Production and processing of polymers


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Production and processing of polymers

  1. 1. Future research directions in the field of production and processing of polymers Department of Chemistry and technology of elastomers processing
  2. 2. History of the Department Specialists in rubber processing trainings started at the Department of Chemistry in 1963 In 1974 the Department of Rubber Technology was established In 1985 1974 the Department of Rubber Technology was renamed to the Department of Chemistry and technology of elastomers processing Currently, the Department Chemistry and technology of elastomers processing is one of the five departments at the Faculty of Chemistry in Vyatka State University
  3. 3. Members of the Department Khlebov Georgiy Ampodistovich – PhD, Proff., Head of the Department Shilov Ivan Borisovich – PhD, Associate Proff. Fomin Sergey Valeryevich – PhD, Associate Proff. Mansurova Irina Alekseevna – PhD, Associate Proff. Vesnin Roman Leonidovich – PhD, Associate Proff. Shirokova Evgeniya Sergeevna – PhD, Associate Proff. Kozulin Denis Anatolyevich – Senior lecturer Burkov Andrey Alekseevich – Lecturer Grebeneva Galina Stepanovna – Head of the laboratory Ermolin Vladimir Viktorovich – Engineer Krivokorytova Anna Alekseevna – Educational master Toropova Tamara Gennadyevna – Refiner operator Sokolova Elena Ivanovna – Assistant
  4. 4. Major Developments New plasticizers: for nonpolar elastomers - based on hydrocracked base oils; and for polar elastomers - based on pentaerythritol esters of synthetic fatty acids; it made it possible to create more heat-and cold-resistant polymer compositions (PhD, Prof. Khlebov G.А.) Curative system for butyl, which allows to create aggressive resistant rubber, capable to vulcanize at moderate temperatures (60-90 C), wherein rubber mixtures can maintain long storage properties (PhD, Assoc. Prof. Shilov I.B.)
  5. 5. Major Developments New method of rubber mixtures production, and also powders mixer for this method of mixing application (Dr., Prof. Bagaev S.I.) New methods for diffusion in polymer materials investigation, and also glue based on nitrile butadiene rubber for attaching soles to shoe upper (PhD, Assoc. Prof. Fomin S.V.) New promoters of rubber adhesion to brass- coated metal cord based on cobalt and boron (PhD, Assoc. Prof. Vesnin R.L.)
  6. 6. Our students Students team of the Department traditionally participate and win prizes at the National Olympiad in chemistry and physics of polymers, which takes place in the Kazan National Research Technological University. In 2011 our team won the 1st place. Our students regularly participate and become finalists in All- Russia competitions of scientific research. Many graduates enter master's degree and post-graduate studies in VyatSU and other educational and research organizations
  7. 7. Research and Educational Center In 2008 at the Department was established "Research and Educational Center of polymeric materials", equipped with modern testing equipment on more than 50 million rubles. The center is equipped with modern analytical equipment from: - «Shimadzu» (Japan), - «Prescott» (Great Britain), - «Reologica» (Germany), - etc.
  8. 8. Chromatographic equipment Liquid chromatograph LC-20 Gas chromatographymass spectrometry GCMS-QP2010 Plus Gas chromatograph GC-2010 AF
  9. 9. Spectral methods of analysis Scanning spectrophotometer UV-1700 IR spectrophotometer FTIR-8400S with IR microscope
  10. 10. Atomic absorption spectrophotometer АА-6300 X-ray fluorescence spectrometer EDX-720 Spectral methods of analysis
  11. 11. Thermal analysis Differential scanning calorimetry DSC-60 Thermomechanical analyzer TMA-60 Derivatograph DTG-60
  12. 12. X-ray analysis X-ray diffractometer XRD-7000S
  13. 13. Devices for Polymer Research Testing machine AG-5KNX Vibroreometr Rheo-Line MDR Mooney-Line Viscometer
  14. 14. Research work Over the last 3 years the Department received 6 patents of the Russian Federation and published more than 40 scientific papers: Resin elastic and rubber, Plastics, Chemical Industry Today, Mechanics of Composite Materials and Structures, International Polymer Science and Technology, Bulletin of Kazan State Technological University.
  15. 15. Main publications for the last 3 years Potapov E.E., Khlebov G.А., Кablov V.F. and others. Study of the relationship between the structure and activity of modifying rubbers molecular complexes of resorcinol and nitrogen-containing heterocyclic compounds // Resin elastic and rubber. 2012. № 3. Burkov А.А., Fomin S.V., Iordanskiy А.L. Structure and rheology of melt blend compositions of poly isobutylene, and poly-3-hydroxybutyrate // Plastics. 2012. № 7. pp.13 –16. Shilov I.B., Khlebov G.А., Vesnin R.L., Fomin S.V. Use of cobalt salts of 2-sulfobenzoic imide acid for improving mounting strength of rubber to brass-coated metal cord // Chemical Industry Today. 2011. № 6. pp.47-49. Shilov I.B., Khlebov G.А., Fomin S.V., Vesnin R.L., Dvoeglazova Т.P. Study aging resistance metal-cord rubber samples containing cobalt salt of 2-sulfobenzoic imide acid as an adhesion promoter // Chemical Industry Today. 2011. № 7. pp.49-50 Logvinova М.Ya., Inzhinova L.М., Sakharova Е.V., Khlebov G.А., Fomin S.V., Kablov V.F., Potapov Е.E. New modifying systems based on molecular complexes of nitrogen-containing heterocycles and bifunctional unsaturated organic acids // Resin elastic and rubber. 2011. № 1. p15. Аlalykin А.А., Vesnin R. L., Кozulin D. Getting modified hydrolysis lignin and its use for the filling and reduce the flammability of epoxy resins // «Journal of Applied Chemistry». 2011. V. 84, pp.1567-1574. Мansurova I.А., Fomin S.V. ,Vaganov V.Е. , Еrmolin V.V. On the application for modification of carbon nanostructures elastomeric compositions // Chemistry and Chemical Engineering. 2011. V.54, pp.92.
