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Talented Together - Zain Group Mobility Program Newsletter - Issue 1


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'Talented Together' is a monthly newsletter focusing on the creation of centers of excellence across all of the Zain operations, aiming to keep Zainers informed and up-to-date about talent mobilization activities across Zain. The newsletter covers the latest in the mobilization of talent and the progress of some key the strategic initiatives.

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Talented Together - Zain Group Mobility Program Newsletter - Issue 1

  1. 1. Issue No.1 Talented Together is a mobility program that facilitates the transfer of knowledge and expertise to fill skill gaps throughout all Zain operating companies (opcos). Talent Mobility is a privilege provided by an elite few companies in the region that have the scale to mobilize their talent resources throughout various markets. It is a system by which the right talent is delivered to the right place, at the right cost to achieve business objectives while integrating Talent Development objectives. Through the Talented Together Program opcos are able to fill skills gaps within their operation and tackle strategic initiatives by utilizing expertise present within the Zain community. Talented Together was created to support opcos implement strategic initiatives, empowering them with the necessary expertise and technical skill sets that are a key component to the overall success of Zain. Opcos have the ability to mobilize their own talent to enhance employee experience and engagement as well as the ability to receive the required expertise and talent to fill skill gaps, enhance best practices, build new functions and fill expertise shortages. Talent Mobility liberates Zain from a ‘silo’ mentality. I would like to introduce a new phase to Talent Mobility, which the Group HR team has trusted me with the privilege of further developing. I am passionate about talent development, with my previous work experience at the American University of the Middle East (AUM) having provided me with great insights into tackling talent development, which I keen to implement at Zain. Working closely with my colleague Laila Hayat, who is responsible for managing the Talent Pool, and with the support and continuous enthusiasm of the Talent Together Champions within each opco I have every confidence in the success of this undertaking. I would like to thank the Talented Together Champions from the various opcos for their support and excitement for the initiative. Their input and insights have been key. To end I would like to quote the CEO Statement explaining the benefits of Talented Together, and how talent mobility influenced his career. “On a personal note, throughout my career, I have had the good fortune to work in several countries (USA, Kuwait, Pakistan, Tunisia, to name a few) and this has provided me with very diverse multinational and multicultural experiences which have greatly helped to enrich my knowledge and to build the skill sets STRATEGIC INITIATIVES AND TALENTED TOGETHER Value management is one of Zain’s main strategic initiatives and has been one of the most successful initiatives in the Group. One of the contributing factors to value management has been the Talented Together Program, which mobilizes value management experts to other opcos where required. Meshal Mohammed the Group CVM Director was mobilized to Iraq on short assignment where he shared valuable insights in Iraq. Abdullah Al Ibrahim is another success story who was mobilized from the Group to Zain Kuwait to enhance the CVM function and fill the skill gaps. Value management focuses on enhancing the value that each customer provides us. As Zain continues to adapt to an ever- changing industry, it relies on this strategic initiative to differentiate itself from its competitors. By taking a “customer value” approach, Zain focuses on each customer and how it can service him/her to the maximum and achieve the highest return. This approach not only enhances the company’s financial stability but also improves customer satisfaction as we continue to find better ways to serve them. I have today. I believe that the mobility program will also serve to create opportunities for advancement for our personnel: individuals will no longer be limited to just vacant senior positions available in one operating company. This will help us with leadership and competency development.” Thank you Scott, and I hope that all Zainers will be inspired by your experience. If you are one of those exceptional Zainers who is interested in the Talented Together Program, please reach out to us. I would be happy to answer your questions and to discuss talent mobility. Reach me at Yours Truly, Othman Alothman -Talent Mobility Analyst Zain Group HR. Value management as well as Zain’s other six strategic initiatives - Customer Experience, Operational Effectiveness, B2B, Digital Frontier and Innovation and Talent Development – are set to guide Zain to a bright future. Talented Together aims to offer support and empower stakeholders of strategic initiatives to find the required talent and skills. Working together and utilizing our shared resources is the sure way to reach our goals. Group Chief Commercial Officer Duncan Howard who is a managing stakeholder of Value Management shared his thoughts about Mobility, saying, “Solid international experience is one of the many benefits that mobility can provide to the development of our future leaders. Witnessing different approaches and experiencing different markets is one of the best ways to develop the capabilities of our brightest talents.” Thank you Duncan for being one of the first to utilize to the Talented Together Program and we look forward to future mobilization and success. Creating Centers of Excellence