Short vs feature


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Short vs feature

  1. 1. Short vs Feature Abigail Elliott
  2. 2. Film Posters• Film posters are used as promotional material for films so that they can attract a wider audience and appeal to potential customers.• Film posters were originally drawing and illustrations but since the 1990’s photographs are used or shots from the films.• Drawings can still be used but they are a complete different style and some are animation illustrations.
  3. 3. Across the Hall
  4. 4. Short Film PosterThis poster has minimal text and uses an image taken from the short film of the main protagonist as it’s main feature, the lack of text keeps the focus on the image to attract its audience. The lack of vibrancy and bright colour gives an overall eerie look to the image which contrasts to the bright white text. The blurry background show the camera’s focus on the main character, this shows the facial expression and body language of Adrian Grenier which gives a sense of mystery as to what put him into this position where he is being hunted. The use of lighting highlights the sweat on his face and his un-composed nature gives the impression of fear and danger which attracts potential customers.
  5. 5. Feature Film PosterBrittany Murphy is the main image in this poster, this attracts a wide audience of her female fans who have seen her in her typecast roles in chick flicks, but also the pose and the fact she is on a bed add to her sex appeal which attracts a male audience. The image itself is much more staged and glamorous which shows the larger budget that Hollywood directors and producers are able to work with. Colour and lighting also feature highly in this poster, The white lighting in the centre on Brittany Murphy give her an almost angelic appearance despite her pose which contrasts with the opposing male characters, that with there positions, body language and facial expressions show the danger and action featured in this film and the genre of mysterious thriller.
  6. 6. George Lucas In LoveThe image in this poster is an illustration which coincides with the storyline as it is about George Lucas writing the storyline of Star wars. The colour scheme is brown and black which has connotations of retro theme which may attract a particular audience. The drawings show the different characters ranging in size according to importance, the main protagonist is the largest image at the front centre, the use of the white (looking like light) shows his status within the short film as a hero style character, the dark cloak of another character in the top right corner gives him the look of a villain. The symbolism in this poster shows who type of character they are.
  7. 7. I’m HereThe autumn colour scheme is warm and gives a sense of calm that attracts it’s audience as it gives the impression the short film will be heart- warming. The image of the robot couple give in to the concept that it is a romance themed short but with a unusual difference to the norm that will intrigue the audience. The tagline, ‘Ordinary is no place to be’ is simple but effective as it coincides with the image, it also creates an enigma as it provides interest into why.