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Young Lions CZ 2023 | MARKETERS 04

  2. ISSUE – LACK OF CHILD PSYCHIATRISTS We have only 6 doctors per 100 000 children. We can change this. We can be the heroes. Only 5% of students consider studying Child Psychiatry. 2/3 out of young adolescents are hesitant to seek out medical help for mental health issues. Source: BMC Psychiatry, 2020
  3. SOLUTION: 3 PHASE CAMPAIGN Educational content linked to the student sholarship campaign. Using existing IQOS CLUB audience for general awareness and financial support. Continual both awareness and financial support to build long term partnership.
  4. CX JOURNEY MEDICAL STUDENT IQOS USER Faculty seminar Awareness and financial motivation Landing Page with scholarship application Financial support University degree Child psychiatrist CRM communication / IQOS CLUB page Landing Page with help possibilities Educational content to present the issue Financial amount depending on the type coming to the fund. The user starts using the variety types of support including club, MGM, etc. The more money we raise the more students we support
  5. FIRST PHASE: STUDENTS WHO WHERE HOW MEDICAL UNIVERSITIES IN CZECH REPUBLIC CHOSEN UNIVERSITIES BASED ON THEIR SUPPORT We aim to agree with chosen universities to provide the exact conditions of the scholarship on a long term basis. One or two universities would be chosen for the pilot first year. UNIVERSITY MEDICAL STUDENTS PROVIDE SCHOLARSHIP OF 20K CZK MONTHLY FOR 20 STUDENTS Chosen students who will choose to study Children Psychiatry will get additional scholarship provided by PMI for a period of 3 years monthly 20K CZK. POSTERS, SCHOOL NEWSLETTER, SOCIAL MEDIA PAGES OF THE FACULTY OMNICHANNEL COMMUNICATION FOCUSED ON STUDENTS By communicating to students on their faculty social media page, posters and using university newsletter we would minimize the budget for advertisement, while being specific to our target audience.
  6. Multichannel Support CRM Launch Limited edition SECOND PHASE: RAISING AWARENESS BY LE LAUNCH 20% of profit given to Young Students Scholarship Fund Using existing EM/SMS/Viber channels to communicate to existing database of more than 1 mil. users in CZ Active limited-edition promotion across all channels, including IDR, DR, e-comm and SOME
  7. THIRD PHASE: CONTINUAL SUPPORT New LE launches New design to support the good cause. Member get member Users who refer can donate their 300 CZK reward for referal. Voucher donation Users can donate up to 500 CZK in IQOS CLUB points from their account.* *1 CZK = 1 IQOS CLUB POINT Sustainability pillar Continual awareness of the issue in own channels focusing on child patients.
  9. THANK YOU Jiří Šmejkal, Martin Hýža
  10. BE A HERO – THREE PHASE APPROACH Goal: Increase interest of students in child psychiatry Digital Activation • Interest students in medical faculties by providing scholarship • Partnership with Top Czech medical faculties • Continual support via own channels awareness in the future 1st Phase – Students Digital Activation • Launch LE Iluma device with 20% of sales going to scholarship fund • Promotion in OCH and CRM to reduce costs for advertising • Continual support via own channels and building on existing sustainability pillars 2nd Phase – Promo based Digital Activation • Quarterly LE launches • Users can donate money for the cause via MGM referal mechanic • Users can donate points for charity they earn in IQOS CLUB 3rd Phase - Continual Digital Activation • Interest students in medical faculties by providing scholarship • Partnership with Top Czech medical faculties • Continual support via long term sustainable partnership Charity Awareness goals Digital Activation • Brand recognition and reputation increase • Increase retention by implementation charity patictipation into loyaty programme • Increase device offtake (sales) by introducing new meaningful limited editions of Iluma Business opportunities