Regional Economics and Management


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Regional Economics and Management

  1. 1. Department ofRegional Economics and ManagementResearch WorkVyatka State UniversityFacultyof Economics and Management
  2. 2. About theDepartmentThe Department was founded in 1992. Itis the oldest department of economicprofile in the Kirov region.Now there are more than 500specialists, bachelors, masters andpostgraduate students.The department has more than 3,000graduates, which are successful inbusiness and scientific careers, realizingtheir full potential, both in Russia andaround the world.
  3. 3. Departmentin figuresStaff members :3 Professors,3 Associate Professors,4 Senior lecturers,2 lecturersPhDs and Doctors :1 Doctor,7 PhDsPublications :Every year lecturers of the Departmentprepare about 25 teaching materials, 2monographs, 5 scientific articles in journalsrecommended by Higher AttestationCommission, a wide range of reports andscientific articles in the collections ofinternational and national conferences,organized by leading national universities.
  4. 4. DepartmentAchievementsIn 2005 Department members havecompleted research project “Developmentof methodological implementation ofmeasures for improving investment systemand conditions of the Kirov region budgetrevenue base development, (Customer -"Institute of Public Finance Reform", Moscow).These materials have been implemented bythe executive authorities of the Kirov regionwhile realizing the federal program for PublicFinance Reform.
  5. 5. DepartmentAchievementsIn 2007 Department members havecompleted 2 research works:- «Relevance study of bringing newtechnologies into the Kirov regioneconomy, the formation of a unifiedapproach to innovative activitiesdevelopment»,- «Development of monitoring andevaluation system of innovation activitiesin the Kirov region»,These materials have been implemented bythe executive authorities of the Kirov regionwhile designing socio-economicdevelopment strategy of the Kirov region by2020, and preparation of draft laws on thedevelopment of innovation in the sphere ofthe Kirov region.
  6. 6. DepartmentAchievementsIn 2005 - 2007 Department members havecompleted 2 research works:- «Improving the efficiency of contestsorganization for the provision of statesupport to the subjects of investmentactivity»,- «Factors of enterprises and organizationssatisfaction with state support measures ofinvestment activity conducted by the Kirovregion Government»,These materials have been implemented bythe executive authorities of the Kirov regionwhile improving the system of state support ofinvestment activity in the Kirov region.
  7. 7. DepartmentAchievementsIn 2009 Department members havecompleted 1 applied scientific development:- «Development and economic evaluationof the investment project of sports andrecreation center building»,These materials have been implemented bythe executive authorities ofVerkhoshizhemskiy district of the Kirov region.
  8. 8. DepartmentAchievementsIn 2009 - 2010 Department members havecompleted 3 research works:- «The study of the transport mobility ofstudents and passenger traffic on concreteroutes of urban passenger transport»,- «The development of strategic directions ofthe route network of urban public transport»,- «The study of the transport mobility of certaingroups of Kirov population for evaluation withsocial standards compliance»,These materials have been implemented bythe executive authorities of the Kirov region.
  9. 9. DepartmentPartners
  10. 10. ScientificAreas• innovative products market research• marketing of innovative products (includingInternet)• management system of innovative ideas anddevelopments projection• commercial potential of innovative ideasassessment• innovative commercial projects developmentand evaluation• social innovation projects development andevaluation• innovative strategies and mechanisms oftheir implementation development• the effectiveness of state / municipal businesssupport evaluation• Investment projection• Business planning• market research of various products andservices in the Kirov region
  11. 11. ContactsVyatka State UniversityVice-Rector for Science and InnovationLitvinets Sergey Gennadyevich610000, Kirov, Moskovskaya str. 36,off. 321+7 (8332) 64-15-91litvinets@vyatsu.ruscience@vyatsu.ruFaculty of Economics and ManagementDepartment of Regional Economics andManagementHead of the DepartmentPalkina Marina Viktorovna610000, Kirov, Karla Marksa str. 77,off. 203+7 (8332) 645-583,