza Shadab Beg, Shahnawaz Alam and Md 'Bada' Sajid; From UP | Aziz Khan, co-conspirator in Hyd bombings withAsadullah (arrested with Yasin) From Maharashtra | Zulfikar Fayyaz 'Kagazi' and Rahil sheikh . (AU NEWS NETWORK) (AU NEWS NETWORK) The controversial godman -Asaram - will be questioned by Jodhpur police soon on the allegations of sexually assaulting a minor girl. DCP Jodhpur Ajay Pal Lamba told the media that Jodhpur police are in Indore to question him at his ashram there. He said, they have received report thatAsaram has undergone a check up and he has been found medically fit for questioning. Asaram's son Narayan Sai says, Asaram is not evading the police and is recuperating at his ashram in Indore from illness. He said in Indore that Asaram Sexual assault case crime against women will not be tolerated- Soni the talk about running away from police is rubbish. He said Assaram will go to Jodhpur once there is improvement in his condition or if there is a need. Flaying the attack on media persons allegedly by supporters ofAsaram Congress general secretary Ambika Soni said the religious preacher should surrender himself before law. She said crime against women will not be tolerated. Whosoever faces such allegations will be dealt with according to the law. IndiatogiveRs 5,000craidtoBhutan (AU NEWS NETWORK) India today announced an aid of 5,000 crore rupees to Bhutan which includes economic stimulus package of 500 crore rupees. The decision was announced after talks between Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and his Bhutanese counterpart Tshering Tobgay in New Delhi. Tobgay is on a six - day visit to India.According to a joint statement issued after the talks, the two countries agreed to work together to further strengthen bilateral relations. India also reiterated its commitment to install additional 10,000 Mega Watt of power generating capacity in Bhutan. The two sides expressed satisfaction at the progress in three ongoing projects.
  7. 7. PAGE 7INDIALOCALMonday, 2ndSept to 8th Sept 2013 NASA detects water on moon surface from Chandrayaandata Washington : Based on valuable data collected by India's Chandrayaan mis- sion, a NASA funded lunar research has yielded evi- dence of water locked in mineral grains on the sur- face of the moon from an unknown source deep be- neath the surface. the find- ings, published in Nature Geoscience journal, repre- sent the first detection of this form of water from lu- nar orbit. Germany's Ex. Prez to face trail over favours scandal Berlin : Germany's former president Christia Wulff, who resigned amid a scandal last year, will face court on charges of accept- ing a favour while in office, justice officials said on Tuesday. Wulff, 54, who was Germany's youngest president and served less than two years in the largely ceremonialjob,willbecome the country's first former head of state to answer charges in court. Apple's iPad charger explodes Apple's products seem to be ticking bombs as in the latest incidence of charger explosion, 34 year old Tim Gillooley from Cheshire, Britain suffered a huge electric shock when his daughter's iPad charger burst in his hand while un- plugging. Malala awarded top dutch peace prize for children Pakistani teenager MalalaYousafzai, a propo- nent of girls' education who survived a Taliban assassi- nationattemptlastyear,will be presented with the In- ternational Children's Peace Prize next month in the Netherlands. Iran to name first female ambas- sador Tehran : Iran plans to appoint a woman ambassa- dor and a spokeswoman for the foreign ministry for the first time in the Islamic republic's history, Iranian media reports said Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif "wants to employ women for two post; as spokesperson and to lead an embassy, current minis- try spokesman Abbas Araqchi said. Floods in north- east China kill at least 80 More than 80 people have been killed and tens of thousands have fled their homes after the worst floods to hit northeast China in more than a de- cade, state media said on Tuesday.At least 20 people died in Jilin province and 239,000 residents were evacuated after persistent rain "brought chaos" to 56 counties. Xinhua news agency reported. Chinese general's son on trial for gang rape The son of a Chinese general went on trial Wednesday over his in- volvement in an alleged gang rape, state media said, in a case that sparked pub- lic outrage. The family have reportedly argued the incident was a case of pros- titution, rather than rape. It was not clear how long the trial would last. Bomb at- tacks kill at least 71 in Iraq Baghdad : At least 71 people were killed and 201 wounded in a series of