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Topaz MENA

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1 topaz mena presentation copy

  1. 1. Topaz MENA Franchise Development
  2. 2.   Why was the name Topaz MENA chosen? —  Topaz is one of the favorite and lucky Gemstone indicating to something valuable. —  MENA is the abbreviation for the Middle east and North Africa indicating the region we are aiming to serve.
  3. 3. Topaz MENA —  Based and registered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia . —  Founded in 2012 . —  50/50 Strategic partnership (AAD Trading & LAMA Invest Group BaBaker Sons ) —  Specialized in F&B. —  Fast food as a main line. —  Franchising as a main vehicle.
  4. 4. AAD Trading —  Started 2004 —  Formed 2008 —  Family business —  Strong catering background since early 70’s —  Main lines ( Medical equipments , Real Estate Developments and Food & Beverages) —  AAD F&B as F&B Investments arm
  5. 5. LAMA Invest Group BaBaker Sons —  Started in 1958. —  Formed in 1960. —  Family business. —  Strong Grains and Food stuff importing. Background since 50’s. —  Main lines (Food Import, Supermarket chain, Real Estate Development and Equities). —  Lama Invest as an international Investments arm.
  6. 6. Topaz Mena Executive Team —  Omar Babaker Chairman —  Abdulrahman Alieedan Vice Chairman —  Saaed Babaker Board Member —  Al Walid Alieedan Board Member —  Saleh Babaker Board Member —  Dawod Al Ghaith Board Member —  Yasser Ibrahim CEO
  7. 7. Based and registered in Riyadh Saudi Arabia —  Population 31 m (25.5m nationals, 5.5m non national) —  Area 2.25m km —  Capital - Riyadh —  13 Provinces —  7 International & 23 national airports —  Makkah & Madinah as the Islamic world destinations —  Jeddah as an air and sea port to millions of pilgrims —  4 millions of pilgrims visit the holy lands every year —  20% of the world oil reserves
  8. 8. Our Territory MENA Region —  Middle East and North Africa —  From Morocco to Iran and from Turkey to Somalia —  Population from 381 to 523 m —  6-7% of world population —  60% of oil reserves —  45% of world natural gas reserves —  8 of OPEC 12 nations
  9. 9. MENA Region Coverage
  10. 10. Topaz MENA Business Partners —  Franchising Agents: 1.  The Franchizery - Abu Dhabi, UAE . 2.  World Franchise Associate 3.  Middle East Franchising - Saudi, Kuwait, Morocco, UK . 4.  Pillars Consultancy – Egypt . 5.  Emzak Consulting WLL – Bahrain .
  11. 11. Topaz MENA Business Partners —  Legal Advisor : Bird & Bird - UAE, UK, International presence. —  Financial Consultant : Lucid Investment - Beirut, Lebanon.
  12. 12. Topaz MENA Business Partners —  Recruitment agencies : - Tonofa - Riyadh, KSA - Bayt – UAE - Carmichael / Taheed - UAE, Australia, UK —  Manpower agencies : -Saudi manpower services company (SMASCO) -Al Tawenya Manpower service
  13. 13. Topaz MENA Business Partners —  Architect / Interior Designer : Dimension of Design - Riyadh, KSA . —  Real Estate Agencies : Bawani International Riyadh, KSA .
  14. 14. Topaz MENA Business Partners —  Insurance : Weqaya Takafull - Riyadh, KSA . —  Custom Clearance Agency : Alghaith - Riyadh, KSA .
  15. 15. Topaz MENA Business Partners —  Food suppliers & distributors : Transmed
  16. 16. Why did we chose WAYBACK BURGERS over all other franchise brands? —  We were mainly targeting burger - fast casual brand —  Burger is becoming popular among new generations. New wave burger similar to Five Guys, Smash, Shake Shake, etc. —  Healthier comparing to traditional fast food brands. —  Cost efficient —  One of the most aggressive and ambitious brands in the US now. —  We believe Wayback Burgers will do well due to flexibility, cost efficiency, quality and menu range.
  17. 17. On-Going Support provided by Us •On-going provision of management, operational, technical advice and guidance. •Advice and guidance in relation to annual Marketing programs and local store Marketing. On-going site visits to franchised territory as mutually agreed between the Parties. •Periodical review of financial performance and production of updated business plans. •On-going menu and sales analysis and evaluation •On-going update of operations manual as and when deemed necessary. •On-going market research and introduction of new products, promotions and marketing ideas. •Support in relation to piloting Prospective Area Development Franchisee’s ideas on new products and services in the Franchisor’s company-owned stores. •Support in relation to the design of e-media and newsletters.
  18. 18. The Wayback Story Founded in 1991 as Jake's Hamburgers, Wayback Burgers is in many ways a re-imagining of the Great American roadside burger stand. Its values harken back to an era before Eisenhower and Interstate highways, before drive-in movies, sock-hops, poodle skirts, and soda jerks; before HOLIDAY INNS and Howard Johnsons began homogenizing the Great American Roadside, and before the "great post-war, electro-pastel surge into the suburbs" - Tom Wolfe.
