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  • With the American Archive project we have an opportunity the make even more material across the country accessible.
  • American Archive of Public Broadcasting

    1. 1. a collaboration between WGBH and the Library of Congress
    2. 2. An unprecedented and historic collection of American public radio and television content - dating back through the 1950s will be permanently preserved and made available to the public through a collaboration between the Library of Congress and WGBH Boston as the American Archive of Public Broadcasting.
    3. 3. Library of Congress
    4. 4. WGBH Media Library and Archives
    5. 5. Public Broadcasting Act of 1967 Creates the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) & mandates it to establish a library and archives. 1977: Internal PBS Report After 24 years of noncommercial television, there is no archive of public TV in the US 1979: WGBH Media Archives founded WGBH establishes a records management and archives program staffed by professional archivists
    6. 6. 1979: PBS operates a Public Television Library and Broadcast Archive Operations cease in 1983 in response to a lowered budget forecast. 1993: PBS & Library of Congress enter agreement PBS agrees to transfer the “best copy” of “all PBS programs...” to the Library of Congress 1997: LOC Report Library of Congress issues report on the state of TV & Video preservation
    7. 7. 2004: Move toward preserving born-digital files WNET, WGBH, PBS & NYU, funded by the NDIIPP, introduce Preserving Digital Public Television (PDPTV) 2007: APTS proposes digital repository Proposal to develop a digital repository is sent to Congress 2007: CPB consults with stakeholders CPB hosts a meeting with stakeholders to discuss creation of an American Archive
    8. 8. 2007: Congressional Support Senate & House Appropriations Committees support a plan to digitize public TV and radio libraries 2008: CPB study Over $10 billion invested in content no longer available to the public; recommends creating a prototype Archive 2009: Pilot Project Oregon Public Broadcasting leads effort to identify and digitize 2,500 hours of content at 24 stations
    9. 9. 2010-2012 Content Inventory Project PBCore 2.0 Metadata Project Digitization Project WGBH/LOC new home for American Archive
    10. 10. © 2010 WGBH 10
    11. 11. Initial Collection • 40,000 hours of digital material initially from over 100 stations • 2.5 million inventory records from 120 stations • Identified over 3 million items kept at stations, archives, producers, university collections across the country
    12. 12. © 2010 WGBH 12
    13. 13. Goals for Next 2 Years • Ingest the 40,000 hours of digitized files into the LOC systems • Develop a website for public access to the 2.5 million records from the inventory project • Allow public access to proxy files on location at WGBH and LOC • Rights permitting, allow as much on-line access as possible to the proxy files
    14. 14. PBCore • Continue the development of PBCore as a standard for media materials • Re-engage the PBCore community for input in the continued development • Outreach to new adopters of PBCore
    15. 15. Long-Term Goals • Grow the collection by adding new inventory records and digitized materials • Help public media organizations with archiving, digitizing, and access to their collections • Build a consortium for preservation and access of public media archive content • Update existing records with richer descriptive data once materials are available in digital format • Develop on-line curated collections