bombings and other attacks across Baghdad on MadonnanamedhighestearningCeleb The pop diva, whose recent album 'MDNA' was a flop, has topped Forbes' highest earning celebrities list for 2013. Madonna $125m Steven Spielberg $100mn SimonCowell $95mn ELJames $95mn Howard Stern $95mn James Patterson $91mn GlennBeck $90mn Michael Bay $82mn Jerry Bruckheimer$80mn Lady Gaga $80mn Bo hints at love affair between wife, ex-top cop Chinese prosecutors on Monday demanded severe punishment for ousted top politician Bo Xilai as his graft trial came to an end at the Jinan court.At the end of the five day hear- ing, the court said the verdict would come at a later date. Bo was a rising star in China's leadership circles when his career was stopped short last year by a murder scandal in which his wife, Gu Kailai, was convicted of poisoning a British businessman, Neil Heywood, who had been a family friend. On Monday, Bo's parting shot came in the form of an allegation that the police chief of Chongqing city, Wang Lijun, had an affair with Gu. He cited it as the reason why the police chief tried to suppress investigation into the murder,andlaterfledtotheUSCon- sulate in Chengdu for shelter. China watches feel the govern- ment had set limits on what issues Bo, the former Communist chief of Chongqing, could speak on in the court and he focused on defend- ing his case instead of making po- litical capital out of the open trial. The court has been releasing a blow by blow account of the trial. Wednesday, police and medical sources said. The interior Ministry decided the attacks as "terrorist explo- sions" but said the number of people killed was only 20, with 213 wounded. Most babies make Facebook debut within an hour of their birth London : Two third of newborns make their de- but on FB within an hour of their birth, research re- veals, 62% of parents up- loaded the photos them- selves, with other family members (22%) and friends (16%) also in- volved. The most popular outlets were Facebook (77%), Instagram (48%) and Flickr (32%). Melbourne most liveable city The Best 1. Melbourne 2. Vienna 3. Vancouver 4. Toronto 5. Calgary 6. Adelaide 7. Sydney 8. Helsinki 9. Perth 10. Auckland The Worst 1. Damascus 2. Dhaka 3. Port Moresby 4. Lagos 5. Harare 6. Algiers 7. Karachi 8. Tripoli 9. Douala 10. Tehran Melbourne has once again been named the best city in the world to live, according to the latest EconomistIntelligenceUnit(EIU)GlobalLiveabil- ity Survey. This is the third consecutive year that the Victorian capital has been at the top of the influential index, since taking the title from Vancouver after a run of almost a decade. Before this, Melbourne had consistently been in the top three positions of the 140 cities listed, a statement said. No Indian city has been ranked in this list. The EIU's Liveabiilty Ranking, part of the World- wide Cost of Living Survey, assesses living condi- tions in 140 cities around the world by assigning a rating across five broad categories of stability, healthcare, culture and environment, education and infrastructure. Melbourne scores highly in all of the EIU's criteria and achieves perfect scores in the areas of healthcare, education and infrastruc- ture. This comes just weeks after the Monocle magazine named Melbourne's quality of life the second best in the world - rising from fifth place in 2012. NY police designate mosques as terror groups New York : The New York Police Department (NYPD) has secretly la- belled entire mosques as terrorism organisations. The designation has allowed police to use in- formation to record ser- mons and spy on imams, often without specific evidence of criminal wrongdoing. Since 9/11 attacks, the NYPD has opened at least a dozen "terrorism enterprise in- vestigations" (TEI) into mosques. The TEI is a police tool intended to help investigate terrorist cells. Designating an en- tire mosque as a terrorism enterprise means that any- one who attends prayer ser- vices is a potential subject of the investigation and fair game for surveillance. Many TEIs stretch for years, allow- ing surveillance to continue even though the NYPD has never criminally charged a mosque or Islamic organi- zation with operating as a terrorism enterprise. The NYPD declined to com- ment. Three militants killed in suspected US drone attack in Pakistan Officials in Pakistan say at least three militants have been killed in a suspected US drone attack. The incident took place in NorthWaziristan, close to the Afghan border. The area is considered as a stronghold of Taliban. US drone attacks in Pakistan have led to serious tensions between the two governments. Pakistan yester- day said it will formally lodge its protest