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10 Questions for an Awesome Content Strategy

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10 Questions for an Awesome Content Strategy

  1. 1. 10 Questions for An Awesome Content Strategy wishpond
  2. 2. Start from the Beginning. What does your target market want to learn?
  3. 3. Your content should be 90% educational and 10% promotional.
  4. 4. What content are you going to create? And why?
  5. 5. Blog Slideshare Infographic Podcast Webinar Case Study Ebook Industry Report Loyal Following and Subscribers Loyal Following and Leads Loyal Following and Authority Loyal Following and Relationship Authority, Leads and Relationship Authority and trust Authority and Leads Authority, trust and Leads What you create What you get
  6. 6. How will you create content that kicks ass and takes names?
  7. 7. Facts, Stats, Quotes, Case Studies, Real-World Examples, Images, Analogies, Actionable Strategies, Links
  8. 8. Why will your content stand out from the crowd?
  9. 9. Stories, Anecdotes, Analogies, Metaphors, Lies, Honesty, Transparency, Jokes, Mistakes, Successes, Interviews
  10. 10. How will you spread the word?
  11. 11. Social Media, Influencer Marketing, Email, Social Advertising, Remarketing, Forums, Guest Posting
  12. 12. How will you maximize your time?
  13. 13. A blog article can inspire a Slideshare. An industry report can inspire a podcast. A blog article can inspire a webinar. An industry report can inspire an infographic. A Slideshare can inspire an infographic. A podcast can inspire a webinar. A case study can inspire a podcast. A case study can inspire a blog article. They can all inspire an ebook.
  14. 14. What is the goal of your content?
  15. 15. Generating Leads, Generating Brand Awareness, Creating Authority, Nurturing Prospects, Retaining Customers
  16. 16. Where will you find inspiration?
  17. 17. Current Events, News, Case Studies, Industry Reports, Competitors, Influencers, New Takes on Old Ideas, Old Takes on New Ideas
  18. 18. What tone should I use?
  19. 19. Casual and Friendly, Personal and Introspective, Educational and Insightful, Professional and Serious, Funny and Light, Sarcastic and Sardonic
  20. 20. How often should I post?
  21. 21. As often as your audience wants it.
  22. 22. Thank you for viewing! Check out For more awesome end-of-year content Wishpond One Easy Tool For All of Your Online Marketing Efforts

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