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Young Lions CZ 2023 | MARKETERS 03 - WINNER

  1. 22k medical students 1,8k doctor-graduates 100k kids with mental issues 180 children psychiatrists MENTAL HEALTH
  2. - Taboo topic - Sign of weakness - Lack of knowledge - Often fail as the „first-aid“ contact for their kids „I was raised different way. You shall not talk about your problems out loud. What are other people gonna think?“ „Psychiatry is interesting yet there is no money in the field and I would have to study way longer.“ - Stigma from parents - Stressed-out themselves - Psychiatry as a „second- hand“ option SYSTEMATIC PROBLEM - Might not even realize they have problems - Parents often play down or overlook their issues „Why is everybody so perfect? I´m never gonna be this cool. Nothing makes me happy. I feel like I don´t belong here.“
  3. Getting rid of the society-wide stigma and raising awareness is the key! 1) TACKLE PUBLIC (ADULTS) 2) TACKLE MED-SCHOOLS
  4. „WHAT´S INSIDE MATTERS.“ Naked bottle as a sign of not being afraid to show what is inside. Entire month bottles without labels  saved label cost will generate money for further activities. No label will trigger curiosity and convert people to the microsite, explaining the campaign with an option to donate OCTOBER
  5. Strategy Prazdroj will donate money in the value of unused labels 8 000 000 CZK Fundraising campaign on the microsite can earn around 2 500 000 CZK In total we will have made 10 500 000 CZK which we can use to raise awareness of the topic at med schools
  6. Activities for students: • Roadshows with professionals and influencers at all 8 med schools (live podcasts) • Orientation camp workshops for new students • Scholarship offers for child psychiatry students • Creating a hotline for stressed med. students • POSM Influencers tackling the topic Professionals

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