on drone attacks in the UN General Assembly session next month. UNrightschiefslamsSriLankafor turningincreasinglyauthoritarian UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay today slammed the Sri Lankan government for becoming more authoritarian and rejected charges of bias. Speaking at a press conference in Colombo at the end of her week long fact-finding tour, Pillay listed the issues that the UN body has with Sri Lankan government and asked for immediate settingupofacredibleNationalinvestigationonwarcrimes. Pillay said that not only the war time disappearances and atrocities need to be investigated, more recent charges of Human Rights abuses must also be addressed. My underwear is 50 years old China's fallen communist party leader Bo Xilai, who is accused of leading a lav- ish lifestyle, on Monday said he is a simple man and was wearing a 50 year old under- wear. The Communist Party leader, while attempting to counter the charges of pros- ecution over his family's luxury lifestyle, said even at the trial he wore the under- wear given by his mother about fifty years back. Bo denounced both his wife, Gu Kailai,ascrazyandhisformerpolicechief, Wang Lijun, as dishonest. (Wang) was secretly in love with Gu Kailai, Bo told court. 33 Taliban insurgents killed inAfghan operations Thirty three armed Taliban insurgents were killed and 16 others arrested in joint clearance operations byAfghan and the NATO-led coalition forces in various provinces of Afghanistan during the past 24 hours.Awritten statement issued by the Afghan Interior Ministry in Kabul today said the operations were carried out in Helmand, Ghazni, Logar, Maidan Wardak, Parwan, Herat and Paktika prov- inces and 13 insurgents were also wounded in the opera- tions. Some ammunition was also confiscated from the insurgents. Afghan police defused a landmine planted by the insurgents in Laghman province. PopeFrancisnames veterandiplomatVatican SecretaryofState Pope Francis has named Archbishop Pietro Parolin, a veteran diplomat, as his new Secretary of State. This is seen as his most significant ap- pointment since he became leader of the Roman Catholic Church. He replaces Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone. The secre- tary of state is the pope’s clos- est collaborator, coordinating the work of the entire Roman Curia. He oversees the opera- tion of the Vatican press and newspaper and coordinates the preparation and publica- tion of papal documents.
  8. 8. PAGE 8INDIALOCALMonday, 2ndSept to 8th Sept 2013 If you want to make it BIG in LIFE start reading OWNED,PRINTED&PUBLISHEDBY:ARINDAM BANERJEE,AshiwiniCo.Op.Hsg.Soc.Flat No. B/008, Gr. Flr., First Lane, Lokhandwala Complex, Andheri (W), MUMBAI-400058 Printed at Somani Printing Press, Sharma Ind. Estate, Goregaon (E), Mumbai-400072.Editorial Office : Shop No.2, MarbleArch, Shastri Nagar, Andheri (W), Mumbai-400053. Mob. :9920205579-022-26365459 EDITOR:ARINDAM BANERJEE.AllDisputestobesettelledinAndheriCourtonly. Sonia Gandhi Launches ‘Ahimsa Messenger’Programme Smt. Gandhi: It is Necessary to change Mindset of the Society Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson, UPA launched the ‘Ahimsa Messenger’ Programme of the Ministry of Women and Child Development, here today. The event was presided over by Smt. Krishna Tirath, Min- ister, Women and Child Development in the presence ofShriV.KishoreChandraDeoMin- ister, Panchayati Raj and Tribal Af- fairs and Shri J. P.Agarwal, Member of Parliament. Nearly 30,000 girls from Delhi NCR who have benefit- ted under the Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of Adolescent Girls or SABLA were present at the event. Speaking at the launch func- tion, Smt. Gandhi said that the Ahimsa Messenger is directly re- lated to the safety and empowerment of women. They will spread awareness and knowl- edge about for their legal rights and their economic and social growth, their safety and dignity in the so- ciety.TheAhimsa ‘doots’(messengers) will be trained to empower them, she said. A unique feature of this programme is that adolescent boys have also been made an integral part of this programme, Smt. Gandhi added. She said that first some women from the Anganwadis will be trained to become Ahimsa mes- sengers. Speaking about the empowerment of women, she said that due to 50% reservation for women in the Panchayats, lakhs of women have been able to make their voice heard. She also said that where on the one hand women are touching the pinnacle of suc- cess in various fields, on the other hand she is also suffering from being the victim of child mar- riage, female foeticide, domestic violence, dowry related deaths and sexual harassment. Smt. Gandhi