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YL18 digital 14

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Young Lions Czech Republic 2018
Digital category - Team 14

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YL18 digital 14

  1. 1. We decided to launch a campaign for a fake secret society private club with photos, content and ideas authentic to AIESEC, yet with another name. People do not know what they want but they are prejudiced, so we want to remove an AIESEC name from the narrative for a while, create a fun game, mystery content for students and then branded with AIESEC logo. We want students to beg us for submission to this private goodness spreading members-only club, not the other way around. Who would not want to be a part of a private club which spreads nice ideas, grooms new leaders, gives people opportunities to travel, network, be their own boss? But yet students seems more into their own interest than to those of humankind. So let's make it more interesting for them. We would like to do so by spreading mystery images all over internet, mainly on Facebook, Instagram and popular student channels (online forums, university intranets and blogs). And in the same channels we also want to reveal the true origin of this content and the purpose.
  2. 2. Students have endless possibilities how to spend their free time. There are lot of societies and programmes to get them on the right track of life or a career. So what makes AIESEC to stand out? We approached this question from a different point of view. Maybe people are bored with things that are free and available for everyone. Maybe they want to feel unique while trying to save the world. Maybe we should remind them that they can be part of something bigger, but fun at the same time. We want to create secret club which will be then revealed as AIESEC because no matter how it looks, they both stands on the same values. This club will draw attention, as it will be kinda hidden and forbidden. Then we will gamificate the submission process in a “follow the rabbit” style to make it more intriguing to actually get to the club. But what if you're looking for something that already exists?
  3. 3. On Facebook a series of mysterious and controversial unbranded posts will appear. The campaign will be posted also on students discussion forums, universities' websites to introduce our mysterious association. In the posts we will refer to tradition and history, and answers will always be based on values. In the image there will be also one clue what to look for included. After a teaser period, we will reveal that this secret society is actually the whole time of AIESEC, which is open to all but also aspires to excellence for its members, therefore it is also an exclusive matter. We will continue to explain the ideology of the brand in posters already branded with AIESEC logo saying "You might never get to Freemasons, but if you want to change the world now, you can try it with us" The aim of this recruitment campaign is not to focus on all students. On the contrary, we want to target a narrow group of people who are not afraid to go on the edge and seize the day. Our idea is to show those students who are overwhelmed with opportunities for internships, travel programmes and membership in various student societies show that there is something that is inaccessible to them, because this thing is not for everyone. We will create a secret society that fights for a better world, but in its own secret way. We will reveal bits and pieces of this world that stands at the real values of AIESEC (Leadership, Peace, Striving for excellence, Connecting the world). Basically at first we want to build awareness, people will interact with controversial content, some of them might share similar values and will desire to know more - and that's AIESEC new curious active member. A lot of students would like to make a world a better place. They want to do good deeds, but let's be honest, a lot of them do it mainly to boost their ego. Which is actually a good thing as long as they help others in the process. These overachievers seek exclusivity, some extra experiences and content beyond the classical university education. The more inaccessible, the more attractive it is for young people. They basically want what they can not have. AIESEC encourages personal growth and active people in a closed community, which brings together these two groups.
  4. 4. Image content displaying life of a secret society. Launch of a discussions at university forums, blogging on intranets and online students forums.Disappearing teasing content.
  5. 5. We will create a FanPage which will disseminates information about the society. There we will post photos form a life of the secret society called Butterly Effect. All photos would be authentic, directly from AIESEC members. We will create arranged but real-looking snapshots in one of their events with predetermined fancy and eccentric dress code. It will be accompanied with mysterious "follow the rabbit" puzzles.
  6. 6. Via Instagram Stories of selected local members, we will publish a disappearing content that will reveal a mysterious environment that will seduce and lure the viewers.
  7. 7. Gradually, we will contribute a new thread to all university sites and student forums on "There is a disruption among student societies" ...

Young Lions Czech Republic 2018 Digital category - Team 14


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