Theoretical and structural mechanics


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Theoretical and structural mechanics

  1. 1. Vyatka State UniversityDepartment of Theoretical and structural mechanicsGeneral TechnicalFaculty of Engineering and Architecture
  2. 2. General informationIn the department Founding year 1963.Head of the Department:Aleshkin AlexeyThe number of staff PPP 7 people., Amongthem:doctors, professors - 2 people., associateprofessors - 5 people.,
  3. 3. Alexey Aleshkin?VladimirovichProfessor, HeadDepartmentTurubanovNicholas V.AssociateProfessor, Ph.D..OlegMedvedevAssociateProfessor,Ph. D..Scientific research areas of the Department:1. "Mathematical modeling and improvement of meansof agricultural products" (Action).Science operations are conducted jointly with the ResearchInstitute of the North-East on the mathematical modeling ofthe mechanical interaction in the process of grinding andseparating plant material in agriculture under the leadershipof the RAAS, VA Sysuyev. Development embedded in theresearch and development and small-scale machines usedin the farms of the region. Mathematical model of theprocesses of crushing granular materials used in thedevelopment of shredders for kormoprigotovleniya.
  4. 4. Published monographs and prototypes1. Sysuyev VA Aleshkin AV Kormshchikov AD Methods ofmechanics in Agricultural Technology: Kirov. - Kirov. print shop.,1997. - 217 p.2. Aleshkin AV Mechanical vibrations in the processkormoprigotovleniya for livestock. - Kirov: Northeast ResearchInstitute, 1999. - 73 p.3.Sysuev VA Aleshkin AV Savinykh PA Kormoprigotovitelnyemachine. The theory, design, experiment: In two volumes. - Kirov:Zonal Agricultural Research Institute of the North-East, 2008. T. 1.2.- 1200.4. Theoretical and experimental studies of stem shredder hopperfeed with hammer rotor. / / VG Mokhnatkin, DN Koshurnikov, AVAleshkin etc.: Monograph. - Kirov: Vyatka State AgriculturalAcademy, 2011. - 130 p.: Ill.
  5. 5. Finite-elements model airflow implemented in algorithmic programsused to develop pnevmoseparatorov$$$ grain mixtures.According to the results of scientific research reserved 1 and 3doctoral theses.Received 30 patents and patents.
  6. 6. List of recent intellectual property 2006:1. "Crusher" V.A.Sysuev, P.A.Savinyh, AV Aleshkin, NA Chernyatiev, O. Medvedev. SRIA North-East. Rudnitsky Patent№ 2279920.2. "Small-sized feed mill plant" VA Sysuyev, PA Savinykh, NA Chernyatiev, AV Aleshkin, AVPalkin S.Yu.Ustyugov, NV Turubanov. SRIA North-East. Rudnitsky Patent number 2,275,156.2008:1. "Transporter-chopper forage and bedding." AV Aleshkin, Y. Sychugov, VE Saitov, NV Falcons.PA Savinykh. SRIA North-East. Rudnitsky Patent number 2322049 Published20/04/2008 Bull. № 11.2. "Crusher" Savinykh PA Sychugov Y., Kasyanov VL Turubanov NV SRIA North-East. RudnitskyPatent for invention № 2317146publ. 20/02/2008 Bull. № 5, 2008. - 8.3. "Mixer" Savinykh PA Lodygin DG, Turubanov NV SRIA North-East. Rudnitsky Patent for utilitymodel№ 76248 published. 09/20/2008 Bull. № 26, 2008.4. "Crusher" Savinykh PA Lodygin DG, Turubanov NV SRIA North-East. Rudnitsky Patent foruseful model № 76250 published. 09/20/2008 Bull. № 26, 2008.5. "Small-sized feed mill plant." Savinykh PA Palkin AV Lodygin DG,Turubanov NV SRIA North-East. Rudnitsky Patent for invention № 2338441 publ. 11/20/2008 Bull.№ 32, 2008.2009:6. "The method of preparation of wet grain for feeding material and device for its implementation."V.A.Sysuev, P.A.Savinyh, AV Aleshkin, NA Chernyatiev, O. Medvedev. Kirov. SRIA North-East.Rudnitsky Patent for invention № 2371063 2009 27.10 Posted Bull. № 30, 2009.
  7. 7. Solve scientific problems and the way forward Study and optimization of the process with examplespnevmoseparatsii separation grain mass before drying - during pre-treatment and finding the optimal process parameters of air cleaningseeds during secondary treatment.Methodology of design models of dynamic processes of separationand grinding plant material.Distribution of stresses in the study of stem materials under shockfractureFinite-element models weevil damage on impact with the hammer tothe dynamics of the propagation of elastic and plastic deformationModeling of deformation in grains roller conditioner.
  8. 8. 2. Development of methods for the calculation ofthin-walled structures for plastic and dampingproperties of the material. Modeling of deformationprocesses of composite materials.Viktor ShishkinMikhailovichProf. Dr. Sc.Alexander P.LevashovArt. teacher.,Cand.At the department since 1996, conductedscientific work on the modeling of the stress-strain state, the bearing capacity and thedynamic response of thin-walled structures ofaircraft. Developed a new scientific discipline,consisting of finite-element modeling of thedynamic response of imperfectly elasticcomposite structures with fluctuations in theresonance zone.
  9. 9. APPLICATION OFCOMPOSITEMATERIALS ANDALLOYS DAMPS The principles of a mathematical model ofdamping alloy and methods for optimizing themechanical properties of the complex.According to the research topics were reservedthree candidates and one doctoral thesis.Currently, the department conducted researchwork on the grant received under the stateassignment for 2012-2013 gg consistingmodeling damping properties of multilayercomposites and dynamic response of thin-walled composite structures with fluctuations inthe resonance zone. Is led by Prof. V. Shishkin
  10. 10. The monograph V. Shishkin Finite-element models in theoscillations of imperfectly elasticstructures. - Kirov: Izd VyatGU, 2004. - 72.
  11. 11. Program is available at the Department forContinuing Education Application of a mathematical package Mathlab toproblems of structural mechanics. (72 hours)Boris L.TimofeevAssociateProfessor,since physicalandmathematicaln.Since 2007, Associate Professor,because physical and mathematical n.BL Timofeev student organizes inter-university competition on thetheoretical mechanics, goes tostudents at Russian and internationalcompetitions, where the team VyatGUwins prizes and honorable place.
  12. 12. Contacts Address: 610000, Kirov Str. Moscow, 36, of. 530.Phone: 8 (8332) 64-18-44Email: kaf_tism@vyatsu.ruVice-Rector for Science and Innovation - Sergey G.Litvinets.Address: 610000, Kirov Str. Moscow, 36, of. 321.Phone: 8 (8332) 64-15-91, ext. 1-33.Email:;