  19. 19. The Wayback Story —  It channels the romance of the American Roadhouse as a slice of Americana. It's the joint on the outskirts of every American town that has stood the test of time. It's the place that our grandfathers paid a nickel for a hamburger on their lunch break from the factory. Doesn't matter who you are or what you do. Blue-collar guys and white collars guys sit elbow to elbow, and everyone is there for one reason – a great burger, made just the way you like it. The Wayback Burgers' story speaks of an era before the American Dream was realized, when people strove for something better and comforts were simple. Wayback Burgers is authentically American from an age before our culture was homogeneous. It's the welcome stop for the road-weary. It's the road eats on old Route 66.
  20. 20. The Wayback Story —  On many levels, Wayback celebrates the little guy, the local sports team, the small-town hero, the people, places and events that give a place its soul, its roots. It wants to be part of the neighborhood, part of the community. It's the franchise that promises an OWNER a chance to carve out their piece of the pie without selling their soul to get it. It holds all hope of a "rags-to-riches" story. It's a small business, a good business, and it will always feel that way. —  The Wayback Burgers experience is not Johnny Rockets, Sonic or Red Robin with their 50's, bubble gum, rock-n-roll knock-off memorabilia. It’s not 5 Guys with their spartan interiors, cold tiled walls, and self aggrandizing news clippings posing as wall art. It's not McDonald's or BK with celebrity endorsements and movie promotion kiddie toys. It's also not Chili's or Ruby Tuesday's that up-charges based on kitsch and flair.
  21. 21. The Wayback Brand Experience —  A core aspect of the Wayback brand experience is the concept of "doing things the right way", and this idea can be seen throughout every aspect of the organization. This starts at Wayback Corporate: building a knowledgeable, experienced leadership team, finding operators who can run franchises effectively, and supporting those franchisees at every turn; from effective brand MARKETING and promotional efforts, to distribution and operational support. At every level of the organization, Wayback hires good people that are knowledgeable and hard working. Franchisees are treated like partners and feel as though they are part of a solid and constantly growing enterprise, which they can be proud of.
  22. 22. The Wayback Brand Experience —  Likewise, those franchisees and their store employees, who most often serve as the faces of the brand, take the time to recognize and consider their customers needs from the moment they arrive (whether in-store or online). When a customer walks into the restaurant they are greeted with a friendly "Welcome to Wayback Burgers!" Wayback restaurants aim to exhibit hospitality and warmth, like a small town favorite restaurant. Similarly, if a customer posts on social media or sends feedback via the website, Wayback corporate employees and franchisees take the time to actively engage those customers in a meaningful dialogue, addressing concerns and improving the experience for those customers wherever possible. All of these are aimed at constructing a consistently positive brand experience.
  23. 23. The Wayback Brand Experience —  The same philosophy applies to the products served to the customers of Wayback Burgers. Wayback is not fast food, it is great tasting food in a classic American style, prepared fresh when it is ordered, and served with pride. Burgers are made from 100% fresh, never-frozen beef and milkshakes are made from real milk and ice cream. Wayback takes the time to use the right ingredients, and then prepare those ingredients perfectly - the way restaurants did "way back when.“ At all touch points with the brand, Wayback Burgers strives to do things the right way and their brand is a natural extension of this philosophy.
  24. 24. The Wayback Restaurant —  The physical restaurant space was conceptualized by the Niemitz design group to act as a prime touch point for the brand attributes, utilizing humble materials and finishes to construct a genuinely warm and unfussy experience. Painted, barn red paneling evokes a rustic feel and establishes a well-worn patina that will improve with age. Subway tiles provide overtones of butcher shops and gourmet kitchens. Unfinished butchers-block tabletops and Army surplus style, stainless-steel seating allow the diner to feel like their elbows belong on the tables. Walls are graced with classic, sepia-toned, black-framed photographs featuring everything from classic American lunch counters to the original Jake’s Hamburgers from 1991. They are modern professional photographs of nostalgic Americana, not old-timey vignettes of days gone by. Large, canvas banners carrying the Jake's Wayback Identity will add texture and depth to the visual story as well as relief from the flat¬ness of the surfaces. Typography and signage will appear as though hand lettered by the pro¬prietor, a convention that is at the same time welcoming and endearing.
  25. 25. The Wayback Restaurant —  Customers perched at the conveniently located high-top counter can watch their burger being shaped and grilled on the flat top or turn their attention to the Shake Bar where classic Hamilton Beach mixers churn out thick, rich shakes in timeless metal shakers. Neighborhood bulletin boards boast the latest local news and happenings, adding authenticity and richness to the space. Again, the philosophy of doing things the right way is evident in the hospitality and warmth of the restaurant experience.
  26. 26. KSA-Eastern region WAYBACK BURGERS Area Developer
  27. 27. Signing the ADFA For Eastern region
  28. 28. WAYBACK BURGERS KHOBAR KSA opening Soon
  29. 29. KUWAIT WAYBACK BURGERS Area Developers
  30. 30. KUWAIT Area Developer
  31. 31. Sudan Area Developer
  32. 32. Thanks'