said that to deal with various forms of harassment and violence against women, the Government has enacted various laws such as the Criminal Law (Amendment) Act,2013, Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Act, 2013 and Protection of Children from Sexual OffencesAct, 2012. She stated that the Food Bill will provide nutritional security to the pregnant women, lactating mothers and small children. Smt. Gandhi further stated that women’s empowerment will not come by only announcing policies or enact- ing laws. It is also important that the laws and policies get implemented effectively at the grassroots level, she noted. It is necessary that the mindset of the society needs to be changed, Smt. Gandhi stated. Giving up conservative think- ing and to accord equal status to women in the society is a big challenge, she said. She further added that a societal revolution is necessary to bring about gender equality in the society, and it is the responsibility of all women that the first step for this should be started from our very homes. BombayHCrefusestorestorePILon allotmentofplotstojudges'societies Mumbai: The Bombay High Court on Friday refused to restore a public interest litigation which alleged irregularities in the allot- ment of land for two housing so- cieties of judges in the suburban Bandra-Kurla Complex. Former journalist and activist Ketan Tirodkar had sought restoration of his PIL challenging allotment of the plots for the proposed Siddhant and Nyay Sagar societ- ies. The Nyay Sagar plot was meant to rehabilitate the persons displaced due to public projects, while the other plot was reserved for a subordinate court building and staff quarters. But these res- ervations were lifted by the gov- ernment while making the allot- ment. The division bench of Chief Justice Mohit Shah and Justice RV More had dismissed Tirodkar's PIL in October 2012 as he failed to appear for the hear- ing on several occasions. He then filed an application seeking res- toration of the PIL, but failed to appear even this time. "The PIL was dismissed due to the petitioner's absence despite given time on several occasions. Even today the petitioner is not present. Hence we do not feel the need to entertain this applica- tion," the court said. A PIL on the same issue by another activist, Nitin Deshpande, was also dismissed in November last year, with the High Court observing that Maharashtra government had fol- lowed the required norms and procedures in the allotment. East Vidarbha gets 129 pc rains this year Nagpur: The six districts in eastern Vidarbha region have received sufficient rains at an overall average of 129 per cent. From June 1 to Aug 28, the Nagpur division comprising six districts recorded 1,521.87 mm rainfall against the average of 1,173.70 mm for a period from June 1 to Sep 30. Gadchiroli district recorded the highest rainfall of 1,931.73 mm (1,354.78 mm average), followed by Gondia 1,708.60 mm (1,349.61), Chandrapur 1,571.36 mm (1,142.07), Bhandara 1,561.77 mm (1,280.09), Nagpur 1,269.41 mm (994.95) and Wardha 1,088.14 mm against the average rains of 920.71, offi- cial sources said. The figures are likely to increase as another month is still to go during the current monsoon season, they added. ShahRukhKhanaddstoDahi Handi dhamaal in MumbaiMumbai:Chantsof‘AaleRe Aala, Govinda Aala’ reverber- ated across Mumbai on Thurs- day as the city got together for the dahi handi festival to cel- ebrate Janamashtami, the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna. Though dahi handi is celebrated across Maharashtra and many other parts of the country, it is in Mumbai and adjoining areas likeThane that Govinda’s magic charm is at its peak with huge crowds expected at various mandals to take part in the fes- tivities. The dahi handi festival is organised on the occasion of Janmashtami, the birth of Lord Krishna. About 500 mandals from Mumbai and Thane ac- tively celebrate this festival. The festival is inspired by the mytho- logical tale of Lord Krishna's boy-hood trick of stealing but- ter from a suspended earthen pot. An earthen pot containing amixtureofmilk,dryfruits,ghee is hung around 20-30 feet high in the air with the help of a rope. 'Govindas' form pyramids and stand on top of one another at- tempting to break the pot even as their efforts are thwarted by water splashed on them by those gath- ered around. Over the years ex- ceptionally after political patron- age – the festival is being cel- ebrated on a grand scale with ever rising cash prizes for the winning teams. Add to that the zing that is created by the presence of Bollywood personalities, dahi handi has turned out to be a big money spinner.