  16. 16. Scientists trainings At the Department there have been trained more than 30 PhDs and 2 Doctors. For the last few years there have been defended theses on the following topics: Vesnin Roman Leonidovich. Elastomeric composition with new ingredient based on polyfunctional imide 2-sulfobenzoic acid, 2009. Shirokova Еvregia Sergeevna. Mass transfer in the elastomeric plasticizer composite materials and adhesive properties, 2010. Kozulin Denis Аnatolyevich. The role of diffusion processes, complicated chemical reaction, in the formation of adhesive joints elastomeric adhesives, 2012.
  17. 17. Patents Application for patent №2012140860 «Biodegradable polymer composite material», 2012 Application for patent №2012143639 «Curable rubber compound», 2011 Application for patent №2010109157/04 «Modifier for rubber-based carbon-chain unsaturated resin elastic», 2010 Patent №2400498 «Rubber compound», 2010 Patent №2405004 «Method of rubber compound manufacturing», 2010 Patent №2323949 «Noncurable rubber compound based on poly isobutylene», 2010 Patent №2339440 «Powder mixer», 2008 Patent №2307133 «Rubber compound based on unsaturated carbon-chain resin elastic», 2007
  18. 18. Business Contracts Thanks to modern analytical and test equipment it is now possible to solve specific practical problems, as: 1) vulcanized rubber compositions research, 2) polymeric materials properties research, 3) development of rubber with desired properties for the manufacture of various products. For the last 3 years the amount of funding contractual subjects made ​​more than 2.5 million rubles. Topics examples: «Development of modifying systems for polymeric materials to improve their performance and processing characteristics», State budget, Federal Target Program «Research of the compositions influence based on the properties of fluoropolymers», Scientific and Production Association «Staloflon» «Research and development of vulcanized rubber for the manufacture of rubber crawlers», Scientific and Production Association «Kompozit» «Study of the composition and properties of the rubber seal on the basis of FKM», firm «Gidrodinamika» «Services in the field of physical-chemical analysis», Polymer Plant of the Kirov-Chepetsk Chemical Plant
  19. 19. Partners Lomonosov Moscow State University of Fine Chemical Technologies (Faculty of Physics, Chemistry and Technology of Polymer Processing) Kazan National Research Technological University (Institute of Polymers) Kirov Tyre Plant («Pirelli») Kirov Plant «Iskozh» GaloPolime Kirovo-Chepetsk
  20. 20. Areas of research #1 – Modifiers rubber compounds Members of the Department develope new high-performance rubber cord adhesion promoters on the basis of the molecular complexes of unsaturated dibasic organic acids (maleic and/or fumaric) with hexamethylenetetramine. Preliminary tests show that the rubber containing this modifying complex exceed rubber, containing modifier RU.
  21. 21. Areas of research #2 – Creating rubber adhesion promoters to brass metal cord Department works on creating modifiers that provide increased strength mounting rubbers (including in terms of various kinds of aging) to the brass metal cord for durability and performance tires. Prepared and tested cobalt and nickel-based adhesion promoters imide 2-sulfobenzoic acid. Conducting research on new boron-containing promoters of cobalt.
  22. 22. Areas of research #3 – Silicic acid fillers Members of the Department explore new additives to enhance performance rubbers containing colloidal silica and silanes. The introduction of these additives will improve the technological properties of the rubber mixes (reduce viscosity, improve the dispersion of colloidal silicic acid) and vulcanizates characteristics (increase the strength and elongation, to reduce the hysteresis loss). Currently the content of additives and silane curing agent is optimizing.
  23. 23. Areas of research #4 – Nano-sized technical black carbon Urgent track, including the tire industry is the ability to study the use of rubber in the carbon nanomaterials. Currently the effect of doses of carbon nanotubes on the properties of the elastomer compositions is studying.
  24. 24. Areas of research #5 – Diffusion of plasticizers Great importance for the prediction of the behavior and characteristics of polymeric materials has study of diffusion of ingredients. Obtained data will allow to create a mathematical model of the processes of diffusion of the plasticizer in the polymer, which will predict the properties of the finished product.
  25. 25. Areas of research #6 – Biodegradable polymers Work on the creation of biodegradable polymer composites based on polyhydroxybutyrate is conducting at the Department. We plan to create promising modern polymer materials to degrade in the soil and in the open air.
  26. 26. Contacts Head of the Department of Chemistry and technology of elastomers processing, PhD, Professor. Khlebov Georgiy Ampodistovich 8 (8332) 32-14-78 610000, Kirov, Moskovskaya str. 36, off. 521 А Vice-Rector for Science and Innovation, PhD. Litvinets Sergey Gennadyevich 8 (8332) 64-15-91 610000, Kirov, Moskovskaya str. 36, off. 321